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In a Strange and Curious Mood

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Jack was in a strange and curious mood, he couldn’t help it. He was straight, but today he was feeling the urge to be used; it didn’t matter if it was by a man or a woman and being realistic, he knew that he had more chance of finding a male who’d take that role.

He supposed he was just feeling horny, kinky and curious. It’s probably not that unusual for straight men. He’d certainly felt that way before, though not very often, but had never dared to do anything about it. Also, in the past he had found that this mood didn’t usually last very long. This time though, maybe it would be different. If only he could just pluck up the courage.

Just thinking about it made him even more excited, so he decided to give it a try. Still, he felt very nervous as he logged onto a certain website and composed the following ad:

Forty year old straight male, feeling curious, horny and kinky. Tallish, medium build, passable looks and average sized cock. I could visit you and safe-word permitting, do as I’m told. Male, female or couple will do. Grab me while I’m still in the mood. Tonight only.

He read it over and immediately had second thoughts. Dare he? He noticed that his hands were shaking. To hell with it, you only live once. He hit send and felt a surge of adrenaline, his heart pounded. He’d done it. Well, he still didn’t have to go through with it and anyway, he’d probably get no replies.

For the next thirty minutes he kept hitting refresh to see if there was a reply, but nothing. Calm down man, it’s only been half an hour. But he couldn’t calm down. It was just as well that he’d written ‘tonight only’, as otherwise he’d be in suspense indefinitely. After another thirty minutes, he forced himself to stop checking every few minutes. Just do it in thirty minute intervals. Keep calm and read some Literotica stories instead. Yes, that would pass the time. Still, the anticipation itself was quite thrilling and even if nothing happened, he’d got some kicks.

An hour later, Jack hit refresh yet again. Bloody hell, there was a reply. He nervously opened it.

You’re lucky. Thirty year old male here. Reply by 7 pm or you’ll miss out.

Jack casino şirketleri reread the message a few times, shaking. It had really happened. Could he go through with it?

Yes, he could. He obtained the details and was soon staring at the doorbell of an apartment about an hour’s drive away. He could still turn around and go home and almost did twice, but finally he decided that he really was going to do this. He pressed the button and the door was soon opened by a reasonable looking young man. Jack was pleasantly surprised.

Jack was told to “come inside, stand still and say nothing till I tell you to”, so he entered and stood stock still with his arms by his side.

“Kneel down with your face on the carpet.”

The immediacy of the command thrilled Jack, he was feeling shaky and very excited already. He quickly followed the orders.

The man walked behind Jack, out of sight. After a few seconds Jack felt a presence lowering behind him and a firm hand reached under him and felt his erect penis forcing it to twitch and harden further. It was then released.

“Good. Follow me.”

Jack followed the man into the kitchen where there was a small stack of unwashed dishes.

“Wash these up.”

This wasn’t quite what Jack had expected, but being ordered about in this way was surprisingly thrilling, even if it was just to wash up dishes. He set about his task, being careful to do a thorough job, removing each stain and rinsing every item. The man watched him carefully, examining each item.

When he was about half way through, Jack felt a leather collar being placed around his neck, then tightened, firmly but not too tight. His cock twitched and firmed in response, even more so when he heard the click of a leash being attached to the collar.

As he continued washing, the man gently tugged the leash, causing Jack’s neck to be gradually moved forward and back and side to side. Jack did not resist.

“Remove your clothes.”

Jack removed his hands from the soapy water and slowly did as instructed. Soon he was naked and could see the leash dangling down his front. The man occasionally flicked the casino firmaları leash so that it touched the end of Jack’s protruding penis, then placed the end of the leash around Jack’s cock and balls. The design was such that the handle end could be tightened, so Jack’s cock and balls were firmly tied into a bundle. Since the leash wasn’t very long, Jack’s head was forced to lower slightly to prevent too much pressure under his balls. He could see a little spot of pre-cum on the end of his now shiny knob. The man wiped it onto his finger and said “stick out your tongue”.

Having been obeyed, he wiped that finger onto Jack’s proffered tongue. Not having been told otherwise, Jack continued to hold out his come coated tongue. It took effort, but Jack did it, keeping it there for over a minute before the man said “now eat it”. Jack at once swallowed the pre-cum, then showed his tongue again to prove it.

When he had finished, Jack stood still again, heart racing, unsure what to do.

“Get on your knees in front of me and tell me something dirty.”

Jack thought to himself and then offered: “I’m straight and hardly ever think of cock, but I am in a very funny mood and am willing to suck your big, thick, hard cock and do whatever you tell me to do.”


Again Jack pondered. It wasn’t really his thing, but he really was in a strange mood. “Um, you could piss on me.”

The man nodded. “Interesting. OK, that’s a good enough answer for now.”

With that, the man unzipped his fly and produced his cock. It wasn’t huge, but Jack hadn’t seen many cocks close up and it seemed pretty big to him. A little longer than his and quite a bit thicker. And rock hard.

Not quite knowing what the man was going to do, Jack watched as the man gripped the centre of the leash and twisted. He felt his head being pushed forward by the leash so that his lips touched the purple helmet and the tension on his cock and balls was increased.

Now that it was so close, Jack decided that it really was quite big and wondered if he could take it. Heart racing, he opened his mouth and the man slowly guided it in.

“Put your hands güvenilir casino behind your back and prepare to be throat fucked by this, straight guy.”

Jack did as he was told, allowing his head to be pulled forward and backwards by the leash as the man plunged his thick cock in and out of his mouth, tasting the man’s muskiness and saltiness. He had to battle to stay upright on his knees as the thrusts on the lead got more energetic and at times he almost lost the battle, only to be righted by a suitable jerk on the lead that tugged his neck back in line.

Being completely inexperienced at this sort of thing, he was unsure exactly what to do, so he just sucked and licked as best he could. After a few minutes of this he felt the huge member twitch and the man forced his cock to the base of his throat and holding Jack’s head firmly down, the man groaned and blasted his come down Jack’s throat. Jack gasped and gagged as the hot liquid poured into him. He managed to swallow a lot of it, but come was coming out of his nose and some dribbled down his chin.

The man withdrew from Jack’s mouth and looked down at him.

“Hmm, that was acceptable; now clean me up and swallow every drop.”

Jack carefully licked every last drop from the man’s deflating member then scooped the leftover come on his chin, nose and neck into his mouth.

“OK that’ll do for today. Get dressed and go home. Keep an eye on your email account though. I may contact you again or I may not. You have no way of knowing.”

With that, the man undid the leash and collar and left the room, leaving Jack alone, naked and erect.

Jack was surprised and frustrated, but he knew that there was nothing he could do, so he picked his clothes up and got dressed. As he closed the front door, he had one last look to see if the man would change his mind, but there was no sign of him. Reluctantly, Jack closed the door and made his way home.

On arriving, he was still in a state of high tension, so he went straight to his computer and checked his emails.


Sighing, he went to lie down, undid his trousers and with the memory of the night’s events still fresh, wanked himself off. It didn’t take long. He then scooped up a globule of come and put it in his mouth, something he could not remember ever having done before.


I welcome comments, feedback and votes and will try to reply.

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