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Stacy Matthews was a very pretty girl with her sandy blonde hair and her sparkling blue eyes but no one ever noticed her. Her petite athletic body was always covered by long baggy jeans and either a long sweater or long shirt. No guy ever thought of her in the way she wanted. She has only ever had one boyfriend and that was her now best friend Kyle Michaels. They were only 15 and nothing went passed kissing. Kyle and Stacy remained friends despite Kyle’s relationship with Karrie Simpson, an all-American cheerleader and last years Jr. Prom Queen.

Being eighteen and single with no prospects was not Stacy’s idea of leaving school with a BANG!!! Even with the support of her best female friends, Sam and Kelley, edging her on to change her image to get noticed but she was too self conscience and didn’t want to change. Then the day came where her life would change. The Valentine’s Day dance arrived and Stacy was asked to the dance. It was her first time going to a dance with a date. And it was the one person she would have never guessed, Kyle. Kyle was alone on Valentine’s Day because Karrie was out of state at a Cheer competition and Kyle thought he treat his best friend.

Stacy wore a red-halter dress that split up the side of her leg, red pumps and a red beaded choker. Her hair was wavy and hung softly over on her shoulders. Kelley and Sam dressed and made Stacy up to blow the mind of the whole school and when Kyle arrived at her house he did a double take. He readjusted his eyes several times to see this vision of beauty. He didn’t say anything he took her hand and lead her off the stoop to the awaiting limo. Kelley and Sam were already at the dance.

Kyle tried not to look at Stacy’s chest but he was drawn to it. Never in a million years did he think he would be attracted to his best friend, but he was. He would look and then look out the window just as fast as his look was at her chest. He did that until Stacy spoke to him.

“I know this is weird seeing me like this, it was not my idea. Kelley and Sam dressed me up. I wanted to wear something less revealing.”

” Stace, don’t be embarrassed. You look HOT!!! I so don’t feel right saying this but you are HOT!!!!. Why don’t you wear more flattering clothes? You should stop dressing like a boy. Do you know how many guys are going to be staring at you? All of them!!!! You are HOT and don’t deny it!!!”

“K, this is not me. I am not like this. I don’t dress like a slut and I am not a slut.”

“Stace…” Kyle starts as he leans towards her, “try it for a night. Drive the guys wild!!! Give them what they de….” Then he kisses her to show her what he thinks of her.

“Oooooo….k….” Stacy manages to say through the long and soft kiss from Kyle. As she thinks: Man do I miss this!!! As she continues making out with him as they drive in that long stretch limo bound for the school gym.

The long sleek black limo carrying the newly attracted friends stopped in front of the red brick building that housed the sign Maple Wood High. The two bodies emerged from the car and walked arm in arm to the gym. Kyle whispered into Stacy’s ear: “Knock em dead!”

Most of the student body was dancing to some up beat song when Kyle and Stacy walked into the gym. They had made a pact that the first slow song was theirs and until then they can hang with their other friends. Stacy walked over to Kelley, Sam and some other girls while Kyle joined the guys Hockey team.

“Michaels, you had to bring the tom-boy!” remarked Jason Durham, the Star athlete of the school. “You could have gone stag, like the rest of us while our toys are away, but noooo.”

“She has been my friend since we were kids and I think I lucked out! Take a look at the bombshell in the red dress by Kelley and Sam.” The Hockey team glanced over and looked at Stacy. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The tom-boy was a bombshell.

“Way to go Michaels!!! But I hope for your sake Karrie doesn’t find out that Matthews is hotter then her. Cause if you lose Karrie, I will get the best fuck in the world back and you would be stuck with nothing.”

“Who’s to say that when I fuck Stacy, Karrie will find out. I can have the best of both worlds. Popping the cherry of a hot and soon to be slut and have the best fuck every day.”

“I may tell her.”

“Well here is the deal, I fuck Stacy tonight, none of you guys tell Kerrie and we can gangbang Kerrie after the next game. We will get her so drunk and she won’t even care. Deal?”

“Deal!” the whole Hockey team yelled.

All seven slow songs were heaven for Stacy every single guy was looking at her even the young teachers, Mr. Evans, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Smith. She did it in one night she had changed her reputation. Kyle held her tight, pendik escort played with her hard and smooth ass, and kissed her neck and lips every song all the way along. Stacy replied by accepting his soft and smooth lips by moaning softly and sweetly. She could feel his dick pressing on her hot and wet pussy. She wanted it, but she wasn’t sure if she really did.

Kyle and Stacy continued to make-out on the way to the limo, in the limo and on the way home. Half way home Kyle slipped his hands into Stacy’s bra and took out her large and full white tits and started to massage them.

“Kyle stop! I can’t! I’m not ready!” Stacy managed to say unlocking from Kyle’s lips.

“Stacy, you don’t tell a guy to stop now. We are not fifteen anymore!”

“I can’t have sex yet. I am not ready!” She pushed him off of her and moved to the other side. “Don’t try it again Kyle!”

“Stace, who do you want to take your cherry from you? Some guy or someone you have known since childhood?”

“You! Yes, you! But not now. Later on my terms. I need to be ready. And even though you get it every night from another girl I will save my self for you. You can do what ever you want, where ever you want when I am ready. Ok?”


Stacy left the limo very sombrely, pulled her dress back down and entered her house. Her parents were already asleep so she quietly went down the stairs to her room and closed her door. At the same time, Kyle was jacking off with Stacy’s panties that he had slipped off her. She noticed but didn’t care. The limo drove away as Stacy watched out her bedroom window.

Stacy walked to her bed, laid down on it, still in her dress, and started to slither out of it. She lifted the neck part over her head and pushed it down over her large and full breasts. She then, undid her bra, letting herself roam free and then pushed it all to the floor. She reached over to her night stand and shut off her lights. She pulled the covers over her body and started to furiously finger herself. She panted and moaned as she went faster and faster. For several minutes she went harder and harder until her climax came. She screamed into her pillow so it wasn’t so loud. Breathing heavy she reached to the floor, put on a t-shirt and started off to dreamland where she would be fucked furiously to her hearts content. Now she was ready, she thought.

In the morning things had changed. She knew that even though her pussy wanted to be hammered repeatedly by a large cock, her responsible side still says “We are not ready.” She got out of bed, ran into the shower, put the shower on high so that the jet stream of water would massage her already throbbing pussy. After that she went back to her room, put on the same style of clothes that she wore every day and went off to school, all the while still horny. Stacy knew that she was thinking about sex and sex and more sex and that she had to stop or she would not be able to work. Walking into the school all the senior guys and the rest of the male student body were staring at her. She knew that now she could have any guy she wanted but she knew she was not ready. She saw Kyle making out with Karrie by her locker and she knew that by lunch they would be fucking behind the hill, like they do every day. So what!! He wanted her and only her last night and even though it was by default she didn’t care.

Stacy got through most of the day fine. She put sex in the infinite void in her brain and concentrated on her work. It was so easy cause she spent her spares with girls and all of her teachers that day were female. She avoided the other sex as much as possible. However her sex drive kicked into high gear when she walked into Mr. Thompson’s class room. Mr. Drew Thompson, 23 tall, with bleached blond hair with brown roots, sexy green eyes and a built body. Any school girls dream. Every girl had a crush on him but too bad girls this guy is engaged. Damn!! Stacy was one of the girls with a huge crush on him but you could never tell, she could still look him in the eyes, unlike the others, and talk to him without giggling. Today though, would be different. She saw him at his desk and all her hornyness came back. She put her books on her desk and ran to finger herself in the bathroom. She returned just before the bell, climaxed, composed and ready to finish her day.

She was fine, she didn’t have to look even once at him. They were writing a test on Hamlet so she could concentrate on her paper. The only time she had to look at him is when she needed to give it to him at the end of class. Half way through the class, Stacy was finished. Being an English wiz does that. She got up from her desk, handed him the paper and then he said looking into her sparkling blue eyes:

“Miss pendik escort bayanlar Matthews, you must remain until the end of class. It is not fair to the others if you leave.”

Now Stacy knew that she had to stay but she really wanted to go. But she understood. She took out a Romance Novel and started to read. As she read, there was something going on in Mr. Thompson’s head. Now, Drew Thompson was engaged, but he was not dead. Stacy Matthews was his best and brightest student and now he knows that she is also so very hot and ready for popping. He wanted to fuck a student but most of the girls were sluts, he wanted a fresher one for his own picking and seeing Stacy last night made his dick rise to the occasion. He didn’t want to wait he was going to fuck her today after class. Just make her seem that she is in trouble, seduce her slowly and then go in for the kill. This virgin will be his cock hound soon enough. Thinking those un-pure thoughts made his dick rise. Oh No!! He stood up, his dick hidden behind his desk and said to his class,

“I will be right back I need to get these handouts copied for you all. I will be just next door. Be good. I can hear you.” He place the paper strategically over his large bulge, quickly left the room, dropped the paper in the copier, set it on print and skipped into the boy’s room where he locked himself in a stall and jacked himself off to a naked photo of his finance. He may have been jacking his ten inch piece of meat to a pick of his woman but he was picturing Stacy giving herself to him. When he came he shot his hot and heavy load into the toilet below. As he walked back to class he tried not to get back up too fast. When he arrived in the class he saw that all the test papers were all on his desk. Showtime!

“Class dismissed,” he yelled. As all the students got up and filed to the door. “Not you Miss Matthews. I need to speak with you about your last assignment.” Stacy was shocked, she never failed anything in her life and now she had done so bad that the teacher needed to speak to her. Oh Great! Stacy stayed at her desk as Mr. Thompson locked the door behind the exiting students. Stacy was too busy playing with her hands to see him lock the door. He walked over to her and sat down in the desk beside her.

“Stacy, you are not in trouble so don’t be scared. I just want to tell u that I was so moved by your story that it made me cry. A story of love and devotion that could be a lesson to us all. Where did u come up with that?”

“Made it up. It is how I feel love should be.”

“You are a very talented writer. Do you share a love like that with someone?”

“No I am alone. I have no one to share my feeling with except myself.”

“Oh, I see. Have you every given though to writings stories with more of an adult theme. You are talented enough.”

“Mr. Thompson what are you saying? Why would I do that?”

“I am just saying…” Mr. Thompson started to say as he removed his sweater to reveal a tight fitting white t-shirt that revealed his larger and bulging pecks and his smooth and sleek six-pack. “Do you find it hot in here?”

“A bit?…..” She answered with some uncertainty looking at his hot and sexy body. Her eyes lifted to his face and she looked deep into his eyes. She could feel herself getting hotter and she removed her track jacket and then pulled at her shirt to keep it from sticking from her. “You were saying?”

“Oh Yah.” Mr. Thompson recovered looking at her black bra covering her large chest. Feeling his dick rising, he had to go for it. “Stacy, you are so creative and talented. I need your opinion on a story. Can you read it to give me some ideas?”

“Sure.” She answered.

Mr. Thompson went over to his desk and opened the bottom drawer. When he lifted the paper out of his desk he saw Stacy licking her lips and squirming in her chair. He handed he the paper and told her to read it. He explained that it was a story he wrote. Stacy took the paper and started to read it. Her eyes opened wide when she read the hot and steamy sex story. While reading the part:

She deftly undid his zipper and pulled out what turned out to be a very large cock, and at

the sight of it Amber dropped to her knees and greedily began to suck the huge member,

while Mr. Fields leaned back against the wall not believing any of this was happening to

him!!! Just as he was about to cum Amber looked up and asked if she was really doing

D work? He shook his head no and mouthed the word “A”. At that point she went down

hard and sucked until he shot a huge load down her waiting throat. As he became limp in her mouth his breathing returned to normal, and Amber stood up, cupped pendik eve gelen escort her tits, and

began to twist the nipples, making them stand out like two thimbles. Immediately Mr.

Fields’ dick began to stiffen again, so Amber hiked up her dress, slipped off her panties in

one easy motion, and then after sitting on the edge of his desk with her legs held wide

open exposing her wet pussy, she merely licked her lips and nodded of her head to

indicate he was stick that big prick deep inside of her!!! She came once just from his

initial thrust, and he pounded her cunt with fast piston like strokes until she came over

and over again, until finally he groaned and emptied his hot load, deep in her boiling


Stacy started rubbing her clit very fast and furiously not even noticing or caring that Mr. Thompson was watching her and hovering over her. He removed he had from her clit rubbing and undid the zipper on her jeans. Stacy’ s head told her to stop but she didn’t care she just nodded for the ok. Jason Thompson pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles and moved his head closer to her hot, wet and ready pussy. He put his tongue in her virgin pussy and started to explore. Stacy moved and shifted every time he hit her clit.

“Relax, sexy. Just relax don’t rush it. Just sit back and let me do all the work.”

Stacy obeyed and moaned louder and louder until she got her first real climax all over this hot teachers face. She slipped out of the chair and fell to the floor. Stacy then lied there awaiting her next experience. Jason completely removed her pants and then took off her top. He grabbed those large and full tits, stratled her body and kneed those baby in this large and manly hands. He kept at it until his cock was ready to be released.

“Sit up and take off my pants and boxers, NOW!” He ordered. She removed them to his ankles and then came face to face with her first real cock. “Now jack me off with your hand while rubbing your clit.” Stacy took this eight inch piece of meat in her and started to rub it back and forth at the same speed she fingered her clit. “Faster, Faster, Harder. Bitch!!! Harder Harder!” Jason ordered. She went faster and faster and panted louder and louder. After five or so minutes of panting, rubbing and jacking, Jason came on her face and tits. Stacy took a step back after she was covered in cum.

“Stacy, that’s what we do now get back here and put my cock in your mouth and suck me off!” Stacy backed off and ran to the door.

“No, I don’t want it. Stop. Leave me alone.” Jason caught up to her, forced her to her knees and pushed his cock in between her cherry red lips. He started to slowly fuck her mouth so she could enjoy and take over and boy did she. She took her hands and wrapped them around his body and slid her cherry red lips over his hard-on faster and faster until he came in her mouth. He held her mouth on his dick until she swallowed it all up.

For his next trick he put Stacy on his desk and made he sit with her pussy open and he quickly shoved his dick into her small tight virgin pussy. She screamed like no one else had ever screamed, but no one heard it cause he smothered her mouth. It didn’t take many long and slow strokes for Stacy to reach orgasm. She shook and trembled for quite a long time, but that didn’t stop him. He took his dick out, turned her around and fucked her now very red pussy from behind. With every stroke he went harder and faster until he came inside her. He took his now limp dick out, slid on his clothes and told Stacy to do the same.

After she got dressed and ready to leave Mr. Thompson said to her:

“You tell no one about this and come every 2nd day after school and I will give you an A. Got it. And u better protect yourself, I don’t want any kids and I refuse to use a condom. Got it!”

“Yes….” She managed to reply as he ran out of the room.

Well there sessions did continue and they got longer, more frequent and hotter. He did what he wanted to her and she was his slave no complaints and no objections. She was getting to be the slut she was destined to be. She dressed like it. She slept around and was loving it. There last time together was to be after the graduation dinner in a luxury suite.

Jason Thompson looked around the gym to find his fuck buddy. He looked all over the gym until he heard some noises coming from under the bleachers. He went to investigate. There she was, screaming lightly, her sleek black dress up around her neck revealing her magnificent body, being fucked furiously by Kyle Michaels and sucking off Jason Durham. And it was not complete, Karrie was coming over to join their orgy. She walked passed him and he grabbed her by the arm, no complaints. He slipped under the bleachers with them and took Karrie with him. The threesome didn’t notice. He ripped his pants down, took is dick out, it rose instantly, pushed Karrie’s dress up and fucked her standing. They all fucked to their hearts content. But would they ever get caught?

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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