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His Temptation

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Big Tits

She ran her hands down the side of my face, leant in and lightly kissed my mouth. She pulled back and looked at me, she was nervous. Her hands moved down to the front of my shirt, where she slowly unbuttoned it one at a time. She then placed her hands on my torso, moved them up over my chest. She moved my shirt off my shoulders, and let it fall to the floor as she continued to run her hands over me making their way down my back to my arse.

The heat in my body rises; it had been a while since we had been alone together. My body craves hers, when I see her my mind takes me back to how we are together, how I just love to fuck her. In the normal world we often clash but the temptation to be with her can be overwhelming at times.

My mind comes back to the present time. Her hands are now at the front of my jeans, where she is unbuttoning them. She puts her hand down the front of my pants and releases my aching cock from its restraints. She runs her hands over my hard sex; I can’t wait till it’s her mouth over it. She sinks to her knees, I moan, I know what she is up to.

She pulls my jeans down over my hips to the floor, I step out of them. bursa escort She directs me to the bed, I sit on the edge. She stands up in front of me and starts to undress. She pulls her top over her head, unzips her skirt and lets it drop to the floor. She is standing in front of me only in her underwear, which to my delight consists of a half cup bra, showing me the fullness of her tits, a tiny little G and suspender belt and stockings, all in blue, except for her black stockings. I know she did this for me. Our first night in ages, she wants to make it special and all I can think about is having her mouth over my cock, then fucking her pussy deep and hard.

She smiles at me, asks what to leave on, I want it all on for now. I tell her to kneel between my legs at the edge of the bed. I can’t wait any longer. She does as I like and licks up the inside of my thighs, one at a time, my cock twitches in response to her touch. She is going to make me wait; suffer till I can feel the smoothness of the inside of her mouth. I grab the back of her head, take hold of her hair and guide her towards my cock. She fights me, she wants to tease. She opens her mouth and bursa escort bayan just as I think she is going to take me, she pokes out her tongue and runs it along the entire length of my shaft.

My body tenses, I lie back and look forward to the sensations she is about to overwhelm me with. She takes hold of my cock and licks it all over. When she gets to the tip, she places her mouth over it. I thought at last, but no. She just holds her mouth there and teases the tip with her tongue while using her teeth over the ridge around the head of my cock.

She removes her mouth from me and starts using her hand up and down over my shaft, my balls ache in pleasure. She then places her mouth over the side of my cock, increasing the pressure of her mouth and moving up and down the side of me. I could feel her teeth digging into the top and bottom of my hardness. The sensation, the feelings running throughout my body were incredible. I started losing track of any rational thoughts; my mind was going to jelly. Her mouth was amazing — she knew what my body wanted, needed.

I don’t know how long I had zombied out for but she had moved again. She escort bursa had positioned herself so her mouth was poised directly above my hard cock. She was licking the precum that was at the tip; I could hear her moan at the taste. She loved to taste me. Just that thought alone gets me going.

I sat up, grabbed her hair and guided her down over my cock. She took me in slowly, moving her hand up and down my exposed shaft as she went. This is what I was waiting for, my cock feeling the inside of her mouth. She started working me with her whole mouth, moving up and down. Taking me completely in then sucking back up till she reached the head then slowly making her way down again. Fuck — I needed this. Her mouth, my cock, the greatest temptation.

I sat up and moved her away from me. Told her to get on the bed with her head at the foot. I stood at the end of the bed over her and started to pleasure myself over her face so she could watch. Occasionally I would place my cock at her mouth so she could lick it — she craved me. My pace quickened and I came all over her. I loved seeing her with me all over her. She licked my cum off her lips. I could see in her eyes how much she was enjoying it. She rolled over taking me into her mouth and cleaned me off with her tongue and at the same time using her fingers to get me off the rest of her face and into her mouth. What an amazing sight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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