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HOT SHOTS: M.I.L.F Spring Break Ch. 05

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Perpetual slacker Shawn had been promised sex by his rich girlfriend Daisy if he could pass his final exam….Well, he failed and went over her house in an attempt to coerce her into sex anyway and ended up sleeping with her mother Mrs. Diane Hartford, a SMOKING HOT M.I.L.F!! Mrs. Hartford took his virginity and the couple was nearly caught by his girlfriend and her father!! Shawn found himself in a situation where he has been coerced/ seduced by three teachers!! Shawn discovered that his girlfriend was also cheating on him as well and has disappeared!!

Daisy Hartford has discovered that her mother and the teachers are old friends and sorority sisters who made a game out of messing up dim bulb Shawn’s life.

What will happen next?!!

“Fucking bitch.” Chad Bostwick was pissed when he’d finally figured out that he’d been played for a fool by Daisy Hartford. She’d gotten him so worked up with the promise of pounding the hell out of her tight bubble butt that he’d taken to jerking himself in anticipation. He’d sat in the bathroom stall playing with himself until he been interrupted by a kindly old gentleman who’d offered to suck him off going so far as to flash him a few hundred dollar bills. It had been all Chad could do to keep from clocking the guy as he ran out of the rest room to find his car missing.

“That cunt must pay; anal or no scholarship for her!!” He was already working an angle for leverage against the promising young jock and was preparing to play his trump card. Mrs. Hartford would not be pleased with her daughter when she found out about her shenanigans. The hot platinum blonde had all but served her daughter up to him on a silver platter the night before and things had gone off without a hitch as he played the concerned friend while Daisy talked about Shawn for half the night before they’d ended up sealing the deal. She’d been so nervous at first, but wine was the key to unlocking the invisible chastity belt she’d worn for nearly six months. She’d said that she was merely leading that fucking loser on but couldn’t seem to stop talking about him.

Chad had listened until he could endure no more and initiated a light argument with the seemingly confused girl while continuously plying her with alcohol. He used an old wolf’s technique of challenging Daisy to admit that she was in love with the “Shawn Guy” and counting on her stubbornness to get him into her panties. She’d vehemently denied being enthralled with the listless pot head even going so far as kissing him to prove it. That drunken kissing led to groping of her enhanced tits and several attempts at getting his hand into her panties. By this time Daisy was nearly a drunken mess not even protesting when he wrapped her fingers around his thick cock using them to masturbate himself. The athletic blonde continued giggling jerking him of her own accord after twenty minutes while he constantly chided and challenged her to prove she didn’t love Shawn.

He had to slightly force her face near his cock but it was worth it as the intoxicated blonde took his entire length in her mouth giving him a blowjob for the ages. She even swallowed his precum and drunkenly handled his package until he’d become so caught up that he’d bent her over and rammed his cock home easily smashing into her cervix. Daisy’s tight cunt had been a revelation clinging to his meat and seizing up at just the right moments. Chad enjoyed the fresh wares the premiere athlete had to offer and just as he was getting into it; he happened to notice Shawn peeping at them. In a second he’d decided to wreak havoc with the insecure teen by verbally prodding drunken Daisy to talk nasty all in order to give his rival a show. He’d never thought in a million years that the pussy would actually cry like a little girl. It was worth it to see the hurt in that stoner’s face as he jerked thick wads of cum all over Daisy’s pretty face.

“Chad, what are you doing and where is my daughter?” He turned to find Daisy’s hot mother addressing him along with two other women that appeared to be her friends.

“Ma’am, your lovely daughter has apparently decided against sailing with me today. She’s also taken the car to only God knows where.” He masked his anger for the benefit of completely fooling her mother and the platinum blonde smiled at him.

“Well Daisy always did have a short attention span Chad darling.” The women giggled knowing that he’d been fooled and he found himself staring at the trio admiring their charms.

“I must say that your daughter’s actions are rather perplexing to say the least and at the very least my initial assessment shall have to be reevaluated Mrs. Hartford.” Chad had learned to hide his boorishness behind a practiced façade of intelligence. He figured that issuing a threat even veiled as it was would prompt the M.I.L.F into action retrieving her comely daughter for his enjoyment. The Hartford’s had treated him like royalty since his arrival allowing him to stay in their home and continually casino şirketleri talking up their daughter’s academic and athletic attributes.

“Well my husband won’t be pleased with that at all Chad darling; perhaps we could discuss the matter further back at my home. Mr. Hartford is off on one of his silly golf games the next county over.” He was amazed at how the platinum blonde M.I.L.F didn’t miss a beat rolling right through his threat and inviting him back to her home. Chad had been burning a hole in her luscious derriere the entire weekend marveling at how round and plump Diane’s heart-shaped ass was. His mind had wondered off while he was railing Daisy wondering what it would be like to have a go at the smoking hot trophy wife.

“Well if you think it would enlighten the situation Mrs. Hartford; perhaps you could convince me to issue Daisy another opportunity with our prestigious school.” She simply smiled as she put on a pair of white designer shades while Sophie Oderkirk eyes zeroed in on the well-built college scout’s visible package and Wendy Bryant appeared to be annoyed that Chad would threaten her star athlete’s future.

“You don’t mind if my associates tag along; they’re very helpful with “negotiations” Mr. Bostwick. He couldn’t believe his ears knowing full well what she was implying and things were cemented further when Mrs. Oderkirk offered her hand cupping his package with her other while he shook. He felt the blood rush to his face when Mrs. Hartford winked at him while her friend fondled him. Coach Hartford gave him pause with her predatory stare as she folded her arms under her large breasts inadvertently lifting them up for his consideration.

“Uh, I have no problem at all with spending an afternoon with three lovely ladies.” He practically stammered as Wendy grabbed Sophie yanking her away from openly groping him.

“I’m sure we’ll all have a marvelous time this afternoon.” She underlined her statement by running a single finger briefly along his cheek. Mrs. Hartford had called up a limo service to squire the quartet back to her home and the driver was instructed to raise his partition because she knew her friends all too well. Chad found himself sitting in-between Diane and Sophie who was running her nails along his thigh sending jolts directly to her hardening member.

“Chad, you seem like a well-rounded intelligent sort and I’d really hate to be forward with you but I must make you aware of a certain need that I have; so I hope you’re not the judgmental type.” He was looking at the beautiful brunette and barely even hearing a word she said. Wendy Bryant sat facing the trio with a slight scowl reading across her features. She didn’t really care for the college scout.

“What is it uh; Mrs. Oderkirk?” He fidgeted slightly in his seat as her thin fingers began kneading his package. He loved her look and the thick glasses on her round face that gave off this kind of sexy librarian vibe.

“I have somewhat of an acquired taste and I would like to indulge myself with your assistance young man.” Her skilled and nimble fingers had drawn his zipper down and he felt her quickly grasp his burgeoning cock yanking it free of his slacks. At that moment he noticed all of the women’s eyes widen at the sight of his exposed package and smirked.

“WHAT A LOVELY THICK COCK YOU HAVE CHAD; I-uh I simply have to have it!!” Sophie quickly got on her knees between his legs burying him completely in her throat in one fell swoop. The speed with which she accomplished the maneuver took him by surprise as she began to give him one of the sloppiest blow jobs he’d ever received in his young life. Her hands simultaneously cradled his balls while the other was positioned tightly around the base of his shaft. Mrs. Sophie Oderkirk was pulling out all the stops sucking on the fat head of his cock as hard as she could forcing him to cup her head in nervous excitement.

“OOOOH SHIT MRS. ODERKIRK; FUUUUUCK-FUCK ME BABY!!” He yowled in delight humping towards her face and realizing that the busty brunette had no gag reflex. She was laser focused on his cock working her tongue up and down his shaft never breaking eye contact with him as he looked over finding Diane Hartford watching the proceedings with a sly grin of her own. Wendy had removed a bottle of wine from the limo’s cooler and was pouring herself a drink.

“Get these FUCKING PANTS OFF Chad baby!!” Sophie had begun yanking on his slacks and he lifted his butt allowing the attractive brunette to completely undress him from the waist down. Her face was flush and she removed her glasses as she pushed his thighs apart and buried her face in his crotch again. He’d had a lot of women go down on him but Chad had never had someone who was as completely into giving head as the M.I.L.F Sophie Oderkirk. The nasty oral complete with copious webs of saliva dripping down onto the leather seats of the limo had his head swimming. Her attention to detail came complete with loud slurping and casino firmaları sucking sounds that heightened the experience as he humped her face with increasing abandon.

“F-FUUUCK; I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM IN YOUR MOUTH!!” She found her head locked between his huge mitt-like hands as he fucked her pretty face until he shot a copious amount of cum directly into her stomach. Not to be outdone, Sophie pushed her head forward until her nose was buried in his pubic hair to finish taking his load and never broke eye contact with him. She slowly drew her head back disengaging his member with an audible pop and showing him what little cum was left on the flat of her tongue before swallowing that as well.

“She does leave quite the impression doesn’t she young man?” Diane was sipping from her glass as Sophie scooted over next to Wendy taking a glass that was offered and downing it completely. Chad was breathing heavily trying to compose himself as Wendy poured a glass and offered it to him only to down it herself when the exhausted scout reached for it.

“Now Wendy; be nice to the young man.” Diane scolded wagging a finger in the redhead’s direction.

“Why; I think he’s a shmuck.” Wendy was known for her blunt demeanor and heavens be damned attitude and today was no different. Diane leaned forward taking the bottle and pouring what remained into her glass before offering it to her afternoon suitor.

“Boy, you’d better be damned good at eating pussy or I’m going to give you a Vegas experience.” Diane and Sophie shuddered remembering the ill-fated girl’s night out in the tinsel city and the way it ended. They’d shunned their sorority sister for months afterward forcing her into counseling to control her rampant temper. The thick redhead chalked her behavior up to being an Aries and her stilted sense of judgment.

“I don’t eat pussy.” Chad casually replied as her drained the thin glass drawing the attention of the women to him.

“Eating pussy is for guys with small dicks.” He added for effect truly believing his words as he handed the glass back to a visibly put-off Diane Hartford.

“My Chad; you can’t really be serious about that rather stilted assertion?” She was instantly repulsed and intrigued by his flippant attitude.

“Come on ladies; you’ve seen what I’m working with; why would I have to eat pussy?” His own utter arrogance wouldn’t allow him to realize that he’d offended the women in the limo. The car had cleared the gate and was pulling and you could feel the atmosphere cool down considerably as Diane and Sophie shot a knowing look to Wendy Bryant. Chad was on cloud nine wondering how he’d lucked into an impending threesome with three of the hottest older women in the county.

“So tell me again about why you don’t eat pussy.” He was jolted from his inner revelry when he realized that Wendy Bryant, Daisy Hartford’s coach was speaking to him. His eyes had roamed over her slightly stocky and muscular build during the ride in the limo and she appeared to have an awesome set of huge breasts that strained against her blouse. The look on her face was altogether more off-putting than her innate physical charms. She looked like she was spoiling for a fight in short and her body language suggested that perhaps she wouldn’t be participating in the planned afternoon tryst after all. He’s been led through the Hartford residence to one of the many bedrooms off on one wing of the home. Diane had the room immaculately furnished using it as a love den for her husband and others she’d taken over the years as a high society wife with a secret hedonistic life.

“I’ve never needed to eat the clam; girls usually cum five minutes after I start working them. Come on ladies; you can trust that I’ll definitely see to your needs this afternoon.” He was smiling as he found a seat on a love seat looking at three hot women standing in front of him. He watched as the stacked redhead discarded her jacket revealing that she was indeed possessed of an impressive set of top shelf spirits. She began slowly undoing each button for his benefit until her slightly freckled cleavage came into view.

“You certainly are well blessed if I say so myself ma’am.” He was amazed as her cleavage line seemed to be composed of a single line revealing Wendy Bryant’s personal shame her 44E-Cup breasts sloping outward from her chest encased in a French-styled brassiere. Chad literally had to catch the drool running down his chin with his forearm as the thick coach stepped directly in front of him. He reached out to cup one of the red head’s tits but she grabbed his wrist and followed this up by snagging the other when he tried again.

“A little help please; you don’t mind do you?” Wendy roughly placed his hands at her hips and he nervously unsnapped the buttons pulling the tight pencil skirt down to reveal some crotch less leggings and no panties. Chad found himself staring at her naked muff red peach fuzz and all. She ran two fingers over her mound as he güvenilir casino gasped adding a finger of his own before running it under his nose.

“Fuck ma’am you’re so sexy; uh-I find myself at a loss for words.” She responded with a simple condescending sigh as her fingers found the front clasp at the front of her brassiere unhooking the tabs tightly held together in the cleft of her cleavage. She smiled as she watched his eyes widen when her breasts were released sagging only a bit before she covered her reddened nipples with her fore arm when he reached for them rewarding him with a stiff slap.

“OWWW; THAT WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR MA’AM!!” Chad rubbed his cheek but his ego was bruised as the women began laughing and snickering. He stared over towards Sophie realizing that she’d gotten undressed while his eyes were on Wendy standing there with only a pair of white bikini panties. Her own 34DD’s stood proudly on her chest. Diane had taken a seat on one of the expensive French chairs masturbating while she watched the proceedings. Chad couldn’t believe his luck as Sophie wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him like a woman possessed. One of his hands palmed the lusty brunette’s right tit rolling the erect nipple. Wendy placed her heel on the seat scraping his thigh and draped her massive brassiere over his head like some sort of strange dunce’s cap.

“Suck my tits stud; show me you can do more with that mouth than offend people you lovely ignoramus!” Before he could retort Sophie drew his lips to her sweaty bosom running her fingers through his hair while Wendy crawled onto a large bed in one corner of the room. Diane was already moaning in one corner of the room and shamelessly rubbing and smacking her shaven mound with her palm. He was squeezing both of Sophie’s breasts roughly and pinching her nipples as his platinum blonde benefactor stood and shimmied out of her frock revealing her well-developed curves and long legs. Diane knelt and crawled over burying his thick straining cock in her mouth and running her tongue softly on the underside of his member while Wendy began running a single finger over her prominent clit.

“OOOOOOHH SHIT; YOU’RE SOOOO FUCKING GOOD MRS. HARTFORD!!”The platinum blonde bombshell and trophy wife had honed her skills of seduction over the years and was bringing them to bear on Chad’s prick using all ten of her fingers to massage him while she lightly licked the head. He did his best to thrust towards her plump lips but found himself continually entangled with Sophie Oderkirk who seemed to be going into some sort of frenzy. She was tightly wrapping her arms around his head forcing his lapping tongue away from the soft undersides of her full globes and against her abs. Before he knew it his head was being forced down towards her crotch.

“Chad darling you’re going to eat my pussy RIGHT NOW!!” She attempted to push her sex up against his mouth and he barely dodged her clean shaven pate.

“You’re hot as fuck but I already said that I don’t eat pussy.” Sophie couldn’t believe her ears while Diane discontinued her service to his cock sitting on the back of her calves.


“Shut up Sophie.” The English teacher’s attention was quickly directed at Wendy who was calmly reclining on the bed in the corner of the room. She had been rubbing herself the entire time Sophie had been yelling at the college scout and she looked amused.

“Hey kid; come over here.” Wendy directed her attention at the befuddled looking Chad Bostwick while she absentmindedly fondled one of her breasts and continued playing with herself.

“Ma’am?” Sophie had fallen quite silently brooding while Diane stood and walked over to the small bar on the other side of the room. Chad momentarily followed the easy sway and bounce of her perfect heart shaped ass as she sauntered in search of a drink.

“Eyes on the prize chump; come on over here and explain why you’re too good to go down on a woman.” Wendy licked her lips and spread her flower as he walked over to the foot of the bed. He looked down at her virtue at what was being offered before taking his cock in hand stroking it.

“You see ma’am; I’ve never had to use my mouth on any of the bitch-I mean I’ve always been able to please them quite well with my cock. I mean eh; nobody’s complained yet.” Sophie scoffed as she squatted retrieving her brassiere.

“Well I must admit that you do have a pretty decent cock and if what you say is true; I’ve just got to have a sample or demonstration of your prowess as it were asshole.” Chad knew deep down that he didn’t really believe the bullshit he’d been spewing and he knew that if he told the women that one of his frat pledges included never eating pussy; the afternoon would be a complete bust. The buff senior college student was cocksure that he could please three older women especially stuffy society hags like these three appeared to be.

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