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I’m Not Part of Your World Anymore

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I’m not part of your world anymore. My life is lived in a constant murky haze, as light and dark pass in shades of grey through my blinds.

My naked body, slick with sweat, contorts in agony as no amount of self satisfaction will quell the burning ache inside me.

I have a thirst no drink can satisfy, a hunger there is no food for. I lie wasting away, in wait of some kind of relief. The pain inside me twists and tears.

You think you can help me?

As you step into my lair I eye you with a dangerous, predatory look. Anger, contempt and rabid desire. I raise myself up on my arms on the bed and watch your stare wander across my naked body.

Crawling towards you, like something feral and wild, I smile which slowly turns into a snarl.

I’ve been out of your world too long. There will be no pleasantries exchanged here.

I don’t want to know your name.

I don’t want to know your past, present or future.

I just want you.

I stare you out – my eyes flooded with animalistic violence, waiting to see if you’ll make a move first.

I can’t stand it. I don’t want to wait. I dive for you pulling you down onto the bed with me.

Urgently crashing my lips on yours, I pull you on top of me. I greedily taste your youporn porno lips, sucking roughly on your tongue. I want to be devour you. I want every last drop you can give me to ease this feeling.

I grab at your clothes, pulling and tearing, dying to get at you. My nails find your skin making you gasp as they claw against you.

The sensation urges you on and you roughly take both breasts in your hands squeezing and bruising them as we continue to annihilate each others lips.

I can hardly breathe as you quickly move your mouth down to my throbbing hard nipples. You draw your teeth across them creating a delicious suffering and I give you a devious smile. My breathing quickens urging you on as your hands continue to explore.

Suddenly, I fight you onto your back climbing down your body until my mouth is level with your large, stiff cock. My mouth waters as I flick my tongue back and forth across the tip looking feverishly into your eyes as I do so.

Taking you by surprise I try and swallow as much of you as I can, making you gasp. I slowly come back up, dragging my teeth lightly as I go.

My head bobs in shallow movement, taking just part of you in my throat before you can’t stand the teasing and push my head zenci porno down to take more of you in.

This really turns me on. I start moaning on your cock, which you love the feeling of.

You keep a steady pace, fucking my face, making me choke.

Suddenly you pull me off you by my hair. You tell me to stick my tongue out and I obey, as you slap it with your thick shaft.

Fucking tease.

You push me backwards onto the bed and leave a trail from my tits downwards with your tongue. I start to squirm before you even reach my hot, wet pussy.

I’m so turned on it won’t take much to push me over the edge.

You can see this, of course. You take one slow lick from my dripping wet slit towards my most sensitive spot and I start quivering. You pull away slightly and just blow against my clit.

I explode in agonising ecstasy. You smile, devilishly, as you watch my body convulse for you, losing all control in wave after wave.

I scream at you, beg you! My tone is angry and desperate.

“Fuck me! Oh please! Please! Fuck me! I need you so bad!’

Before my climax has truly subsided you push your long, hard tool fully into me with one good forceful thrust.

Lights flash behind my clenched, xhamster porno closed eyes.

You throw my legs over one shoulder and lean over me – biting each nipple in turn.

There’s nothing gentle about the way you fuck me. It’s perfect. Each hard thrust trying to get even deeper, every inch filling me completely.

It’s only in this moment I feel normal. I feel alive as you try to pound that very life from me.

Your groaning with each energetic thrust just makes me lose more control. I want you to enjoy me, you give me a meaning. Some reason for my misery.

I’m cuming so hard my breath is running short, and my eyes begin to swim.

My tight pussy ripples against your rigid prick – you can’t stand it forever.

I can feel you swell even more inside me as you near your own orgasm.

I want you to fill me up with your cum, I scream to the ceiling, as you take one final deep thrust pushing as far as you can go before releasing inside me.

We lie in a wasted heap, struggling to breathe.

I don’t want you to pull out. Give me a little more time before I have to take the empty feeling back – but I can’t hold you. There’s no tenderness here.

You pull your cock out and stand to leave. I lay motionless, sprawled across the bed.

The cold air hits the moisture you’ve left, so sensitive I can’t stand it. Frustration and desire slowly creep towards me from the shadows once more.

Don’t look back at me when you leave. I’m lost. I’m not part of your world anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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