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I Dare You

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Monday morning, a soft beep had Marti looking at her e-mail application.

“I dare you.”

It was all the first e-mail said. A short subject line and a blank e-mail text. Marti was baffled and curious. She looked at the address — it was a company address, but not one she recognized. She looked around the office, but with all the cube walls, she could only see a couple people. Everyone seemed to be busy, but work meant typing on the computer, so she couldn’t tell business from personal activities. She put it out of her mind…mostly.

“I dare you.”

A second e-mail came the next day. Marti stared at the email header on the screen and wondered if this one would have something inside or be blank like the last. Too curious to resist, she double-clicked the title. Inside was one line.

“I dare you to fuck me.”

She gasped, blushed, spun around, trying to find someone looking in her direction or snickering. Everyone seemed busy. She closed the e-mail and hit delete quickly, her face flaming hot, her embarrassment overwhelming. Who would send this to her? Was this a joke? It had to be a joke. She tried to get back to work, but the e-mail stayed in her mind. After 15 minutes of re-reading the same page in the training manual she was working on, she clicked open the trash folder and looked at the e-mail again. She shook her head and went back to the manual.

The next day was quiet and Marti felt a little let down. She chided herself. What was she thinking? Some pervert was sending her e-mails and she missed them? Who in the company….the e-mail address! She could research the e-mail address. What was it again…She opened the trash folder and sighed when she saw it was empty. She’d forgotten it erased everything when she shut down at night. She tried to concentrate on her manual and managed to get more done than the prior two days. When she shut down for the day, she stood and just looked around the room, trying to figure out what was going on. No one looked in her direction. No one seemed to be acting funny. She shook her head and picked up her bag.

Thursday was also quiet. Marti felt the anxiety change into disappointment. It had been someone’s idea of a joke. Then she shook her head. Was she actually thinking of fucking some mystery man? Her manual was almost done, then she’d move on to another project, another team, another cube somewhere. It seemed so…temporary. Maybe a temporary fling to go with it…She must be losing her mind.

Friday morning, Marti was running late. She slipped in five minutes after her starting time and flipped on her light, dropping her bag and booting her computer. She shuffled her papers, trying to get everything in order to deliver the manual at the end of the day. She’d get an e-mail today telling her the next project and the location she would report to on Monday. It was an odd existence, being the roving admin for all departments in the company, but it meant she worked with everyone at one time or another. But she hadn’t recognized the mystery e-mail address…Darn, she was thinking of it again. She glanced at her screen and her breath caught.

“I dare you.”

She hesitated on the mouse. Did she open it? Why bother? It’s not like she would consider fucking a stranger…although it had been a while since she’d had time to date and she could use…No. If she opened it…maybe it contained perverted pictures. Maybe…She closed her eyes and double-clicked the mouse.

“I dare you to stay late tonight and feel my cock drive you to cum.”

It was the same address, dvd full porno she was sure, typing fast into the e-mail address book. It didn’t find the record. Huh. She stared at the e-mail, feeling her pussy quiver. Marti closed the e-mail but didn’t delete it. She tried to focus on her work, printing a hard copy of the manual for her files, forwarding the final electronic copy to the team leader. She straightened the desk, moving her files into the box that maintenance would move to her new cube over the weekend. The e-mail beeped and she turned quickly. But it was only her new assignment. She’d be working two floors up, with the marketing team on Monday. Something new…but she hovered the mouse over the dare e-mail instead. She wanted…something more.

Lunch was catered by her team, a celebration of success and a send-off to the temporary pool that were being reassigned to other projects. She watched everyone carefully, judging their moves, their looks, their words, looking for some clue. But nothing stood out. She found herself scanning the men in the room, assessing their bodies, her eyes wandering over their groins, imagining. Realizing what she was doing, she tried to shake off the mood, but her body hummed with excitement and anticipation. She ate her cake slowly, savoring each bite of chocolate and cream, licking the fork as she watched the room.

After lunch, she finished organizing her files to move. The beep of the e-mail had her glancing idly over at it.

“I dare you.”

A second in the same day. She felt a thrill as she double-clicked to open it.

“I dare you to lick my cock like you licked that fork. I dare you to let me lick your creamy center.”

Her body heat rose several notches. Oh my God, she thought. She glanced around, then re-read the e-mail. Her nipples were tight, her pussy aching, as she recalled how she’d enjoyed the cake, imagining a man enjoying her…She had to find out who this was. She had to go to the ladies room first.

Marti escaped behind the swinging door and chose the furthest stall. She leaned back against the closed door and sighed. Her body was throbbing for attention, but there was no way she could do anything about it now…unless. She shook her head. She’d save it for tonight. There was no longer a question whether she would fuck this mystery man. She could barely wait to.

Sitting back down in her cube, she glanced around, then hit reply.

“I dare you.”

She smiled, a wicked grin, and glanced around before typing.

“I dare you to make me scream in ecstasy as I ride your cock until it erupts.”

She hit send and sat back, her whole body quivering. A head suddenly appeared over her wall and she gasped in surprise.

“We’re sad to see you move on to marketing,” Roger, the team lead, leaned on the wall and smiled at her. Marti smiled back. Roger was easy-going and helpful, providing tips and tricks to help her produce what was the best manual of her career. She owed him a lot, both for the help and for the glowing recommendation in her personnel file.

“I’ve enjoyed working with your team,” she answered, “Maybe I’ll rotate back in with your next project. Maybe I’ll see you again.”

“You never know,” he replied with a wink, “Let me know if you need any help.”

“Thanks!” She called it after him as he sauntered away. She couldn’t help but notice that he had a very nice athletic build. She shook her head. Thank God she only had another hour before the place would empty out for the weekend. In little more ensest porno than that time, she should finally meet this mystery man and get rid of this…itch.

Marti wished everyone well as they stopped by her cube on their way out. She fiddled with her stuff, unboxing and reboxing in an attempt to look busy. Several coworkers urged her to get out, to enjoy her weekend, to celebrate, as they left. She just smiled and waited. Finally, the room was empty. She looked around, but didn’t see anyone. Disappointment hit like a fist in the gut.

Suddenly there were hands over her eyes, a tall warm body behind her, warm breath on her neck. “I dare you.” A deep husky voice whispered in her ear.

“I accept that dare.” Her voice wavered a little and she bit her lip. Her breath caught as she waited in anticipation.

“Good.” His lips brushed her neck, but his hands still covered her eyes. “I’ve watched you and wanted you.”

“Who…” she started, but his hands shifted and his thumbs brushed her lips.

“Not yet,” he whispered, “Close your eyes.” Marti closed her eyes obediently. She felt his hands move, but resisted peeking. The mystery of this was part of the excitement and she didn’t want to lose any of the anticipation. She felt something soft on her face and realized he was blindfolding her.

“I can’t see…” she started, but his fingertip pressed her lips and she stopped. Feeling a wicked jolt, she opened her mouth and gave his finger a light nip. She heard his chuckle, felt his body shift against hers.

“I know.” His hands slid over her shoulders, her arms, her waist. “Just feel.”

Her legs felt weak as she stood, trembling. His hands played about the waist of her skirt and her breath caught as he undid the button, the zipper at the back. She heard as well as felt the material fall to the floor and the cool air conditioning made her shiver. His hands stroked her ass cheeks and played with the thin thong between, tugging lightly and rubbing the material against her already sensitive clit. She whimpered and heard him breath deeply as he stepped close again, his hands sliding around to her belly. He pressed himself against her backside, so she could feel the hard length of him strain through the material of his pants.

“I…I should go slow,” he growled, “But you make me ache.”

“Please.” She whispered it, but knew he heard because he stepped back. “No…don’t stop.”

“I’ve wanted this so long, I can’t be gentle.” His voice was rough, vibrating with lust.

“Don’t be gentle,” she managed, her blood pounding in her head, “Fuck me.” She wanted this. Her body burned for this. “I dare you.”

His laugh was strangled, but she heard the zipper of his slacks and trembled. His hands guided her forward until she pressed her palms on the desktop of her cube. He stepped up close behind her and she felt his cock bump her thigh, then slide between. She brought her legs together, capturing him between her thighs, feeling the thick hot length of him throb. He was…more than she’d had, but everything she wanted in this moment.

“Wicked,” he growled, sliding a hand over her hip, under her panties, “I knew you would be.” His fingers pressed between her swollen lips and found her clit, rubbing until she moaned. “Are you ready, my dear?”

The voice stirred something, but she lost it as his hand pushed further, forcing her legs apart. He tugged the thin strip of her panties aside as his cock shifted and rubbed her lips. Fingertips teased her pussy as his body leaned into hers, bending fake agents porno her forward over the desk. His head found her, guided by his fingers, and he pressed against her without penetrating. She held her breath in anticipation, her body tense, tight, ready.

“Later I’ll taste your sweetness,” he murmured, his lips playing about the back of her neck, “But first, I’ve got to fuck you.” Even as the words left his lips, he thrust and his thick shaft surged into her tight pussy.

Marti gasped, her hands fisting on the desktop as her body stretched to take his thick penis. He groaned, pushing, pushing, until he was buried to the hilt inside her. She moaned at the feel of him, searing hot, throbbing, impaling her to the core.

“God, you’re even better than I imagined,” he groaned, drawing his cock back a bit and thrusting deep again, testing her. She squirmed and shuddered, growing wetter as he worked himself against her in short bursts. “Yes, baby, that’s it. More cream for my cock.” She could feel her juices on her thighs as he continued pumping against her.

“Please…” Her voice was breathy, broken, but she needed to be fucked. These little movements were only teasing her and making her more desperate.

“Yes.” His voice was low as he pulled his cock back until only his head was inside her, then drove deep in a smooth thrust. She cried out and he began a hard rhythm, stroking his entire length in and out of her pussy. Each time his head hit her core, she gave a sob of pleasure. Each time his hips banged hers, he grunted. The musky scent of sex surrounded them as he fucked her against her desk.

The blindfold made her other senses more acute and she felt the rub of his slacks against her thighs, the strength of the hands that gripped her hips, the hot breath against the back of her neck. He was panting, eagerly penetrating her cunt, his cock swelling more with each stroke…or maybe she was tensing. She could feel the twisting in her belly, the approaching climax already sending echoes through her, making her tremble.

“You feel so good.” His voice was raw as his dick moved faster, harder, her body vibrating from his piston action. She moaned, arching, and one of his hands slid into her panties, his finger rubbing her clit in the same rhythm as his thrusts.

“Yes…” Her wobbling cry preceded the scream as she came, her pussy clamping around his cock, pinning him in her depths. As the ecstasy burned through her body, she shuddered, her cum enveloping his penis as she sagged against the desk.

He groaned from the gut, his legs shifting as he pushed hard against her, his cock pulsing, erupting. She felt the hot surge of his release, crying out again, her voice mixing with his as her inner muscles milked burst after burst from him. His hands went to the desktop beside hers as he leaned into her, panting, his penis emptying into her core.

They stayed joined, panting and leaning on the desk, for several minutes. He gave a brief grunt as he shifted, his spent cock sliding from her wet pussy with a slick sound. She shivered and turned, leaning against the desk. Still a little breathy, she reached up to pull away the blindfold…and found it was a tie.

Marti’s eyes lifted and saw Roger, his eyes hot but wary, standing close in her cube.

“I’ve been wanting you,” he said, “But you worked on my team.”

Marti smiled. “I don’t any more.” She’d never been so happy to move to a new cube….although this one would hold some memories.

“No, you don’t,” he smiled too. His eyes scanned up and down her. “I’d love to taste you.”

Her blood heated in a flash. Marti slid her panties down until they fell onto the skirt on the floor. Then she boosted herself onto the desktop and spread her thighs. The hunger in his look had her belly quivering. “I dare you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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