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Another large faceless city, another large non-distinguished hotel, sometimes I just hate traveling for business. No one back home though, not since the divorce two years ago.

I stand at the window of my fifteenth-floor room and stare at the red taillights passing below. Horns blare and sirens pierce the warm evening. Something draws my eyes to a large window directly across the street with curtains pulled wide open. I blink and realize a woman’s naked body presses against the glass. A man, equally naked, stands behind with his hands roaming over her.

I watch with great interest, wondering if they know others are watching.

Her breasts flatten against the glass as he fills her from behind. Her lips kiss the glass, spread in a large ‘oh’, and smear the window with each thrust of the man.

I continue to watch unabashed, letting my hand hold the front of my trousers. I consider unzipping them and participating in the activities.

She looks at me. I know she is. I feel the look. She gives me a little wave and smiles. She glances back at the man. Her lips move as if tell him about me, and he waves too. I return a meek wave. With the need in my pants, I realize that I’ll probably throw the next woman I see to the floor and hump her to death.

I hear a cardkey slide in my door lock and a moment later, there is a metallic rap at the door. I reluctantly turn away from the show and adjust my erection before opening the door.

“What?” I say, slightly annoyed.

The woman begins speaking quickly without pause. “Ah, wrong room, sorry, I was just going to get some popcorn from the vending machine, so I could strip down, watch a smutty movie, ‘Lay It As It Plays’, great porn, on pay-per-view, have you seen it?”

I smile and take in the short, slim woman, probably in her early thirties, slightly younger than I am, with long curly brown hair and a thin white t-shirt covering large breasts. The dark skin around her nipples shows nicely. It is then I realize the left sleeve is empty and a prosthetic arm with a hook dangles from the other. The tan, soft cotton slacks drape her shapely hips nicely and black running shoes with Velcro tabs cover her feet.

After the show across the street and this woman’s great boobs, nothing else seems to matter. The armless quality does excite lingering fantasies that have always been with me. I recover from the pleasant journey over her body.

“Sounds like a great movie. We could watch it together.” I sneak another peak of all of her for a moment. “Stan’s the name.” I don’t bother to extend my hand thinking she wouldn’t be able to shake it anyway.

“Zoe. My sister and I are visiting the city for a few days. She’s pissed ’cause she wants to hit a few bars and all I want to do tonight is watch porn.” She laughs then looks me over as if to see if I present some danger. “Sure.”

I step out of the way and hold the door for her. She pulls with the hook at the bag of popcorn sticking from her pants pocket and hands it to me. I watch with interest.

“Let me ring my sis. She’ll be a happy camper.” She laughs then puts the handset of the phone on the desk and punches the keys with the tip of the hook before picking the handset back up.

“Connie, go on out to the bars. I’ve found someone to watch the movie with.” She listens. “Yeah, I’m sure he can help with that.” She listens, her eyes glancing at mine in an inviting way. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Yeah, 1538, that’s where you can find my bloody body if he’s an axe murderer.” She laughs heartily and hangs the phone up.

“Funny,” karabük escort I say.

She moves very close and stretches her lips towards mine. I lean down a little and we peck a small kiss a few times.

“It’s just a joke we have. We like to watch crime shows on TV, CSI and Law & Order, stuff like that.”

As we walk to the small kitchenette where the microwave is, I feel her hook scratch my back. I look at her and smile.

“God, you are beautiful.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” She giggles. “Sorry I’m not all here.” She giggles again, holding her hook up and shrugging her shoulder. “I’m a little independent, but my sis helps me quite a bit. I know she gets tired of helping me. She would love to have a life of her own … with some guy, probably any guy after tonight.” She groans.

“Like you told her, I can help.”


The microwave beeps and I take the bag out then pull it open. The thick buttery smell wafts past our faces. I see her take a deep breath.

“Nothing like popcorn and a friend to make a movie better,” I say.

“Yeah-h,” she drawls walking to the couch and sitting near the middle leaving a small place for me so I will be close.

I sit and look at her. She looks back in a wanton manner before letting her lips kiss mine. I feel her tongue knocking, wanting to be let in. I let it and the warm sensual rush fills every pore. A breast brushes against my arm and I take the other in my hand feeling the nipple react nicely to my touch.

“Oh-h yeah,” she moans into my mouth. “You know what I like.”

My hand slithers under the fabric and holds the bare breast letting my thumb dance over the small bumps around the nipple as it swells even more.

“Who needs porn,” I tease.

“Honey, baby. We can make our own.” She laughs and pulls back slightly. “Or we could get naked and see if there are any new moves in the movie.” She laughs again.

I take in the way the t-shirt lays hiked over one full, firm breast then lean down and suckle the rounded orb, my hand holds and moves it around slightly.

“One of my better parts.”

“I haven’t seen other parts … yet. I bet everything is delicious.”

“I need a little help undressing and all.”

I pull her t-shirt past the armless shoulder and over her head, then along the plastic arm and past the hook. She looks at a Velcro tab on a strap near her shoulder. I pull at it and then remove the arm from the stump and the cable stretched across her back.

I look for a moment. She flaps the stump a few times.

“Not so bad, is it?” she quizzes.

“Quite lovely.”

“Really? You’re just saying that because….”

“No, honest, you are lovely.”

I pull at the snap on her trousers and start to unzip them.

“Wait, Stan.”

“What? I thought we were going to get naked.”

“I want to, really, I do. There is something else about me that is not as obvious as my arms.”

“I’m not sure I care. I want my mouth all over you.”

“That does sound exciting … and you will.”

“And not just ’cause you are willing to get naked with me.”

“Stan, I understand. Listen, I need to say this so you won’t be too shocked. Ah, I’m missing both my legs.”

“Wow!” I roar, in a happy tone. “Great!”

“You sound like this is something that you’ve thought about before, being with a woman without limbs.”

“Would that make me a ‘bad’ person?”

“Of course not.”

I sigh briefly. “For a moment, I thought I’d fucked up for sure.” I snicker.

“No, karaman escort Stan. I don’t know why I just happened to accidentally knock on your door tonight, maybe fate, but I think we will have a nice time. I hope so.”

She lies back on the couch as I slip the pants past her hips. I unfasten each prosthetic leg and remove them leaving the pants and legs in a pile on the floor. I look at her and I pull the black boy-cut panties past short leg stumps of different length, taking in the lack of hair over her lovely mound. My hands caress the leg stumps for a moment.

“A little asymmetry is nice,” she teases. “Do I have enough stumps for you?” She laughs and wiggles the two leg stumps and one arm stump. “Sorry about the armless shoulder … no stump there … just nothing.”

“Oh god-d Zoe, I couldn’t have wished for anything else. Everything about you is a dream.”

“Yeah, I glad. I don’t mind.”

I lean down and take a slow lick through her slit, enjoying the taste. Her clitoris begs from hood and I welcome it into view with my lips.

“Oh god-d,” she moans, as I roll the swelling bud between my lips. I reach up and fondle a breast with one hand and the shorter leg stump with the other. “Oh-h god-d,” she moans. “Make me come, then carry me to the bed. I want to have you in my mouth.”

The popcorn grows cold. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the couple across the street, against the window again. I am in my own heaven.

Her hips writhe in pleasure as my fingers roam inside her, and my lips suckle her clitoris. The arm stump slaps against the cushion a few times. Her breasts sway.

“Fucking-g good,” she softly screams.

Her crotch drives hard against my face, rubbing, grinding, and looking for something almost found. I grip her sweet cheeks with one hand, leaving fingers from the other deep inside. The longer leg stump strolls along my face, soon joined by it shorter sister. She squeezes them both against my face as the lost climax is found.

“Ah, ah,” she begins repeating wildly, leaving her crotch tight against me for a long moment. “Ah,” she continues, then falls limp under my face.

My hands cuddle here and there, as she relaxes. Her wonderful breasts call to me and I fondle them as I look across her stomach through the cleavage to her smile.

“Honey, you sure know your way around my body.”

“I love how little is left.”

“Oh yeah? You say the sweetest things. Do you have any favorite parts so far?”

“Well-l, you pussy is most tasty.”

“Of my stumps, which one do you like the most?”

I grip and playfully shake the shorter leg stump. “This one, if I had to pick just one. I do like that you are missing most of each limb.”

“Yeah-h … thanks for enjoying that.”

“Do you?”

“Yes. I know it sounds strange to feel that way. Yes, I do enjoy being this way, even if no one else so far has.”

“Do you always wear your prosthetic limbs?”

“No. Well, I often wear my hook so I am not completely helpless. I have a powered wheelchair when I don’t wear my legs. I even drive a van.” She laughs. “Lots of hardware to my life.”

“I’m glad you knocked on my door.”

“Really? I am too.”

I scoop her into my arms and waltz towards the bed with her leaning sweetly against my chest, my hand cradling her ass. I pause and pull her lips against mine, driving my tongue deep a few times. I glance across the street at the couple and they wave. I leave the curtains open as I lay Zoe on the bed, then undress.

I lay next to her, kars escort holding her close, our mouths enjoying each other. I don’t miss having a woman’s hands touching me, or her feet playing with mine. I think about what it would be like to be with her all the time and realize how truly turned on she leaves me.

“Hmmm, someone’s cock is at the ready,” she teases. “There’s enough time for that later.”

I twist around and pull her tender pink skin around my tongue as she engulfs the swollen cock head and toys with the skin stretch tight. Her lips wander down the shaft and back up, then down again as my fingertip circles her swollen bud, batting tenderly at it. My lips tease and kiss it as several fingers slip though the honey covered lips, searching for the spot.

Her teeth scrape the shaft letting me know I have found it. A soft moan washes over the shaft as I press firmly. For a moment, she releases me and groans deeply a few times.

“Oh Stan, oh Stan. I love being touched there.”

I continue until she begs me to let go. The honey pours from the opening across the short patch of skin to her asshole. I lick her clean and more appears. I lick as she resumes the pleasures for my shaft.

Her head bobs and her lips tighten. It feels different not having my balls fondled as Sandra begrudgingly used to do. This is nicer.

Before I can stop, she sucks firmly, and I blow a stream. I hear her gulp, almost a gag, then I do another. Now she gulps and drinks my cream as I continue to spill more.

I look back and she is laughing as a large drop rolls around her chin. I realize she has no way to stop it and I reach over with a finger. She laughs again and I push another drop away.

“Don’t waste it.” She smiles and swipes her tongue along her lower lip. I offer her my finger and she sucks it clean.

“Yummy, yummy.” She smiles and then kisses me. “I could go for that all the time … love oral most of all.”

“Interesting, me too. You have a particularly great taste. I was married for a while, she had all her limbs, drat, and she didn’t like me going down on her. I had to beg her to suck me.”


I laugh and fondle her mound.

“I like that you found my g-spot … great climaxes. Did she like that?”

“Not really. She was pretty much just a ‘guy on top, cock in pussy, once a week, thank you ma’am’, kind of gal.”

“Oh hell. I hope you aren’t that way.”

“Goodness, no. I love to come several times a night, at least.” I laugh. “That would be a ‘bad’ night.” I laugh again.

“My, my, music to my ears. Masturbation is not my strong suit anymore.” She snickers and rubs the arm stump against my face. “But I do love orgasms. Is that why you left her?”

“That, and … ah, my thing about missing limbs.” I smile.

“You mean that … about the missing limbs? I thought you were just being nice before.”

“I do hope you don’t mind, but yeah, I have always fantasized about being with someone like you. Always.”

“Well, well. Here I am.”

I step out of bed and glance out the window. They are there again. He is slamming against her hips. Her mouth kisses the glass. I close the drapes, and then walk back.

Zoe watches me, my waning erection bobbing with each step. “Honey, I need to pee.”

I carry to her the toilet and listen as the stream falls into the water. “One of the hazards of being with me.” She snickers. It stops and I wipe her dry. Her lips peck a ‘thank you’ on my neck as I lift her again.

“It’s okay, it is one of the pleasures of being with you,” I say.

I feel her arm stump rub my chest as we near the bed. We lay together and I pull Zoe close letting my renewed erection slip inside.

“Oh, Stan-n,” she moans.

“Stay the night,” I offer. “Maybe stay forever … if you want.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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