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Hot Dreams of Alice Pt. 01

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Alice came down the steps of her front door and into the street. It was time to go and replenish her fridge – a two-week holiday was badly needed and had been looked out for enthusiastically. When she rounded the corner of street she all but bumped into May, a colleague, who greeted her, and stopped for a moment to talk.

“Hi Alice,” she said, “how’s your holiday been so far?”

“Huh? Been so far? I slept well, if that’s what you mean. Did some reading last night until ten, then turned in. Nothing of note yet.”

She was greeted by a baffled look. “You didn’t sleep for ten days, did you? It’s Tuesday now! The holidays are more than half over!”

“Ha ha,” Alice said. “Funny! I woke up with a bit of a headache, but it’s almost over, and as I didn’t do any shopping at all during the week I’ll have to buy food for the holidays now. Are you planning to do something special?”

“You’re not serious, are you? I spent a midweek in the Peak district. It was really great; did a lot of walking. We could rent a cottage for next to nothing. Wish I’d stayed on a little…”

May grinned at Alice a little wistfully and then said goodbye and walked on.

Alice looked at her vanishing form, rather bemused. May usually wasn’t given to a wild imagination… She shook her shoulders and went into the local supermarket. She filled her trolley with groceries and a few loaves of dark bread and she picked up a newspaper near the check-out. When she skimmed the front page her eyes grew wide. It didn’t say October 12 as she’d expected. It clearly read October 21. It couldn’t but be a misprint. She checked the other papers. They all showed the same mistake. October 21? But if that were true, what had happened in between?

She asked an old lady who was standing in the queue in front of her what day it was, and received a pitying look. “Tuesday, my dear,” she said. “Are you alright?”

It made the sweat stand on her forehead. She’d read about lost weekends caused by drink – but a lost ten days when she’d been as sober as a judge? She loved an occasional glass of wine, but the bottle she’d thought she had, had been all but empty and she’d had a quarter of a glass before she turned in.

She rushed home. There was no mail in her mailbox, and there were no brochures, no nothing. Her dishwasher didn’t contain anything but what she remembered having put there, and there was no accumulation of dust on the flat surfaces. The few potted plants must have been watered, and her laundry basket contained exactly what she thought it would. Even the book she’d been reading lay upside down, open in the right place.

She went upstairs and checked the bed. It looked alright, too. What could have happened? It made her feel a little giddy on her legs. Blast. Over a whole week missing!

She went downstairs again and poured herself a stiff drink. She took a firm swig – it tasted foul, she thought. She put down the glass, and sat down. Not a bad idea, apparently. The room started to sway and she couldn’t remember what she’d been doing. She could not think constructively at all….

When Alice came to, she was sitting on a kind of rocking chair, and she felt there was a firm dildo in her pussy. Her arms were bound behind her back, and her knees were tied to the chair. She was wearing nipple clamps inside a very thin bra and a pair of split-crotch panties, and a ball-gag in her mouth – nothing else.

When she looked around fearfully, she saw a beautiful young woman sit on a stool by her side. She was very heavily made up, and wore her platinum-blonde hair in a loose roll around her neck. She wore a top with a low cleavage and a miniskirt, and a pair of fuck-me heels.

“Don’t be afraid – we won’t hurt you,” she whispered close to Alice’s ear. “You were wondering what you’d been at in the lost days, weren’t you? You’ve no memory of them – and they will remain like a series of dreams forever – hot dreams of Alice; sexy, saliceous dreams… based on your fears and your secret fantasies. When it’s tomorrow you’ll have no memory of this in your conscious thoughts.”

Alice couldn’t reply for the gag in her mouth. Her throat felt dry – all very well to tell her casino şirketleri not to be afraid – she was scared to death.

The young woman rose and kissed Alice on her upper lip. “Really, we won’t hurt you!” she said. “I will show you your first dream – just sit back and relax.”

The woman switched on the big flatscreen TV across the room. It woke to life and when she had adjusted it to the DVD-mode Alice read “Hot Dreams of Alice” in big letters. The legend slowly faded out while a new one faded in; it simply said,


Then the letters faded out again and she saw a big, Victorian house. There was a car coming up the drive. It stopped, and a woman dressed in a long raincoat got out, escorted by two big men in sunglasses. They walked up the steps.

“You remember what we told you? you will go into the room and undress and offer yourself to the lusts of our clients. You’ll actively do so – unless you want to be seriously hurt?”

“Nooo… Please! I don’t want -“

“Do I have to slap some sense into you?”

Alice’s eyes grew wide when she recognised her own voice. What on earth –

The picture faded and instead there was a view of the drawing room. A distinguished looking black man, who was greying at the temples sat in an armchair talking to a younger man who was selecting a CD and put it in the CD player of an expensive-looking music system.

Then the door opened and Alice saw herself be bundled into the room by the two thugs. She walked to the centre of the room, dressed in a slinky black number and black stockings on impossibly high red heels. She stood wringing her hands, looking at the man sitting in the club chair with a look of despair.

“You’re not going to take advantage of me, aren’t you?” she said. “You’re not going to take off my dress, and touch me?”

She slowly moved the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders, and the dress slipped to the floor, leaving her stand in a very thin white bra, garterbelt and panties. She licked her lips – made up very red and shiny, in a face with a lot of rouge and eyeshadow – and she ran her hands over her breasts.

“Please…” she whispered. “Please don’t – I don’t want it! I want to be let go!”

She pushed the cups of her bra down her breasts. They were big and beautiful, with large areolas.

The man in the chair raised his eyebrows, and looked at the young man who was still standing near the music system.

“Noooo…” she said as she cupped her breasts with her hands and pushed them upwards as if to offer them to her audience. “Nooo… Don’t touch me, please… Don’t do bad things with me!”

She looked frightened as she rubbed her nipples. They were swollen and red, and very hard, and she tweaked them between her fingertips, and pulled them into hot points.

“I’m a good girl,” she moaned. “Please don’t keep me here!”

She hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and made them fall to the floor. She looked at the older man as if she saw a ghost.

“Aw!” she said. “Nooo… Don’t! Please, don’t touch me – don’t make me be bad… Please!”

She took a few steps and, bending down over the table, granted the seated man a good look at her pussy, which was completely bare and smooth, shining with her juices. The inner lips stood open in a pout, showing the coral inside, and her swollen clit sat like a pale little nub under its protective hood.

She put a hand between her legs and touched her clit. As if on cue both men got their cocks out.

“Nooo!” she screamed. “You can’t do that – don’t touch me!” She looked at the men with big eyes. “Nooo… You’re much too big – you won’t fit…”

Alice, who was watching helplessly, felt her pussy start getting very wet around the dildo they had inserted into her. The nipple clamps were both exciting and uncomfortable, and her breasts strained against the flimsy material of her bra. She wished devoutly she could bring her arousal to a climax, not realising that rocking back and forth would put the dildo into motion and help her get off…

The older man got up out of his chair while he undid his belt and fly and pushed down his trousers. casino firmaları His cock was deep brown with a shiny mushroom tip, and very big. He picked up Alice’s discarded panties, sniffed at their crotch and smiled, and he put them into his coat pocket. Then he stepped her way, slowly, surely, like a tank in motion.

She began to tremble violently. “You aren’t going to fuck me, are you? Please – don’t, please…”

She extended a hand and grabbed his cock tight.

“Please don’t – please don’t – please don’t -”

She pulled him her way, and he pushed his cock deep into her pussy. He began fucking her like mad, to the tune of her voice repeating, “Please don’t – don’t – uuhnnn – don’t – uuhnnn – don’t – uuhnnn – aahhhh -” and got hold of her breasts with his hands.

“Hmmm… You’ve got nice tits,” he said. “You’re a sweet little hussy, aren’t you? Ok, baby, rock that bottom!”

“I’m just a good girl,” she moaned, but she did rock back and forth, and Alice saw that she did have a beautiful bottom. She watched herself fuck with some secret pride.

The younger man kicked off his shoes and removed his jeans and boxers and walked the few steps to the table. The camera zoomed in on her face as she looked looked at him approaching. She licked her lips, and looked at him nervously, and raised herself a little while waving her hands before her protectively. The young man was hung like a horse. Alice saw there was a crystal drop of precum emerging from the little slit in the tip that was gaping just a bit.

“Doesn’t that look good, baby? Wouldn’t you love to wrap your lips around it, instead of biting that ball?” the young woman said to Alice.

Alice felt shocked at the thought, and she felt even more shocked when she realised that yes, she would. But she was damned if she’d admit it to her captress…

Alice saw herself watch the big cock approach. She made as if to push the man back, and when he didn’t back away she begged him to.

“Please! Do go back – please! Ooohhh….”

She fell silent when he touched her mouth with his cock. Alice watched as she took him into her mouth – it was fascinating to see how she eventually accommodated a great length of his huge member. She had to open her mouth very wide, her lips stretching madly around that big shaft. It made her feel even more aroused and horrified at the same time. In the back of her mind she vaguely remembered having thought about being used like this; it did have a guilty fascination for her.

The woman got up and stood behind her.

“Your fantasies were even worse than this, weren’t they?” she whispered. “You secretly would like to be treated like a common whore…” She reached around Alice and rubbed her nipples. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Good girl,” the young man panted. “Yes, that’s it – give it some tongue – yes, baby! Suck it!”

Alice complied. She looked from the line of hair running from the young man’s navel to his cock, and then up to his face and back again.

The door opened and two more men came into the room, unnoticed by Alice. They quickly undressed. One of them had a thin, fairly long, cut cock, the other one was averagely built. The latter one positioned himself on a couch on his back, and the two men who’d already been in the room stopped fucking Alice.

“Yeesss – finally… Please – Can I go now?” she said hopefully – but nobody listened.

The black gentleman led her to the couch. Alice’s eyes grew wide in horror.

“Nooo…” she moaned. “Not any more – please! Let me go!”

The man who was lying there pulled her on top of him and sat her down on his cock, that stood upright like a flagpole. Holding her hips he made her ride him, bouncing her bottom up and down.

Alice could see the ring of her pussy caress his shaft.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” the woman whispered in her ear. She rolled Alice’s nipples between her fingers and slowly set the rocking chair into motion.

Alice felt the dildo start moving in and out. She’d never felt more aroused in her life, and the dildo felt fantastic. The only thing that would have been better was a live cock…

The other newcomer güvenilir casino collected a bottle of oil from a side table. He went over to the couch and got up on it, too. Kneeling behind Alice he poured some oil on to the cleft between her buttocks, and rubbed it into the depths of it. Then he applied some oil to his cock and pushed into her puckering rosebud.

Alice on the screen stiffened. Then she let out a piercing wail which ended when the black gentleman fed her his cock.

“Yes, baby – go for it like the little slut you are… Ride that cock!” the man under her said.

“Go, baby, go! Suck my cock really hard!” the black gentleman said, simultaneously.

The three men fucked her with abandon, and she rode the man under her with her eyes closed. Her nipples were big, red and swollen, and her pussy lips were red and puffed up – It did look as though she was enjoying being taken by them.

Alice wished she could change places. The woman behind her made the rocking chair pick up some speed, and Alice squeezed the dildo with her pussy lips.

“You are a slut, aren’t you?” the woman whispered.

On the screen the young man took Alice’s hand and put it on his cock. She wrapped it round the big stem and started to masturbate him roughly. Her motions got gradually more uncoordinated – and it wasn’t long before she let go of the cocks in her hand and mouth and collapsed between the men around her.

“Look at that,” the young man said. “My, she really really is a slut, isn’t she?”

“She sure loves fucking, ” the man who’d been buggering her said. “Oh well, so do I. Let’s change places!”

“Bags her mouth,” the man under her said.

Alice was rolled off him like a sack of potatoes, and the young man stretched himself on the coach. Alice staggered to her knees, got up and mounted the coach. She squatted over the young man and let herself sink down over his cock with a deep sigh of satisfaction. She started to ride him furiously.

The older gentleman took his place behind her, and pressed his thick shaft between her buttocks.

“Yes, please!” Alice panted. “Fill me with you cock!”

He lunged forward and Alice smiled. She looked at the the newcomers questioningly, and they came to the side of the coach, in front of her face. She took turns in sucking the one and masturbating the other, riding the two cocks in her nether orifices.

She was sweating profusely – from her rocking chair Alice could see her breasts and her forehead glisten with moisture – and she had closed her eyes again. She looked so hot, so peaceful and contented at the same time that Alice felt very envious.

The woman behind her put her foot on a step of the rocking chair and started to rock it firmy, making the dildo fuck Alice’s pussy hard. Alice was in the throes of an approaching orgasm and her attention wavered a little when she heard one of the men grunt, “Ok, slut, take my cum!”

On the screen the camera zoomed in on her anus and pussy. She saw the cock in her anus contract and stop pistoning, and then a thin white trickle emerged on the side of the cock, dripping down onto the cock in her pussy. It apparently set the other man’s orgasm off, for he got rigid, too, and just gave an inarticulate shout…

“Let me have that cum,” Alice panted while she changed cocks in her mouth again.

“Take, it, slut!” the man she was sucking said, and Alice could see her gulp his come down greedily, while she furiously pumped the long, thin cock in her hand.

It was only seconds before it erupted all over her face. She let go of the cock in her mouth and put out her tongue to receive the other spurts, pulling him close to her mouth.

“Oh yes,” she stammered. “So good!”

She used her fingers to put as much of the come on her face to her lips, and licked her tongue around her mouth. The African gentleman withdrew, and Alice saw more white come trickle down her anus as she slumped down on the man below, good and spent, and, judging by her face, very happy.

Her rocking chair was humping her so hard now she couldn’t take it any longer, and she came, long and hard, and to stop her from falling over completely the young woman stepped up beside her and held her close. she stroked her hair and took the gag from her mouth.

“You’d have loved to change places with her, wouldn’t you?” she said.

“Yes, I would,” Alice admitted. “I really would!”

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