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Impregnation Cruise Ch. 02: Coco Island

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This is a work of fiction. No person in this story is based on or relates to any living person. However, although the concept of a clothing optional cruise and the tour itinerary are based loosely on reality, do not expect to find what Cherie found on any real cruise.

The activities described in this story are imaginary and are neither condoned nor recommended by the author.

This is a series, best read in numerical order, although each chapter stands alone if you wish to mix and mingle.


My first thought when I awoke the following morning was that we had stopped; there was no engine noise. My second thought was that I felt really sexy. I just had to find Charles again today, or someone else equally proficient. I washed my face, dealt to my hair, put on minimal makeup then headed out for breakfast, naked as most of the others I found.

We were moored offshore from a small island with beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees and crystal clear blue water in the lagoon, the slight swells gently moving the ship. Already people were leaving to head to shore on lighters. I ate my breakfast on deck, soaking up the early morning sun before I would need to use sunscreen, when I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder.

“Good morning, darling,” said the voice belonging to the hand, “Did you sleep well?”

I quickly stood up and slipped into Charles’ open arms, kissing him hard.

“Good morning, lover,” I replied, slightly tearfully at the thoughts of what I missed out on last night and feeling his warm nude body pressing against mine. “No, I did not sleep well, I felt too sexy. Daniel was a hopeless lover. He has absolutely no idea of how to satisfy a woman; he just thinks of himself. I missed you last night, sweetheart, and I’m really sorry if you feel I pushed you away in favour of Daniel. I’d really love it if we could spend today together on this island paradise.”

“I’d love that too, honey. So I’ll grab some breakfast and join you, then we can catch a lighter to the shore. Sound like a plan?”

“Sure does, so long as there’s some sex in there as well,” I replied with a grin.

He returned a few minutes later with his breakfast tray and we ate, watching the beautiful scene before us. When we’d finished we arranged to meet by the steps in about ten minutes. I returned to my cabin, collected my day bag of money, passport, sunscreen, bikini, although I doubted I’d need it, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, towel and other simple necessities, slipped my feet into some sandals, then found my way to the steps to board the next lighter. Charles was already waiting. We boarded the lighter as it gently nudged the ship, then headed towards shore. Our ship looked massive from water level, long, high and very solid.

Once we reached the beach we waded the few steps to dry sand through the clear, tepid water and looked around. There were chairs set out on the beach, some already claimed, but we decided we needed a little more privacy for what we had planned. We also thought that it would be cooler and more pleasant under the palms than on the beach, even though there were many beach umbrellas still furled in the morning sun.

We walked along a path through the palms parallel to the beach, each turn bringing new visual delights. We passed few people, those we did meet being mainly locals whose dark tanned skins indicated that nudity was customary, not only during cruise ship visits. They all greeted us pleasantly with broad smiles, noticing that the men all gave me a visual once-over, as the women did for Charles.

After about ten minutes we reached the end of the island and decided that this spot would be perfect as the cool morning breeze was blocked by the island vegetation. We found a cosy place on the soft dry sand with the sea gently lapping the shore a short distance away and spread our towels one beside the other, then lay down.

“I so missed you in my bed last night,” I murmured after we’d kissed for a few minutes. “What a mistake I made.” I chuckled.

“Nothing that can’t be rectified,” he grinned.

We kissed some more and I caressed his hardening cock while he checked out and increased the moisture from my pussy. It took only a few minutes before the inevitable happened; he moved closer to me, pressed his body against mine and slowly and very sexily slipped his hard length into my welcoming cunt. The sensations were amazing and I closed my eyes and simply revelled in them. Once fully inside, he lay still, his cock and my cunt muscles twitching gently occasionally as we kissed deeply and he massaged my sensitive breasts and nipples. Oooohhhh, it felt so good lying here like this in the sunshine, on the beach, impaled on my man.

Gradually the need to gain more stimulation asserted itself and we began moving against each other, his cock gently withdrawing and pressing deeper into my cunt, rubbing against my clitoris as it did so. It felt so wonderfully sexy; I felt complete in myself.

After kırklareli escort a while I felt the need for more vigorous activity. While the gentle movements were wonderful, they were also frustrating as they seemed insufficient to satisfy my increasingly urgent need to fuck hard. I waited until he was fully inside then rolled him over onto his back, straddling him, pressing my hips downwards and feeling the pressure against my clit. That felt soooo good.

Charles grinned up at me, holding my hips still as I sat with him buried to the hilt inside me, his cock head pressing against the end of my cunt.

“Impatient today, are we?” he smiled at me.

“Yessss!” I hissed. “I need to be fucked hard and good.”

I tried to move my hips, to establish a frenetic rhythm that would quickly take me to paradise, but he continued to hold my hips, preventing all but tiny movements.

“Oooohhhh, honey, fuck me hard, pleeease,” I wailed.

“All in good time,” he replied, grinning broadly, obviously enjoying torturing me like this.

Once I stopped trying to move, he then slowly and gently pushed me back and forth, causing his cock to pleasure both front and back of my sopping cunt as well as slide over my clit each time he pushed me back. Amazing erotic sensations coursed through my body and I closed my eyes, surrendering to the feelings as I was totally overwhelmed.

After what seemed like forever, I felt my orgasm approaching. Charles must have sensed this as he slowed down, placing me into a holding pattern in which I no longer approached my crisis, yet stayed at this heightened level of arousal. Oooohhhh, it was amazing and frustrating and wonderful and painful and sexy and . . . . I simply ran out of words to describe it.

Eventually he relented; removing his hands from my hips he gave me free rein to move and fuck as I wanted while he massaged my breasts and nipples, mashing my firm mounds in his hands while rolling my sensitive nipples between his thumbs and forefingers – hard. My hips started a rapid rhythm, seemingly of their own accord, thrashing backwards and forwards on his hard erection as the pleasure and pain radiated from my nipples to my cunt, adding to the overwhelming sensations already there. It took only a very few seconds for me to cum.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!” I screamed to the sea, beach, palms and Charles as I came harder than I ever had before. My body shook, head thrown back, thrashing about on his hard cock as he held me in place, with his hands again on my hips, pushing and pulling them back and forth to prolong the ecstatic agony of my orgasmic release.

Slowly I returned to earth and collapsed forward onto his chest, panting for breath after my exertions. We lay there for a long time, his cock remaining hard inside me and slowly it dawned on me; he hadn’t cum. Omigod! What a lover! There was still more to come.

Once I recovered sufficiently he rolled us both over and supported his weight on knees and elbows while he kissed me hard. Then he began fucking me again, slowly at first, moving so that we both felt every part of our joined organs moving against the other. My sensitized clit was rubbed gently by the top of his cock before being squeezed hard by his pubic bone on each insertion, sending delicious waves of pleasure surging through my body. Gradually he increased his speed, then reached up and cupped my breasts once again with his hands as he squeezed my nipples.

Amazingly I felt myself responding yet again, riding the wave as I rapidly approached yet another mind-blowing orgasm. He sped up more, fucking me hard, seeking his own pleasure knowing that I’d find mine in his also. After a final deep thrust he stopped, rigid, and I felt his hot sperm filling the end of my cunt. The feeling of that, as well as the pressure on my clit and nipples, pushed me over the edge and I came again – hard. My body thrashed around under him, shuddering, trembling with the force of the emotions that washed through me.

After a few minutes he kissed me, a long, tongue-wrestling kiss as we both came down from our highs.

“Oh darling, I love you so much,” he whispered, “That was wonderful. Thank you, sweetheart.”

“Mmmm, you’re such a great lover. You really know how to turn me on. Thank you, darling, thank you so much.”

We lay together for a long time, the sun rising in the sky, beating down on us as we lay in love on the beach beside the azure sea. Eventually we separated, kissing each other again even after the numerous kisses we’d already shared. Our sweat and other fluids coated the fronts of our bodies and began drying in the sun.

“Feel like a swim?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied, jumping up. “Race you to the water.”

I beat him easily, splashing him as he approached the edge while I was already knee deep in the tepid sea. He walked towards me, splashing me back, then tackled me and we both went under, coming up laughing and spluttering. kırşehir escort We washed each other then swam seawards until I was in shoulder depth water. Charles then hugged me, kissing me, and walked further out with me until the water was up to his chin. I was now out of my depth so he held me, feet off the sea floor, and we kissed each other deeply and continuously, lovers together, as one in the ocean.

Once we had swum to shore again we dried ourselves, rubbed sunscreen on each other, then moved our towels to the shade of the palms and lay down. We cuddled and chatted for a long time, sharing our life stories with each other, our hopes and dreams, as lovers do everywhere. The sun moved overhead and hunger began to bite, brought on more by our earlier vigorous activities.

“Feel like lunch?” asked Charles.

“Yes, and a drink. I’ve already finished my water bottle,” I replied.

He gave me the last of his, which I drained, then we packed up our gear and walked arm in arm back along the track we had taken this morning. Once we arrived at the main beach we found a relatively secluded spot amongst the sunbathing naked bodies, the beach chairs and those who were playing beach volleyball, then signalled for a roving waiter who brought us some bottled water. Once we had quenched our thirst we wandered towards the palms where trestle tables had been set up with food for lunch. As we were helping ourselves to the amazing selection of food we became separated and I found myself next to a well-built young man who asked how I was enjoying the day on the island.

“It’s great,” I replied.

“Yes, I’ve really enjoyed this morning,” he said, “By the way, I’m Doug.” He held out his hand.

“Cherie,” I replied, shaking his hand.

As he held my hand he smiled. “Shaking hands is far too formal,” he said, sweeping me into an embrace and giving me a hug. Instinctively I wrapped my other arm around his back and hugged him back, then quickly broke away, looking guiltily around for Charles to see if he’d noticed. He didn’t appear to; he was in deep conversation with a stunning blonde with a body to die for. I felt a green flash of jealousy rush through me before I rationalized that we were lovers but there was no commitment, so he was free to do as he wished, just as I was also.

I turned back to Doug. “Are you with anyone?” I asked.

“No.” he replied

“Let’s have lunch together,” I suggested.

“Sounds good to me. Where are you located?”

I pointed out my towel and he said he’d collect his belongings and meet me there in a few minutes. I walked back to my towel and sat down alone. Doug arrived a couple of minutes later and noticed Charles’ towel.

“Ooops, you’re with someone it seems. I’d better go,” he said.

I patted the sand alongside my towel. “Absolutely not. He’s a friend, we only met yesterday and I insist you stay here, if you want to that is.”

Doug smiled, spread his towel and sat. A few minutes later Charles arrived at his towel – with the blonde bombshell in tow. He smiled when he saw Doug sitting next to me.

“I’ve invited Penny to join us too, hope that’s OK,” he said.

“Yes, that’s fine,” I replied, “I invited Doug to join us as well. Doug, this is Charles.”

The two men shook hands and Penny and I hugged, before we sat again and began eating lunch. Conversation was minimal and general during the eating process and it wasn’t until we had finished that we really began talking to each other. Doug and Penny were both recently divorced and had decided that this cruise would be a good place to meet other people. Inside I was thinking how incredible it is that these two lovely people should have chosen spouses who didn’t appreciate them. I sat for a few minutes, listening to the conversation around me, wondering what it was about people that changes the love they obviously had for their spouses into the hate that so often precedes divorce. Strange things people. I almost felt vindicated in my decision not to have a partner but to come on this cruise to become pregnant by someone, maybe someone I hadn’t yet met. I tuned back into the conversation, just in time to hear Doug ask me why I came on the cruise.

“To become pregnant,” I replied.

Both Doug and Penny looked at me as though I was joking, and Penny voiced this.

“You’re joking, surely. You want us to believe that you want to become pregnant and don’t care who the father is?” she asked.

“No, that’s not quite right. Yes I came on the cruise to become pregnant. Yes, I adjusted my cycles so that my fertile time is in a day or two. Yes, I fully intend to have enough sex with enough men to ensure that I end the cruise pregnant. But I certainly care what type of person the father is, I just don’t need to know who he is and there certainly will be no repercussions for him once the child is born. I will only be making love with men who I would be happy to accept as the father of my baby. I want a baby, but kızılay escort I don’t want to be tied to one man for the rest of my life. Nor do I want to go through the trauma of divorce, as you both have. “

“Oh,” replied Penny, with a thoughtful look on her face. I noticed that Doug was grinning from ear to ear, hopeful, no doubt, that I would select him to enter the father sweepstake.

“So am I right in assuming that you’re willing to fuck lots of men on this cruise in the hope that one will impregnate you?” he asked.

“Yes, but not every man, I will be a bit picky.”

“So would I have a chance?” he asked, biting the bullet.

“So far, I like what I see.” I smiled at him and he grinned back, obviously unused to such forwardness in a woman and apparently lost for words.

“So have you and Charles done it yet?” asked Penny forthrightly.

“Yes,” I replied dreamily, “He’s a magnificent lover. Would you like to borrow him for a while?” I asked cheekily.

Both Penny and Charles flushed, but they looked at each other, obviously in a new light of availability.

“Only if he’s willing, I guess,” she replied.

Doug found his voice again and smiled as he stated the obvious. “Well, I guess if you two are going to have a rabbit-fest, that leaves Cherie and me to find something to do together.”

It was my turn to blush, and I did, at the same time answering him. “Well, maybe if you play your cards right that’s always a possibility.”

Conversation lapsed for a while and we lay in the sun, taking care to move so that we didn’t burn any part of our anatomies. After another half hour or so Charles declared he was too hot and needed shade. We all agreed, and I suggested we head back to our private beach. So the four of us collected full water bottles and headed back to the end of the island where we lay our towels in the shade under the palms. Once we lay down, I closed my eyes and soon felt someone’s hand rubbing my stomach. I looked up and found Doug lying on his side, head propped up on his hand, caressing me. I quickly looked downward and noticed his cock was well advanced to full erection.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, thank you,” I said, reaching out for him and starting to run my hand through the hairs on his chest and stomach. I glanced over my shoulder to see that Charles and Penny were at about the same stage as we were.

Our touches became bolder and more intimate and before we knew it Doug was massaging my pussy and spreading my juices around while I was gently jacking his hard cock while we kissed each other tenderly.

“If we fuck today is it possible I’ll be a daddy?” he asked.

“Hmmm, possible, but unlikely. Probably tomorrow or the next day will be the right time. However, who knows? Meantime, of course, there’s nothing like practice.”

It didn’t take very long before I found myself flat on my back, my legs spread widely around Doug’s hips as he sat on his heels, his hands under my ass cheeks as he plunged his cock deeply into my cunt. The sensations this created were enhanced by watching Penny riding Charles with obvious joy, Charles lying on his towel watching her breasts move as he pushed and pulled her hips. Another flash of jealousy went through me at the thought that I had been where she was not so long ago, but then the sexy feelings that Doug was eliciting brought me back to us.

I felt myself responding, my body climbing towards its release as Doug’s thumb caressed my clit while he moved inside me, sitting back on his heels, watching my breasts wobble back and forth in time with the movement. A very short time later I heard Penny cry out and we stopped to watch both Penny and Charles cum, Penny throwing her head back and Charles going rigid as I imagined him spurting his gift of hot seed into Penny’s cunt.

The eroticism of the scene was all it took to push us over the edge and within a few seconds we both came hard, Doug squirting his potent sperm inside me while I felt waves of orgasm pass through my whole being as Penny and Charles watched.

A few minutes later we were all lying on the towels recuperating. I know the orgasm I had with Doug was nothing like the earth shattering one I had this morning with Charles, but at least it was better than the one I had last night and I felt pleasantly relaxed – for the time being anyway.

We must have lain dozing in the shade for a moderate length of time when we heard the ship’s horn give a long blast. That woke us with a start. We had been told that this was the signal to board so we quickly packed up and walked back to the main beach, where there was a queue for the lighters and ship’s crew were packing up equipment that had been brought ashore. We embarked on a lighter and were taken back on board, where we decided to head to the rear deck, being most sheltered from the cooling breeze, and have a drink or two while we watched preparations for departure.

We were, by now, very familiar with each other and each other’s bodies, and after a few drinks Doug and Charles began talking sport, a topic that is usually of little interest to women. Penny and I chatted together about various things until Penny asked in a whisper: “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No, I haven’t, have you?”

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