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In The Elevator

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It had not been a good day for the pizza delivery girl. She’d already done her stairmaster for the day and more, having climbed maybe ten flights total in those motels with no elevator, and these people were being very stingy with their tips today. And to top it all off, she hadn’t gotten laid in weeks. One of the perks of delivering in a beach resort town is that you get to check out hundreds of beautiful, barely clothed people every day. She would pass them in her car and think “doable, doable, throw downable, totally fuckable.” But it was very frustrating, look but don’t touch.

Ground level of a tall hotel, she and half a dozen vacationers stood waiting for the elevator. It was mid-June, which meant there were a lot of high school graduates in town, which meant there were a lot of fresh young bodies to gawk at. The doors opened and she, the elderly couple, and a group of four teenage boys got on the elevator. She wasn’t sure if her efforts to make it look like she wasn’t staring ever paid off. Two of the guys were definitely fuckable, one was probably a jock, but the other had this natural muscular build bordering on flabby, and a cute face, and she let her mind fill in the aspects that were hidden under his soaking wet swim trunks.

The elevator stopped at the second floor, the old couple got off and a young lady got on. She was wearing a blue bikini top and matching swim skirt, and she’d gotten a lot of sun this trip, her hair was naturally bleached and her flawless skin was very tan. The pizza girl forgot all about the guys. She was obviously staring but really didn’t care, face, arms, c-sized perky tits (she did make an effort not to lick her lips at this point), firm stomach, round hips, grab-able ass, beautiful legs, and back up again. She pressed the button for the 14th floor.

The boys got off at the 5th floor, and looked a little sad as they left the elevator. Now it was just the beach beauty and the pizza girl. The pizza girl was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and felt seriously overdressed. All day driving past the coast and those skimpily clad tourists, sometimes she just wanted to park somewhere, throw off all her clothes and let the ocean swallow her up. But unfortunately that wouldn’t pay the bills.

“Smells good,” the beauty said, and she gave a little smile that totally melted the pizza girl.

She nodded in agreement. “I haven’t eaten all day,” she replied, wondering if the beauty would catch the double meaning.

Sixth floor, seventh, the pizza girl was waiting for the 12th. But wouldn’t you know it, the elevator stopped at the 8th. But then the doors didn’t open. The girls looked at each other strangely, and the pizza girl tried pushing the door open button, nothing. In actuality they were stopped between the 7th and 8th floors, but the digital counter inside already said 8.

“Should we try the casino şirketleri call button?” the beauty asked. The pizza girl pressed it and soon there was a crackily voice coming through. “We’re stuck in the elevator,” the pizza girl said into the speaker. The reply was very garbled, but sounded close to “we didn’t realize anyone was in the elevator, we’ve stopped it for maintainance, it’s something that once the technicians start in on it they can’t stop, so it may be an hour or more before we can get you out, we’re very sorry.”

“Dammit,” the pizza girl spat, thinking the people up on the 12th floor weren’t going to like their pizza cold and weren’t going to tip her much, but then she looked over at the girl, leaning against the back of the elevator, equally dismayed by the delay, and thought to herself “at least there’s a good view.”

Ten minutes, and even with the air conditioner it was really warm in the tiny enclosed space. The girl removed her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing the matching blue bikini bottom. “Too bad I’m not wearing my bathing suit, I wish I could do that,” the pizza girl said.

“I probably got a little heat stroke, it’s so hot in here,” the beauty said.

“That it is,” the pizza girl said, staring again.

“If you want to take your shirt off, that’d be okay, not like you have anything I haven’t seen,” the beauty said. The pizza girl’s shirt was on the floor in a second, revealing her own, slightly larger c-cup breasts confined in a purple lace bra. After a few minutes of continuing to swelter, the girl suggested she remove her shorts as well. The pizza girl asked if she was sure and told her she wasn’t wearing normal brief underwear, but the beach beauty said it was alright, that she thought it was getting hotter. The pizza girl slid out of her shorts, now only standing in her matching purple lace thong.

“Interesting,” the beauty said, “you wear a thong to deliver pizza?”

“Gotta feel sexy somehow doing a butch job like this,” the pizza girl shurgged. The beauty giggled.

A few more minutes went by, and the pizza girl could see the sweat collecting on the girl’s tan skin. The beauty tried fanning herself with her hand, but it made her arm tired before it cooled her off. The pizza girl stepped closer and took her fanning arm, held it out and genly blew on it. The sweat dried and a few goose bumps appeared, and the girl put her head back against the wall and said “mmm, that feels good. Do my other arm.” The pizza girl took her other arm and blew on it, starting at her fingertips and working her way up, past her elbow, to her shoulder. She moved onto the girl’s neck, and she tilted her head back further, closed her eyes and sighed. How the pizza girl wanted to suck on her neck just then, but she kept blowing, moving the stream of cool air around to the other side, then down casino firmaları to her chest. She blew on each breast and into the girl’s cleavage. The girl still had her eyes closed and was moaning ever so slightly.

The pizza girl moved down to her perfect stomach, sinking to her knees in front of the beauty as she blew past her belly button. She hooked her fingers under the strap of the bottoms and pulled them down around her hips so she could blow under them too. She blew all around the girl’s lower stomach, and the girl moaned more and breathed, “take them all the way off.” The pizza girl was surprised, but excitedly took them off. The girl had no tan line, and her trimmed hairs were the same bleached blonde as on her head. She blew into the small crack that led to her treasure, and must have hit something because the girl let out a sharp gasp and bucked her hips towards the pizza girl’s face. The pizza girl inhaled to blow again and could smell that the girl was wet, not from sweat or the ocean either. She blew, and the girl spread her legs so that the stream of cool air would hit her clit, and she moaned louder than she had been.

The pizza girl stuck out her tongue and flicked the girl’s already hard clit, flicked it over and over, listening as the girl’s cries grew louder and more erotic. She clamped her mouth around it and began sucking gently, moving her head to keep it in place as the beach beauty moved her hips. The pizza girl lapped at the juices that were freeflowing down her chin, her tongue slipping into the folds of the girl’s sweet slit. She glanced up to see the beauty playing with her now exposed breasts, pinching each nipple to keep it erect. A steady stream of volumous moaning came from her lips as the pizza girl buried her face fully in the girl’s pussy, working relentlessly to please her. She nearly suffocated as the girl humped her face, and nearly drowned as she came in a massive explosion that shook the elevator. The beauty stood trying to support herself on the wall with one hand, still clutching her breast in the other, panting and moaning as the aftershocks of her orgasm shot through her. The pizza girl licked her lips clean and looked up at the beautiful girl’s blissful expression.

She finally opened her eyes and looked down at the girl knelt before her. She smiled and said slyly, “now it’s your turn, pizza girl.” She brought one of her slender legs up, put her foot to the pizza girl’s shoulder and forcefully kicked her backwards. The pizza girl spun on her knees and landed on her hands. Now on all fours, she looked over her shoulder at the beauty questioningly. The girl was positioning herself behind her, getting the full view of the pizza girl’s ass. She leaned over her, reaching one hand far underneath to massage the pizza girl’s tits, the other hand working locally, her fingers reaching underneath the güvenilir casino thong and rubbing her equally swollen clit lightly. She kept her touch light, teasing the poor pizza girl, even when she thrust towards the girl’s hand, even when her juices dripped between her legs onto the elevator floor. The pizza girl moaned in pleasure and frustration, almost whimpering as she asked for more. The beauty kept her touch light, and the pizza girl pleaded, nearly screaming as she begged for it.

She loved hearing her beg, seeing her nearly in tears from the need for sexual release. She brough her hand back from the pizza girl’s chest and held onto her hip instead, and began slowly giving her sopping wet pussy more and more attention. She lengthened her index finger and slid it over her clit and opening at the same time. She drew little circles around her swelled clit and lips, sliding her finger every now and again deep inside the girl’s pussy. The pizza girl was crying and screaming now in total ecstasy. Her cries of yes and profanities resonated off the elevator walls. The beauty now had her first two fingers buried in the girl’s cunt, and was slowly working her thumb into her ass. Once it was in past the knuckle she began moving her hand back and forth in a see-saw motion, fingering her pussy and her ass alternately. Soon all the pizza girl’s muscles clamped hard around her hand, and the girl let out a last, ear shattering cry, and nearly passed out from the pleasure. The girl removed her fingers and brought them to the pizza girl’s lips to be licked clean. She moved close and kissed her, biting the girl’s lips and sucking her tongue into her mouth. She whispered into the pizza girl’s ear, “got any leftovers, because I want more.”

The pizza girl laid her down on her back and positioned her own pussy over the girl’s mouth. The girl began to lick her, but before the pizza girl started in on her she reached into her delivery bag and took out the side of pizza sauce the customer had ordered. Before she could get lost in what the girl was doing to her, she poured the still warm sauce over the beauty’s pussy. The beauty gasped, it wasn’t the sensation she was expecting but it felt good just the same. She continued as the pizza girl began to lick the sauce off the girl, making sure to get any that had accidently slipped inside the girl’s hole. The beauty licked and chewed, and the pizza girl sucked on her clit as she added a finger. They worked on each other diligently, each utterning muffled moans through the other’s juices. Finally they came together, their moans harmonizing and flowing down the elevator shaft to the bewildered ears of the repairmen.

A crackily voice sounded from the speaker, something like “we should have this thing moving any minute now.” The girls barely heard it, they were still one on top of the other, recovering. The elevator did start to move again, 9th, 10th. The pizza girl looked down at the beach beauty’s expression, and could tell she still wanted a third helping.

Eleventh floor, and the pizza girl reached up and pressed the emergency stop button.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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