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I Wonder

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Does she know how nervous I am? Is she feeling the same jitters? Does she know how much I want her? Does she know how much I’ve thought about this night?

I think so. I think she knows. I see it in the dance of her eyes, and I hear it in the undertones in her voice. But still, I have so many questions. So many questions, and I can’t help but wonder.

I wonder what she’ll want me to do.

I wonder how she’ll react.

I wonder what she likes.

I wonder.

Will she want me to undress her? Will she want me to unbutton her blouse, kissing down her neck and chest with each unpopped button? Will she sit on the bed as I remove her shoes? Will she lift her hips as I pull down her panties? Will she chuckle as I struggle with the clasp of her bra?

After I remove her clothes, will she want me to fold them and place them on a chair? Or hang them neatly in my closet? Or scatter them forgotten on the floor?

Will she huddle under the covers while I undress? Or will her nostrils flare as she watches me tear off my clothes? Will her eyes drop for a mere millisecond to my stiffened penis, then rise quickly back up to my eyes, a blush shining on her cheeks? Or will she stare at my cock with unabashed lust, licking her lips and fondling her cunt?

I wonder.

Will she sigh as I crawl to her side and place my hand over her breast? Or will she shout and laugh as I jump right on top of her, twitter porno grabbing her hips and pulling her up against me?

Will we kiss and stare into each other’s eyes? Will we kiss and pet? Will we kiss and squeeze each other tight? Will we kiss and squirm against each other?

I wonder.

Will she want me to make love to her hands? Will she want me to kiss the center of her palm? Or will she want me to stroke her wrist? And which part of her fingers will be most sensitive? The tips? The base? The backs? The insides?

Will she want me to hold her foot in my lap while I push my thumbs into her sole? Will she want to feel my fingertips flicking along her inside ankle as lightly as can be? Will she want me to stroke the top of her foot with my open palm? Or will she want me to suck her toes, running my tongue all around while she wiggles her little piggies and giggles?

I wonder.

Will she want me to massage her calf on my way up to that soft spot behind her knee? Will she want me to lick her there, to taste the twinge of her sweet sweat? Will she want me to kiss the backs of her thighs, back and forth, left and right, on a slow journey higher? Will her legs twitch with each gentle touch of my lips?

Will her breathing quicken as I urge her thighs apart? Will she open herself up timidly, with a trembling hand draped across her thigh? Or will she spread herself eagerly, xhamster porno confident that I will love her cunt?

I wonder.

Will she want me to kiss around the perimeter of her pubic hair? Or should I lick? Or suck? Will she want me to tug the kinky hairs with my teeth? Will she want my fingers to burrow through the curls? Will she want me to ease her pussy apart with my thumbs? Will she let me rub my nose through her open folds?

Will she want me to kiss her clit? Or flip it with my tongue? Will she complain that I am teasing her? Will she mew with every gentle pursed-lip suck?

I wonder.

Will she want me to take a flower and tickle her skin with its petals? And what kind of flower would be right? Something sweet and romantic, like a rose? Something exotic, like an orchid? Or something playful, like a daisy? Will she want me to twirl the bloom by its stem, its petals spinning against her skin? Or will she prefer a slow sweeping movement?

Afterwards, will she press the flower between pages of a book? Or will the power of our passion leave the flower crumpled in the creases of our sheets?

I wonder.

Will she want me to flutter the bottoms of her breasts with my fingers? Or would she rather I stroke along the sides? Will her skin prickle with pleasure? Will she tremble if I lick along her breastbone, slow little back and forth tongue licks? Will her nipples xnnx porno stiffen with my gentle kisses?

Or will she moan when I open my mouth wide and try to gobble her up, slobbering and sucking her whole breast into my mouth?

I wonder.

Will she want me to cradle her face in my hands and look into her eyes? Will her eyes brighten when I mouth a few magic words? Or will she maybe cry? Will she want me to kiss the trail of her salty tears? And with her tears kissed away, will she want her lips kissed too? The lingering kiss of familiar lovers?

Or will she grab my cock and pull me to her, drawing me towards her female core?

I wonder.

And what of the first penetration? Will she laugh with delight? Or will she be tremblingly serious? Will she raise her knees up? Or will she scoot her bottom? Will she put her hands on my back? Or on my ass? Or around my neck? Or will she touch us where we are joined? While we fuck, will she diddle her own clit?

Will she want me to whisper crude things in her ear? Or words of romance? Or will we fuck wordlessly, just grunts and hums and moans? Will she breathe slow and deep? Or fast and shallow?

Will she cry out as she tenses up tight right before her release? Will she love to hear me call her name as I come inside her?

I wonder.

Afterwards, will she lay her head on my chest and let me play with her hair? Will her hand skim across my thighs and belly? Will she snuggle up close so we can feel each other’s heat?

Or will she lick down my stomach and suck my cock into her mouth, eager to go another round?

I wonder.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.

I can’t wait to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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