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I Thought I Wanted It Rough… Ch. 03

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How could I have let this happen? Every bit of it was my fault. I was responsible for the gag in my mouth and the handcuffs on my wrists. No doubt it was my fault that I was bent over the corner of a hotel room bed, with my legs bound tightly in opposite directions…spreading them wide. I was responsible for the school girl outfit I was currently sporting, complete with white stockings, white thong (that was currently pulled to the side), black skirt (which was currently bunched at my waist), and white shirt. It was definitely clear that I was to blame for the enormously tall black man, stroking his monster cock right in front of my face, and the extremely muscular black man standing behind me…preparing to rape my freshly devirginized hole with his equally thick, but several inch shorter dick.

I had been so desperate to get fucked for the first time that I refused to consider the risks I was taking. I had been talking online for quite awhile before making up my mind to go through with it. All the nasty things I wrote helped get me turned on enough to follow through, but they also were coming back to bite me now.

I had talked about how I wanted my first time to go. I talked about how I just wanted to get totally used. I wanted my first experience as a virgin, to give me memories to last a lifetime. I exaggerated excessively, just because it was hotter that way. I talked about how I wanted to be restrained and rough-fucked, with no way to pull away or back out. I brought up getting cross-dressed. I talked about getting tag-teamed, or gang-fucked as a first time experience…even having my virgin hole used for hours by toys was mentioned. I was so graphic and explicit.

However, I never intended on doing these things. They were fantasies. It turned me on to tell different tops about these fantasies as if we could do it together. But in reality…I had never had more than 2 of my fingers inside of me. There was just no way I could take getting tag-teamed in my tight ass for my first experience…or so I thought.

I had told “my owner” (I call him that because I never asked his name, and he never told me), all of these fantasies…insisting I wanted to live them out. He seemed very unimpressed and very in-charge whenever he responded to me. He talked down to me like I was a little girl. He pretty much demanded that we meet at a hotel, where he would handcuff me and then rough-fuck me. His dick was pretty average, and he seemed to understand my needs. I was so turned on with how he spoke to me that I finally agreed to go through with it once and for all.

Everything had gone incredibly. He had fucked me just like he said he would. I was flat on my stomach on the bed, with my wrists handcuffed. He had plowed down into my virgin hole from above…with great intensity…verbally taunting me, and spanking me. It had only hurt a little, but I loved every second of the experience. I guess that’s why I agreed to continue our session. I guess that’s why casino şirketleri I foolishly agreed to put the gag in, and the handcuffs on, after dressing up like s schoolgirl slut. I guess that’s why I was about to be tag-team fucked bareback by 2 of the biggest black dicks I’d ever seen.

“Alright, I’m ready…give the bitch what she needs,” my owner said presumably to the big black guy behind me.

I found it a very strange thing for my owner to say, but didn’t get much time to dwell on it. The big muscular black man behind me kept his left hand on my left ass cheek and pushed down hard…spreading it wide and exposing my hole. His right hand had left my cheek, and I assumed was tightly holding the base of his beer-can cock. He placed his cock right against my hole, and began to apply pressure.

With one last ditch of effort to stop this overwhelming act to take place, I clenched my hole as tight as I possibly could.

“C’mon Honey…don’t play hard to get. I’m going to get my first taste of ass tonight whether you like it or not,” said the giant cock, taunting from behind me.

I focused all my energy on staying tight as he increased his pressure. He groaned as he continued to apply more and more pressure against my contracted bud. I cursed the butt-plug that had loosened me moments ago…realizing that there was no way to keep him out.

Out of nowhere, the room seems to go bright white, as I feel myself very light-headed. I close my eyes, and suddenly become aware of what has just happened…as I feel the ring of my ass ache for the third time today. The muscular black guy had put so much pressure on my hole, that when he finally managed to break through, he ended up slamming completely inside of me.

“Oh SHIT!!! This slut is tight…no way I’m going to last long in her little hole,” the muscular black man yelled out, keeping himself buried inside of me.

I was now as full as I had ever been. I had probably 7 and a half inches of thickest cock you can imagine, lodged in my backdoor. What was most shocking to me was that other than the dull ache from the entrance to my hole…it didn’t hurt. In fact, it may have been the most intense, greatest feeling I’d ever had.

It felt as if he’d “bottomed-out” inside of me. The tip of his massive dick felt like it was touching, as deep as my ass was capable of taking…and with that, was producing the most intense feelings of pleasure I could imagine. His thickness, which I was so scared of, turned out to feel incredible once inside me, stuffing my tunnel.

He continued to remain still, buried to the hilt inside of me. I had lost all sense of where I was, and who was there with me. That is, until I heard the tall black man (the one stroking his massive dick in my face), whisper in my ear.

“He might not be able to handle your tight hole, but he will surely do a good job stretching you out for me. My wife can’t handle all 11 inches of me. I’ve always wanted casino firmaları to know what it felt like to slam myself completely into someone. I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, you’ll beg me to stop. Well, you would if you could talk,” he whispered, laughing loudly as he went back to stroking himself.

I cringed. I was filled to the brim already…there was no way he could stuff more than 3 inches more inside of me. I had just started to enjoy something, and now I was terrified again. However, I forgot everything he said to me just a moment later as the log in my ass began to move.

The man attached to the log in my ass was breathing very heavily as he ever so slowly began to withdraw. As he continued his journey out of me, my body began to spasm somewhat uncontrollably. My legs felt very weak, and my inner thighs twitched. My fingers and toes curled and uncurled rapidly. My stuffed hole began to contract and relax uncontrollably. If I didn’t have my entire body weight crushing my dick, I have no doubt I would have had an orgasm. Although, every movement of his cock inside of me was in some ways more intense than an orgasm…and wasn’t fleeting.

After several seconds, and several expletives yelled by him, he finally managed to get all but a couple inches out of me. He started to slowly push back into me. The sensations my body was experiencing were indescribable. I heard myself moaning uncontrollably. My entire body was trembling, and covered in sweat. I was completely immobilized by the handcuffs, and ankle cuffs that tied me tightly to the bed. However, even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have moved an inch.

After only getting about half-way back inside of me, the muscular guy gave up.

“Damn, this slut is just too tight. It is useless for me to try and make this last.” He practically moaned.

While saying this, he wrapped his right hand with my skirt…causing it to tighten against my waist. He then placed his left foot up near my shoulder, onto the bed. This created a whole new angle, and caused his dick to shift inside of me. Instead of being pushed towards my stomach like it was before, it was now getting pushed downward, towards my dick.

He wasted no time. He pulled very hard with his right hand (which was gripping my skirt), while slamming his hips down into me. He began to moan very loudly, as he withdrew, only to slam back into me again…using my skirt for leverage the whole time.

My ass was on fire. The small amount of lube that we used (his spit), was allowing for a significant amount of friction. Yet, I was still extracting an enormous amount of pleasure as he continued to drill me into the bed. Each thrust was violent in nature. The collision of our bodies was causing me to shift on the bed.

He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that I existed. I was simply a tight hole to get his monster dick off with. This act had nothing to do with my pleasure…that was clear, as he began to spank güvenilir casino my ass with his free hand. He finally stopped his incessant moaning, in order to taunt me.

“You fucking slut,” he snarled, spanking me harder. “You love big black cocks deep in your ass, don’t you?”

He stopped his spanking and grabbed my waist with both his hands. He quickly put his right leg up on the bed next to my ass, balancing above me, without ever missing a thrust. I thought it was impossible, but his thrusts managed to get even more violent from this new position, although he slowed down considerably. He utilized his entire body weight in order to crash his cock full bore into my abused hole, letting it grind into me before repeating.

His moan re-emerged louder than ever with his final thrust. I felt his body shift, as he did the unthinkable. He pulled his feet off the bed, but didn’t put them onto the ground. Instead, he rested his entire bodyweight onto his hips…which just happened to be forcing his beer-can dick deep inside of my ass. He steadied himself with his hands which were pushing on my lower back.

In theory, I now had a 250lb cock up my ass. He was crushing me, and I was having trouble breathing…however, he had another surprise for me. His moan turned into a squeal as he unleashed his load deep inside my stomach. The size of his load was proportionate to the size of his cock, as I could feel myself filling up with his hot cum. Each squirt tingled deep inside of me.

After probably 9 or 10 squirts, he finally put his feet down on the floor, and slid effortlessly out of my sloppy, loosened, recently virgin hole. I desperately tried to catch my breath, while also trying to wrap my head around what just happened. It all happened so fast, and was so intense I was having trouble believing it even though it had just happened.

Before I could give it any more thought, the tall black man slammed his dick into my cheek.

“My turn!!” he hissed at me. “You ready for a new position? I know whores prefer to see the cock as it slides into them.”

As he began untying my right leg, I turned my head in an effort to make eye-contact with “my owner,” hoping to convince him not to let this monster impale me. Yet, I couldn’t spot him anywhere in the room.

“Looking for me sweetie?” I heard “my owner” question, as he walked into my view. “I’m sorry, but I just had to get a shot of that battered hole of yours. To think, we had a tight fit with just two of my fingers earlier today. Hell, I bet I could fit my whole fist in that thing now…maybe later,” he said with a chuckle.

Confused by his wording, I looked up towards his face in an effort to make eye-contact, but was instead greeted by a video camera. Terrified, my eyes widened to the size of plates.

“Oh, this…yeah, just another thing I had planned for today that I didn’t fill you in on. It’s actually been on since it was just the two of us. Don’t worry…I’ll explain a bit later. Right now, you have “bigger” things to worry about,” he said, again with a chuckle.

I was visibly shaking. I couldn’t decide if I was more worried about what the video was intended for, or the baseball bat sized cock that was about to rape me.

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