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Honey Ch. 04

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Another week passed and Brandon made no attempts to contact her. Hanna went about her business, settling into her routine but no longer numbed by it. Daniel said she seemed more confident, more assertive than she’d been. She’d not been one for intimidation, but she felt a sense of being more in control than she was months before.

Richard shattered this when he asked again to drop by one evening. Hanna was beyond irritated he seemed to keep producing these random legal requirements, this time saying he needed another signature for the bank to release some details on their apartment loan so he could buy a new house.

‘I’m sorry, Hanna. These things keep coming up. I’d deal with them myself if I could.’

She was about to argue he was a lawyer and should’ve known these things would come up, but he’d been involved in corporate litigation, divorce wasn’t his specialty. His friend had been representing him but Hanna hadn’t bothered to find anyone.

‘Just be by at seven, alright?’


She dismissed the thought he was making excuses just to see her. He was a few minutes late as well, it got her back up too easily. She let him in, taking the documents from him and once again hurriedly scratching her signature where required.

‘I heard you were out of town the other week,’ he commented.

‘Had to clear my head.’

‘Go anywhere nice?’

‘Just to a friend’s place in the hills.’

‘You don’t know anyone with a house in the hills.’

She handed back the papers. ‘I do now.’

‘Close friend?’

‘Very intimate,’ she said snidely, her bitchiness rearing its head now he’d sufficiently pissed her off.

‘Hanna, I wish we could just talk like we used to. I don’t hate you, you’re a good person… I miss you.’

‘Richard, don’t start. We’ve been through this. I’m seriously considering changing careers and I need to move on.’

‘But you love your job.’

‘Maybe I was meant for something more… meaningful.’

‘You’re going to do aid work in some third world country?’ he asked sarcastically. ‘C’mon, you weren’t even willing to go to Bali for a week last year.’

The retort she had was cut off by her buzzer sounding. Hanna went to the intercom to talk to whomever was there, hoping it was Brandon.

‘Hanna, you have to let me in! Please!’


‘I can’t talk. Just please, open the door.’

Hanna hit the release for the main door as Richard stared at her, baffled. ‘Who the hell is that?’

She couldn’t answer for her panic.


‘Look, you have to go. I have to take care of this.’

As she was forcing him out, Cassidy was coming towards them in a flurry from the elevator down the hall. Her dress was torn and her mascara was running. She flew into Hanna’s arms, Richard stepping back in his alarm.

‘Hanna, what is going on?’

‘Richard, please just go.’ Hanna was trying to comfort Cassidy and placate him at once. ‘You have your signatures.’

She led Cassidy inside and locked her door, fine with leaving Richard to his consternation outside.

‘What happened?’

‘You got any more of those pills?’ Cassidy asked plaintively.

Hanna fixed her some tea first, sitting her down on the sofa before she gave her an Ativan. Her hands were shaking and Hanna had to find an old robe for her to wear over her clothes.

‘It was Jessica. She’s such a moron. I never would’ve picked up a guy like she did but she just had to fall for the cash.’

‘Did he hurt you?’

‘Only so I could get Jess out of trouble. I know she’s somewhere safe now, but I had to split from her to get him off her tail. I’ve been running for three blocks.’

Hanna finally noticed Cassidy’s feet were bare and scratched. ‘You’re hurt. I need to clean you up.’

‘I’ll take a shower, if that’s okay with you. Thanks for letting me in. Least I was close by.’ She sipped the tea. ‘What did Richard want?’

‘Another signature. It better be the last.’

‘Have you heard from Brandon?’

‘He called the other week. I’m waiting to hear back.’

‘How is he?’

‘He seemed okay. He won’t like what’s happened to you.’

‘Then we won’t tell him, will we?’

Hanna took in Cassidy’s disposition with the thought they should’ve been calling the police, but there was a lot to her story Hanna didn’t want to know.

‘I’ll get you some clean towels and clothes.’

‘Thanks, Hanna.’

Hanna used the time Cassidy was in the shower to get her thoughts in order. Richard’s presence had only served to jack up her nerves. She poured herself a drink, resisting rummaging through her purse.

Cassidy came out in the sweatpants and loose shirt Hanna had lent her. She was drying her hair and wandering back into the living room, leaving the towel over the arm of the sofa. Hanna didn’t mind this but Cassidy corrected her perceived mistake and apologised.

‘You’re neater than I am,’ Cassidy said.

‘It’s alright. Do you need to hide out here for a while?’

‘Yeah, I was just scared to ask. Couple days is all I need.’

‘Provided kaçak iddaa you don’t bring anyone else here, it’s fine.’

‘C’mon, Hanna. As if I would.’

Brandon’s warning was bothering Hanna, still turning Cassidy away then would’ve been cruel.

‘I better get some sleep. I have to be at work by eight.’

‘I can sleep out here,’ Cassidy said.

‘My bed’s big enough for the both of us, Cassidy. Besides, I don’t really have any extra pillows or blankets.’

‘Why Hanna, are you trying to seduce me?’ she asked slyly.

At least this lightened Hanna’s mood. ‘I wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of you in your condition, Cassidy.’

‘I really wouldn’t mind,’ Cassidy parried with a slight purr.

Hanna motioned her to follow. ‘Come on. You need some rest.’

Cassidy’s weariness was more obvious when she curled up on Richard’s side of the bed. Hanna hadn’t factored having anyone else beside her until at least a year had passed, so for someone like Cassidy to be sharing her marital bed was daunting and strange. Hanna stayed on her side, her back to Cassidy as she tried to get to sleep.

She thought she was dreaming when she felt Cassidy’s hands on her the next morning. She didn’t recoil, Cassidy arousing her too artfully for Hanna to stop this. She moved onto her back, letting Cassidy work her magic. Her hands slid up Hanna’s sides to touch her breasts under her nightgown, her lips gently kissing Hanna’s thighs to wind her up beautifully.

Hanna let her mind wander as Cassidy licked at her. She thought of Brandon’s cock in her mouth, of Cassidy riding him slowly and gazing at her. She felt warm and blissful, reluctant to go anywhere. She came hard, Cassidy still lapping at her and touching her until she was feverish. As she recovered, Hanna sluggishly checked her phone to see it was already seven.

‘Shit, I’m running late.’

Cassidy apologised as Hanna scrambled out of bed to the bathroom. She showered in a hurry and barely had time to dry her hair properly.

‘Will you be alright here on your own?’ she asked Cassidy, trying to get her shoes on in the process.

Cassidy was sitting up with the blankets around her naked body. ‘I will. But I can’t leave.’

‘There’s some money in the top kitchen drawer and a number for the grocer down the street. Order whatever you want, I’ll try not to be back late.’

‘I promise I’ll be good,’ Cassidy said.

Hanna thought she was gazing back at a small child for a moment, Cassidy appearing guilty and pensive.

‘Call my cell if you need to. If I don’t answer, I’ll call you back.’

She took off and tried not to overthink her decision to leave Cassidy alone in her apartment.

Bridget was shocked by Hanna’s late entrance, hurriedly handing her a couple of files for her nine o’clock meeting. ‘Shit, Hanna. Cutting it fine, aren’t we?’

‘I slept late.’

‘Need a latte?’


At her desk, Hanna managed to calm down and act less harried than she was. She went to the meeting, conscious her hair wasn’t impeccably neat and desperate to keep her stammering to a minimum.

She decided she needed to recover from Cassidy’s arrival, so she asked Bridget to hold her calls after the meeting to give her some breathing space. All she ended up doing was worrying about what Cassidy was up to, and she refrained from calling the house with the intent to catch her guest out. The remainder of her day played out less hectically, but Hanna was drifting in and out of conversations and Daniel was having to really work at keeping her attention.

‘Did something happen with Richard?’ he asked. ‘You’re not with it. What’s going on?’

‘A friend came to me last night in the middle of a crisis and I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. But I’m okay.’

‘Are you really though? I’m worried about you.’

‘I will be when everything blows over. If it’ll ever blow over.’

Finally reaching the end of her day, Hanna rushed home to make sure nothing had gone wrong. The apartment was actually cleaner than when she’d left. The kitchen had been tidied and the benches were sparkling. Even the coffee table in the living room looked to have been dusted and there was the smell of disinfectant in the air, mixed with the scent from her air freshener. She went to the bedroom and saw her bed was neatly made. Cassidy was nowhere to be seen and Hanna called out to her.

‘In here!’ Cassidy hollered from the bathroom. She was wearing a pair of rubber gloves, furiously wiping the mirror. ‘I was hoping to be done before you got home.’

‘You were cleaning all day?’

‘I had to. I couldn’t sit still.’ Cassidy took off the gloves. ‘If you give me your key, I’ll take the trash out for you.’

‘You really didn’t have to do this.’

‘What, you thought I’d lie around in bed all day?’

‘But you’re not my maid.’

‘I do the same for Brandon if he’s not around. Least I do at the house. I have to keep busy when I’m stressed. Can I make you something to eat?’

‘No, I’m fine.’

Cassidy took kaçak bahis her door key to take the trash to the shoot. Meanwhile, Hanna received a call from Brandon, who was less than pleased to hear Cassidy was with her.

‘What else could I do?’ Hanna asked, shutting the door to the bedroom as she spoke. ‘She was a mess.’

‘What actually happened to her, Hanna? Was she really in trouble?’

Hanna knew she was betraying Cassidy now. ‘Just take my word she was and ask me nothing else. Please. It’s my decision to have her here. I feel better knowing she’s safe.’

‘I’m coming to get her. I won’t have you housing her if she’s in danger.’

‘Brandon, you’re overreacting.’

‘I’ll see you soon.’

He hung up before Hanna could stop him and Cassidy gave her a look when they met eyes in the kitchen.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Brandon’s coming to take you elsewhere.’

‘Jesus,’ Cassidy groaned. ‘He thinks he’s my father now?’

‘He doesn’t think you’re safe here.’

‘No, he’s worried about you, Hanna. Not me. I know him. Don’t think I don’t know he warned you about having me here.’

‘Cassidy, I’m sorry.’

‘It’s not your fault. He can be so controlling sometimes. So… paranoid and overcautious.’

‘I’ll tell him you’re staying if that’s what you want.’

Cassidy shook her head, dismayed. ‘I don’t want you both fighting over this. It’s easier I let him take me in.’ She made a sudden laugh. ‘God, it’s like you’re my parents and you’re fighting over who gets custody.’

‘Maybe we can talk things out when he gets here.’

‘Forget about it. He’s right, I shouldn’t argue. You don’t need my shit in your life. But I wish…’

Hanna drew closer to Cassidy. ‘You wish what?’

‘I wish we hadn’t met the way we did. That I was a different person. A person someone like you would love.’

She took Cassidy’s hands. ‘I care for you, but I can’t be in love with you. I’m not even sure if I will fall for you.’

Cassidy kissed Hanna. ‘How long do we have before he gets here?’ she murmured.

‘I’m not sure. He didn’t say.’

‘Then we best be quick about it.’

She pressed Hanna against the counter and began unbuttoning her blouse. The rush of blood to her head clouded Hanna’s judgement and she was suddenly eager to make the most of whatever minutes she had left with Cassidy. She slipped her fingers down into Cassidy’s underwear, finding her clit and gently stroking it as they kissed. Cassidy put her mouth around Hanna’s nipple after she’d pulled her bra away. With one hand Hanna cradled Cassidy’s head, her other hand now wet and still rubbing Cassidy slowly.

Hanna quickly spun Cassidy around, dropping to her knees and pulling down her underwear to get to her snatch. She had to have one more taste. Cassidy was gasping and saying Hanna’s name breathlessly again.

‘God, you’re so good.’

Hanna didn’t even care about how loud Cassidy was. She put her fingers deep into her cunt, once more sucking at Cassidy when she was engorged. They wound up on the clean kitchen floor, both just as desperate to make the other come, their mouths locked on each other’s cunts. Hanna practically forgot they were moments from being intruded upon, and she stayed on the floor to catch her breath as Cassidy disappeared to the bathroom.

Hanna sat on the sofa in her robe, waiting for Brandon and staring at the coffee table, numb and tired. The buzzer sounded and she went to let him in. He looked her over when she answered her front door.

‘You look flushed,’ he said.

‘I’m okay.’

‘Is she ready to go?’

‘She’s just in the shower. She wasn’t happy, but she understands.’

Brandon looked haggard again, and Hanna knew he didn’t need this. But when she was honest with herself, she knew she didn’t either.

‘She cleaned the whole apartment while I was out,’ Hanna mentioned.

‘You took her for slovenly due to her occupation?’

‘Of course not.’

‘Hanna, you’ll thank me later for this. She’s better off in my apartment until whatever heat she’s got on her is gone. If I’d been around, she’d have come to me.’

‘She said my place was closer.’

‘Thank you for taking care of her.’

Cassidy cut in on Brandon’s attempt to kiss Hanna, unimpressed by the sight of him.

‘I don’t have anything with me,’ she said.

‘You have a few things at the apartment, don’t you?’


‘Then we better go.’

‘What about Hanna?’ Cassidy asked as she came nearer.

‘I think we ought to leave her alone, don’t you?’

Having them speak of her in the third person annoyed Hanna tremendously, though she couldn’t bring herself to chide either of them for it.

‘Can I not decide for myself?’ she demanded quietly.

Cassidy grew closer to them. ‘Hanna’s a big girl. Let her make her own mind up.’ She inched on him and he became visibly restless.

‘Not now, Cassidy.’

‘Come on, Brandon, what do you say? Just once more, for old time’s sake.’

Hanna was tantalised already, not even recovered from her moment with Cassidy illegal bahis on the kitchen floor. She moved into Brandon, joining Cassidy in her attack until they both had him caving. Hanna glanced up at him and slipped her hand over his chest, sliding her fingers over to undo his top button. He stared back at her.

‘Why not?’ she murmured, undoing another button while he was still distracted, his breath getting shallow.

Cassidy was at his belt, now in charge, though she wasn’t vying for his absolute attention. It was Hanna’s job to seduce him into submission; her chance to really take over. She reached up, putting her fingers to Brandon’s jaw before she kissed him deeply. The act had him grabbing her in one arm and clutching her to him. From then on, everything else would be simple.

Or so she thought.

His free hand grabbed Cassidy’s chin once she was on her knees. ‘This isn’t going to change my mind,’ he said firmly.

Cassidy smiled up at him with innocent eyes. ‘I’m not asking you to.’

‘Neither am I,’ Hanna said, playing along.

Brandon’s eyes narrowed a second before he finally smiled and kissed Hanna, Cassidy setting about making him hard with her mouth.

In her room, Hanna was forgetting her worries around what was going to happen from then on. She was delighted having them both in her bed, her little play for dominance over Brandon made more exciting for him being in their clutches. This was her domain, so they had to respect her wishes, and they were both as happy to please her and do as she wished.

It was Hanna’s turn to pleasure Brandon with her lips when Cassidy said huskily that she needed to see them fuck.

Brandon was prone and Hanna obliged, crawling over him. He’d been at their mercy all that time, and she thought she had bested him when exerted his strength of a sudden and forced her onto her back. He went down to taste her, Cassidy shifting to kiss Hanna’s mouth in kind as her hand groped Hanna’s breast.

Hanna once again went blind from her pleasure and accepted Brandon’s tongue working on her cunt to the point she was grasping her sheets. He let himself in before she could come, and Cassidy kept up her touches, her lips close to Hanna’s ear.

‘My darling Hanna,’ she whispered. ‘My goddess… You’re so beautiful.’

Brandon kissed her neck lovingly, moving slowly within her and stroking her hair. He wasn’t paying Cassidy any attention, but she was only present to watch, bringing herself to the brink with her fingers as she stayed beside Hanna. The sound of her coming had Hanna enthralled, Brandon responding to this with a tenacity she could hardly withstand.

The weight of their reality pushed down on Hanna afterwards. Brandon wasn’t prepared to stay any longer now Cassidy had had her fun, and Hanna did her best not to appear disappointed they were finally leaving.

‘I’ll call you,’ Brandon said. ‘Once this is over, I’ll make it up to you.’

‘Don’t punish her for this, Brandon,’ she said quietly.

‘This isn’t a punishment. It’s what she needs, you know that.’

She couldn’t meet his eyes then, and she was morose showing them to the door. Cassidy hesitated before she went into the elevator. She and Brandon looked back at Hanna.

Hanna only lifted her palm and shut the door before bursting into tears.

Life returned to normal after that. Banality was hers again and she was grateful for the calm. Hanna lifted her game at work, immersing herself in as many tasks as necessary to keep herself occupied. She stayed late like she’d done when she was an intern working in marketing to make a name for herself. Brandon and Cassidy were slowly becoming mere memories.

Richard found a new place to live: a two storey townhouse on the other side of the city. Hanna had no reason to be in that part of town, so she knew it would be unlikely she’d run into him. One night, she stayed up and went through her photo albums, vacant now as she looked at the pictures of her and Richard. Their wedding photos seemed staged, her smile painfully forced. She’d not been happy that day. She’d had a headache from the stress of it all and was considering calling the ceremony off when she’d felt nauseous.

Even their wedding night was tense. Richard went overboard making it romantic and the expectation had angered Hanna. She’d lain under him, pretending to be enthralled when she was anything but. There were a few times faking it had been necessary, but it was impossible to fake anything with Brandon and Cassidy. It always would be.

Hanna knew she wasn’t depressed, just empty and directionless. Her routine became vital for maintaining a level head. She didn’t stay up pleasing herself with thoughts of her lost lovers. She went back to her yoga classes after neglecting them from weariness, one of the women there asking her about Richard.

‘My divorce hit me so hard.’ Bethany was always itching for her turn to speak. ‘Thank god for this place or I’d have gone totally mad.’

‘I don’t think it’s hit me yet,’ Hanna said.

‘Come for drinks with me after this.’

‘I can’t. I have things to do at home.’

‘Oh ok… We’re all heading to the Bahai spa downtown this weekend. You should at least come there. It’s heavenly, it’ll do you wonders.’

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