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I Amaze Myself

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The moans fill the room with the familiar sound of a porno soundtrack. I watch as some guy shoves his thick cock in and out of some chick’s snatch. I love to see when her lips wrap around his cock, as though she doesn’t want it to leave. The noises the guys make turn me on almost as much as watching the fucking on screen.

Every moan, grunt and utterance makes my clit tingle with excitement. I love watching porn. Girl on girl, guy on girl, girl-girl-guy, 2 guys and 1 girl, etc. etc. etc. If there are two people getting each other off, I’m pretty much down. Even guy on guy…as long as they’re both relatively straight looking. And I don’t dig a lot of facial hair either. I don’t know, just a personal preference, I guess.

Just the idea of watching porn makes me wet. Not like it’s that hard, but, I get something out of watching porn. It physically turns me on. My breathing quickens, and my heartbeat picks up. God, and the noises of sex: there are all of the slaps, pants, groans and moans, growls and yells, sucks, squishes, yeses and oh gods, etc. I really love to hear the guy make noise.

I usually sit back and watch, and allow my body to react to what I’m watching. Then comes the mental stimulation of teasing myself. I squeeze my pussy muscles, imagining what a cock would feel like at that moment. I make bursa escort my clit twitch, and I focus on my nipples, and what the fabric of my bra or shirt I’m wearing feels like.

I imagine what it would feel like to stroke my clit without actually touching. And that’s the game – how long can I imagine what it feels like, without actually touching? I’ve pushed myself to the point when I cum and while those are few and far between, they’re incredibly intense.

Or, I’ll tease myself, then touch myself for a little bit, stop, and start all over again. When I do that, it’s all about the build up. It’s like I’m in control of my pleasure, and I know I can draw it out and make it last longer, or I can just get it over with, and enjoy myself.

My body is a pleasure center, and even I have yet to find all of my erogenous zones. There are many, and I look forward to finding the right guy to find them with me. In the meantime, I watch my porn, listen to it; I put my imagination to good use, as well as my toys. I should probably buy stock in Duracell or Energizer, the way I go through batteries.

My primary focus when I masturbate is my clit. Duh. Go straight to the pleasure center, right? But I like to tease it, warm it up a little bit. I feel all over my vulva, rub my lips a bit, pull them open, and stretch bursa escort bayan them a bit.

I actively imagine a sex scene unfolding in front of me. I can either watch, or be a participant. I control my breathing, and madly rub my clit once I feel myself getting close. I make noise – I can’t help it, and I moan, and utter “Yes” over and over. Sometimes I just have to scream, because if I don’t, I won’t cum.

And I taste myself. I can’t help it, because it tastes so good. I taste so good. I’ll rub my finger in my sloppy wet slit, and then bring it up to my lips. I’ll imagine I’m sucking my juices off some cock that was just fucking me. My aroma is heady and arousing. How could anyone not like it? I imagine that whomever I’m with can’t get enough of my pussy, and that they never want to stop devouring it, and that they’re actually good at eating pussy. (I’ve had some piss poor lovers in the past that couldn’t eat a pussy right to save their lives, and even worse, couldn’t take any constructive hints!)

Depending on the strength of my orgasm, I’ll decide if I’ve had enough or not. Generally, the harder I cum, the more satisfied I am. It isn’t always about quantity people. But sometimes I just can’t hold off and wait for some intense ass orgasm. In those cases, I cum several times and thank the escort bursa lord for my clit, and the Hitachi magic wand, and my imagination.

And then there are my tits. I play with them sometimes too. They’re big and heavy, and I really love it when a guy mashes them and squeezes them, and especially when he’s rough with them. My nipples can be extremely sensitive sometimes, but generally, I love it rough. I’ll pinch my nipples, and lick them so they get cold when I expose them to the air. I’ll run a vibrator over them, and feel my clit quake. I’ve even been able to cum from nipple play alone.

And the next frontier for me is ejaculating. I’ve read up on it, and I’ve practiced. I’ve only ever ejaculated once, and that was with a partner, and it was probably the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. But I just can’t seem to get it on my own. I keep trying to relax myself enough to convince myself I’m not going to piss, but right as I’m ready to cum, I back down. It sucks! But I won’t give up…I’m not a quitter.

But back to the porn…I’ll watch as his fat cock enters her and slides back out all wet. Even watching some anal gets me hot. I remember what it feels like for a cock to make it’s way past those little rings of mine, and I’ll rub my clit and squeeze my ass and pussy muscles together at the same time, maybe even shove a dildo into my cunt, and rub it against the top wall, the spongy part, until I cum.

My body is literally, a wonderland.

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Texas Tease

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