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I Don’t Cyber

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“I understand. Yes. No I’m not mad. I’m fine. Really.”

Jenna hung up the phone and bit her lip to hold back tears. She was standing in the middle of the mall and didn’t need to create a scene. She had been wandering around the large air-conditioned mall, waiting until her boyfriend’s plane landed. It was a hot and sticky August evening and she would have turned into a puddle of sweat had she waited at home. Now, just an hour before she was going to meet him at the airport, he had called with the bad news.

He was away on business a lot. It was good because normally he brought her along. She would get her schoolwork done during the day and then be able to spend her evenings with him. He would take her out to dinner and then they would go back to the hotel for a long passionate sex session.

Jenna stormed out of the mall towards her car. Bryce had an effect on her and she wasn’t sure how that was possible. Within a few months of dating they were in sync all the time — both in and out of the bedroom. She knew that either on her graduation day or a little while after he would give her an engagement ring. He wanted to give it to her earlier, but her father was very adamant about that. One of the first things Mr. Johnston had said to Bryce was, “My daughter remains at home and unmarried until she finishes her degree. An education is an important part of a young woman’s life.”

Bryce had nodded. He understood completely. He was concerned for her well-being and that meant that he had to think with his head more than his cock.

Bryce was a businessman. He dealt mainly with training business executives in safe management practices. He had tried many times to explain in detail to Jenna what that meant, but her eyes would glaze over. So he left it at that. He trained businessmen. He did at least five trainings a month and was gone anywhere from three to ten days, depending on the number of individuals needing to be trained.

Jenna got into her car and immediately turned on the air conditioner. She was thankful that her dad had fake hospital porno allowed Bryce to buy her a new car. The old one was falling apart and the air conditioner wasn’t working. She began the drive home.

Jenna’s parents were gone to the cottage for the week so she had the house to herself. She desperately wished she could go over to Bryce’s home, but she was nervous about doing that without his presence. She entered her room and stripped down to her panties and then put on a thin tank top.

Jenna was short and plump. Her round breasts were soft and her face was cute. She had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She would never wear a bikini in public, but looked great in two-piece sports swim suits. Bryce didn’t care what she looked like. She was sexy and intelligent and very loveable. Jenna grabbed her laptop and logged on to check her emails. Most of her friends were away from home either working or on holiday. Until she started dating Bryce, she had spent her summers working at camp and trying to save up for school. Now, she could relax during the summertime.

“I hate being away from him.” Jenna was talking to herself, but she didn’t care. She logged on to her chat program and her eyes lit up. Bryce was logged on.


“Hi Baby. I know you’re mad. Can I make it up to you?” Bryce was sitting in his hotel room wearing only his boxers. He missed Jenna terribly. She had been a source of joy and happiness over the last two years. She didn’t know this, but he had a countdown on his computer to when her last exam would be this year. He wanted to propose seconds after she officially finished college.

“I’m fine. OK, I’m lying. I hate being away from you. Mom and Dad are gone away so I’m home alone. It’s hot and sticky.”

“So you’re hot and sweaty? Mmmm. You know, if I was there you’d be hot and sweaty for a completely different reason.”

“Bryce don’t tease. You don’t cyber. We went through this a million times. And yes, I’m fucking horny.” Jenna was squirming and decided fake taxi porno to go lie down on her bed.

“Who says I don’t cyber?” Bryce grinned. He imagined his girlfriend either on her bed or in her desk chair squirming around. She did that a lot when she was horny. She told him that it made her pussy lips rub against her clit and if she moved just right she could get herself off.

“You do. The first few times you went away, I begged you for cyber sex and you said you were not a horny teenager.”

“I’m stroking my hard cock baby. I miss you so much. Imagine we’re at the airport. I’ve just entered the terminal and am looking around for you. Tell me what you’d be wearing.”

Jenna spread her legs so she could rub her pussy against her sheets as she typed. “Well if you had arrived tonight you would have seen me in the tight black skirt and white blouse. I was wearing the matching heels you bought me in New York. You know the ones that cost a fortune.”

“Seven hundred for a pair of shoes is normal for some people. I love those shoes. The heels are so sexy. I’d grab you and kiss you hard.”

“Kissing you back I pull myself up your body, wrapping my legs around you.” Jenna had reached under to stroke her clit. Her panties were damp and she was panting so hard.

“I’d never do this in real life, but for pretend I’d love to just fuck you right there.” Bryce was jerking his cock so hard and so fast. He had one of the small hand towels from the bathroom, which he was using to wipe his hand between strokes and typing.

“Fuck me baby. God, I want to feel you inside me.”

“Oh yeah baby. I love you inside me.” Bryce was breathing so hard and it was hard for him to type since he wanted one hand on his cock at all times.

Jenna got off the bed and was fumbling in a drawer for something. She had gotten a present from Bryce once and wanted to use it finally. “Aha!” Jenna pulled out the thick glass dildo.

“Where did you go? Jenna?” Bryce hadn’t gotten a response and was worried that family stroke porno something had happened. He didn’t realize how turned on he was getting, knowing he was going to make his girlfriend cum, even though he was miles away.

“Yeah I’m here. I went to get the dildo that you got me. It’s inside me and I’m wiggling it around. I’m imagining it’s your cock.”

“That’s right baby. Feel my cock inside you. You feel so fucking good.” Bryce was panting so hard. He was covered in sweat and realized that he was holding back his orgasm for Jenna.

“Cumming!” Jenna typed that word mere moments before she exploded in a violent orgasm. She pushed the glass dildo deep inside her and pressed it up against her g-spot. Her legs shook and the tips of her toes went numb. She left the dildo inside her and typed another sentence.

“Your turn Bryce. I want you to cum for me. I want you to imagine you’re cumming inside my hot wet pussy.” Jenna grinned. Dirty talk always turned on Bryce and this was no exception. She knew he was stroking so hard he couldn’t type.

“Imagine you’re fucking me against the bathroom wall of the airport. Feel my body against you.” Jenna was typing fast. She wanted him to cum so badly.

“I just came. Wow.” Bryce had been stroking his cock so hard as Jenna typed. She knew exactly what to say to turn him on and he was able to grab the towel to catch the long thick ropes of cum that spurted from his cock.

“Feel better baby?” Jenna waited for a response. He was slow to respond and she assumed he was cleaning up. He normally didn’t masturbate when he was away from her so she knew that he had a lot of cum.

“God yeah. Why the hell haven’t we been doing this before? It’s so hot. I mean having you here next to me is so much better, but fuck that was hot. I came so much.”

“Bryce sweetie. I thought you said that cyber sex was for horny teenagers. You sound like a teenager now too. Did you forget your brain at work today?”

“No. I changed my mind. Sorry I’m not typing like I talk. I seriously have no blood circulation to my brain at the moment.”

“It’s O.K. So are you flying home tomorrow? I could meet you at the airport in the same outfit and we can play this out for real.” Jenna was teasing. Bryce was conservative in public and would never go for something like that.

“We’ll see.”

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