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I Agree, It Must Have Been Love

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A special thanks to David450 for his help in editing this story. Great input David!!

Thanks to PinkIris for her input and guidance.


As Brad boarded the aircraft he managed a fake smile and a nod to the overly cheerful flight attendant. After throwing his backpack in the overhead compartment, he fell into his window seat and pulled out his phone to check the e-mail account he and Eliza set up. He wanted another look at the photos that they had taken together. He missed her immensely. Although he promised himself that he would not allow her into his heart, she easily managed to secure a large portion of it. That portion is now a big black hole in his heart. The separation was not easy on either of them, but had to be done in order for her to move on to the bigger and better things he knew she would achieve. She also needed a man that she could keep forever and that was not possible in their relationship.

It was suppose to have been all about sex, but it rarely is in a relationship that goes on for months and then over a year. He pulled out his i-phone and opened up the first photo and examined her long blond hair and shapely body. Brad closed his eyes and easily recalled the feeling of her soft hair as he ran his fingers through it. Why was he torturing himself he thought as his heart sunk deeper in his chest? He opened the second photo that showed off her perfectly round butt. Most men first noticed her large breasts but Brad was drawn first to her crystal blue eyes and, when she turned around, her toned legs and perfect ass. Enough suffering, no need to agonize over the rest of the photos of the two of them in various stages of undress.

Brad turned off his phone and looked up to see a brunette throwing her bag in the overhead and then taking the aisle seat. She paid him no attention to him at all, not even a smile. Brad thought about how Eliza would tell him that he was handsome and just about every girl checked him out. He was in great shape for his age and was described by Eliza as handsome. Well the brunette certainly wasn’t one of those women he thought. It wasn’t long before the plane pushed back and they were rolling down the runway becoming airborne. Brad didn’t sleep well the night before and counted on getting some sleep on the flight. He dozed off every now and then and before he knew it they had landed. Brad grabbed his bag, gave another forced smile and nod to the flight attendant and deplaned.

He made his way through the masses in the terminal to baggage claim. As he waited for the carousel to start he looked around at the crowd and identified some very attractive women. The desire for Eliza to hold him and make love to him was heavy on his mind and he wondered if there was another woman out there with Eliza’s charm and sexuality. The buzz of the carousel startled him and Brad became focused on looking for his bag. As he watched the luggage drop onto the belt he felt two arms wrap around his waist. His immediate reaction was to grab the hands before they became clasped and in control of his body but Brad immediately identified the hands as feminine and recognized a familiar ring on the right ring finger. Eliza?? He slowly turned finding her standing there behind him. In shock he just stood there looking at her for what seemed like an eternity.

“Well,” Eliza said. “You going to say hello or something? And I am stressing the ‘something’!” With Brad still in a state of shock, Eliza took it upon herself to say hi and while on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss. No response.

“Annie, Annie, are you ok?” Eliza said laughing at the initial step to access the consciousness of a person learned in first aid courses. “Quick, go for help.” she said as she laughed displaying her glistening white teeth.

In no time Brad wrapped his strong arms around her luscious body and returned her kiss, tasting the Sweet-mint Orbits gum she always indulged in. While almost squeezing the life out of her, he held onto her as if she had just saved him from a burning building. As their lips pressed together – igniting further the hidden passion that they had for each other. Brad picked her up and swung her around. With his eyes closed, Brad cherished the feeling once again of her body against his. He didn’t want to release her but after a long minute Eliza’s two feet were back on the ground. Brad broke the kiss and released her from his vice like arms.

Happily surprised, Brad asked “What are you doing here?”

“I am picking you up.” Eliza replied with gangbang porno her beautiful smile.

Although Brad heard her words they did not register as he was so absorbed with her pretty blue eyes and her beautiful face. Eliza snapped her fingers twice.

“Earth to Brad, earth to Brad! Grab your luggage and follow me.”

Brad immediately retrieved his luggage from the belt and followed Eliza, his eyes glued to her shapely butt swaying back and forth under the light fabric of her tight skirt. As they reached her car she opened the trunk for him to put in his bags. Brad got in the car and as Eliza stuck the keys in the ignition he tapped her on the shoulder. When she faced him, Brad gently took her cheeks into his hands and once again gazed into her blue eyes. He then leaned forward and kissed her soft full lips with a long, ‘missed you’ kiss. He broke the kiss and once again looked into her eyes. Eliza smiled and started the car. It wasn’t long before Eliza guided the car out of the airport and onto the parkway. In no time they were at her apartment.

“Leave your bags in the car” she said as she exited the vehicle and walked towards the apartment. She opened the door and after a short ride in the elevator, they were in her apartment. On the table was a bottle of wine and two glasses. Brad heard the door close behind him and the lock being turned. He turned to see Eliza standing thee with a salacious look on her face. She waked toward him and took his hand, leading him to the couch. They sat down and she poured two glasses of wine. The clinking sound of two glasses coming together was deafening in the silence of the apartment. They both took a sip of the wine. Brad, still in a daze, was speechless.

“You ok?” Eliza asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Brad responded. “Just still in a state of shock, that’s all.”

They talked for a long time, getting caught up on what each other had been up to as well as other topics of interest. Their conversation, like those in the past, was easy – filled with occasional laughter and natural. After a while Eliza put down her glass and unbuttoned the top button of Brad’s shirt. She looked at him while she continued to unfasten each button until she reached his belt. Her soft hands parted the cloth and came to rest on his chest. Eliza’s hands easily glided over the soft hair that covered his chest and then made their way up to his shoulders. Brad savored Eliza’s seductive touch, a touch he longed for some time.

“Still keeping in shape I see.” Eliza said.

Brad had one hundred questions but was speechless as Eliza’s soft lips once again closed in on his. This time their mouths parted and their tongues touched and swirled around creating a jolt of electricity that they often shared. With Eliza’s hands gripping his shoulders, her tongue slowly danced around his, Brad could feel the excitement growing in his trousers. His penis reacted as it always did when in close contact with Eliza. She broke the long kiss and took the glass from his hand. She drained it and put it on the table. Her hands made their way back to his shoulders and pushed his shirt back and halfway down his arms. She then pushed him back on the couch until his back was firmly planted on the couch, pinning his arms behind him.

Brad watched as Eliza, with her left knee planted firmly on the couch, swung her right leg over his waist straddling him. Her skirt now bunched up around her waist, Brad looked at her toned smooth legs. He never knew what an attractive young women like Eliza saw in him, but he was happy that she saw something.

“Mmmm” Eliza moaned while admiring his muscular pecks and abs. Brad was hot, no two ways about it, Eliza thought to herself.

With his chest totally exposed and his arms secured behind him by his shirt Eliza stated “My, it is hot in here.” She slowly and teasingly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her ample breasts secured by the black bra she wore in their photo shoot.

The contrast between the black material and her creamy white breasts did more to stir Brad’s member. Eliza placed her hands on each side of Brad’s head and leaned forward until his cheeks were firmly pressed between her breasts. Brad parted his lips and let his tongue make contact with her skin causing her to shudder. Brad’s tongue left a moist trail as it roamed up over the top of her right breast resulting in a deep sigh from Eliza. Brad let his tongue travel over both of Eliza’s now heaving breasts. Every so often he would plant soft kisses along the czech harem porno way. Eliza braced herself with her left hand on the back of the couch while her right hand ran through his short brown hair. Brad’s mouth and tongue eagerly traveled to the base of her neck and then up the side until he was able to nibble on her earlobe with his teeth, eliciting a low moan. Brad detected her excitement from her heaving breasts and rapid breathing. Every so often she would let out a soft moan of enjoyment as he continued to caress her neck, working his way down to her breast with his tongue and lips.

Finally Eliza grabbed a handful of Brad’s hair, pulling his head back from her breast. “Stay.” she commanded as she wiggled her butt backwards until she was off of his thigh and now standing before him. She leaned forward and undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. With her index finger and thumb firmly grasping his zipper, she slowly pulled it down to the base.

“Lift your butt.” Eliza directed.

As Brad did so, she slid his trousers and underwear down his thighs and over his knees until they came to rest around his ankles. Brad’s hard on escaped his briefs, making a slapping sound as it hit and bounced off of his abdomen a few times before coming to a rest. Every so often it would bob as the blood rushed through it. As Eliza knelt before him Brad began to object. As he struggled to free his arms, Eliza asked him to sit back and not deny her the pleasure she was seeking.

With her delicate touch, Eliza gently grasped Brad’s pulsating member. She made and then maintained eye contact with Brad as she lowered her head to his throbbing penis. Brad gazed into her blue eyes with anticipation as she opened her mouth. He could feel her hot breath on his penis before it disappeared between her lips. Eliza maintained eye contact as her warm wet mouth enclosed around him. When Eliza’s soft tongue swirled around the head of his penis Brad moaned in pleasure. Eliza watched as Brad’s eyes rolled back in his head and close as she sucked him into her mouth.

Eliza’s lips glided effortlessly down his shaft until Brad’s soft pubic hair came into contact with her nose. Brad could feel the head of his pulsating member hit the back of her throat and then travel slowly back over her tongue until the rim hit the inside of her lips. No woman could match Eliza for satisfying a man in this manner of sexual pleasure. A slow swirl of her tongue over the head made Brad squirm on the couch. Eliza repeated this technique several times until his squirming became more obvious and dramatic. She looked up at Brad, unable to move his arms or get off the couch; she was in total control of him. Eliza could hear his soft moans of approval and words of encouragement.

“Oh yes.” Brad said as he writhed in pleasure. Eliza was not without excitement herself as she felt her own juices begin to ooze from the lips of her aching vagina. The pleasure was enhanced by the fact that Brad could not move his arms. She had total control over Brad, he was hers.

Brad’s stirrings indicated that he was close to coming and although it would have been wonderful to feel him reach orgasm in her mouth, Eliza wanted them to cum together. Eliza slowly pulled her mouth off of Brad’s penis with a popping noise. The head was now red, engorged with blood and pulsating wildly. He opened his eyes and watched Eliza stand before him, reach behind her back and unfasten her bra. As it dropped, her ample breasts bounced and swung freely. She then unfastened the button of her skirt. The sound of her unzipping the skirt seemed to last for eternity to Brad. It finally dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it.

Her hands traveled slowly up the outside of her thighs and over the elastic band of her thong. The wet sheen on the front of the fabric indicated that she was surely excited. Her thumbs traveled inside the elastic band of her thong and stretched it out from her shapely hips. Although Brad had watched her strip before, this episode seemed more erotic than any of the past. Brad’s attention was focused on the thong as she slowly pushed it down to reveal her small patch of blond pubic hair that glistened with her juices. Once past her hips, the thong slid down her legs to the floor. Eliza stepped out of them and straddled Brad once again. She moved up until the head of his hard penis pressed against her the blood filled lips of her vagina.

A shot of pleasure ran through her body as she grasped his member and used the head to part her czech mega swingers porno lips. The head glided between her lips and became covered with her juices. Lubricated and poised to enter her aching sex organ, Eliza eased herself forward and let his hard member enter her. As his penis filled her warm, wet cavern they moaned in unison. Eliza put her left hand around Brad’s neck and pulled him from the couch allowing him to wiggle his arms free from the shirt that secured them. He placed a hand on each hip and guided her up and down his penis. Eliza’s movements resulted in long deep thrusts where the head almost exited her vagina before traveling slowly deep inside her. Brad’s hands left Eliza’s hips and gently grasped her bouncing breasts. While Eliza maintained a slow and steady rhythm, Brad brought her left breast to his lips and ran his tongue over the firm nipple. As he brought it into his mouth and sucked on it Eliza signaled her approval by emitting a soft moan.

The long break of no interaction between the two of them meant that they would not last long. Brad realized this and began to gently bite Eliza’s nipple with his teeth. Short quick bites sent a shock wave to Eliza’s vagina. She loved when he did this and he knew it would draw her closer to an orgasm. With the head of his penis hitting her “G” spot and the manipulation of her nipple with his teeth, Eliza dug her nails into his shoulders and quickened her pace. With Brad’s hands securing and massaging her ample breasts the young blond began to buck wildly on his rock hard penis. Faster and faster, Eliza pumped the shaft. Brad held on for all it was worth, the excitement in his loins grew stronger and stronger.

As their moans grew louder and louder, Brad could not hold back any longer and yelled “Oh fuck!” as he began to orgasm. Driving his hips upward to meet Eliza’s downward strokes. His uncontrollable moans shot Eliza over the edge. With her vagina contracting like a vice around Brad’s throbbing member, she climaxed on a downward thrust as his penis filled her. Her body convulsed and spasmed several times, the waves of pleasure shooting through her body. She used all her strength to squeeze out a few more thrusts and finally fell in a heap on Brad’s chest.

Their labored breathing beginning to subside. Eliza stayed motionless on Brad’s chest. She could feel his fingers running through her damp hair, smoothing out the tangles which resulted from the wild sex they just shared. Eliza turned her head to see Brad looking at her. She leaned forward and they engaged in a slow deep kiss. She then rested her head on Brad’s shoulder. Both physically drained and feeling the effects of orgasm, they both drifted off to sleep.

A gentle shaking brought Brad out of his deep sleep. He opened his eyes to see the flight attendant in front of him.

“Sir, we have landed and it is time to disembark.”

Brad came to and saw that he was still on the plane, which was now empty. Was he dreaming? No, this was real, not a dream. He looked down and confirmed what he was feeling, a super hard erection straining against his pants. He looked up at the flight attendant who was a little red in the face and said “Thanks.”

He grabbed his bag, walked past the other two flight attendants who were smiling and whispering to each other as he disembarked the plane. Brad could not believe that it was all a dream. It was too vivid, too real, too exciting to be just a dream.

Brad walked through the airport in a daze trying both to conceal his still bulging hard on with his carryon and trying to make sense of the erotic dream he just experienced. When he reached the carousel he began to look for his bag. As he watched the bag come around the belt he scanned the area for Eliza. He hoped that what he experienced on the plane was not a dream, but a premonition. He longed every day and every night for Eliza’s touch. How, when they saw each other, her face lit up with that fantastic smile which often appears when someone smiles knowing they did, or were about to do, something naughty.

Brad looked down at the belt. At this point his were the only bags that were circling and he picked them up right before the belt came to a stop. He scanned the baggage area once more for Eliza. Nothing. With his head hung low, he grabbed his bags and made his way to the taxi stand. He gave the area one last look before getting into the cab.

The driver slamming the trunk momentarily brought him out of his trance. He looked around the cabs spacious and vacant back seat. When asked where he wanted to go, Brad replied “Nowhere special, just home.” He gave the address to the driver and the cab slowly departed the airport. Brad looked out the window with that thousand yard stare. Will he ever see and hold Eliza again? No he answered himself. Better suck it up and move on with his life.

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