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Hostile Takeover

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Chapter 1

“Oooh fuck, just like that,” I moan as the sexy blonde I’ve fallen in love with went down on my dick. Shoving it in the back of her throat. “Fuuuck!”

Sarah pulls back for air before diving back down, gobbling up my cock. As she pulls back once more, she twirls her tongue around the tip causing me to twitch as the pleasure mounts. She sucks in real hard sending a shock right through me. Her bright brown eyes sparkle as they look up at me. “Oh god, I’m so close.”

Once more she plunges my dick to the back of her throat. I clench up as my cock begins to pulse, shooting a thick rope of cum, coating the inside of her throat. She pulls out, but not before I shoot another load in her mouth. She swallows it all. “Fuck Sarah, that was fantastic.”

“Glad you enjoyed it so much,” she says as she gives me a wink before getting up and cleaning herself off. Hiring Sarah was a dream come true. She was the perfect assistant, match made in heaven. She was so eager to help and we hit it off instantly. She’s had my back since day one.

Life couldn’t get any better right now. Who would have thought an 18-year-old little Asian boy could build his own company and snag a woman like Sarah!? I didn’t even believe it was possible until I did it. My company is finally making strides in the right direction. My prototype android will be ready to present to the big wigs once we finish with the operating system and now I have Sarah at my side, I’ll finally have everything I could ever want.

Sarah went up to kiss me, but I could still smell the cum on her breath. “Ehh, your breath still smells like dick.”

“What’s wrong with cockbreath?” she asks feigning a frown. The way her nose scrunches up makes my knees weak.

“It’s disgusting!”

“So let me get this straight, when I’m sucking your dick, is that disgusting to you?” she asks with a hint of playful cheer.

“Well… no. But I’m you’re a girl. It’s different.”

“What about gay guys, is it disgusting when they suck cock?”

“To me it is, but I’m not going to judge. I have nothing against gay guys, if they want to suck cock, more power to them. I’d rather lick pussy.”

“I just don’t get why straight guys think sucking cock is so disgusting, I don’t think eating out pussy is gross. Is a woman eating pussy disgusting to you?”

“No… That’s totally different. A pussy is so much more elegant. A dick is just… It’s gross.”

“Maybe if you actually tried sucking a dick, you might like it. The musky scent, the soft yet hard feel of it, especially against your tongue.” She bit her lip as she explains the joy of sucking dick. I have to admit, the way she describes it makes it sound rather enjoyable. “Also the feeling of vulnerability that comes with having a dick rammed down your throat is so erotic. Let alone the knowledge that your the reason for a their pleasure. I bet you would be a good cock sucker.”

“Okay, enough dick talk. Let’s get back to work. Do we still have to meet with Nemesis Holdings?” I ask, quickly changing the subject. She gave me a look that sends a shiver down my spine.

“Yes, it’s still on. You’ve got 20 minutes. You should probably dress into something a little more formal. Don’t give her a reason to patronize you.” Her eyes travel down my body and back up as she raises an eyebrow.

“This meeting is so stupid, there’s no way I’m ever going to sell my company to her.” Kailyn Black is the most intimidating woman I’ve ever met, but if she thinks she can just walk in here and buy us, she’s got another thing coming. “I suppose after I put on that ridiculous monkey suit, we should head over to the conference room and get ready.”

I head back to my office and put on the one suit I own. Then Sarah and I head over to the conference room. “I still don’t know why I have to wear this,” I say as I take my seat at the head of the table as Sarah sits down next to me.

“Because Kailyn is looking for any reason at all to tear you apart,” she explains before quickly briefing me over Kailyn’s offer.

“She thinks she can buy us out for only 25 million. No way in hell I’m ever going to accept that offer. We’re at least worth 200 million. It’s an insult.”

“Calm down, that’s obviously a power play,” Sarah says.

Alisha walks in and tells us that they’ve arrived. Shortly after, six women walk in and take their seats around the table. Kailyn Black sits at the other end of the table. Her fiery red hair pulled up into a bun, only leaving a few strands to fall to her face, makes my knees weak. She has on a dark red lipstick, making her all the more fierce. She doesn’t appear to be that old, maybe mid-thirties, but she seems to have experience that most people in their fifties lack. She’s a woman I wouldn’t want to cross, in fact, I bet she pees standing up! Just the thought of her sends a shiver down my spine. Not only is she exceptionally smart, but she’s very attractive. A slim figure with enough curves to make the eyes wander. Her beauty is beyond words, but it’s dangerous. Just another thing she can use against you. That’s why it’s even more unfortunate that my company is in her crosshairs. Her steely blue eyes lock onto with mine, completely taking the air out of my lungs. The tension causes me to blink and when I look back up at her it’s as if her eye’s have turned green by some kind of magic trick. I stare transfixed on her eyes, as a smile curls on her face as if she knows what I’m thinking. A shiver goes down my spine like I can feel the power she seems to radiate from her very core.

“Peter, I’m glad you’re taking the time to meet with me. Smart move. Let’s get down to business,” she says with a devilish smirk. “I want you and your company. Take my offer and come work for me.”

I adjust my tie as my stomach clenches. Being in the same room with her is nerve-racking. After taking a deep breath of air, I finally muster up the courage to respond. “Are… um… Don’t you think your…ahh… Offer is a little low?” I stutter to get the words out. I can build the interface to the most advanced robot in under an hour and yet I can’t even string a sentence together in front of this woman…

“Let’s be honest with each other, your competition will eat you alive. If the rumors are true, Vortex Technology will be able to transplant entire human nervous systems into an Android and Prometheus Co. already has the most advanced AI.” She leans back and gives me a sinister grin. “What hope do you have of competing with them?”

“My… My fully functional prototype Android is more advanced ever. It’s stronger than a hundred men. Once we finish developing the AI, it’ll be able to blend in with ordinary people.”

“Like you said, once you’ve finished developing the AI. That doesn’t sound promising when your competition already has one. Besides, I know you’re low on resources. Looking at your financials, you don’t have what you need to complete the project.” Her smile widens as she plays with a strand of her hair. “But I do.”

How does she know about our financials? Her gaze pierces right through me and a smirk appears on her face as if she can read my thoughts. “I’m going to have you and your company eventually, you might as well take my offer. 25 million and you’ll be my advisor with a hefty salary. Together we will create the android of your dreams. You have until the end of the today to decide.”

With that said, she gets up and leaves with her entourage of women in suites. I can finally breathe.

“You know she makes a good point. Not only does our competition have the technology, but they have the resources to beat us. Also, more tech companies continue to pop up. How long can we last, especially since we haven’t made any progress on the AI,” Sarah says.

“I know, I know, but I won’t sell the company to her. She’s the devil.”

“Come on Pete, she’s not that bad. Plus, we could use the resources. She’s right about that, we’re running on fumes.” I look at Sarah, of course, she’s right. I still can’t figure out how Kailyn knew that. There’s only one reasonable explanation, we have a mole.

There’s no way Sarah would betray me, but there is no telling about anyone else who works here. I’ll have to figure it out later, I have to focus on getting the Android ready for the market. That means getting a working operating system. “We don’t have any other meetings today, do we?”

“Nope, the rest of the day is free,” she says.

“Good, let’s get to work.”

Chapter 2

In the lab, my top computer engineer Abraham Guotin, my top programmer Mitsugi Shinji (well technically, they’re my only other employees except for Sarah and Ashley) and I are busying trying to come up with a viable solution to get our prototype fully functional. Mitsugi has been working on developing an operating system that is receptive to commands, while Abe and I work on the body. What we have is suitable, but it could be better. The lab is a tight space, with Mitsugi’s computer setup taking up the right wall. She’s got four monitors stacked two monitors high for one computer. Then she has a laptop next to her. To the right of her is another computer.

We’re building the android on the far left up on a platform in between two workbenches. It gives us just enough space for Abe and me to work.

“I really think we need to switch to carbon fiber bone structure,” Abe says. “The titanium grade steel is too heavy and too expensive.”

“But the carbon fiber is not strong enough. The android won’t be able to lift a car with just carbon fiber!” I inform him.

“But with the Titanium grade steel, it’ll cost a small fortune for just one unit. Who’s going to be able to afford them? I fail to see how lifting a car is necessary… Besides I thought we were creating a personal assistant,” he asks.

“I fail to see, how you fail to see how awesome it would be to have a Android that can lift cars! Besides, what good is a first response droid if it can’t pick up a car that has someone pinned beneath it?” I ask him rhetorically. “It’ll be a multi-purpose droid.”

“The military will be not only able to afford them but also they’re interested,” Mitsugi pipes in.

“For the last time, there is no way I’m going to make a deal with the military. We’re not making weapons. These androids are going to help people, not hurt them,” I remind them.

“Well you’re only other option is to sell to Nemesis,” Abe says.

“There is no way in hell I’m letting Kailyn get her greedy hands on it either, there’s no telling what she’ll do with it,” I reply. His remark makes me think back to my earlier suspicion of a mole, but after thinking it over, there is no way Abe would sell me out. Mitsugi I’m not so sure about, the way she’s so quick to sell to the military has me questioning her ethics. I’ll have to keep an eye on her. But then again, Sarah was the one who recommended both of them and if she vouches for them, then I should trust them.

“You guys need a break, you’ve been working in here for the last 6 hours straight,” Sarah says as she enters the lab. “Have any of you had dinner?”

“Fine, let’s grab some food and get back to work,” I relent. Another reason why I’m in love with her, she’s so caring.

“You should call it a day, get some rest and hit it hard tomorrow,” Sarah suggests.

“I agree with her,” Mitsugi adds.

“Fine, everyone, get some rest and meet back here bright and early. We’re so close to changing the world,” I remind them.

As Abe and Mitsugi pack up, Sarah and I head back to the office.

“My investors are going to want a progress report tomorrow and I don’t have anything to show them,” I tell her once we’re in private.

“It’ll be okay, the android will be ready soon,” she tries to comfort me. God, I’m so lucky to have Sarah on my side. “Let’s get something to eat.”

Bzzzz. Bzzzzz. I look at my phone. “It’s unknown! How could anyone get this number?.”

Sarah shrugs. “Isn’t your phone encrypted?”

I nod in confirmation. I decide to answer it. “H… Hello?”

“What’ll it be Peter?”


“I thought that was obvious.”

“How did you get my number?”

“I’m one of the wealthiest people in the world. There isn’t much I can’t get. Now, are you going to be a good boy and come work for me or am I going to have to take your company by force?”

“No, I’m never going to sell the company!” I can’t believe she had the nerve to call me boy. Does she think I’m some kind of child?

“Stupid move… and here I thought you were smart. I want you to remember when all of your assets are mine and you’re on your knees begging me, I offered you 25 million and a generous salary.” Click.

She hung up on me!

“The nerve!” I mutter. “How the hell did she get my number?”

Sarah shrugs. “Forget about it, let’s go get something to eat. How about your favorite hole in the wall?”

“Yeah, I guess that sounds good,” I agree.

As we arrive at a nearby bar for some food. The waitress brought over drinks and took our orders.

“You know, this morning I was feeling so optimistic about how things were going, now I’m not so sure,” I admit as I take a sip soda.

“Relax, every company endures hardships before they become successful,” Sarah says. “Did you know John Farrell built Prometheus Corp while he lived with his parents?”

“Interesting… You always seem to know what to say to lift up my spirit Sarah. I know it can’t be easy working for me. I mean come on, who wants to work for an 18-year-old know it all?” I don’t know what I would do without Sarah. She gives me a smile as she takes a sip of her drink.

“That’s what I’m here for. Besides, I actually enjoy working for you,” she says as she gives me a wink. I reach over and grab her hand.

“I was thinking, you’ve been spending a lot of time at my apartment…” I twirl my thumb in the middle of her palm. “I think it’s about time you actually have your own key. I know we’ve only been seeing each other for a few months, but I feel like I’ve really connected with you.”

“Really? Wow… I don’t know what to say,” she says as she reaches over with her other hand and places it on top of mine. She looks into my eyes. “I would like that.”

The waitress comes over with our food and dishes it out. It doesn’t take long before we dig in. Sarah is like the only girl that I can actually have a conversation with. Although, it wasn’t always like that. When I first hired her, I was so nervous around her. I remember when I interviewed her. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Golden blonde hair that made her bright brown eyes sparkle. She was wearing a business suit with a skirt that came down to the middle of her thigh, showing off a pair of the most amazing legs I’ve ever seen. She had on red lipstick.

Ironically, I was in my usual khakis, some kind of gamer t-shirt and a zip up hoodie for the interview. I immediately felt underdressed. She held out her hand and introduced herself. “I’m Sarah, it’s such a pleasure to meet you Mr. Reyes.”

I was literally lost for words. I went to shake her hand and totally grabbed her fingers, making the most awkward handshake ever. To make matters worse, was what came out of my mouth. “I’m so pleasured to meet you, Mr. Reyes, I’m Sarah…”

“That came out wrong, I mean I’m Mr. Reyes and I’m so pleasurable to meet you, Sarah.” I immediately slapped my head. “Ahhh… I… Peter… That’s my name. Sarah right?”

She simply smiled as I stumbled through my words, making a complete fool out of myself. “Is this your first interview?” she asked.

I simply nodded. “And I thought I was nervous,” she giggled.

“Oh yeah… I’m just not used to talking to pretty girls.” I said bashfully and regretted it. I was 16 at the time and spent most of my time working on one project after another. I skipped school a lot, so my social interactions were slim to none. Obviously, I was a virgin. I had already built and sold a video game for millions. I started building robots and had already built several prototypes I could control with my thoughts using a device I built that you wore on your head. I showcased the robots at this tech convention and blew it out of the water.

Before that, I did everything myself. It wasn’t long after the tech convention, Sarah came into my office and dropped off her resume. I didn’t even know I was hiring. I figured what the hell, why not? As she sat there seeming calm as a cucumber, I nervously fidgeted in my chair. Usually, interviews, from my understanding, are supposed to be the other way around. The interviewee is supposed to be the nervous one.

Even after I made a fool out of myself, she still seemed interested. I stumbled a few more times during that interview. I thought for sure she wasn’t going to accept my offer. But sure enough, she accepted. She was my first employee. Hiring her was the best decision I ever made.

Back at my apartment, I pull her into a kiss as she unbuckles my pants. She has my pants unzipped, falling to my ankles as our tongues meet. I quickly kick them off as I unbutton her shirt, opening it up to a white bra. My hands journey around her stomach, taking the shirt with them until it slips off her shoulders.

She tugs at my boxers, pulling them down, freeing my lust filled cock. My hands unsnap her bra, revealing a pair of perky breast. I take them in my hands, gently give them a squeeze, eliciting a moan from her lips.

Her hand wraps around my hardening member as our tongues continue to wrestle in and out of each other’s mouths. My hand travels down from her breast, finally arriving at the zipper to her skirt. Unzipping it with ease, I tug it down, bringing my lips down her neck, leaving a trail of kisses down to her breasts.

Her free hand cradles the back of my neck as my tongue circles her nipple, finally moving further down south. I get the skirt down to her ankles as I lift one foot at a time, slipping off her shoes along with the skirt. All that’s left is her thong and a pair of black stockings. I look back up at her as our eyes connect. Her brown eyes glimmer in the darkness as I kiss just above her private treasure.

I clip my fingers under her thong and slowly drag it down, revealing a small tuft of neatly trimmed blonde hair just above her sweet spot. With the bed behind her, I give her a gentle nudge, sending her falling to the mattress. I lift her legs above my shoulders as I kiss the insides of her thighs, finally taking off her panties. I can feel her shiver as I move closer to her cherry. I send her squirming when I gently bite the inside of her thigh. Her hand brushes through my hair, grabbing a hand full as my tongue finds the entrance to her honey pot. I slowly glide my tongue up and down her slit, causing a series of gasps and moans. I lick my finger and start to rub her clit while my tongue starts to play a series of notes around the soft and sensitive spots of her vagina.

“Do you like that?” I ask, taking a pause from playing her pussy like a harmonica.

“Yes! Don’t stop!” she gasps.

I lap up her pussy like a dog drinking water as I continue to finger fuck her. I then press my tongue against that magic bean of hers, eliciting a soft scream of pleasure. She grabs a handful of my hair as my hand makes its way up to those beautiful breasts.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” She yells as she starts to buck her hips. Before long a clear liquid shoots from her pussy, splashing against my face. “Oh fuck!”

I give her a kiss on the inside of her thigh before climbing on top of her, kissing her all the way back up to her neck. I place my lips against hers briefly before she pulls away slightly. “Ehh gross, you have pussy breath,” she smiles at me before we both end up laughing.

“Touche,” I say. She leans back up and kisses me, sending her tongue deep inside my mouth. I feel her hand reach down and wrap around my cock, she gently rubs it up and down her flower garden. I pull away as I grab her legs and lift them above my shoulders and slowly push my hips forward as my cock sinks inside that lovely hole of hers. She moans as I thrust inside her. I pin her legs against her chest as I press my lips against hers.

Her left-hand grabs my bicep as her right reaches around the back of my neck. Our tongues play with each other as I slowly pull my cock out to the tip, rubbing it against her clit. Her grip tightens around my neck as I push forward, sending my dick deep inside her. Her head falls back onto the pillow as she gasps for air. I lightly kiss her neck, sucking in some of her skin as her hand slides up my neck, ruffling through my hair.

Her hand falls from bicep and slips down my back, giving my ass a squeeze as I begin to rhythmically grind my hips back and forth. I hear her gasp and moan with each thrust. The tension between us is electrifying. I brace myself as I begin to pound her pussy full on as she starts to scream out in pleasure. “Oh fuck me, Pete!”

I can feel my dick get hard as I draw closer to exploding with every thrust. “I’m cumming!” she yells. “Oh fuck!”

Before I know it, my cock starts to pulse, an explosion of cum paints the inside of her. I let her legs fall to the bed as I collapse on top of her. Her arms wrap around me as she kisses my shoulder. I pull out of her, leaving a trail of cum and roll over to my back, pulling her on top of me.

She leans up and gives me a kiss and then rests her head on my chest.

“Can I ask you something, Pete?” she whispers to me.

“Sure, anything,” I say to her.

“Have you ever thought about living a normal life? Going to high school like everyone else?” she asks so innocently.

I look down into those sweet brown eyes. “Why? So people can tell me stuff I already know?”

She leans up and brings her face closer to mine. “What about all the fun stuff you’re missing out on? Like high school dances, all the cool clubs and organizations, sports and all that other rite of passage stuff.”

“Hmmm, I guess I never thought about it, I’ve just been so busy trying to fulfill my father and my dream to build an android that will help people,” I tell her. “It was his dream and now it’s my duty to fulfill it. Before he died, he would let me into his shop and show me he’s cool inventions and all the ideas he had that could make the world a better place. He was so passionate about robotics and so am I.”

“I’m sorry about your dad, Pete. I’m sure he’s proud of you,” she whispers as she rests her head back on my chest. I gently brush my hand through her hair. Before long she’s asleep and I soon follow.

Chapter 3

“Uuuuh, fuck!” I open my eyes and Sarah has my cock in her mouth. I can feel her mouth tighten around my shaft as she sucks hard. I hear a pop as my dick comes out of her mouth.

“Morning!” she says as she kisses her way down my shaft and takes one my testicles into her mouth.

“Oh god, that feels so good!” I moan. She rubs her tongue up around my balls. She then climbs on top of me, bringing her lips against mine. Her tongue rushes into my mouth, bringing in a slight taste of musk. She wraps her hand around my cock, rubbing it up against her pussy before it slips inside of her.

A soft moan escapes her lips as our tongues continue to dance. My hands run up her thighs and grab hold of her hips. She starts to bob up and down on my cock. Her hands travel up my abs, giving my pecks a squeeze before moving north. One hand rushes through my hair as the other grabs my shoulder for support.

I buck my hips, sending my dick deep inside of her. She gasps in pleasure, bringing a smile to her face as she looks into my eyes. Those brown izmir escort bayan eyes sparkle in the darkness. I start to slowly thrust my hips up into her. Her hand slips down from my hair and cups my cheek, brushing her thumb against my lips.

We become in sync, her bobbing up and down as I thrust my hips up. The sound of our bodies smacking against each other fill the room. Each thrust elicits a moan from her lips. She once again starts kissing me deep and passionately. She clenches up around my cock, sending me reeling in pleasure.

“Ooooh fuck!” She screams as her climax pushes her over the edge. I soon follow as my cock explodes inside of her.

She collapses on top of me, kissing my neck. “We should probably get cleaned up and ready for work,” she whispers in my ear.

“Yeah, that’s probably not a bad idea.” She softly caresses her thumb against my cheek as she leans up to look deep into my eyes with the most delectable smile I’ve ever seen. I lean up and press my lips against hers. Her tongue slides between my lips and zips across the top of my mouth, sending jolts of electricity through me.

Finally, she pulls away and gets off of me. “Lights,” I say as the room all of a sudden lights up, as the walls show off a beautiful digital sunrise over an ocean so blue the sky would be jealous. It’s as if the entire wall was built out of glass, just the way I programmed it.

Sarah pulls me into the bathroom, which is completely made out of stone. She turns on the shower that instantly heats up to the temperature I like it at and pushes me inside. Before I can adjust to the hot water, her hands are all over me. Slipping around to my back, before traveling south to my ass. She gives it a good squeeze, then gently rubs her finger around my asshole before pushing it inside. “Woah, really?” I gasp as I feel the intense pressure that feels almost painful.

“Trust me, you’ll come to love it,” she says as she starts to push her finger in deeper making me squeal and gasp for air. Surprisingly my dick was as hard as ever. “I knew you would like it.”

Finally, she pulled her finger out, then pushed me down on my knees. She draped her leg over my shoulder as she pushed her vagina in my face. I gladly started to eat her out as if this were a pie eating contest. My tongue did circles around her clit before diving deep into her pussy. I brushed my tongue all around the walls of her love blossom causing her to moan like crazy. I pushed my finger inside her as I brought my tongue out to that magical bean of hers. Her hand grabbed my hair as she gyrated her flower against my face. As I finger fucked her pussy, my tongue played with her clit, occasionally making a lap around her sensitive vagina.

“Auuughh fuck, I’m cumming!” She screamed as a flood of clear liquid shot out all over me. Her body shivered uncontrollably. Her leg slipped off my shoulder as she collapses next to me. Her eyes are half shut as she tries to catch her breath. “Fuck… You have such a magical tongue.”

She looks over at me as our eyes connect. She caresses my cheek with her hand, before slipping it behind my neck. She pulls me in for a deep, passionate, kiss. Then she pushes me against the wall, sending me on my ass. I readjust, bringing my legs out from underneath me. Then she brings her head down to my dick giving it a light kiss before wrapping her lips around it. A moan escapes my lips as she starts to suck.

‘Ahhhhh!” I scream out as her finger rams up my asshole. It sends a jolt of pain up my spine. She starts to pull out, then slams two fingers in as she bobs her head up and down my dick. She then starts to finger fuck my asshole. A mixture of pain and pleasure ripples through my body. Her fingers rub up against a spot that floods me with pleasure, sending me over the edge. A burst of cum shoots out of my dick, filling up Sarah’s mouth. She lets my dick fall as a string of semen follows. She looks me in the eye as she leans up and kisses me with my own cum still in her mouth. It floods past my lips, causing me to gag, but I force it down. The salty thick taste of my own cum sends a shiver down my spine.

I look up at her as she pulls back, leaving a trail of cum connecting our lips. “What the hell was that for?” I ask.

“Oh relax, I’m doing you a favor. Besides, I think it’s so sexy when a man is willing to try new things,” she whispers. “You have no idea how much it turns me on to see you drink your own cum.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Absolutely!” she says as she licks her lips. “Was it really that bad?”

“No, I suppose not,” I admit. Come to think of it, it didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would be. But still, I have no desire to do that again.

“Look at you, overcoming fears, trying new things. You’ve really come a long way since I met you.” she gave me a wink as she got to her feet and helps me up. Come to think of it, I’m almost a completely different person since she came aboard. There was no chance I would ever swallow cum before I met her, let alone allow someone to stick something up my butt. Sarah opened my world up to new experiences. Before I met her I was reclusive, socially awkward and lacked confidence. Now I feel like I can take on the world as long as I have her by my side. She brought me out of my shell. She was the one that convinced me to go all in on my dream of creating lifelike robots that will help save people. I owe her everything.

She fills her hand with body wash and starts to scrub it all over my body. I push my lips against hers as I wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her tightly against me. We kiss passionately.

Chapter 4

After we finally get out of the shower and get dressed, I grab two premade breakfast wraps and give her one on our way out. My driver picks us up outside my apartment building. “You mind if we quick visit my mom before we head to work?”

“Yeah, that would be great,” she says as we take off. I tell the driver to take us to the assisted living where my mother is at. It doesn’t take us long before we arrive.

On our way in Sarah locks her fingers between mine, taking my hand in hers. I give her a gentle squeeze as we make our way inside. We get to the front desk and I wave to Trisha as she looks up from her computer. “Hi Mr. Reyes, it’s so kind of you to visit your mother as often as you do. If she could speak, I’m sure she’d tell you how much she appreciates it.”

I sign in and thank her as we make our way back to my mother’s room. As we walk into the room, my mother’s sitting in her chair blankly staring outside the window, exactly as she was the last time I visited.

“Hey mom, you remember Sarah, right?” As if she could reply. Seeing her like this is hard. I remember a time when she was as lively as a spring field of wildflowers starting to blossom. She used to be so happy and chipper, but ever since my dad died, she hasn’t said a word. It’s like the soul inside her died with him.

“Hi Mrs. Reyes, it’s good to see you again,” she says.

“We’re pretty close to finishing the prototype lifelike android assistant. Dad’s dream… My dream is so close to being achieved. I’m hoping we can finish the AI for it within the next couple of weeks,” I talk to her as if she’s listening. But as I watch her, looking for any kind of response. All I see is emptiness. An empty shell, voidless of life. A tear slides down my cheek. If only my dad was still here.

“I love you mom, I’ll come back the day after tomorrow. I promise.” I look up to Sarah and she gives me a nod of acknowledgment, giving me a gentle squeeze. I follow her out of the room and we head for the exit. I give Trisha a wave goodbye as we leave.

“I can’t imagine what you’re going through, if you ever need to talk to someone, I’m always here for you,” Sarah says as we get into the car.

“Thanks, Sarah, but it is what it is, let’s just get to work.”

We arrive at the lab just before 9 am. A late start to the day, but hopefully I’ll make up for it with progress. As we enter the lab, I see Mitsugi frantically at work on her computer, with a slew of cuss words coming out of her mouth.

As soon as she heard us coming she lit me up with a flurry of words. “About time you got here! Abe never showed up. I’ve been working my ass off with this programming and I still can’t figure out the command prompts for each individual response.”

“Wait, slow down. Where’s Abe?” I ask.

“How the fuck am I supposed to know? What you’re asking is fucking impossible.”

“Let me take a look.” I glance down at her computer screen and notice her if-then condition only accounts for one response and not leaving it open for multiple responses depending on the command prompt. I scoot in and get to work on fixing the mistake.

It doesn’t take long for Mitsugi to realize what I’m doing. “That makes total sense! Why didn’t I think of that!?”

“I can imagine you were going to end up with that conclusion eventually, but the current circumstances didn’t allow it,” I reassure her. She is a bright programmer, just too tense. She needs to lighten up a bit. Besides, Abe missing in action doesn’t help the situation. And I probably shouldn’t have come in so late.

“You really are brilliant,” she says.

“Ah thanks, now without Abe here I really need to work on getting the motor controls adjusted so it doesn’t accidentally break someone’s hand with the titanium steel skeletal structure. I’m trying to work the wiring in like a Central Nervous System would be in a normal human.”

I have Sarah try to contact Abe, while I spend the rest of the day trying to do the work of two people. Ultimately getting half as much done setting us further behind. It’s late into the night when Mitsugi slams her fist down on the table.

“I can’t take this any longer!” She stands up and kicks the chair away.

“Woah Mitsugi, take it easy! Relax,”

“Don’t tell me to relax! What you want is impossible. It’s too complicated. There’s no possible way to account for all the commands a person will give,” she says as she crosses her arms, scowling at me.

“I know we can accomplish it, John Farrell built an AI that can not only fulfill any request it is given but predict actions before they’ve happened,” I tell her.

“Well I’m not him and neither are you,” she stammers.

“Why don’t you go home and get some rest and come back tomorrow and tackle it when you’re refreshed.”

“Yeah, like that’s going to help,” she replies as she walks off.

I rub my temples to mull the pounding in my head. It’s been a rather long day and it’ll probably be a long week. Where the heck is Abe?

I see Sarah walking into the room with a puzzled look. “What’s up with Mitsugi?” she asks.

“She’s just a little stressed, that’s all.”

“It looks like she’s not the only one,” she says as she walks up behind me, placing her hands on my shoulders, tenderly messaging them.

“I just didn’t expect it to be this difficult. When I created the headband it all just seemed to fall into place.”

“Relax, it’ll all work out,” she says. The touch of her hands caressing the tension away from my shoulders makes the stress melt away.

“That’s pretty much what I said to Mitsugi,” I laugh. She slides her hands down and wraps them around me.

“Want to grab some food?” she asks.

“Yeah, I guess so. I’m starving,” I reply.

I feel her hands move down my chest, slowing reaching beneath my pants. “How about a little appetizer before the main course?”

I brush her off, pulling her hand out. “I’m not in the mood right now. Maybe after dinner?”

“Huhhh, I suppose.” She gives me the pouty face.

“It’s been a long day. I still need to find out why Abe didn’t show up. Hopefully, he’ll be back tomorrow, or at least we’ll get some answers.”

We head over to a local Japanese restaurant and order food. It’s a small little-known treasure Sarah and I love to eat at every now and then. They have some of the best sushi you can find. The restaurant is filled with little Bonsai Trees, giving it this earthly feel to it. Japanese symbols that I can barely translate because my Japanese is out of practice, decorate the walls and hang from the ceiling. It’s nice to have something that reminds me of my heritage.

“I’m sure something came up, Abe wouldn’t bail like that,” Sarah says.

“You’re probably right,” I admit.

“Of course, I’m always right!” She smiles that all so sweet honey smile as she grabs my hand, messaging her thumb against my palm. “Don’t worry Pete, everything will work out in the end. I’m sure of it.”

“I wish I had your optimism,” I say as I turn my head to look out the window.

“God I love the way your silky, mess of black hair just flows so naturally with the way you move,” she says causing me to blush, I turn back to meet her gaze as her eyes pour over me like rain.

“Ahhh… Thanks!” I tell her. “Hmmm… and… Your hair looks great too!”

“You’re truly gifted with words, Pete.” She gives me the sort of smile that comes at the end of a joke.

“What can I say, I’m a modern day Shakespeare!” She laughs and gently squeezes my hand.

The waitress brings us over a big plate of sushi rolls we ordered. It’s a sample platter with lobster rolls, salmon, tuna, seaweed. The plate is lit up with different colors, from pink to orange. We dig in. It tastes so amazing! Each bite is just a flurry of different tastes and flavors.

“We probably shouldn’t be eating out like this, when our financials are so tight,” I say after I finish a delicious lobster roll.

“You probably also shouldn’t have a personal driver and a penthouse suite, but you only live once, right?” she gives me that sweet innocent smile that I can’t refuse. I know I’m only 18, but this has to be love. I can’t picture being with anyone else. She’s just perfect! The way she looks at me with those eyes full of life. She’s one of the few girls on earth who I can talk to, like… really talk to. She just knows me. Truly knows me. And I feel like I know her pretty well too. The bond we share is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

After we finish eating we head back to my place. Sarah practically lives there. In fact, we’ve never been to her apartment, come to think of it. She has her own closet full of clothes at my place, so she’s never needed to go over to hers. I should ask her to move in!

As we enter my apartment, the lights slowly turn on as it sensor’s our movements revealing a sleek grey marble floor. “Sarah, I was thinking.”

“Well don’t leave me in suspense, what were you thinking about?” She smiles at me patiently.

“How would you feel about moving in?” Her face lights up with a smile.


“Yeah, you spend more time over here than at your place. It only makes sense.”

“I would love to,” she says as she slowly steps closer to me, her eyes stare into mine. A string of blonde hair falls in front of her face. I reach up and gently slide it back behind her ear. She leans forward and our lips meet. Everytime we kiss it feels like a lightning bolt goes right through me.

“If I’m going to move in with you, I suppose you might as well know my secret,” she says as she pulls back. She tares her gaze as she turns away from me as if she’s embarrassed to even be seen by me.

“Whatever it is, it’s not going to stop me from loving you,” I say to her.

“If only you knew the truth,” she whispers.

“Come on Sarah, it can’t be that bad.” She turns back to me, meeting my stare.

“Pete… I… I’m… I’m a submissive,” she says.

“A submissive?”

“Yes… I like to be tied up and dominated.”

“Wow… I didn’t know.” Holy shit! This is news to me. I would’ve never guessed. Now I feel like I don’t know Sarah at all. What else is she into? But still, that doesn’t deter me. “Sarah, that’s definitely surprising, but it’s not going to make me love you any less.”

“You don’t mean that. You don’t even know me. How could you love someone you hardly know?” She drops her gaze away from me.

“Let me in, let me get to know you better. There’s nothing that would ever make me love you any less.”

She pulls me close and plants her lips against mine once more. Then she pulls back and looks me in the eyes. “Pete I want to be yours.”

I grab her hand and pull her up the spiral staircase to my bedroom. We enter the mahogany wood floors with electronic LED walls and we both kick off our shoes. I pull her into my arms, bringing my lips to hers as I pull her suit coat off and start to unbutton her shirt. She moans softly as my lips move down to her neck. Her hand cradles the back of my head, softly brushing up against my hair. I yank her shirt off and unstrap her bra as I push her back onto the bed.

My hands travel behind her skirt, slowly unzipping it and pulling them slowly down over her tight ass as she bucks her hips up. I slowly move my fingers beneath the soft fabric of her silky thong. I take my time bringing down her thong, kissing the skin it leaves uncovered. She lets slip a soft sigh as the thong drops below her feet. My lips softly travel back up her legs, leaving kisses and playful nibbles up her thigh.

Finally, my mouth arrives at the ever so beautiful flower bud waiting to be ravished. My tongue slips across her magical bean, eliciting a gasp from her lips. I grab her breast as my tongue dives in between her southern pair of lips, running laps against the inner walls of her vagina. My fingers travel north up her neck, finally arriving at her mouth. I slip one in and she sucks enthusiastically as my other hand plays with her nipple, softly pinching it.

I pull my finger out of her mouth and trace it down her stomach as if I was drawing a picture of her. I hit all the sensitive spots on my way down, causing her to squirm as my tongue starts to spell out the ABC’s. She grabs the sheets of my bed, moaning ever so softly. She squeezes her thighs against my head as I press my finger up against her asshole. It pops in as she bucks her hips up, grinding that pussy against my face. My finger goes all the way in her ass. “Oh fuck Pete! Fuck my ass!” She yells.

Without hesitation, I flip her on her stomach, bending her over the side of the bed and spread those beautiful cheeks of hers. My tongue races up the crack of her ass and back down to her stary hole. I press it against the entrance of her ass. I get her hole nice and wet as I finally push my tongue inside. “Ooooh fuck!” She yelps out.

I unbuckle my pants and take off my clothes as I tongue fuck her asshole. As I pull my tongue out she gasps for more. “Don’t stop!”

I spit on my hand and rub it all over my cock. I lean down to her and whisper in her ear as I rub the head of my cock up and down the crack of her ass. “Tell me if you feel any pain. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She leans back and looks me in the eye. “I love you, Pete. I’m yours, take my ass! Fill me with your seed!” I lean down and kiss her deep and passionately as I press my cock against that rosebud of hers. She groans into me as the head of my cock pops into her back door. I slip my tongue into her mouth as she moans with every inch of my cock I push into her.

I brush my tongue up against the roof of her mouth causing her to squeal as my cock finally sheaths itself all the way inside her asshole. After I let her butt adjust to my cock I start to gently gyrate my hips back and forth, slowly bringing my cock in and out of that tight butt of hers. I bring my hand up to the side of her face, softly caressing her cheek as my tongue discovers the inside of her mouth. She continues to moan with every thrust. I slowly start to pick up the paste. I’m so close to exploding my load inside her ass. She pulls back from our kiss and looks me in the eye. “Fuck me hard Pete! I’m going to cum! I want you to dump your load inside of me.”

I slowly bring my cock out to the tip of her ass and slam it back inside, causing her to grunt loudly. But I don’t stop there. I really start to fuck her ass hard. Slamming my cock deep inside her with every thrust of my hips. She gasps and groans each time I pump my cock inside her. My cock tenses up and I know I can’t hold out any longer. I give her one more thrust before sinking my dick as deep as I can inside of her. She shouts out frantically. “I’m cumming Pete! Oh, fuck!”

My pole explodes inside of her, shooting rope after rope of cum deep down her ass. “Fuck!” I shout out. I collapse on top of her, both of us are breathing heavily. As I catch my breath, I softly kiss her neck. My cock has gone flaccid inside of her and I slowly pull out. As my dick finally pops out of her ass, a trail of cum follows, falling down the side of her leg. I notice the sheets underneath her pussy are soaking wet.

I climb onto the bed and pull her into my arms. She looks up into my eyes before our lips meet once more. Her hand brushes up against my cheek and travels through my hair to the back of my head. Finally, she breaks away from our kiss. “Pete that was truly amazing. Next time I want you to tie me up before you fuck my ass.”

“I never knew you liked anal so much,” I say to her as I caress her cheek. She let out a soft little sigh, smiling up at me as she gazed into my eyes. Those beautiful eyes of hers seemed to sparkle in the dim of night.

“I love it! Especially if I’m tied up,” she says excitedly. Wow, she really wants to be tied up. I’m just completely surprised by this. I would have never guessed.

“If that’s what you want, I’ll do it! Anything for you, Sarah.” Her face lights up as her hand brushes against my cheek. I gently place my hand on top of hers. Before long, Sarah’s eyes close as she falls to sleep. I can’t help but notice how beautiful she looks as she lies there so innocently. Looks like an angel in human form.

Chapter 5

“Uhhhhh… Fuck!” I open my eyes to see Sarah’s mouth wrapped around my dick. She’s sucking hard as if she’s desperately trying to get my seed out from my balls. The sound of a loud pop hits my ears as my dick falls from her lips.

“Good morning!” she says with the happiest smile I’ve seen from her. I place my hand on the back of her neck and pull her up for a deep kiss. As our tongues play with each other, my hand ventures down to her delicious ass and I give it a gentle slap. “Uuuuooooooh!” She moans, pulling back from me with the look of surprise, but a smile quickly takes its place.

“Good morning,” I say to her.

“Have I been a bad girl? Do I need to be spanked?” she asks with such a devious smile.

“Maybe? Do you want to be spanked?” I ask awkwardly. I’m not used to being the assertive one.

She nods excitedly. “Yes Pete, please spank me! I’ve been such a bad girl.”

I gently slap her ass once more, eliciting a soft gasp. She leans up and gently plants a kiss on my cheek. Then she straddles my waist, grinding her pelvis against my dick as she continues to leave a trail of kisses down to my neck.

Her fingers wrap around my cock as she lines it up with her those pussy lips. She slowly lowers herself, submerging my shaft deep inside her flower garden. I trace my hands up her thighs, grabbing her hips as she gyrates her hips back and forth, bringing my pole in and out of her pussy.

She places her hands on my chest as she begins to thrust her hips up and down at an increasingly faster pace. A slew of moans, groans, and gasps escape her lips. Her gorgeous blonde hair falls onto my face as she leans over me. She leans down and smashes her lips against mine in a wet sloppy kiss. Our tongues fight each other to gain access to the other’s mouth. I submit buca escort and let her in.

I can feel her tense up on my dick. I can tell she’s close. I’m not sure how much longer I can go. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” she moans in my mouth. The walls of her vagina tightly constrict against my cock, pushing me over the edge.

“Oh shit!” I shout as I buck my hips up into her and unleash a torrent of cum inside of her. She collapses on top of me. Both of us are desperately trying to catch our breath. Her hands gently squeeze my pecks as she brings her lips against my neck. “I guess we should take a shower and get going, I’m really hoping Abe will be there with a good explanation of why he didn’t show up yesterday.”

She sighs. “Do we have to?”

“Oh come on, you’ve never been one to slack off.”

“That’s before we started having sex.” She smiles and gives me a wink. I lean over a plant a kiss on her forehead before leaving the warmth of our embrace.

“As much as I want to stay in this bed with you, the android’s not going to build itself.”

She meets me in the shower and we wash each other off and of course, we have a little more fun doing it. After we get something to eat, we make our way to the office. Sarah and I part ways as she goes to her office to check her emails and create an agenda. I head down to the lab and get to work on the circuitry on the android. Hopefully, I can finish it by the end of the day.

I get to work on wiring the circuitry from the circuit board attached to its spine to each of the pivotal points, throughout its body. Mitsugi finally walks in. “Still no sign of Abe?” she asks.

“Nope, not even a phone call,” I tell her. “And of course he’s not answering any of our calls.”

“Figures…” she mumbles.

As the day went on, I spent much of it finishing the circuitry to give the doid motor controls. Now all that’s left is to put an exoskeleton to protect the hardware, then cover it in a synthetic skin along with hair and all the other cosmetics to make it look human and lastly upload the AI. When we finally get the AI finished, that is. It was starting to get late and Mitsugi has already left. Sarah came down as I check the circuits over, making sure everything was connected the way it should be.

“Pete.” I turn around to see Sarah walking in. “The investors called after I sent them the progress report. They want to meet tomorrow.”

“Oh great… I suppose we can’t reschedule?” I ask.

“Unfortunately no…” she says.

“But on a positive note, I’ve got a surprise waiting for you at your place,” she says in a sultry tone.

“Yeah? I take it you’re going to make me wait to find out…”

“Of course! What fun would a surprise be if I told you what it was beforehand?”

“Huh, sometimes you drive me crazy…”

“And you love it!”

“You got that right!”

I turn away to finish checking every connection.

SMACK! I jump up as Sarah’s hand grabs a hold of my butt and gives it a squeeze. “Huhhh… Asians have such a great ass, it must be genetics,” she sighs as she continues to play with my butt.

“Ahhh… Thanks!” I say, feeling the heat as I blush.

“Maybe one of these days I should get a strapon and go to town on this tight ass of yours!” Sarah says with absolute lust in her voice.

“Ahh… Nnna… No thanks!” I stutter nervously as the thought of her pegging me up the ass releases the butterflies in my stomach.

“Oh come on! I know you would love it! Your ass was made to be fucked,” she smirks as she grabs both cheeks and spreads them. I hesitantly pull away and turn around to her, but one of her hands still has a handful of my ass. She has that sex-crazed look in her eyes. “I let you fuck me in the ass…”

“I don’t know…” I say pulling my eyes away from her intense stare.

“Okay, fine… but sooner or later you’re going to be begging me to fuck that ass of yours!” she pulls me into a kiss, pushing her tongue inside my mouth. The more I learn about Sarah, the less I feel I know about her. When I first met her she seemed like such a sweet and nice girl. And now she’s like a totally sex-crazed nympho. Don’t get me wrong, I love this woman. She’s one of the few people on this earth who understands me.

“Shall we head back to your place?” she asks.

“Yeah. I think it’s time to call it quits anyways. My mind is starting to shut down. We should probably get something to eat first.”

We head out and grab some quick food before going back to the apartment. Walking into the apartment Sarah asks me for my phone.

“What do you want with my phone?” I ask.

“I think it would be so hot to make a video for us to watch later. Our own private little porno!” she says excitedly.

That doesn’t sound exciting to me at all. “I don’t know, what if it gets leaked?”

“Oh live a little! Who hasn’t made a sex tape in this day and age?” she asks as we make our way up to my bedroom. I finally relent and hand her my phone. Before we got to the bedroom she grabbed a lace blindfold off of the doorknob. “Put this on, please.”

I give her a questionable look. “Trust me, this is apart of your surprise.”

Hesitantly I comply and wrap the blindfold around my head, covering my eyes. “No peeking!”

“I’m not peeking…”

I hear her open the door and drag me inside. “This will only take a few seconds. Just be patient.”

She starts to take off my clothes, leaving me completely naked.

I hear her start to take her clothes off as well. After a few minutes, I start to get anxious. There’s something about wearing a blindfold that so nerve-racking and yet it’s exhilarating. Then I hear the sound of velcro. “The surprise better not involve putting something up my butt!”

I hear her giggle in the distance. “Don’t worry, we’re not going to do that today.”

I hear her get on the bed. “Okay, count to 20, then you can remove the blindfold.”

I do as she says and I start counting. I finally hit 20 and take my blindfold off. I can’t believe what I see. Sarah is on the bed with her hands bound behind her back and her feet bound together. She’s got a ball gag in her mouth. I get an instant boner. She wasn’t kidding yesterday when she said she wanted to be tied up. I slowly make my way over to her. She stares up into my eyes, completely vulnerable. I trace my hand up her thigh, lightly brush up against her stomach and pinch her nipple. She squeals at the sensation.

I lean down and press my lips against her forehead and leave a trail of kisses down to her neck. My hand grabs her breast and lightly squeezes it as I softly nip her neck. She moans into the gag.

I drag my tongue across her skin, down to the right boob. I take her nipple into my mouth. Gently biting and sucking on it. She cries out with lust. I don’t stay there long before making my way further south, leaving a trail of kisses. Finally, I find the garden of Eden and I intend to discover every inch of it as if it was my first time there. I lift her legs up and pin them against her chest, leaving her vagina and butthole exposed. My tongue gets to work covering every inch of her nether regions in saliva. A slew of moans and groans get muffled out by the gag in Sarah’s mouth. My fingers journey into the depths of her tight little flower garden as my tongue presses against her clit.

I pull my fingers out and they’re nice and wet. I press my index finger against her butthole and I can feel her tense up. She gasps as it pushes past her sphincter all the way to the knuckle. My tongue goes swimming in the ocean of her pussy as my finger starts to fuck her asshole. Her muffled moans start getting more erratic and louder. I slip two fingers in that tight ass of hers. I can tell she’s close to an orgasm. I spit on my hand and smother it all over my dick and then I flip her on her stomach.

I pull those soft butt cheeks apart and start to lick that rosebud of hers with my taste tester, and I push it inside of her. It just occurs to me that I’m tongue deep in her ass. I would have never thought I would ever do this. After I lather her ass in my spit I straddle the back of her thighs. I rub my cock up and down the crack of her ass, finally arriving at the back door to her rear. I slowly push the head of my cock past her rectum. She tenses up as my dick finally breaks through and sinks in. I slowly push it in deeper. Pausing every now and then to allow her ass adjust. I lean down and leave kisses down her back. I start to pump my pole in and out of that tight ass.

She groans with every thrust. I gently brush her hair, uncovering the side of her face. The look of pure ecstasy is displayed across that beautiful face of hers. I lean down and kiss her cheek. I slide my hand under her and gently hold her neck as I gyrate my hips at a slow pace, back and forth, rubbing my cock up against her prostate. She moans with every thrust. I can feel her ass clench tight against my dick. I unbuckle her gag and pull it out of her mouth as she moans loudly. “Oh fuck me! I’m yours!” she shouts. My hand moves from her neck up to her cheek as I lean over and kiss her lips.

I can feel myself close to eruption. I start to buck faster and harder into her ass. She starts to moan louder. “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” she yells as she squeezes down once more on my dick, which pulls me over the edge. I take one more thrust and slam my shaft deep down into her ass and explode inside her.

“Oh fuck!” I grunt as I collapse on top of her with my cock still lodged inside her.

“I love you so much, Sarah…” I whisper in her ear as I pull out and roll her on her side facing me.

“I love you too, Pete,” she says with such a satisfied smile on her lips. I reach up behind her neck and pull her in for a deep, passionate kiss.

“You know… I think I might leave you all tied up like this,” I say as I pull back to take a better look at her. “I kinda like seeing you all vulnerable like this. It’s so erotic!”

“Whatever you want, I’m yours,” she whispers to me. I pull her up and kiss her deeply, my tongue wrestles with hers as we fall asleep in each other’s embrace.

Chapter 6

I wake up to see Sarah still asleep. I slowly unravel myself from her and search for my phone. I find it on the dresser still recording everything. I stop the record and re-watch our hot sex. Sarah looks so sexy all tied up, taking it up the ass. I look back at her as she stirs in her sleep. I carefully climb the bed to her and undo the bindings on her ankles. I then spread her legs and softly kiss my way up her thigh, making my way to the oasis I desperately seek. My tongue dives deep inside her, she starts to shiver in her sleep. I play a game of twister with my tongue as I try to touch each of the sensitive spots of her vagina. She moans and I look up to notice her eyes flutter open.

She looks down at me as a smile appears on her beautiful face. “Good morning,” she moans as I run circles around her clitoris with my tongue.

“Morning,” I mumble as my tongue leaves a trail of saliva around the lips of her pussy. She bucks her hips, rubbing her groin all over my face. I decide to journey north with my lips leaving kisses along the way. My mouth finds hers and I kiss her intimately as I rub my cock against her flower bud. I push inside her, making her moan into my mouth as my tongue travels to meet hers.

She locks her legs around my waist as I thrust my hips into her. I can hear the smacking of our hips together as I start to build a rhythm, slamming my cock deep inside of her. Her moans grow louder as I start to bring my lips down to her neck. My hand journeys up her body, making a rest stop at her breast. I gently squeeze it and rub her nipple, pinching it gently before moving further north. My hand finally embraces the side of her face, sliding my thumb against her lips. She opens up, letting it pass as she sucks on it.

I continue bucking my hips, sinking my cock inside of her before pulling it out to repeat the process. I can feel we’re both close to the inevitable climax. She closes the walls of her vagina around my cock and a gasp escapes her lips. That’s all it takes for me to lose control, shooting a load of cum deep inside of her as I sink my shaft all the way in.

I collapse on top of her and pull our mouths together. After a long deep kiss, I finally break away. “I guess we should… hhheh… get ready for work?” I ask, still trying to catch my breath.

“If… huhhhh… You insist…” she breathes. I flip her onto her stomach and giver her ass a soft smack before I undo her bindings. We both jump into the shower and intimately clean each other off before grabbing some breakfast. Sarah takes my phone and sends the video from last night to hers.

“We really should delete that video,” I tell her.

“Oh come on, don’t be a wuss. Besides I want to watch this video while we have sex,” she says with a smirk.

“Fine,” I relent.

Then we head to the office. Sarah heads off to her office as I head over to mine.

As I walk into my office I notice someone sitting in my chair as they swivel around to face me from looking out the window. Not just someone, a fiery redhead with a look of mischief that the devil can’t even match. It almost looks as if a fire ignites in her eyes. I blink and look again, but her eyes appear as normal as one could be without a soul.

“I can’t say I’m surprised, Vortex will do anything to get ahead. Even stealing products and employees,” Kailyn Black says with a wicked smile. I have no idea what she’s going on about, but seeing her sitting in my chair, behind my desk sends a shiver down my spine.

“What are you talking about? And how did you get in here?” I ask her.

“You haven’t heard? Vortex just displayed a demo of their new product coming out with a new employee… It looks awfully similar to the one you have,” she smirks as her eyes look upon me like a lion stares at a gazelle.

“And how does it affect me?” I ask.

“I know you were well acquainted with their new employee. I think his name is Abe or something like that. Looks like a rat in my opinion. Their new product reminds me of that device you displayed at the tech convention. The one that allows you to control a robot with a thought.” She leans on the desk, locking her hands together, watching my expression with anticipation.

Abe is working for Vortex!? There’s no way in hell! I grab the remote on the coffee table in the corner of my office next to the sofa. I flip the TV on and turn to the tech channel. Sure enough, there is my invention on Abe’s head and he’s wearing a polo with the words Vortex written on the breast. What the fuck!?

“I’ve going to give you a second chance. Come work for me and we can make all your dreams come true. An android assistant in every home. Helping billions of people. Saving lives. I have the resources to achieve it. I just need you.”

“What about my employees?”

“You mean the 3 girls you have left? They can also come work for me.”

I pause to think about it.

“Less than 5% of people your age will build a successful business. The odds are stacked against you. But with me, you will succeed, there is no chance of failure. What’s more important, your pride, or your dreams?”

“I guess 25 million isn’t so bad…”

“25 million? No, no, no, no, nooo. 25 million was before Vortex got their greedy little hands on the mind control device. Now that they own the product as well, it’s become less valuable. Now it’s only 100,000 and a decent salary for you and your employees.” The most wicked grin I’ve ever seen curls across her face.

“What!? No way! There is no way in hell I’m doing that!”

“Suit yourself. But mark my words Peter, this is the last time I’ll give you the chance to come work for me willingly. You’re not going to get a better offer. But you will be mine eventually.” A shiver goes down my spine as she gets up and strides over to me in such a sultry way. I feel paralyzed with fear. Her hand seductively wipes the dust off my shoulder as she leans up to my ear. “I always get what I want,” she whispers ever so softly.

With that being said, she makes her way out. I can’t help but look at her ass sway with every step. She looks back at me with such a devilish smirk as if she can read my thoughts before she leaves. I feel like I can finally breathe again.

“What was that about?” Sarah asks as she walks into my office.

“Did you know Abe jumped ship to Vortex with my remote control mind device?” I ask in a rather angry tone.

“What!? No way!” she says in surprise.

“I thought you said we could trust Abe…” I say to her.

“So did I… As unfortunate as that is, I’ve got even worse news. Ashley filed a claim of sexual harassment against you before she quit.” Sarah says. “Did you say something to her?”

“What?! No! I would never!” I stammer. “There’s no way I would ever say or do something like that.”

“I know you wouldn’t Pete, we just need to convince the police that,” she says.

“Peter!” I look past Sarah to see Mitsugi marching her way towards us. Now what? “We’re done! We’re finished! How could you let this happen? Abe jumped ship with our device? This is bull shit! There’s no way we can recover from this…I can’t stay here when there’s no future. I’m sorry Pete. It’s time to call it quits.”

She turns and starts to make her way to the exit.

“Wait, Mitsugi!” I yell after her. “We can still fix this!”

“Let her go, Pete,” Sarah says as she grabs my arm. “We don’t have time, you have to meet with the investors… Remember?! They’ve just arrived and are waiting for you in the conference room.”

“Ohhhh crap! Could this day get any worse!?” I ask.

“We can get through this,” Sarah says. “Just relax and breath.”

I take a few deep breaths and calm myself down as I follow Sarah into the conference room where the sharks are waiting. There are 5 investors total and they don’t look happy as we take our seats at the table.

“We’re not pleased Peter,” says Mark who I think is the oldest. His hair is as white as snow and his face is full of wrinkles. His expression is one of annoyance.

“I can fix this, it’s just a small little setback.” I try my best to convince them.

“This is not just a small setback! Vortex, your competitor now has their hands on your device! How do you plan to fix this?” Devon asks. He’s a bit younger than Mark, but he’s less forgiving if that’s even possible.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it all under control. Once we get the AI up and running, it’ll blow that device out of the water!” I say.

“More false promises! Kailyn Black was right, you’re too naive to run a business.” Mark states. Of course, she’s behind this. “And what is this I hear about a sexual harassment claim?”

“That was a lie! I swear I never touched her!” I argue.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The accusation in itself tarnishes your reputation. A reputation we can no longer afford to be associated with. That’s why we’ve agreed to sell our shares to Ms. Black. At least now we can get a small percent of our investment back, even if it’s pennies on the dollar,” Devon says.

“Do yourself a favor and just give up,” he adds. “You’re not fit for business.”

With that, they all leave. I’m left in disbelief. Everything I worked for is gone. I’ve ruined my father’s dream. Tears start to fill my eyes as I stare down at the desk.

“Everything is going to be alright Pete, don’t listen to them. Don’t give up.” Sarah says.

“You should probably find another job too, Sarah. I’ve ruined us all. There’s no point in staying with a sinking ship.”

“Peter, I’m not leaving you,” she grabs my chin, pulling me up to look at her. “We’re in this together, no matter what.”

“You can’t possibly mean that… I’ve brought us to ruins.”

She pulls me into a kiss as her hand caresses my cheek, wiping away the tears. “I’m not leaving you,” she says as she pulls away to look me in the eyes.

“Now, we were supposed to visit your mother today, let’s not disappoint her,” she says.

“You’re right,” I admit to her and I let her grab hold of my hand and take the lead, but not before I pull her one last time into my arms. “Sarah… Thank you for everything. You’re the only one who’s stuck with me through thick and thin. You’ve always believed in me.”

Our lips meet once more as I hold her close. After our long intimacy, she pulls back to look me once more in the eyes. “Pete, I truly do love you. I want you to know that.”

“I know,” I tell her.

We make our way to the assisted living that houses my mother. As we walk in, Trisha, the lady at the front desk calls us over. She has a look on her face as if someone dropped a wrecking ball on the place. “Mr. Reyes… What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean?” I ask. “I’m just visiting my mother…”

“You don’t know? She was moved to another location,” she says.

“What do you mean moved to another location? How could she be moved to another location without my permission?” I ask.

“Well… funny thing, the entire assisted living was purchased yesterday by Nemesis Holdings. We are in the process of moving to a new facility. I thought you were notified,” she says with a look of embarrassment.

“Nemesis Holdings purchased this place? This can’t be a coincidence, Kailyn is definitely behind this! Where’s the new location?” I can’t believe she would stoop this low!

“Here’s the address.” she hands me a slip of paper with the address written on it.

“Thank you, Trisha,” I tell her as I march out of the building with Sarah.

“I can’t believe she would do this?” I tell Sarah. “The nerve! We should pay her a visit.”

“Pete, let’s not do anything drastic,” Sarah pleads.

“Kailyn Black purchased an entire assisted living that housed my mother so she could get to me! I’m definitely going to do something drastic!”

“Let’s just go down to the new facility and check it out. We can always have your mom moved.”

“Huhhhh, I suppose you’re right.”

We head down to the new facility and stop in at the front desk. “I’m here to see Yoshimura Reyes, please. I’m her son.”

The girl behind the desk looks up at me without the slightest hint of emotion. “Sorry sir, we aren’t accepting visitors today.”

“What do you mean you’re not accepting visitors!? I’m her son! I demand to see her!”

“I’m sorry sir, we still in the process of moving, visitation will be available starting next Monday.”

“This is total bull shit!”

“Sir if you cannot remain calm, I’m going to ask you to leave.”

“Peter, let’s go get something to eat and go over our options. There is no point it getting yourself into trouble,” Sarah says.

I can’t argue with her at this point. I’m so mad, I just need to get out of here before I scream.

I follow her out as we head over to a local restaurant.

She orders us two alcoholic drinks. I give her a look, but surprisingly the waitress doesn’t ask for my identification. “After a day like this you definitely need a drink or several,” she says empathetically.

I don’t argue with her, today has been one of the worse days of my life. The waitress brings us over two glasses of a bright yellow drink. I take a sip and it tastes like orange juice. I go ahead and down it. “I feel like I’ve just ruined everything,” I say.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Pete…” She places her hand on top of mine. “This could have happened to anyone.”

“But it didn’t happen to anyone, it happened to me,” I say as Sarah motions to the waitress and izmir escort she brings me another one. “Devon was right, I’m not fit for business.”

“Devon is an asshat. Don’t listen to him!” Her thumb gently does circles on the back of my hand. I take another sip of the bright yellow drink.

“I let my father down, this was his dream to build an android assistant to help those in need,” I sigh. I down the rest of my drink.

“Don’t worry, we can still achieve it, we just have to find another way,” she says.

“How? Take Kailyn on her offer?” I ask as I look up into her eyes.

“Would it be so bad?” she asks. “I know you view her as the enemy, but if she’s the only way you can achieve your father’s dream, are you willing to swallow your pride to work for her?”

I think it over as the waitress brings me another refill. I mull over why I don’t trust Kailyn Black. She’s the type of person who’ll do anything to get what she wants… What exactly does she want? I doubt it’s the same thing I want. She doesn’t seem like the type who wants to do something good for humanity.

“Do you really think she’ll be willing to give away free androids?” I ask.

“You never know until you ask her,” she says. “But I know she’s more reasonable than the people at vortex!”

“They’ll do anything to increase their profits, even if it means stealing other companies products and employees.” She makes a good point. If it’s between Vortex and Kailyn Black, I have no choice but to choose Kailyn.

“What about Prometheus? John Farrell seems like someone who cares more about making the world a better place than making a profit. Look at all the good he’s done. He’s not only cured most diseases, but he’s figured out ways to eliminate them,” I ask.

“How can you trust a man that owns over 70% of the world’s economy? Of course, he’s willing to cure a couple of diseases. It gets the public on his side, a few million dollars is only pennies to him.” She makes another good point. I never realized how much power one man holds.

“So your saying Kailyn is our only choice?” I ask as I take a long sip of this delicious drink.

“Unless you’ve got a better idea…”

“I still don’t trust her, but she does already own a significant share in the company after she bought out the other investors.”

“You don’t have to trust her, you just have to work for her and convince her that it’s in her best interest to put an android in every home,” Sarah explains. “She can still make a profit by building different tiers of androids. A cheap model that can still assist with the basic needs of the elderly and disabled can be given out for free. She can make her money off the higher tiers. The lifelike model’s that would cost top dollar. Not only will she earn a significant ROI, but she’ll look good in the public eye. You need to make your goal, hers.”

“Make this offer to her and not only can you achieve your father’s goal, but you can get her on your side,” she adds. “A woman like her makes a better ally than an enemy.”

“You make a good point, it’s hard to argue with you.” After I finish my drink and I’m feeling a little more than tipsy. My bladder also feels like it’s going to explode. “I have to take a leak. Can you order me some food?”

She nods and I head over to the bathroom. As I relieve my bladder, I come to the conclusion that Sarah is right. Kailyn is my only option. I head back to our table and another drink is sitting there waiting for me.

“You’re right Sarah, I guess we have no choice but to take her offer,” I admit as I start to drink up this yellow drink. It tastes a little different than the others, maybe I’m just a little drunker than before. I should probably stop, maybe after this one. Before I know it, I’m feeling quite dizzy.

“Are you feeling alright?” Sarah asks. “You look kind of pale.”

“I don’t feel that good.”

Sarah pulls into the booth squeezes in next to me and I can feel her hand against my cheek. “I’m sorry Pete, I truly am.” Are the last words I hear before everything goes black.

Chapter 7

“Uuuuughhhhhh,” I groan as I open my eyes, waiting for them to adjust. As everything becomes clear, I see I’m in a dingy hotel room. Someone’s knocking on the door. I look around to see a mess of sex toys, drugs and all sorts of things. I drag myself up and answer the door. Two police officers are standing there.

“We’ve had several complaints of screaming and drug use, we’re going to need to take a look around,” the officer says.

“What?” I ask in shock. “I…”

Before I can even finish my sentence, the officer brushes past me. “What the fuck is going on here?” he asks. “Is that drugs?”

“Sir, you’re under arrest for possession of illegal drugs,” the officer says as his partner pushes me up against the wall and starts to frisk me.

“Those aren’t mine I swear!”

Everything just felt so surreal after that moment. It felt like a dream, more like a nightmare. They took me down to the station and booked me. I was asked a million questions, about everything. About my relationship with Ashley and Sarah. About Abe. They took my phone and went through it. Then they asked me about the video I sent Sarah, inferring that I blackmailed her.

“I didn’t blackmail her. Or any kind of harassment. Sarah and I were in love!” I told them, but they didn’t listen. Soon after I was put in a cell. I thought long and hard about everything that happened leading up to this moment. Showing off my mind control device at the tech convention. Meeting Sarah as she gave me her resume. The interview we had. The way she convinced me to develop the technology to a march larger robot and convincing me to go all in on my dreams. She was the one that suggested we hire Abe, Ashley, and Mitsugi.

Sarah was also the one who suggested sitting down with Kailyn Black and videotaping the bondage. And what did she say to me last night? I’m sorry Pete, I truly am… What did she mean by that? Did she plan all of this? Did she ever love me at all?

“Wishing you took my offer?” I look up to see none other than Kailyn Black staring back at me on the other side of the cell. How the fuck did she get there?

“Did you do this?” I ask her.

“No Peter, you did all this when you turned down my offer,” she smirks. “But, I can make all of this disappear if you come to work for me.”

“I knew it,” I shout. “This was all you from the start!”

“So, what’ll it be, rot in jail for the rest of your life, or come work for me?” she asks.

“Huhhhh…” She’s got me between a rock and a hard spot. If I say no, she’ll continue to ruin me. On the other hand, if I agree to work for her, there’s no telling what she has in store for me. But what Sarah said before still echoes in my head. You need to make your goal, hers. “I’ll work for you on one condition.”

“You’re not really in a place to bargain, but you’ve got balls and I admire that. What are your terms?” she asks.

“You help me achieve my father’s dream of creating androids to assist people in need. I want to put an Android in every house.” She mulls over my words, carefully dissecting each and every one of them. “There’s a way we can both win. We can make a cheap Android that will serve the basic needs of the elderly and disabled. A version that everyone can afford. Then we can create better tiers you can charge for a hefty price. Androids that are lifelike. People would be willing to pay a fortune for something like that.”

“Deal,” she says without batting an eye and then she walks away.

A few seconds later, two officers come in and unlock the cell and take me out. Before I know it I’m being released. They give me the few items that I had and I’m walked out the door. I look down to see a limousine a driver holding the back door open. I look around and see no one else, so I walk down towards the limo as I give the driver a puzzling look. He only nods in recognition, so I get into the limo. Kailyn is sitting down on the seat perpendicular to me.

“For once you’ve made the right choice,” she says with a devilish grin.

“It doesn’t feel that way,” I say with a gulp. “Feels like I made a deal with the devil.”

“In more ways than you know,” she smirks. “I’ll be honest, I did all that because I want you. As far as your dreams go, I’ll give you the resources to achieve all of them as long as you stay loyal to me and obey me.”

A chill runs down my spine as I adjust my collar. It feels like it’s getting hot in here. For a split second, her eyes soften and her smirk turns to a genuine, sincere look. “You have nothing to fear from me, Peter, I don’t want to hurt you. I know that may seem like the furthest thing from the truth considering all that I put you through, but it was for the best. I hope you and I can one day build an intimate relationship with each other.”

All of her sudden that look of sincerity was gone, replaced with a serious undertone. “But… Betray me and all of your worst nightmares can’t compare to what I’ll do to you.”

It all of a sudden got really cold in here. I feel paralyzed under her gaze as if she’s staring into my very soul. It feels like the breath has been sucked out of my lungs. And just like that the feelings subside as her expressions fade back to nothingness, then a smirk appears on her face.

“I don’t believe you’re foolish enough to do something that stupid, you seem like such a smart, boy. So full of dedication, determination, and ambition. That’s what drew me to you,” she says as we pull into a parking garage. “If you serve me well, I’ll make all your dreams come true.”

The car stops and I can hear the driver exit the vehicle. The door opens and I step out after getting a nod of approval from Kailyn.

Then I follow her to the elevator, as we ride it all the way to the top, her eyes never leave mine. She says nothing, just stares at me with that all too familiar, intimidatingly, possessive stare. Finally, the elevator opens and I can breathe. As we step out into the office, none other than Ashley is there waiting to greet us. I don’t believe it! She gives me a look of guilt.

“It’s good to have you back Ashley, I expect a full report on my desk by the end of the day,” she says as I follow her past the immaculate glass door through an even bigger glass wall. The floor is all grey stone. The desk itself is a sharp grey marble. Ashley resumes her position behind the desk. I still can’t believe she worked here all along.

We walk past several rows of offices and a room full of desks with people hard at work. Finally, we arrive at a corner office with the words Kailyn Black on the door. As we enter the biggest office I’ve ever seen, I stop in my tracks. Sitting on the black leather sofa is none other than Sarah. This can’t be real. She gives me a look of regret before she stands up and walks over to Kailyn. They share a deep, passionate kiss.

“It’s so good to have you back where you belong, my love,” Kailyn says as she strokes her cheek. This can’t be real!? It feels like a hand made of ice ripped open my chest and tore out my heart. How could I be so stupid?! This whole time she played me like a fiddle. She pretended to love me when in fact she was with Kailyn right from the start…

“I’ve missed you too,” Sarah says as she kisses her once more. She then pulls her into a hug and glances over at me, her eyes sing a sad song as she mouths the words I’m sorry. Kailyn pulls her back and kisses her once more before she pulls away and walks over to sit behind her desk. Sarah gives me one more glance before she sits back down on the couch.

“Have a seat Peter,” Kailyn says, gesturing over to one of the chairs in front of her desk. I obey her, hopelessly defeated.

She slides over a file. “This is your contract, you’ll want to read it over and sign it. It states the obvious legal bull shit…”

I don’t even read it. Why should I? It’s not like I have a choice. It’s either this or prison… I open up the contract and sign my soul over to the devil.

“As well as your job deion as my full-time personal servant.” I look up at her as she said those words. Personal Servant? Wait. What does she mean by that? I look back down at the contract. I read down to where it says Job Deion. Personal Servant. The employee will be responsible for the following:

Seeing to Mistress Black’s every need.

Obeying Mistress Black’s orders without hesitation.

Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions. Outstanding behavior will be rewarded. Living arrangements along with the basic needs will be provided for the personal servant…

“How can you get away with this?” I lash out in anger. A devilish grin curls on her ghost white face that almost glows.

“You signed the contract? You could have declined.” Her grin fades and her expression quickly becomes serious. “Now come here and get on your knees. I’ve been waiting a long time to have my way with you. Or would you rather go back to jail?”

The reminder of prison takes away the little fight I have left and I shamelessly obey her. I stand up and walk around her desk until I’m in front over her. I give a quick glance at Sarah as she watches without emotion. It breaks my heart and I sink down to my knees. Kailyn scoots her skirt up ever so slowly, revealing a black pair of underwear with a strange bulge. I look up at her face and the most devilish grins appears as she adjusts her panties. As I look back down, a gasp escapes my lips. The biggest cock I’ve ever seen stands up to greet me.

To say it’s huge is the understatement of the year. Its purple mushroom tip is barely going to fit in my mouth. Beneath the hood of this monster, blue veins trails up the shaft like rivers flowing down a mountain. It must be at least 10 to 11 inches and it doesn’t even look completely hard. Beneath the behemoth is a set of hairless balls, equally as monstrous. I stare up into those dark green eyes that almost change to blue as the light reflects off them.

“Well, what are you waiting for? You’re going to want to get this nice and wet,” she says with a sly smirk.

“I’m not gay, I can’t do this!” I exclaim!

“I didn’t ask you for your sexual orientation, I’m giving you an order to suck my cock or do you not remember the contract you signed?” She stares down at me with those demonic eyes as her grin spreads even wider. “Failure to follow orders will result in disciplinary action. Trust me when I say this, sucking my cock will be the least of your worries if you don’t obey me.”

I can’t imagine what could be worse than sucking that python, but I know she can deliver on her threats. I gulp down my pride and open my mouth. As I lean in closer to that massive log, she interrupts me. “Aren’t you going to give it a kiss first?”

I look back into those possessive eyes, with that all too familiar grin. I’m too afraid of the consequences of not doing exactly what she says, so I close my mouth and pucker my lips. As I bring my lips close to that monster shaft, a musky scent hits my nostrils like a train, but I persist forward planting a kiss on the head of her dick. “Good boy, now lick up and down the shaft. Get a good taste of my cock.”

I close my eyes and stick my tongue out. “Keep your eyes open,” she commands.

I hesitantly obey, opening my eyes as my tongue connects just underneath the head of her cock. A salty, musky taste takes over my senses. Slowly, I slide my tongue down her log, tasting every bit of her cock. “Don’t forget to lick my testicles,” she smirks.

My tongue slides down in between her balls as her cock falls to rest on my face, completely covering the height of me. “Now suck them off.”

Without much thought, I take one of those pale orbs into my mouth and suck on it. “Oooooh, that’s it. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy breaking you down and training you to be a good little cockslut.”

I continue to suck on her nut, before switching to the other. “Oooh, taking initiative, I like that.”

As I suck on her cum filled sack, she grabs a handful of hair and pulls me back. “Now open wide, it’s time to see how well you can take a cock.”

I hesitantly obey and open wide before I even have time to think, my mouth is stuffed full with her cock. I can’t believe this is happening to me. The tip of her dick is pressed against the back of my throat. I instantly gag and cough around her shaft. “We’re definitely going to need to work on your gag reflex.”

She continues to push her cock, blocking the air from entering. Tears begin to fill my eyes as her cock tries to painfully rip my throat open. Finally, I hear a pop as her cock sinks all the way down my throat. My nose meets the little triangle of red pubic hair at the end of her shaft. I can’t breathe! “Very good, you managed to deep throat my entire cock on your first try.”

I push against her thighs as my lungs scream for oxygen. She continues to hold me in place with her cock lodged all the way down my throat as the world around me begins to darken. Finally, she releases me and I collapse to my hands, coughing and spitting, desperately trying to breathe in air.

“Well have to work on your cocksucking skills later, right now I want a piece of that cute Asian ass of yours. Get up, drop your trousers and bend over my desk,” she demands.

“Please! Anything but that!” I beg. Smack! My face stings as her hand struck my cheek. “Don’t disobey me.”

Hesitantly, I stand to my feet and unbuckle my pants, as they fall to the floor I have no chance to react before Kailyn impatiently grabs me and forces me over her desk. She pulls down my underwear and gives my ass a hard slap. “It’s so perfect, you have one of the best asses I’ve ever seen.”

I feel a liquid hit just above my asshole as she spits. Then I feel her rub it around the entrance to my ass with the tip of her cock. I look up to meet Sarah’s gaze. Her eyes pierce right through me. All of a sudden I feel this intense pressure as Kailyn starts to press the gargantuan head of her cock against my tiny, little asshole. I cry out in agony as her cock breaks through the sphincter of my butthole. Tears fall down my cheeks as her cock invades my ass, stretching it out to painful lengths. She gives my ass another slap, grabbing hold of my ass cheeks with both hands, spreading them wide as she continues to sink her cock inside me.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I groan as she pushes more of her anaconda deep in me.

“Ohhhh, you’re so tight, it’s going to take a few fucks before I break this ass in,” she moans, as she tightens her grip on my ass. “And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.”

It feels like her cock is tearing me apart. I grab onto the end of her desk as I grind my teeth together. She continues to push that monster deeper inside of me as if there’s no end to it. I look up at Sarah, having her watch me getting fucked by her “love” is beyond humiliating. Her expression as as much emotion as a brick wall. To think I believed she loved me. Kailyn holds her cock in place for just a split second before pulling back out, my rectum hugs her cock on it’s way out. She leaves only the tip inside me.

Without hesitation, she slams her cock as deep as it’ll go. I yell out. She starts to rhythmically pound my ass, each thrust going deeper. Tears continue to stream down my cheeks as Sarah eyes never leave my own.

Her cock rubs up against something that sends a chill of pleasure through the pain. A moan escapes my lips.

“Ahhh, I must have hit your prostate,” Kailyn groans as she continues her assault on my ass, slamming deep inside me. Milking that sensitive area, causing more ripples of pleasure to so powerful it overcomes the pain. I can fill my cock stiffen up as it rubs against her desk. Before long, the pleasure is all I can feel.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Fuckk!” I gasp as her cock continues to thrust deep inside me.

“You’re starting to enjoy this, aren’t you?” She says as she slowly pulls out.

“Uhhh… Y…yyesss!” I moan as she slams into me with a powerful thrust. I tear my gaze away from Sarah, too embarrassed to look her in the eyes.

“Admit it, Peter, you’re my slut. Admit that you love getting railed by my fat cock,” she says as she holds her dick deep inside me, pressing up against that magical spot.

“I love it! I’m your slut,” I groan incoherently. My mind is in a complete haze.

“Beg me to fuck your ass as hard as I please,” she commands.

“Please, Kailyn… fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I beg her.

“From now on you’re going to address me as Mistress Black, now beg me to dump my cum inside your ass!” she says.

“Please Mistress Black, please dump your cum in my aaa..aa..aassssss!” Before I can finish the sentence she starts to rail my ass as hard as she can. Thrusting deep inside me. She grabs my hair and pulls my head up, forcing me to look at Sarah as she slaps my ass hard, all the while plunging her dick in and out of my ass. I can feel my own inferior cock start to erupt all over her desk.

“Oooooh, fuuuck!” I scream out as she slams deep inside me. I can feel her cock go steely hard before it starts to pulse, exploding inside me. Blasting cum deep down into my ass. Rope after rope of cum fills my ass to the brink. Exhaustion takes over me and I feel like I’ve entered into a drunken haze. She then pulls out of me, nearly dragging my body with her cock as my face smears against my own cum that I spurted onto her desk. Finally, her cock pops free of my butthole.

She gives me one more slap on my ass. “That was fun! For me at least. You’re such a little slut, you take it so well. I promise if you continue to please me, I’ll make sure you’re rewarded. Sarah, why don’t you help him clean up for me love, I have business to attend to.”

With that, she left. I couldn’t move, every limb I had felt like jello. My mind is in a fog and it’s hard to keep my eyes open. I almost feel drunk. I see Sarah get up and walk over to me. “Huhh, Pete. I’m so sorry it had to come to this.”

Her hand lightly touches my back before sliding down to my ass. “I don’t believe you.” I cry out.

“Believe what you will,” she says as her finger slides into my cum filled butthole. “I do love you, I want you to know that. And I think this is for the best.” She brings her finger to my lips and presses it inside. The taste of Kailyn’s musky cum fills my mouth.

“You’ll grow to love Kailyn’s cock, just as I have. We can still be together.” I look back at her as she bends down and gives my ass a gentle kiss. “Don’t you see Peter? This is what you were meant for.”

She presses her tongue just under my butthole, licking up the cum that has leaked out. I feel her hands grab my butt cheeks, spreading them wide as her tongue slips inside my gaping hole. A moan escapes my lips as she licks up the cum from my ass. My eyes feel so heavy as my exhaustion takes over. Sarah pulls me up to my feet and pushes me against the window, to keep me from falling over. My legs feel as if they’ve turned to pudding. She looks deep into my eyes and kisses me. As I open my mouth, a load of cum floods into my mouth from Sarah’s. She continues to kiss me as her tongue invades mine, further pushing more cum inside my mouth. She finally pulls back and looks into my eyes once more. This feels like a dream, so unreal. Everything feels cloudy.

“Pete, I promise I won’t ever hurt you again. But please, I beg you, just do what Kailyn tells you to. Trust me, she can be kind and compassionate. You just have to earn it.” I can feel myself slipping from consciousness. The world around me fades into darkness…

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