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How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 05

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Days had passed since I fell into a drunken state of love with Jake. I slowly began to sober up. Gosh, I can’t believe I was so reckless and childlike in the way we fell in love. I was hooked on this beastly man within less than a week, madly in love and in a state of lustful debauchery for days. He’s been inside me over a dozen times before I even asked his last name! This made me feel so slutty.

Despite our addiction to each other, we weren’t out to get all hard core. We enjoyed vanilla loving, with Jake loving me like a gentleman in missionary position or occasionally from behind. He was very romantic, cuddling and kissing me often, making sure that I feel loved and safe in prison. We became the talk of the prison, the first actual consensual prison couple. Some looked at us with lust, some with hatred and envy. We didn’t care.

Overtime we got to know each other well. Jake was never good at school, and always wanted to get into construction. Unemployment led him to become a car hijacker and mugger. Some of the crimes he was in for, he actually did, while others were pinned on him. Upon entering prison he quickly made a reputation for himself by taking bitches, committing rape and assault, all so that others see him as dangerous and leave him alone. Yet deep down, all he wanted was an honest life.

We spoke at length each night about our lives, comforting each other as we narrated our stories. We both squeezed in my single bed each night, no matter how hot it got. My man could sweat like a horse, but I didn’t care. I’d gotten so used to him, that I needed him with me each night. As hot as he felt, he would never leave me either. We needed each other. He’d gotten so used to having me in his arms, caressing each other, our dicks gently rubbing at each other as we cuddled and kissed and chatted at night.

As prisoners we were to conduct regular manual labour. Greedy businessmen benefitted from our free labour. casino şirketleri Our prison had specialised in furniture manufacture. Being a lawyer and a cluts, I was all but useless at it. When it was our turn to participate, I would merely assist Jake, who would do all the actual work. The guards trusted us enough to leave us to our work.

This month we were to make an L-shaped couch. Jake looked so sexy doing carpentry. In his old faded jeans and dull vest, he’d be putting everything together. I made lemonade regularly for him. It was a tiring job. In the end, as soon as he had finished, he sat and sank into the couch he built. The long L-shape enabled him to recline comfortably. We still had about an hour to go till the guards came to check on us again. I decided to spoil my man. I felt to sorry for him, all exhausted.

“Here honey, have another glass while I test the couch with you,” I said as I handed him a glass of lemonade.

“Thanks baby. You want to test the couch?” asked Jake.

“Oh yeah,” I replied as I got on top of him, leaning down and rubbing his chest with my fingers. I massaged his chest, moving my hands up to his neck and hairy cheeks. He was so majestic. I felt his dick bulged up through his jeans from under me. I leaned down to kiss his lips, and then let him sip his drink as I unbuckled his pants and slowly unzipped him. I kissed his dick with his underwear still on, caressing it, and rubbing my face against it. He moaned like a lazy beast, like a lion that just woke up.

I dropped his pants and underwear to reveal his thick long dick. It wreaked so pungently. It was sweaty, salty, spicy. Mmm I loved it! I spread his hairy legs and began licking his shaft, going right down to his hairy balls buried beneath his thick bush. I can’t believe I like this dirty hairy thing! I caressed his thighs gently as I licked him and took his balls in my mouth. With the heat of his hard work, his sack casino firmaları was spread and hanging low. I got carried away trying to suck his balls as deep into my mouth as I could. It pained a little for him, but he bore it. His dick was so veiny, and began throbbing. I closed my eyes as I rubbed myself devotedly upon his dick.

When my lust and emotion for him takes over, I feel so submissive. My sweet handsome man. His smell makes me feel like worshipping him. I rubbed his dick all over my face and rest it upon my head in submission and love for him as I caress his strong hard legs.

“Get over here!”, he demanded as he finished his lemonade.

“Yes sir!”, I replied teasingly as I dropped my pants and got on top of him. I pushed his shirt up and ran my hands over his chest and nipples as I kissed him deeply.

“I love you Jake. Don’t ever forget it,” I whispered to him. I then directed his big hard dick upward and sat upon it.

I’m never unlubed when I’m with my man. I’m always ready for him. He was extra slippery from the sweat and oil of his body after a hard days work. His dick pushed up into me as I sat upon him.

We took it slow, and held hands as I sat down upon him, enjoying his dick rubbing the inside of my bum. For a while I just sat still taking in the feeling, processing the sensation of a hard dirty hairy dick up my smooth clean bum.

“You’re beautiful baby,” Jake said as he gazed at me upon him, legs spread and his dick deep inside my rectum. His sweet words made me wana love him more. I began riding him, in a galloping motion as if I were riding a horse. It was so mesmerising! His dick rubbing in and out, rubbing the walls of bum inside, I loved it! He began to caress me and rub my chest and squeeze my nipples. He made me feel like a beautiful woman! I grabbed his hand and made him massage my nipples more. He rubbed his hand down my chest and torso and began stroking my hard dick. güvenilir casino I was losing my mind.

“Ah! Aw baby I love you! I can’t get enough of this!” I moaned. His dick was long enough that I could lean down and kiss his lips without it popping out of me. He felt amazing. I was determined to make him erupt in me and I moved upon him more vigorously. I closed my eyes and moved rapidly upon him. I felt like I was in another world as I rode him. I could feel the sweat running down my back. I arched backwards, my bum bulging over his dick. The head of his dick kept touching a sweet spot inside of me and I was going crazy!

“Ahh! Oh Daniel ah!” Jake groaned. He began to sit up and I felt as if I was sitting on his lap riding him. He kissed me hard. He wrapped his strong arms around me and made me ride deeper upon him. I wrapped my legs around his torso, feeling his hairy bum. I felt his lemony breath on me as he breathed heavier and heavier. And then with little warning my lover held me down firmly upon his dick and erupted in me. Jake shot up into me. The walls of my soft bum could feel his dick throb as it erupted. It was so much and he erupted so hard that for a while I had felt as if he suddenly got a whole lot bigger in me. I felt so hot inside! My legs wrapped around him tightly. I continued riding hard as I felt him throb in me.

With his dick satiating my addiction to him, I leaned into him, drenched in sweat, holding him tightly. He wrapped his thick arms around me. I didn’t even erupt, but it was enough. He had satisfied me plenty.

“Getting like me now baby?” Jake asked teasingly, alluding to my sweat which bathed his whole crotch after running down me.

“Hah! No ways. You’re too big for me to drown you like how you drown me!” I teased back.

He romantically kissed my forehead and my eyes, going down to my soft cheeks.

I rested my head on his chest. It felt good to be on top of him. I mean, he’s obviously my man. But I kinda felt like an empowered woman riding her boyfriend. Our time was soon over and the couch was tested and ready to be sold, though with a highly masculine scent suspiciously present!

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