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If I Knew Then…

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Big Tits

If I knew then, what I know now, I would not have wasted all those road trips. I think of the times when I wanted to really entertain you as you drove, but I was unsure if you’d be as interested as I’d hoped.

I think back, and see those trips how I wanted them to be, how they’d be now, if I ever got the chance. I see you, driving down a long stretch of boring interstate, making conversation, careful to never take it beyond innocent flirting. But, I lean my seat back, just a little, and pull my skirt up to my waist, or rip the slit just a little more so you can see how wet my panties are. So you can exactly what I’m doing.

I would pull my thong to one side, and slide two fingers deep into my pussy, coating them in the slick juices that are abundant just from sitting across the truck’s console from you. I’d ask you, if you knew you made me this wet, and I’d show you how wet my fingers were.

Then, I’d move my fingers back to my sweet little pussy, and rub the warm, slick juices all over my lips, back to my ass, and up to my clit. I’d stop for a moment to really enjoy rubbing my clit, and how hot I was. I’d be frustrated that my thong, no matter how small it is, is blocking your view of what I’m doing, so I’d take it off, and drop it onto the console brazzers porno between us.

I’d smile as you would be having a little more trouble keeping your attention on the interstate in front of you.

“You don’t have to stop talking, I’m just trying to make the ride a little more enjoyable,” I’d say as I dip my fingers back into my pussy, then bring them up to my mouth, and rub one fingertip across my lips, painting them with my juices, before I thrust them into my mouth, sucking every drop off.

I smile again when you pick up your conversation, right where you left off, and I hate you a little for it, for being able to concentrate on something else, just like when you and your fingers made me cum while you talked on the phone that day. I couldn’t stand up, and you never missed a beat in your conversation.

Stealing a glance to your lap though, I see you aren’t as unaffected as you seem. Bearing that in mind as encouragement, I begin rubbing my clit between my finger and thumb, enjoying the friction I’m causing. I use my left hand to spread my lips open wide, and my right hand to spread the flowing juices all over my pussy. I push two, then three fingers inside of my tight pussy and begin fucking myself hard, slamming clip4sale porno my fingers deep into me while my thumb presses hard against my clit.

My hips buck and my breath comes in hard, short little pants as I cum hard on my fingers. I can feel the juices coming freely out of my sopping wet pussy now, and apologize to you for getting your seat all messy.

You don’t seem to mind. “I’m just doing my part to make the drive more entertaining,” I giggle.

I reach my hand over, and snake it down to your lap, to feel the hard bulge of your dick straining to get out of your jeans. If I’d known then, what I know now, I would have suggested we take the next available exit and beg you to fuck me until I felt you cum deep inside of me. I’d beg you to fuck my ass too. I bet you had no idea how hot and bothered I was sitting next to you, or why I could never quite sit still. That’s too bad, it sure would have made some of those trips more interesting.

If I knew then, what I know now, I might have been bolder on that plane ride, where we were alone in the very back of the plane. I lay down and feigned sleep. I wanted so desperately for you to pull my over to your lap. I would have used the darkness as a cover, I would have rubbed colette porno my hand over your dick until you were hard, so hard you’d shift in your seat. You’d look at me and ask me to do more than rub my hand around your fat dick. I’d do my best to open your pants as deftly and quietly as possible in the crowded plane. I’d slide my tongue from the top ridge down to the base of your dick.

I’d ask you what you wanted me to do next. You would have known then how much I like to follow directions. You’d guide your dick into my mouth, and I’d wrap my lips around the swollen head and lap at the tip with my tongue until you pushed deeper into my mouth. I’d have enjoyed your hands in my hair, fucking my mouth hard, leaving me no room to move.

I’d have pushed one of your hands down to the top of my shirt, and push it out of the way so you can play with my little nipples until I moan a little too loudly and you pull your hand away and look my in the eye, telling me to be quiet.

I redirect my attention to sliding your dick deep into my mouth and I can’t help but grin when I feel you start to cum in my mouth. I’d swallow every drop and lick my lips as I sat up smiled my best Cheshire Cat grin. I’d lean over and tell you that I want you to fuck me, but I know I can’t be quiet enough. I know that as big as your dick is, you’ll have me screaming as I cum over and over again.

If I knew then, what I know now, I would have done a lot differently, and you might even have liked it. Maybe a little. I know I would have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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