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Hitching a Ride

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Annihilator Monster

The evening at army reserves ended early and I had the choice of using money for a bus home or hitchhike and save the money for something else. Hitchhiking was not taboo as it is today and the decision to pocket the money was easy.

I had recently turned eighteen and the chances of getting a ride were quite good. After five minutes, I began to doubt my choice, but then a new model car stopped in front of me. I peered inside and a middle aged man waved his finger for me to enter.

He pulled from the curb. “Hi. What’s your name and where you going?”

“Thanks for picking me up,” I said. “My names Greg and I’m going as far as Prim Road, unless you’re going left from there.”

“As a matter of fact, I was going to turn left there.”

We stopped at a light and his hand moved and brushed the side of my leg. It seemed a little strange, but he didn’t move it further until we stopped at the next red light. His hand moved to the top of my leg and although my sexual experience was nil, I did know what he was wanting to touch.

I felt a slight tingle, but brushed his hand away. He kept that distance for a few streets and then moved his hand over my crotch. The tingle happened again, spread around and my penis began to stiffen. He must have felt my growing bulge and started to rub in light circles.

Part of me was urging to stop this touching, but another part was enjoying the new feelings that were growing from my groin to the rest of my body. From time to time my friends and I would call each other gay, but I had never met a gay guy before.

My cock got hard many times a day and always due to seeing a girl in a short skirt or imagining a girl wearing a short one. Getting hard from a man’s touch was confusing and I didn’t want to contemplate what this meant.

The man turned left on Prim, but then turned right and two lefts. Houses were replaced by trees and the asphalt road changed to dirt. He kept pressing and circling over my penis and the confusion skittering through my mind was driving me crazy.

He turned again, stopped and shut the engine off. It was pitch black. He re moved his hand and flicked on the overhead light.

I must have been stupid, gullible or both, but I never felt I was in danger.

His voice was deep and friendly. “This must be the first time you’ve allowed a man to touch you?”

“Yes,” I said. Trying to calm my nerves, but hearing my own voice shake.

“I knew you were enjoying my touch and I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want done.” He paused. “It’s really important for you to believe me.”

“I do believe you,” I said.

“This must be confusing for you and this is something that I don’t normally do. Picking up young guys, that is.”

“Are you gay?” I asked.

He laughed. “Yes. I’m gay … Queer … Fag. There are many names for people like me.”

“I don’t want to be gay,” I said.

“Your sexual orientation happened at birth. At your age, you probably have no idea whether you are gay, bi or heterosexual.”

“What’s bi,” I asked.

He responded. “Bi is being attracted to people of your sex and the other. Some people think a bi person is gay but hasn’t yet admitted to it.”

His hand moved to my casino şirketleri leg again. “Is this okay?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

The tingles returned as did my hardness. His hand rubbed in circles and my tummy flipped with butterflies. His fingers unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and lowered my zipper.

“Lift up,” he asked. I kicked off my shoes and he lowered my pants until they were completely off.

I was wearing purple coloured briefs and my bulge was quite evident. He slipped his fingers under the band and for the first time in my life, another person was touching my bare penis. I drew in a deep breath and a shiver rushed through me.

His fingers closed around my hardness and a moan escaped my lips.

“This is what I want you to do to me,” he said.

His hand slipped out of my underwear and being touched was one thing, but touching him was something else.

“Do it.”

His voice wasn’t mean, but I did get the feeling that it was more a command than a request.

I shifted on the seat and unbuckled his leather belt. He had a button and it took me a while to unfasten it. His zipper lowered with ease, kicked off his shoes and lifted his butt from the seat. It was awkward, but I was able to lower his pants until completely off.

His bulge was huge.

“Greg. Do you want to see mine?”

Part of me wanted to see and the other part of me was screaming to run from the car and never look back. His bulge jerked and I said, “yes.”

“Pull them down and see what a man’s cock looks like.”

The butterflies in my tummy continued to stir. He lifted and I pulled down his underwear.

His cock looked huge and his balls were three times the size of mine. His patch of hair was thick, curly and dark brown. The oddest part, the head of his cock was covered with skin.

I looked up at him with what must have been a totally confused look.

He lifted my underwear and looked inside. He smiled. “At birth, the doctor cut a piece of skin off your penis. The doctor didn’t do that to me. The part at the tip is called the foreskin and the head of my penis is inside.”

All hesitation vanished and my fingers touched the tip of his foreskin. It fascinated me beyond words. I lifted his penis and pointed it towards me, trying to see the head of his cock inside the foreskin. It was skin was puckered over the tip and I pulled it back until the tip of his cock came into view.

His slit was long and a bead of clear liquid formed over it. Seeing that made me shiver and I pulled his skin back further. The head of his cock was so full, shiny and smooth. An involuntary whimper escaped my lips and I pulled back more until his cock head was totally exposed.

The drop at his slit expanded and then dripped to my finger.

He gently took my hand and moved it to me … until my fingers touched my lips. They parted and my wet finger slid into my mouth. The taste was sweet and I had no idea that most likely, this man’s sperm was in my mouth.

“Greg, you have absolutely no idea how sexy that is.” His foreskin had slipped back over his cock head and he pulled it back. His cock was now rock hard and if I had a measuring tape, it would show almost seven inches.

“There’s casino firmaları more precum,” he said.

I went to reach for the drops, but he held my hand still. “Not that way. Lick it.”

Touching another male’s cock could be rationalized as experimentation, but licking to taste precum was another. That was what gay people do. I’m not gay…I’m not gay. I kept silently repeating that as my head lowered further and further down.

His clear, shimmering precum was flowing and my tongue swiped over it. I am gay…i am gay. I’ve never tasted anything so good…so warm and sweet. He let his foreskin go and it slipped over his cock head.

“Ohhh, Greg…yes,” he said as my tongue licked inside his skin and lapped more of his delicious nectar.

“Good boy. Now take some of my foreskin between your lips and roll it.”

His skin felt so good between my lips and I moved my upper lip to the right and my lower lip to the left.

“Good…that’s it. Now try to slip your tongue inside and get your reward.”

My tongue tasted him again and the tip felt his slit. I was too young to know what love was, but I loved his taste and I lapped inside for more.

His hand rubbed my neck and his fingers combed through my hair. “In my wildest dreams I never imagined finding and young man like you. Horny, innocent and willing.” He laughed lightly, “and you have absolutely no idea what your about to do next.”

He pulled me away from his cock and with his other hand pulled his foreskin all the way back. “I was going to ask you to put it in your mouth, but I don’t have to ask. I know exactly what you want to do.”

I knew what I wanted to do, but there was no way in the world I wanted to be gay or even bi. I wanted to like girls only, like all my friends. I tried not to look at it and I tried to stop the first whimper that escaped my lips.

I couldn’t stop whimpering like a dog. The more I whimpered, the more liquid flowed from his slit. I was being drawn to it and I couldn’t resist.

“Here’s your bone,” and he wagged it before me. That did it. My life was going to change forever and I leaned down and stopped when the whole head of his cock was in my mouth.

Like a hungry baby on a nipple I began to suckle. Unlike mother’s milk, I was slurping on this man’s essence. I was sucking my first cock and I absolutely loved it.

I took him deeper and deeper until I gagged. I wanted all of it. I wanted my nose to nuzzle into his pubic hair and I didn’t want this moment to end. But end it did … with fireworks. His fireworks were in the form of his cumm, spurting over and over into my mouth.

I didn’t love the taste, but I didn’t hate it either. I did know that I didn’t want to spill a drop.

Looking up, his eyes sparkled and my breath quickened and my cock dripped inside my underwear. I blushed with embarrassment and the man’s face glowed in a wide smile.

“Show me your cock, Greg,” he said.

I lowered my undies, exposing my five and a half hard inches.

“Rub it … masturbate for me.”

The wetness made my hand slide easily up and down. It was thrilling to masturbate while he watched and within a minute I began to spurt over and over.

He swiped his güvenilir casino finger through the largest pool and brought it to my lips.


“Open,” he said firmly and I did.

I licked his fingers and tasted my own cumm. It was as disgusting. His was much more appealing.

We slipped our clothes back on and the reality of this evening crept into my thoughts.

“Don’t fight your feelings, Greg. It will drive you crazy.”

“My parents would disown me if they knew what I did. At least my dad would.”

He leaned closer to me and his hand went to the back of my neck. ‘Oh no,’ I thought.

His lips touched mine and my whole body sparkled with gentle tingles. His tongue pressed to my lips and they parted. My tongue met his and he licked in circles around and around my tongue. My head buzzed with excitement and I began sucking on his tongue.

He moved his tongue in and out and I realized he was fucking my mouth. I didn’t want him to stop, but he did and pulled away.

“Kiss me again,” I said and it was my lips the pressed to his. My tongue touched his lips, inviting him to come back in my mouth. He leaned over me and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

He guided me onto the bench seat and he laid over me. I shifted my legs so that he was between me. His hips began to move the way his tongue was moving. He was humping me and my hips were moving in unison up to him.

He licked over my lips and kissed down to my neck. Licking from my chin to my ear and then dragging his teeth over my neck. He was nipping, sucking and fucking me.

“Be my girl,” he said over and over.

“Yes…yes,” I repeated.

He growled over and over and his cock was pulsing.

I imagined him cumming inside me.

He quickly stopped, brushed his hands through his hair. “I want to meet you again and let you discover what a sweet, sweet bottom you are.”

“What’s a bottom?” I asked.

He replied. “A bottom lets his man slide his cock inside him.”

My eyes flashed opened as wide as the Grand Canyon.

He kissed me softly. “I will be so gentle with you.”

“You asked me to be your girl. What did you mean?”

“I would want you to wear panties and stockings. Would you do that?”

He kissed me again and I was floating like a soft, billowy cloud. I nodded yes.

“Mmmm, good girl.”

The tingles in my body eased as we drove back to the city. Seat belts weren’t the law and I rested my head on his lap. His fingers curled through my hair.

“Tonight was my lucky night. In my wildest fantasies, I never imagined somebody like you,” he said.

I reached and lowered his zipper. He hadn’t put his underwear back on and his cock sprung free. I took him into my mouth and began sucking. I loved it in my mouth and accepted that I would be his willing cocksucker.

His breath began to quicken and I masturbated his cock and sucked it at the same time. His grunt and his first spurt happened simultaneously. More and more of his precious seed filled my mouth and I swallowed as much as possible.

There were no further spurts and I licked the last drop from his slit. I continued down and kissed each of his balls, over and over.

He stopped the car two blocks away from my house. He gave me his phone number and I leaned until our lips touched. It was soft, gentle and warm.

I stood by the curb, holding the slip of paper and watched his taillights vanish.

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