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How Much Do You Think I Would Bring

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It could not have begun more innocently., Eileen had walked on on a porno I was watching. The scene was of a wife auction. My own sweet wife watched for a while, obviously caught up in the fantasy, turned to look at me and said,

“How much do you think I would bring, darling?”

Eileen is gorgeous. She turns heads everywhere we go. She is five foot seven with long lithe legs surmounted by a succulent buttocks. Her long brown hair flows to the middle of her back and she has nice tits and lovely flat tummy. All of my friends call me the luckiest bastard alive. Winning Eileen was my greatest hail Mary pass. I’m not the handsomest guy in the world, but I made it clear to Eileen that she was my universe. I dated her with an intensity that bordered on monomaniacal and despite, intense competition from better looking guys with thicker wallets, I was the one who walked Eileen down the aisle.

I pictured Eileen upon a stage and knew that she would bring in more than I made in a year. I answered her question honestly,

“Honey, If you were to hit the stage and go up for auction I would never be able to afford to buy you. You would sell for more than twice I make in a year, easily.”

Eileen looked at me, contemplated my words and replied,

“Do you really think so?”

“Without question dearest.”

Eileen then got a far away look on her face and said,

“Pity that we can’t test that sentiment, isn’t it darling?”

“Definitely Eileen, definitely.”

My wife then left the room and I thought no more about the scenario. Well that is not quite true, after that I regularly jerked off to the image of my wife, naked on stage, being bid upon. It was a pleasant fantasy but one I knew that could never transpire. I pushed the idea to the recesses of my mind. Life moved on.

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan. My employer lost several large government contracts. I did not lose my job but I did get my pay cut by over a third. Eileen worked for one of my company’s subcontractors and she DID lose her job. We tried beating the bushes for part time and full time jobs but nothing turned up.

Needless to say our bills began to pile up. In no time our savings were depleted. I was very close to cashing in what was left of my 401 K and we were making plans to sell the house when Eileen decided to act. It was a Saturday. I had just spent another fruitless day looking for a part time job to try and make up for the deficit when Eileen greeted me with a serious look, took my hand and led me to the living room.

“We need to talk, honey.” was all she said. I could tell by her entire demeanor that it was vitally important that I pay attention to every word.

My wife gave me a kiss, handed me a beer and began to speak.

“George, DO NOT say anything until I have finished talking. I have done some extensive searching on the internet and I think, no, I KNOW that I have a solution to our problems. I got the idea from the pornographic film I watched with you. I recalled how much you said that I would bring on the auction block. Well I have been in contact with certain parties and they share your opinion. In fact I could bring far MORE than you thought. For a one year contract I could earn as much money as you USED to make in five! It certainly has more appeal than struggling just to get by.

With that money we could pay off this house, put a lot in the bank and indulge in some luxuries. After the year it would not matter if things never picked up at your work, we would be able to thrive on your salary indefinitely. There is a downside, you would be deprived of my company for a year, but I would spend every day once I was back in your arms making up for my absence. You would have an even better wife in a year.”

Eileen stopped speaking but a smile remained upon her face. She looked angelic.

“Are you out of your mind Eileen? Parading naked on a stage being sold for a year to God knows what kind of pervert. You CAN’T be serious dearest.”

“They carefully screen their clients. I will no be abused or permanently marked. I WILL have to give the client all of the sex he or she wants but I know that going in. You should read the testimonials from women who have made use of this company. There is karşıyaka escort nothing seedy about it. It is a fantasy fulfillment outlet and nothing more. Do you really want to slave away for the pittance you are making now? How long can we hold on if things stay the way they are?. You will get half the money up front and the second half when my term of service is over; just like a book advance.”

Eileen had a determined look in her eye, but I tried putting my foot down anyway,

“Honey, you CAN’T do this. Things will even out in the long run. You also have no way of believing that those people, whoever you have been in contact with, will return you after your year is up. I’ll probably never see you again and you will end up being forced to suck cock and take it up the butt until whoever buy you tires of you and sells you again or kills you. Further even IF I was willing to let you do this how would we explain your absence for a year?”

“They take care of that as well. For me, I can say I went to take care of Aunt Ida who is ill and needs care. No one but you will know that Aunt Ida does not need my help. They create convincing cover stories with documents, internet presence and an occasional real phone call from me.”

“Yes and they can just as easily ‘disappear’ you forever the same way! There is NO way I am letting you do this, darling!”

“George, if that is how you feel I CAN do this alone!”

“What do you mean?” I asked her fearfully.

“Just what I said, darling, There is very little tying me to you and this house. I have no job and your income is certainly not what it was. I COULD enter service as a separated or divorced woman!”

“Eileen, you love me! How can you say that?”

“Yes I DO love you George, a great deal. But I also like some of the finer things in life. I would also like children. We could afford them on your old salary, but NOT on your current one. We have talked about starting a family nest year. Imagine the good things we could give our kids with the money I could earn. Kids are impossible unless your income rebounds and that is not likely with all of the pentagon cut backs. If I was single the money would go into escrow until my term of employment was over.’

I was growing increasingly flustered. “You speak about this like its just an ordinary job. It is illegal and there is no way to guarantee your safety.”

“We are not guaranteed that we can cross the street without being mowed down by a random drunk driver either! Its a calculated risk and I am prepared to take it. As to it legality. Our society has produced more moralistic busybodies and Carrie Nations than is good for us. In twenty years this will be legal just about everywhere!”

“OK OK,” I sputtered, “for sake of argument I agree to this why should I be celibate for a year?”

“George the payment is for your lack of consortium as well as my participation. Jerk off! If you absolutely HAVE to hit Craig’s List and find a local professional. But, keep in mind, I promise you that the sex we have when I return will blow your mind!”

Eileen and I conversed long into the night. Eileen met my every objection until I ran out of arguments. With tremendous reservations I agreed. Eileen was so happy she sucked me off, swallowed every drop, worked me erect once more and let me take a rare trip down the Hersey highway.

“Here is a deal you can’t refuse George,” she said at last, “after my year of service I will be YOUR slave for my first year back home. WHATEVER you suggest, no matter how kinky, I promise you that I will not say no. I’ll even put that in writing, honey.”

I was still feeling qualms when we met representatives of the “company.” He was a well dressed businessman and she was a very beautiful veteran of the program. Their office was well maintained and in an expensive complex in the big city. They could tell that I had reservations and they spent a great deal of their time easing them. Knowing that my wife’s mind was made up and terrified of losing her forever, I finally signed the forms they placed in front of me. Eileen signed hers as well and then disappeared into a back room studio to be photographed in the nude by the female employee of the company. Eileen kartal escort had sent them bikini shots of her that I had taken, but they “needed better images for the catalog.”

I was limp and frazzled when I returned to our hotel with Eileen. My wife did everything she could to soothe my fears. Her sexual performance that night excelled even our honeymoon. As she came down from her orgasmic high Eileen said,

“Just wait ’til I get back. I will have learned so many new tricks, it will be like you get a brand new wife!”

At last I slipped away to dream land. I wish i could tell you that my sleep was untroubled.

The next month crawled along. The wolf came closer and closer to our door but we persevered on.Eileen was given a very through examination by a doctor the company chose. Eileen said that he was very nice and friendly, that made us both feel a bit better. I still got cases of the jitters, but each case was less powerful than the previous one, still I was nervous wreck I threw myself into my work. Eileen made love to me like she did the first six months that we were married. I realized how much I would miss her sweet form and succulent pussy. Even though they were expected, I still found the arrival of our plane and limousine tickets to the sale venue a shock.

Eileen settled her affairs. Not a single person on the planet questioned her Aunt Ida excuse. She canceled her magazine subscriptions and made sure all of her books had been returned to the library. I did not like the seeming finality of events like this.

The plane flight was first class all the way with an open bar and french cuisine. It was a private plane carrying me, two other wives and husbands and a couple that consisted of two sisters. The older sister was chaperoning the younger one. All of the women on the plane were as staggeringly beautiful as Eileen. The women all seemed excited while the husbands and the older sister could not quite mask their butterflies. The “company” certainly did not look like a fly by night operation. We landed in Miami hours later. It was well past dark when we arrived and our small plane was shunted to a darkened area of the airport.

A line of limousines soon appeared and each couple in turn exited the aircraft and entered a luxurious car. I had worn my best suit. Eileen looked smashing in her simple black dress. She knew that she would be nude on stage but she felt like dressing up for the occasion anyway. I noticed that the windows of the limo were darkened. Opaque removable plastic had been placed over the passenger windows and the rear windows. The divider between the driver and passenger seat was also black.

“There is no turning back now.” said Eileen. I could not make out the emotion in her voice. Perhaps some of my scare stories were now circulating about her brain as well. We opened the champaign, drank a toast to each other, the year ahead, and most importantly to the year after this one. We had just finished our first glass when our chauffer announced over the intercom,

“Mr. And Mrs. Hampton, we will be at our destination in approximately forty-five minuets. You had best say your goodbyes now.” After a pause he stated, “Don’t worry Mr. Hampton, we’ll have her back in a year, right as rain.”

Soft music filled the passenger compartment and we held each other close. Eileen gave me one last blow job. I tried to savor every moment as I watched her soft brown hair slide gently up and down. When Eileen finished, she faced me opened her mouth to reveal my seed, she winked, closed her mouth and swirled my cum around her mouth several times before she swallowed every drop and gave me an incandescent grin. We had time for some wonderful kisses and some great necking before the limo pulled to a stop.

Both doors of the limo opened simultaneously. Two large gentlemen smiled at me and one of them said,

“Step this way Mr. Hampton.”

Simultaneously two equally large men appeared at Eileen’s door,

“Step this way Mrs. Hampton.” one of the men said to my wife. We exchanged the briefest of kisses and allowed ourselves to be separated.

I quickly lost sight of Eileen immediately. I was led to a balcony above what I immediately kastamonu escort understood was the selling floor. Suddenly I realized that this box had been sound proofed. There was speaker so we could hear what was going on. I gathered that the “company” did not want husbands or boyfriends to be heard by their women, causing them to get last minute cold feet.

The other husbands from the plane as well as the older sister shared the box with me. There were also men whom I had never seen before. The look on their faces said “HUSBAND” in capital letters. We were made comfortable. Fine cigars and either beer or wine were distributed to all of us. Even the older sister accepted a stogie.

A large handsome man strode into our box and told us what to expect. None of the information was new, it was however immensely frightening for all of us. The tension in the room was practically visible. About a half hour after we had settled into our seats several very attractive women entered our box. They were obviously models. They all wore identical sexy red dresses. Each of them handed us a small box and left.

I opened the box which had been handed to me and my heart fell. Inside was everything Eileen had been wearing back in the limousine. Sitting on top in a separate jewelry box was Eileen’s wedding band and engagement ring! The presentation of these boxes cause some grumbling amongst us. Our host quieted us down,

“Gentlemen, you are here as a courtesy. If ANY of you becomes unruly you will be expelled fro the premises and will receive your checks in the mail.”

A short time later the stage lights went up. Even the guys afraid to watch were glued to the proceedings. I recognized the Master of Ceremonies. I can’t say that I enjoyed his motion pictures but, somehow I had seen most of his movies. He cracked a few jokes and warmed up the crowd. He seemed to have real talent for that. After a half hour of his shtick he introduced the auctioneer, who took a bow, strode over to the podium and then the spotlight hit the first woman up for sale.

She was gorgeous, an ivory skinned, green-eyed redhead. Behind her, projected on the wall, were nude photos of her. I assumed that the came from the catalog. The bidding began. I could not believe the figures I heard. She sold for millions of dollars.

The next wife to hit the stage belonged to the man next to me. The tension was too much for him. He ran to the window of our box and yelled, “Lucille!” repeatedly and banged on the glass. His tirade lasted only a minute or so before three burly guys pinned his arms behind his back, gagged him and led him from the room. I understood exactly how he felt. The rest of us shrugged and continued to watch the doings below.

Eileen was the fifth to hit the stage. On the one hand I took pride in how quickly her price rose on the other hand I was completely appalled at what was happening. If anything, the lighting made her look even more beautiful. I took a look at the photographs being projected behind her. Never had Eileen looked lovelier. Unlike some of the wives, she flashed a dazzling smile. Even from the distance I was I could see the glisten of the juices in her now hairless pussy. The tension as her auction price continued to climb almost made me woozy. At last she went fro a fraction under twenty million dollars. My cut would be six million dollars. Three million tonight and the rest a year from now when, Eileen was returned to me. I prayed that she WOULD be returned to me. To be honest the money was not foremost on my mind. I saw Eileen kneel on a satin curtain on the stage and two hooded men approached her. On of them had a collar in his hands. The other hooded person parted Eileen’s long hair and the collar was affixed about her neck. A leash was fastened to Eileen’s collar and she was led out of the spotlight into the darkness of the rest of the stage and into the hands of her “owner.”

I began to quietly weep. I was not a distraction so I was permitted to remain in my seat. I lost interest in seeing any other woman sold. I was lost in my world of personal grief until the house lights came on and we occupants of the box were escorted out. I was handed a cashiers’ check drawn on a Swiss bank.

Dumbly I looked at it. I had to be asked several times if the amount on it was correct. At last I came out of my fog. I acknowledged the figure and pocketed the check. As I was led back towards my limo, I re-opened the box of Eileen’s effects. I inhaled deeply of her scent and perfume and wondered anew if we had made the biggest mistake of our lives.

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