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Hole in the Wall Ch. 03

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NOTE: Well, it’s finally here! Another long-awaited addition to the Hole in the Wall series is finally completed, I just hope you like where this is going! Let me know if you want me to continue this series, or if this should be the end of it. Also let me know if there any other stories you want me to add on to! I’m always open to requests/suggestions. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there! Enjoy!

Jillian’s face burned hot as she sat on the floor of the dressing room in the shop she owned. Forty minutes ago, she’d been ringing up customers at the register. Thirty minutes ago, she’d made a bold decision to check on the gloryhole she’d recently discovered in the back of her changing area. Twenty minutes ago, she’d been gagging on the thick cock of a stranger she’d grown familiar with. Ten minutes ago, she’d been covered in cum, and realized that she may have gotten herself into quite a predicament. One minute ago, she’d texted a friend of hers in desperation.

Typically, the mirror in the dressing room was for customers to judge their outfits; they’d fawn over how stunning they looked, or scoff at how unflattering a pattern was. Now, Jillian was using the mirror to look at her half-naked body. After her last gloryhole encounter ended minutes ago, she was left looking ravaged: her pants were pulled down to her thighs, exposing her plump ass, her maternal breasts were glazed with streaks of cum that arched up to her ruby lips, and her shirt was in a clump on the floor next to her. In the flurry of it all, she’d used her shirt as an improvised gag to stop herself from screaming during orgasm. Now, there was no way she’d be able to pull the drool-soaked shirt over her cum-glazed chest and casually return to work running Jupiter’s.

She’d realized she still had her phone on her, and, after giving it a lot of thought, decided to text her close friend Michelle for help. While someone like her employee Daniel might be more immediately available, he’d ask too many questions, and Jillian didn’t feel like having that conversation right now.

Instead, she called Michelle, another mom whom she’d known for years. They had children close in age, and were in a book club together. Jillian trusted that she could ask Michelle to bring a new shirt to her store in the middle of the day, and Michelle wouldn’t make things weird.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the dressing room door, and Jillian heard a familiar voice call to her on the other side.

“Jillian? You in there?” Michelle asked in a pronounced stage whisper. Jillian sprang to her feet, pulling her pants up over her round ass, and picking her shirt up off the floor. She swiftly wiped the mess of cum off her mouth, chin, and breasts. Making a mess of her stained shirt, she threw it back to the floor, and now felt clean enough to have a conversation. With a deep breath, she unlocked the door and pulled it open just barely, situating her body behind the door with just her head and one bare shoulder peeking out at her confused friend.

“Michelle, thank you! You’re a lifesaver!” Jillian’s dark hair fell to one side as her head cocked at an odd angle to accommodate her hidden torso. Despite her best attempts to seem casual, Jillian could tell Michelle was suspicious. Her friend stood before her, her face wrinkled in a curious expression. Michelle’s blonde hair was cut short, which complimented her soft, tanned frame. She was dressed simply, wearing light jeans and a dark, sleeveless top. In one hand was a tote bag that Jillian could tell held clothing for her.

“Is everything alright?” Michelle asked quizzically.

“Yep!” Jillian answered too quickly. “I’m fine, I just need an extra change of clothes!” She reached one arm out, trying to nab the tote bag, but coming up much too short because of her unwillingness to lean outside of the dressing room. Now very suspicious, Michelle’s head cocked to match Jillian’s.

“Are you—” Michelle started, before surprising Jillian by pushing her way into the dressing room. Completely caught off guard, Jillian tried her best to cover herself with her hands as Michelle slammed the thin door behind herself. “You are topless, I knew it! What’s going on?”

Jillian felt her face begin to burn again, terribly embarrassed at the situation unfolding. Michelle was just supposed to bring her a shirt, not interrogate her!

“I, um, I just needed—” Jillian was trying to cup her breasts, but her large bust did not lend well to indiscretion. She found it easiest to hold one arm across her casino şirketleri front, covering both breasts and creating impressive cleavage, using the other hand to try again to grab at the tote bag her friend brought. “Something, um, happened, and I needed a shirt!”

“Yeah, I’d say something happened in here for sure!” Michelle looked stunned as she glanced around the small dressing room, taking in her surroundings. She saw Jillian’s shirt on the floor, stained with what she could only assume was cum. In front of her was her friend, topless, blushing redder than a raspberry, and behind her was a hole in the wall that could only mean one thing. The gears in Michelle’s head were turning, and Jillian could tell.

“It’s not what it looks like!” She tried.

“It’s not?” Michelle scoffed as she finally passed her friend the tote bag.

Jillian rifled through it, seeing that Michelle had brought an assortment of shirts, much more than just the one that Jillian had requested. If anything, Michelle was diligent. Jillian pulled out one that looked nondescript and turned away to pull it over her head. She glanced down and saw that it was from some charity fun run Michelle had participated in years ago; it was a little too small over Jillian’s build, and considering she wasn’t wearing a bra, it still showed off everything. Michelle pulled her back into the moment with another question. “If it’s not what it looks like, then what the hell is it?”

Jillian grimaced. That was a fair question, and she hadn’t prepared a lie for this moment. She hadn’t prepared for her friend to barge into the room and see her like this, see her trashed shirt on the floor, see the unmistakable gloryhole in the wall. She’d been ready to tell her friend that she’d spilled coffee on her shirt. That wouldn’t work anymore.

“Alright,” Jillian sighed, exhaling for the first time since Michelle arrived. “It’s exactly what it looked like. I, um, I found a…”

“Gloryhole?” Michelle finished her sentence. She didn’t have any experience with the particular fetish, but Michelle had gone through her stepson’s search history more than once, which familiarized her with a wide array of pornography she’d never heard of prior.

“Yes. God, it sounds so immature, telling someone else about it! It sounds so college!” Jillian rolled her eyes, embarrassed with herself.

“Today?” Michelle asked.

“No, two weeks ago. Today was, um, our second meeting.” Jillian explained the whole situation to Michelle. She told her about how two weeks ago she’d discovered the gloryhole, and how she’d been treated to a thick cock surprising her. She told Michelle about how just a few hours ago, that cock had finally returned. Michelle nodded along, deeply intrigued. Outside, the bustling changing area was filled with strangers loudly trying on clothes, unaware of the intimate conversation happening in the last stall on the left.

“So I take it you haven’t been on a date in a while?” Michelle joked. For the first time in a while, Jillian laughed, genuinely relieved that her friend wasn’t taking this situation too seriously. All in all, Jillian admitted to herself, it was a ridiculous scenario.

“No, not unless you count this.” Jillian replied sarcastically, gesturing to the hole. “I mean, talk about a blind date.”

“So you have no idea who it is?” Michelle inquired.


“That’s insane!”

“I couldn’t pick him out of a crowd, unless he wasn’t wearing pants. Then, I mean, that cock is pretty… Memorable.” She giggled, almost to herself, reminiscing about the member.

“Jillian, I—” Michelle started but she was shushed by Jillian, who had stopped giggling and was standing at attention. From the dressing room next door, she’d heard the sound of the door shutting, and shoes scuffing across the cold floor. Michelle’s look of curiosity jumped to shock when the women heard the clear sound of a belt buckle being undone and a zipper unzipping. As the two women looked on in utter awe, one very familiar, very hard cock poked its way through the hole in the wall.

For a moment, no one moved. Jillian’s eyes were glued to Michelle, waiting to see how she’d react. Michelle’s eyes were glued to the cock, which bobbed around in the air invitingly.

“Holy cow!” Michelle exclaimed in stunned whisper that was barely audible.

“Oh my god, Michelle, I’m so sorry,” Jillian reached out and took hold of her friend’s arm, apologizing for putting her in this situation. “This— oh my god— this isn’t something you’re supposed to see!”

“Jillian!” casino firmaları Michelle whispered back. “It’s huge! You didn’t mention it was huge!” The cock twitched in the air, as if the owner on the other side had heard the compliment. Jillian nodded.

“We should go—” Jillian paused. “You should go. I don’t know why he’s back already, how is he already, um, ready for another round?” Despite the relatively quick turnaround, there was no mistaking it: this was the same cock Jillian had come to adore.

Back in college, when Jillian was a regular at a gloryhole in a frat house, it wasn’t uncommon for frat boys to try and jam their spent, softening cocks back through the hole, in hopes of a second round after she’d just drained them so effortlessly. However, Jillian had always turned them down, uninterested in something so limp. Now, this cock was back, and it was at full-mast, rock hard and throbbing in the air in front of her. She could even still see a smudge of her lipstick on the shaft.

To her amazement, Michelle wasn’t heading for the hills at the whole situation; instead, Jillian watched with a dropped jaw as her friend, another middle-aged mother, slowly dropped to her knees, her wide eyes glued to the cock before her.

“Michelle!” Jillian whispered.

“What?” Michelle snapped back, almost curtly. “I just… Want a better look…” The truth was that Michelle hadn’t ever seen a cock like this. She leaned in closer, dangerously closer, holding her breath as she examined the full cock just an inch from the tip of her nose. She exhaled, and the cock twitched something fierce at the rush of hot breath. Jillian had to hold back a loud gasp as she watched Jillian make contact, tracing one finger down the length of the shaft.

“Let’s just go—” Jillian started, but Michelle cut her off.

“No way, I’m not wasting a cock like this,” Michelle whispered, almost to the cock itself. “You can take off if you want, but I’m…” Her voice trailed off as she leaned forward. Jillian gasped as Michelle, with a barely-open mouth, took the tip of the cock past her lips, sucking on it lightly.

Jillian had no clue what to do with herself, frozen in place, watching as her friend sucked softly on the mystery cock. Michelle reached one hand up, wrapping her fingers around the base of the shaft, and began a steady stroke. She opened her mouth a bit more, taking another half inch of manhood past her lips. As she slowly pumped on the cock, she tasted a pearl of precum burst across her tongue, which lavished the underside of the cockhead with love.

“Oh my god,” Jillian muttered to herself, ashamed at how aroused she felt watching her friend.

“I wonder if I can…” Michelle pulled the cock out of her mouth just enough to start a sentence before opening her mouth even wider. With little hesitation, she stopped stroking the shaft, trying to guide it into her mouth, down her throat. One inch, two inches, three. But she couldn’t take it any further, gagging for just a moment. With a cough, she pulled back, dropping the slippery cock from her mouth.

“It’s not as easy as you remember!” Jillian joked. She knew exactly what Michelle had thought because she’d thought it two weeks ago.

“I figured, I used to know how to deepthroat, how hard could it be?” Michelle giggled.

“It’s not like riding a bike!” Jillian retorted. “Apparently, you can forget how. It took me a few tries.” Michelle leaned back, taking her eyes off the cock for the first time in a few minutes to look up at Jillian.

“You can deepthroat this cock?” She sounded amazed. Jillian couldn’t help but blush; she was typically very modest, and now her friend was practically daring her to prove she could throat this fat cock.

Without a word, Jillian accepted the dare, dropping to her knees next to Michelle. She switched her focus to the cock, which had a bare sheen of Michelle’s saliva. Confidently, Jillian spit onto the top of the cock, and used her delicate hand to stroke the cock, lubricating it. She slowed her stroke to a halt at the base, centered herself and took a deep breath. Michelle watched as Jillian opened her mouth and swallowed down the hard cock, inch by inch, until her nose was to the wall. The mature woman could feel the member throb in her throat, and she hummed in pleasure as the stranger on the other side audibly groaned.

“Oh my god, Jillian!” She whispered. “You really just… Wow!” Michelle watched as Jillian pulled back, letting the cock drop from her lips, fully coated in her spit; a strand of drool draped from her soft lips güvenilir casino to the twitching cockhead. “Okay, I think I got it now, let me try again!”

Jillian back up, allowing Michelle room to center herself in front of the cock. Without hesitation, she leaned forward, opening her mouth, feeling the cock push past her lips, barely grazing her teeth. It ran over her wet tongue as it went towards her throat, before she abruptly pulled back, gagging again.

“Let me help you,” Jillian offered. Before she could respond, Jillian assertively placed a firm hand on the back of Michelle’s head. With her other hand, she took a steady hold of the cock, and guided Michelle’s open mouth toward the member. Though taken aback at first, Michelle submitted, trusting Jillian, and took one last deep breath before feeling the cock push past her lips again. As it glided over her tongue, she felt the urge to gag, feeling the cock knock against the back of her throat. She didn’t have it nearly as far as Jillian took it, but this thick cock was already filling her throat. She gagged, trying to pull back, but Jillian held firm against the back of her head.

Michelle felt a rush of arousal as she drooled on the fat cock crammed in her mouth. Just as she began to feel dizzy, Jillian’s grip loosened, and Michelle fell backward, the cock spilling from her mouth in a mess of drool and precum. The man on the other side grunted and groaned in ecstasy.

“O-oh my… Oh my god, Jill…” Michelle panted, catching her breath, stunned and turned on at how her friend had helped her. Meanwhile, Jillian wasted no time, finding a steady rhythm, stroking the cock. She began to nurse at the tip, planting small kisses and licks as she stroked the base.

Having regained some of her composure, Michelle joined Jillian at the cock, kissing the other side of the cockhead. The man on the other side of the wall groaned in delight as the two mature women began to kiss, sandwiching his throbbing cock between their soft lips. In a flurry of emotions, Michelle reached forward, delicately cupping Jillian’s right breast. With no bra, and only a thin, borrowed shirt between her soft breast and her friend’s tender hand, Jillian moaned onto the cock, stroking the shaft faster. Moving down the cock, Michelle began licking up and down the shaft, as Jillian stopped stroking and took the cockhead back into her mouth, lavishing it with wet, sloppy kisses.

Faster and faster, Michelle planted kisses up and down the length of the shaft, feeling it throb against her lips. Jillian, meanwhile, sucked adamantly on the tip, massaging the underside with her tongue, tasting sweet precum as it spilled down her throat. After a matter of moments of this treatment, the two older women heard a distinct knock on the wall.

“That means we’re almost there.” Jillian pulled back just enough to whisper directions to her friend. Michelle leaned back, situating herself next to Jillian, directly in front of the cock. Jillian stopped sucking on the cockhead, and placed one hand around the shaft, near the base. Michelle followed her lead, taking a fistful of the cock, closer to the tip. In unison, the two women began to stroke vigorously, using their own spit as lubricant, feeling the stranger on the other side thrust into their pumping fists. After hearing more grunts from the other side, the women felt the cock in their hands throb and begin to spasm.

As they stroked, the heavy cock shot a thick blast of cum that splattered across Jillian’s open mouth, spilling out onto her chin. Two more shots decorated Michelle’s lips, then one more glazed her neckline. A few more pumps led to some cum drizzling across Jillian’s borrowed shirt, and the ordeal ended as a few errant shots streaked past them, landing on the floor behind them.

The two women dropped the cock at once, breathing hard. It bobbed in the air before them, spent, before retreating back into the gloryhole. As they caught their breath, they heard the sound of the stranger doing up his zipper and belt, before opening his dressing room door and walking out. In a moment, the only sound was the ambient noise of the busy changing area around them, and their own steady panting.

Jillian looked over at Michelle. She was a mess, with cum splattered across part of her face and neck, soaking into her dark top. Michelle looked back at Jillian, who’s fair skin was burned red on her cheeks as she blushed, exhausted. Michelle started to speak, but was stopped short as she tasted the cum on her lips. Jillian watched her lick some off her top lip.

“Good thing I bought a few different options for you,” Michelle reached for her tote bag. The two women shared a laugh, and Michelle slipped off her messy shirt, depositing it next to Jillian’s original, cum-stained shirt.

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