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I Had Anal Sex With A Man

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I am now at the age of 63 and after retirement don’t feel to live retired life , so working on contract. Though I am yet smart and energetic and don’t feel much tired after long hectic office job, but some times do feel cramps in legs and shoulders.

Three months before on weekend evening was sitting in TV lounge along wife and she saw me feeling uncomfortable and asked about it. I told her just have cramps in my legs and shoulder. She told me our ex-maid’s husband is a trained massage -man and if you like I can ask her to send her husband.

I just thought it right and agreed. She made a call to her and asked her to send her husband. It was about 8:30 pm and we had finished our dinner.

At 9 pm that man turned up and I took him in my bed room while wife sat in TV lounge with kids and watched TV.

He had brown complexion and is around 32. He asked me to lay on bed. I was wearing tracksuit trousers and a T shirt. He asked me to lay on bed facing up, and sat beside my foot at my right side.

He held my leg from shin and started massaging it upwards till my knees and coming down with a good tight grip which was initiating a slight pain also which was bearable and I started enjoying that.

The man was perfect in his job and he massaged my both legs, feet and thighs. Then he asked me to turn my face down and he massaged my back and shoulders along my arms.

Then again massaged my bums with his hand with nice pressure and asked me to face up. He pressed my chest and then massaged my hands and finished. He took 1 hour and 15 minutes and I was now feeling fresh. I thanked him and paid him some amount and he left happily.

After one month I again called him and he came on Sunday morning bahis firmaları at 10 am. I took him in my bed room and asked him if he can apply oil also on my body.

On which he said Yes he will do that, but you have to remove your dress and be in underwear only so the clothes are not spoiled. I did that and came on bed in underwear.

He asked me to put a bed sheet on bed so bed’s sheet does not gets spoiled. I put another bed sheet on bed and laid on bed facing up, and he sat on my right side as previous and started massaging me.

This time I was bared body so his hands were sending a sensation in my body. But keeping the status of being maids husband I rejected my thoughts and laid quietly.

After massaging my body he took olive oil bottle and sprinkled it on my back from shoulders to my waist as I was laying facing down. Then he sat beside me and started massaging the oil on my back and firstly from my shoulders and slowly slowly pressing his hands on my back and coming down.

When he reached my waist he moved my underwear a bit down and I felt it was just exposing my butts cheeks to him.

As professional he kept on rubbing my bums and then moved the underwear up, and moved down to my thighs and oiled them and massaged nicely.

Then he asked me to face up and oiled my chest and massaged it from neck to my pubic area by inserting his hand in underwear and oiled my pubic area around my cock and never touched it.

Then he and asked me to sit on bed facing other way and he came on my back and put oil in my hair and massaged my head. When he finished I paid him more than previous and he left more happily.

This Sunday I again called him and he came at 1:15 pm and kaçak iddaa I took him in bed room and locked the door as daughters kids were around.

I removed my dress and left the underwear on. This time underwear was very tight and I laid on bed and as usual he started pressing my shins and massaged me and asked me to face down .

I turned my face down and he came on my right side near my waist and massaged my shoulders and back. Then he came on my right arm and gripped my palm and pressed it. Then he went up on my shoulders and rubbed my arm.

My hand was extended and my palm was upward so when he moved his body forward I felt my hand right under his pubic area.

I was facing left so I cant see where exactly my hand was , so I just moved my fingers up and God they touched his hanging cocks head in his dress.

I lowered my fingers and extended my arm more under his pubic area and my palm touched his cocks head again and I raised my finger up and they went around his cocks root.

I just gripped his cock slightly and waited for his response. He did not made any move and kept massaging my shoulders and arm pit area.

So I slowly gripped tight on his cock with my fingers and he moved a bit down so my grip becomes more nicer. But I stayed like that gripping and losing my grip on his cock and then he moved on my left side.

He again pressed my palm and fingers and went up to my shoulders and I again moved my left hand on his cock and soon I touched it. I again gripped it in my fingers and pressed it slightly.

He lowered more and I understand that he was also enjoying it, so I gripped it tight and started stroking it.

I felt his cock was now coming hard in my hand and kaçak bahis was average size about 5.5″. At that he moved my underwear down till my knees and poured oil on my bumms and started massaging oil and then he opened my butt cheeks and dropped oil drops right on my ass hole and started massaging it with his thumb and slowly moved his thumb in my hole.

God I felt so nice and gripped his dick more tight in my hand.

He then whispered in my ear,” Is the door locked?”

I nodded in affirmation and he removed his trousers and came between my legs and when I looked back ….God his cock was hard and he was smiling and stroking it.

I removed my underwear and spread my legs. he brought his cock head on my ass hole and dropped more oil and lowered his cocks head on my hole slowly slowly and rubbed it on my ass hole. I wanted it tight inside me.

So I moved my back up and got on my knees and went in doggy style and he did not wasted a moment to come behind me and hold me by my butts and entered me and I was feeling myself in heavens.

The guy was nice in stroking me hard and his average cock was fine enough to satisfy my need to be fucked by a man after so long time.

He fucked my for 5 minutes and cummed right inside my hole. We remained like that and then we slowly went down on bed he still riding me and hugging me. After his cock popped out he cleaned it with the other bed sheet laid on my bed and then asked me to put on underwear.

Then he asked me to face up and pored oil on my chest. I was now looking a bit embarrassed and just said to him, ” Look I don’t know how it happened but it reminded my child hood.

He said “Uncle its ok and never mind.” He then oiled my chest and then made me sit on bed and massaged oil on my head. After he finished I paid him double this time and he left happily.

Now I want the cycle after 15 days so my new fucker explores much of my fantasies in bi love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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