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Hitching a Ride Ch. 05

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After a short rest to catch our breath, both Logger and I decided it was time to get a bite to eat, and freshen up. Our bodies and his sleeper reeked of sex, and the cum in my empty stomach gurgled and threatened to rebel if I didn’t get some solid food. I did my best to make myself presentable, and together we went into the service station/truck stop.

“Follow my lead and let me do the talking.” Logger ordered as we headed towards the Truckers Only lounge. “There will be shower back there so you can clean up, and then we’ll get you some food.”

I followed him diligently, like a puppy as he strode confidently through the truck stop, saying hello to people he knew from his regular trips through the area. Several of them gave me knowing glances, and I blushed, suddenly very aware of the smell of cum that permeated my body. It certainly didn’t help that my rumpled tube top and shorts made me look like a cheap prostitute – which at this point I suppose I was. We made our way past a small lounge with comfortable leather sofas, until we reached the shower rooms. Logger spoke to an employee and paid for a use of a shower and a towel rental for me, and pointed me towards one of the shower rooms.

“Head on in there and get yourself cleaned up.” he said. “I’ll make sure they have some hot food and coffee for you when you get out.”

I smiled and thanked him, and hurried into the stall, very aware of the stares of a few men sitting in the lounge. As I closed the door behind me, I heard Logger offering my services to one of them. No doubt he would keep me busy all night. I felt my pussy grow warm at the thought. I undressed and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water cascade all over my body. After several relaxing minutes, I began to feel clean again, and let my mind (and hands) begin to wander.

I thought of my predicament, being used by a stranger – pimped out as his whore. I had sucked two strange men’s dicks today, and enjoyed it. I played with my nipples as I thought about Logger’s enormous cock – far the biggest I had even seen in person. My hand strayed between my thighs as I imagined meeting him at a truck stop every time he came through town and letting him fuck me senseless in his sleeper cab. I rubbed my clit as I pictured joining him on the road for days at a time, letting him use my pussy at every pit stop. Sucking and choking on his dick for long hours on the road. I plunged two fingers inside myself and moaned as I envisioned all the strangers he would make me service as we traveled – turning a profit off my wanton wet pussy. I came hard on my own hand, leaning against the cold tiles for balance, eyes closed as the hot water beat down on my chest.

I opened my eyes to see Logger and another man watching me through the open shower stall door. With my horny thoughts distracting me, I had forgotten to lock the door. I yelped slightly and covered my pussy and tits with my hands – far too late, obviously. Their matching grins told me they had gotten quite a show.

“Holy shit she’s hot.” said the newcomer.

“Told you.” Logger said, holding out a hand into which the stranger placed a handful of bills.

Logger quickly counted the money. “That’s only 80 bucks!” he protested as the man started to enter the room.

“Its all I have on me. It won’t take long!” the man replied.

Logger grinned. “I’ll be right outside. Don’t take too long, she needs a good meal.”

“I’ll give you something to swallow girl.” the man said obscenely while Logger laughed.

The door closed behind him and he wasted no time in stripping naked. He was short, with a small working-man’s pot belly and a very hairy chest. His penis was average length, and thick, though half hidden inside a forest of pubic hair. He joined me under the hot stream of water, running his rough hands up and down my body. I uncovered myself and reached out, giving his erection a testing tug. He moaned, and leaned in to suck on my nipple, while his hand drove between my legs.

“You’re so fucking wet.” he remarked.

I just moaned in response as he probed my pussy with one finger. I continued to stroke his cock with one hand, the other cupping the back of his head as he did a surprisingly good job of suckling my breast. He ran his tongue in circles around my nub, flicking and nibbling at it occasionally. I began to thrust my hips against his hand, fucking myself on his finger. He thrust his hips, fucking my fist like a flesh light. After a few moments of this, I let go of him, turned around, and bent at the waist with my hands braced against the tile in front of me.

“Fuck my pussy.” I ordered him huskily.

Without a word he took position behind me and immediately thrust himself to the hilt inside me. He reached around my hips with one hand and rubbed my clit as he began to hump me from behind. Where Logger was a pile driver, he was more like a humming bird – quick, short strokes – which combined with his rubbing my clit brought me quickly to the brink of another orgasm. I shuddered and my legs nearly casino şirketleri gave out as I climaxed. My partner seemed to enjoy it as well, as my pussy gripped and squeezed him in the throes of pleasure, he approached his own finish.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I’m about to cum!” the man gasped, pushing himself as far inside me as he could.

I felt his cock throb inside me, pumping my pussy full of his cum like he was filling his tank at a gas station. The rhythmic expansion and explosion of his member extended my own orgasm, drawing out the pleasure in waves as I felt his cum begin to leak around the edges of his cock and dribble down my inner thighs. He leaned against my back for balance, trapping me as his cock began to slowly grow soft. Finally, it shriveled and fell from inside me, and he stepped back, breathing heavily. I moaned as I came down, standing myself back under the hot spray of the shower. He joined me under the hot spray, rinsing himself and caressing the curve of my breasts as he did. I took over his end of this, lifting, turning, and rubbing his dick clean. I leaned down and planted a kiss on its head, and it pulsed once, growing slightly. He smiled and ran his hands down my sides as I stood back up.

“You are one hell of a full service whore.” he said with admiration in his tone.

“Thank you.” I smiled in return.

The man stole my towel, and dried himself off before redressing and departing. As he left, Logger re-entered with a fresh towel for me. I thanked him for the thoughtful gesture, and he told me to finish cleaning up and he’d have some hot food ready for me. I thanked him, and enjoyed the glorious hot water for another five minutes before I dried myself, redressed in my damp clothes, and exited the shower.

Logger was waiting for me outside, and took my hand, leading me to a table in the trucker section of the dining room. The table was already laid out with the kind of breakfast only diners and truck stops provide – eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, fruit and juice. My stomach rumbled immediately at the sight and smell of the food, and I dug in ravenously. Logger has a half-finished plate of fried in front of him, and sipped a coffee, watching me eat.

“Worked up an appetite did you?” he said with smile when I paused to breath between bites.

“Uh huh.” I mumbled through a mouthful of toast.

“Well conserve your strength because your next customer is already waiting.” he said with a grin.

I let a small smile grace my own lips, and began to look around. I stopped eating, not wanting to feel over full and bloated if I would be ‘working’ again soon. “Who is it?” I asked.

Logger merely smiled at me and waved towards the long counter where several men sipped coffee while sitting on stools. To my surprise two large, burly men got up and stalked towards our table. As they sat down, one on either side of me, I realized that they were identical twins.

“This is Jim and Jon.” Logger said by way of introduction, pointing to each in turn. They grinned at me from behind full, dark beards. “They’re truckers like me.”

The duo appeared to be in their mid-30s, tall, broad shouldered, and exuded rough masculinity. They leered at me with undisguised lust, making me feel like a gazelle trapped by hungry lions.

“She looks worth the hundred.” Jon said with a grin. “You’re smoking hot baby. What are you doing with old Logger?”

Before I could reply, Logger himself cut in. “She got a taste of the old namesake and now she can’t get enough!” he laughed.

Jim and Jon laughed with him. “So is there a discount if we go at the same time instead of taking turns?” Jim asked with a lewd wink in my direction.

His question sent a shiver down my spine. I had never been in a threesome before – let alone with two strange men. I turned my wide eyes towards Logger, holding my breath. I’m not sure what I hoped he would say.

A slow grin spread across his face. “Why not? How about one fifty for you both?”

Jim and Jon’s faces both lit up with genuine smiles. “Deal.” Jim said, extending his hand towards Logger for a firm handshake. Jon, meanwhile, began kneading my bare thigh with is big, powerful hand.

Money exchanged hands, and as a group we all headed out towards Logger’s truck. I trailed behind with Logger for a moment, and looked up at him nervously.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “Are they safe?”

“Jim and Jon?” Logger replied. “Yes, I will vouch for them, they’re both great guys.”

“I’ve never taken two at once…” I admitted with a blush.

“Don’t worry about that.” he said. “They’re more than experienced enough to make up for that!”

When we got to the truck and all clambered inside, Logger laid down a few ground rules. The twins promised not to fuck my ass or hurt me. In return, Logger let them know I was more than happy to take a face fucking, to which I nodded in agreement with trepidation. The boys promised to take good care of me, and with that, Logger took off to have another coffee, casino firmaları leaving me alone sitting on the bunk between the two brothers.

“You seem nervous.” Jim said after a moment of awkward silence. “There is really no need to be, Jon and I are good guys.” he smiled reassuringly.

“You’re okay with going through with this right?” Jon asked.

I turned and met Jon’s gaze. I was extremely nervous, but I had rarely been more turned on in my life. My pussy felt hot with lust. I swallowed a hard lump of nerves in my throat and replied. “I want to do this. I have never been with two guys before…” I trailed off.

“And you’ve always wanted to try it?” Jon asked.

“Maybe not always.” I replied. “But I watched a porn a few years ago that made it look really… hot.” I blushed and looked down.

“Nothing wrong with that!” Jim reassured me, caressing my thigh. “Trust me, we’ll make sure you have a good time and want to do it again and again!”

“How do you want to… start?” I asked.

Jon was first to volunteer an idea. “Why don’t you stand and give us a little strip show?”

“Okay.” I said meekly. I had stripped a few times for boyfriends in the past, but I was extremely self conscious as I stood in such close proximity to two strangers, and began to shimmy and sway my body in time to imaginary music in my head.

It was awkward dancing in silence, so I focused on getting undressed as quickly as I could while still giving them something of a show. First I removed my tube top, pulling it over my head in one smooth motion. Jim and Jon both stared intently at my heavy breasts as they were revealed and I felt my nipples grow hard. I kept my hands raised over my head for a moment, dancing snake-like in front of them before cupping my breasts and leaning over to shake them at the two boys. She laughed and nudged one another as I turned around and shimmied out of my shorts, bending at the waist and gliding them down my thighs and calves. I had abandoned my dirty panties in the truck stop garbage can, and so when I glanced back over my shoulder I saw them biting their lips in desire as they caught a glimpse of my pink pussy lips presented to them at face level.

As I turned back to face them, running my hands up and down my own curves, Jim was the first to stand and begin removing his clothes, starting with his belt. In short order, his pants were off, revealing a large, hard, uncut cock. His purple cock head peaked out from behind his partly receding foreskin, the colour matching a large vein that snaked down the right side of his shaft. His member was quite thick, and slightly longer than average – arrow straight and appeared perfectly cylindrical. Truth be told, it was an absolutely beautiful penis. My mouth (and pussy) watered as I stared at it. My eyes were drawn up to meet his gaze when he spoke.

“Come here and suck my cock.” he ordered, gesturing to his throbbing manhood.

As I walked towards him, he sat on the edge of the bunk, legs spread wide. Rather than kneel, I bent at the waist, turning my head to give Jon a wink as I planted a wet kiss on Jim’s cock head. Leaning my hands on his thighs for balance, I began to engulf his prick, my whole body swaying as I bobbed up and down on the first half of his length. He reached under me to my swinging breasts, kneading and squeezing them with a gentle firmness that made me moan. That moan increased in intensity when I unexpectedly felt a tongue piece my pussy from behind.

Pulling off Jim’s cock for a moment, I looked back to find Jon on his knees behind me, face buried in my fragrant womanhood. He worked my clit like an expert, and I knew from the angle that his whole face must be getting soaked in my liquid love. I panted aloud with pleasure until Jim stuffed my mouth with his cock again. Holding the back of my head with two hands, he guided me up and down his length, sinking deeper each time. Before long I was gagging on cock and cumming at the same time. My eyes rolled back and Jim eased off my head for a moment to let me gasp for air. Both brothers chuckled.

“You liked that huh?” Jim asked, tilting my head so that I looked into his eyes.

“Yes.” was all I could manage breathlessly to reply.

Jim stared intently at me. “Do you want to get fucked?” he asked.

“Uh huh.” I replied, biting my lower lip. “Please fuck me.”

Jim held me in place maintaining eye contact as I heard his brother’s pants drop to the floor, then felt his hands grip me firmly by the hips. I started to look back but Jim held firm.

“Look at me while he sticks it in.” Jim said.

I held his gaze and sucked in an involuntary breath as I felt the tip of Jon’s head press against my pussy lips. I let it out long and slow as his wide head split my lips apart and slowly pushed inside. I felt his head sink into me with agonizing patience, then his shaft, inch by inch. Although not as large as Logger, Jon was similar in size to his brother, both longer and thicker than average. It felt truly wonderful inside güvenilir casino me, and I groaned as I felt his pelvis press into my butt cheeks. My eyes fluttered and I struggled to maintain eye contact with Jim. He smiled down at me and caressed my face.

“You like it?” he asked with his brother’s cock buried in me from behind.

“I love it.” I whispered back.

I yelped as Jon began to pump himself into me from behind. He started slowly, setting a nice rhythm he could uphold for a long time.

“Ugh. Ugh. Oh!” I moaned as each thrust bottomed out inside me.

Jim leaned in and kissed my lips, and I kissed him back fiercely. When he slipped me the tongue I sucked on it hungrily before he broke away.

“Fuck my mouth.” I gasped. “Ugh! Fuck my mouth while your brother fucks my… Oh!… pussy.”

Jim needed little encouragement. I moaned with a mouthful of cock as he held my head in two hands again, arched his back, and pushing off his feet he began to thrust up into my mouth. Showing their experience level with threesomes, the twins settled into a rhythm, timing their thrusts to push me back and forth between them as they spit roasted me. I was overcome with sensory overload as they sawed their manly dicks in and out of my holes. I lost track of time and lost myself in the pleasure of the moment as the two men used me. I moaned and my nostrils flared as Jon’s cock drove me to orgasm several times over. The brothers showed impressive stamina as they took me, unrushed in their actions as they pleasured me while simultaneously pleasuring themselves.

Finally, after what felt like ages, Jon pulled out of me. “I want a try at that mouth.” he said.

“Its very, very good!” replied Jim. “Lay on your back on the edge of the bed.” he commanded me. “I want to fuck these big tits I’ve been groping!”

I laid down on the bed, scootching myself until my head hung just off the edge, giving me an upside down view of Jon’s shining cock as he approached me. Jim mounted my chest, and I reached up to push my tits together for him as he began to rub his manhood all over my chest. I opened my mouth wide as Jon stepped forward and began to run the head of his prick in circles around my full lips. My tongue snaked out to lash him, and I could taste myself on him. I moaned as Jim wrapped his hands over mine, and pressing my breasts hard together around his cock, started to briskly fuck my tits.

“Oh my god that feels…” I started to say as the feeling of Jim fucking my tits sent a wave of pleasure through my body. “… GULCK!” I ended my thought as Jon’s fat cock plunged into my mouth, gagging me.

With seemingly little thought for my comfort, Jon fed his full length into my esophagus. Both men stroked the visible bulge this created in my throat, complimenting my deepthroating abilities even as they thrust away at my face and chest. As his heavy balls bounced off my upper lip and nose, I could smell my own fluids coating his entire member. Jon fucked my throat deeply, again setting a rhythmic pace which he maintained admirably. I struggled to breathe and gagged often. I felt streams of saliva begin to leak from the corners of my mouth and down over my cheeks and eyes. I closed them tightly, and focused on finding my calm, my centre, to ward of oxygen deprived panic. A hypoxic euphoria descended on me as Jon pushed himself to the hilt inside me an held himself for a ten count. When he withdrew he paused and let me gasp in precious air before he began to fuck my head once more.

As Jon continued to hammer my face, Jim clambered off me and positioned himself to fuck my drenched pussy. He hoisted my legs up on his shoulders, and plunged himself deep inside me. He fucked me by rocking his hips back and forth, maintaining depth while sawing himself inside me. The angle of his cock rubbing the upper wall of my pussy drove me wild, and before long I found myself simultaneously cumming and gagging on the twins’ cocks. Jon let up slightly on my face as I moaned and gasped, pumping me hard between my orgasms. Again I lost all track of time as I climaxed over and over.

The brothers worked me through several more positions over the next hour, their seemingly endless stamina outstripped only by my seemingly endless capacity for orgasm. Changing places again, Jon fucked me from behind on all fours while Jim took his turn fucking my throat hard and deep. Next, Jon had me ride him reverse cowgirl, while Jim stood on the bed and fucked my tits and mouth. Finally, drenched in sweat, spit, and precum; raw, sore, and exhausted; they put my on my knees on the floor, and crowded close so that I moved my lips back and forth from one cock to the other.

“I hope you’re ready for the most cum you’ve had in your life.” Jon said, panting as he stroked himself while I bobbed my head on his brother’s throbbing member.

I moaned through a mouth full of meat and nodded my head.

Jim, holding the back of my head, pumped himself hard into my mouth a few final times as he rapidly approached his own orgasm. I gagged weakly, my reflex battered into submission by the past hour and more of abuse. When he pulled out, a long line of sticky saliva hung between my battered lips and his shaft. I reached out, taking each of their cocks in hand, stroking them heartily.

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