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In Days of Olde Ch. 06

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Aria Lee

Charity’s face was flaming as she rushed back into the village, unable to believe how she had just behaved herself. She did not fault Raven in the least, for he was a man, and men were prone to such behavior, but she had been acting like a wanton, leading him on. To have been caught in such a state of undress and with a young man was shameful to her, and she knew as soon as she saw Storm again, she must apologize, as well as to Raven. She had no idea, of course, of the events taking place in the woods behind her. She quickly let the others know of the incident with the bear, and many of the others followed her back to the spot, to start gathering the meat. She didn’t see Raven or Storm anywhere, and she felt she needed some time alone for a bit. She moved into the forest slightly, into the shadows of the trees. Hearing a soft sound of voices off to her right, she went to investigate.

In a small clearing nearby, Charity found Hawk and Dove sitting together. She began to step away, when she was frozen by the sight of them. Hawk was holding the young woman close to his body, and she was straddling his lap. As Charity watched, he began kissing down her neck. Dove leaned her head back, her eyes closed in rapture. His hands smoothed over her back gently, then down to the cheeks of her firm bottom, and he pulled her more tightly in to him, so that her crotch sat directly against his own. She watched as Dove’s hips moved slightly, and she ground herself slowly against the young man beneath her. He moved his hands to the laces of her tunic and untied them, kissing her bare skin as it came into view. Charity knew she should leave, but somehow, she couldn’t. Her body was beginning to tingle again, after already being aroused by the caresses and kisses Raven had given her earlier, and she felt a great need to watch.

When Hawk had finished untying the top, he slid it over the girl’s head, leaving her bare-breasted. Immediately, he moved his mouth to her right breast, his tongue flickering over the tip. In response, she arched her back, offering czech sharking porno herself to him more. Charity felt her own nipples harden, as she imagined herself in Dove’s place, Hawk’s mouth softly moving against her skin. She watched as he tasted Dove’s softness over and over, making the girl moan aloud with desire. Her hands had pulled his head to her chest, urging him onward. He licked and sucked at her nipples until her hips were grinding against him faster and faster. Charity’s heart was pounding as she watched, her nipples pleasantly stimulated by her doeskin tunic rubbing against them, as her breath quickened. Almost unaware of what she was doing, she slid her hand beneath her top, and caressed her own breasts, feeling how soft her skin was. As she watched Hawk tasting her friend’s nipples, she rubbed her fingertips against her own, imaging again his tongue on her. She could feel the moisture pooling between her thighs again, and she gasped softly.

Now he lifted his partner from his lap, and laid her back onto the soft carpet of pine needles, sliding her leggings off. Dove was beautiful in soft light filtered between the branches, and he told her so. Charity agreed with him, still rubbing her nipples without even realizing it. Now he knelt between her spread thighs, and dipped his head downward. Charity heard her friend cry out in passion as his mouth softly caressed her nether lips, his tongue flicking against her clit. The fingers of one hand slid down her belly and over the soft down coating her mound, as she continued to watch. She could see his member peeking out from beneath his breechclout, standing hard and proud, and he drank from Dove’s well of pleasure. Charity slipped her hand gently between her legs, marveling at the wetness there and then her thumb brushed her clit accidentally and she gasped again. A jolt shot through her body, as she could imagine Hawk’s tongue manipulating her instead. Her eyes were glued to where his tongue moved slowly in and out of Dove’s moist slit now, the girl thrashing czech streets porno about on the ground, crying out her pleasure. He raised his head, and Charity could see the slick wetness coating his mouth as he slipped off his one piece of clothing and slid his hands beneath Dove’s buttocks, raising her hips. He kissed her pussy again tenderly, then moved so that his cockhead rested against her, and then Charity watched as he disappeared into the depths of Dove’s womanhood, and they became one.

Hawk waited a moment, and then began sliding in and out of the tight cavern. Charity could see his tight buttocks clenching as he moved, and Dove was now clutching his back as they made love. She was thrusting against him in time, and they were both making animal sounds of need, lost in their mutual desire. Charity’s fingers moved against herself, not quite sure of what she was doing, but knowing her body needed something very badly. She could almost imagine what that hard shaft would feel like entering her own femininity, impaling her and marking her. As the two lovers moved together, the hidden watcher pleasured herself, quickly learning what felt good to her starving puss. When the hot spurt of semen coated Dove’s belly, Charity found herself suddenly crying out in rapture at the same time her friend did, and her trembling knees gave way, depositing her to the ground. They lay together for several moments, then Dove kissed Hawk tenderly and dressed herself, walking away toward the village when she had finished. Hawk continued to lay there for awhile, then he rose and picked up his own clothing. As he raised his head, he caught sight of Charity, almost hidden in the bushes.

Charity blushed bright red as his eyes locked calmly on her own, and he smiled his sweet smile at her. Slowly, she rose and moved from her hiding place into the clearing. “I…I didn’t mean to spy. I apologize…”

He held up a hand to stop her. “There is no need for apology. I am not ashamed, nor would Dove be. Did you watch the entire czech super models porno time?”

Blushing even more, she nodded. “And did you enjoy what you saw?” Dropping her eyes to the ground, she nodded again. He stepped over to her and she realized he was still very nude. He put a finger under her chin and raised her eyes to his again. “If you enjoyed the sight of us making love, there is no need for shame. It is a beautiful thing, between a man and a woman that care for one another.”

“Oh, yes, I know…but…”

“Would you ever hesitate to hug or kiss someone you have great affection for?” “Of course not.”

“This is the same. When we care for someone, among our people, we show them in many ways, sometimes physical. There is no shame in showing someone you care for them with your body, as well as in any other way.”

Slowly, Charity nodded. “I am simply not used to the ways of the People completely, I suppose.”

Hawk smiled at her again. “You will become so in time. In the meantime, try to enjoy what you see without shame, whatever it might be.” He reached out and gave her a hug, which she returned happily, trying to ignore his nakedness. His body felt young and strong against her own, and she briefly wished she were naked as well. As for Hawk, even though he had just had his release with someone he cared for very much, the feel of the woman he desired and loved above all others in his arms aroused him again. He wanted her very much, but also still wanted to share the experience with Raven. He desired to have her stretched out between them, being pleasured in a way she could not even imagine. He hoped in time it would come to pass.

“We should get back to the Village,” Hawk said, releasing her a bit reluctantly and putting on his clothing. They walked back to where the incident with the bear had happened, and saw that much work had been done. He quickly joined the other men in carving off pieces of the meat to be used, and she joined the women in their tasks. She saw Raven working as well as all the other people that were able. She did not notice that Storm was not among them. Storm was busy plotting instead, remembering what time of year it was. Soon, her cousin, Spotted Lynx would be coming to visit, and she hoped he and his mate, Rushing Water, might assist her in ridding herself of the unwelcome young woman.

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