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In the Jailhouse Now

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I did not really intend to kill my boss; I still maintain it was self-defense. I would have gone crazy if I would have had to keep working for him. So I killed him instead. The jury, while mesmerized by the cute little blue-eyed blonde girl that sat in front of them, still convicted me and that’s how I landed in prison. The judge was lenient and I only got 7 years.

The first year went by rather quickly, I’m a sucker for a routine – so I adjusted quickly to prison life. I spent a lot of time working out and getting the body I always dreamed of having. I spent the rest of the time avoiding the rest of the women. I mean – have you seen what women in prison look like? I was definitely an anomaly with my long, tanned muscular legs, my flowing blonde hair and perfect skin. Sure – I got noticed and heckled a lot, but it was mainly harmless and I adapted to my solitude.

Then one day – everything changed. I’d been fortunate and the women’s penitentiary had plenty of space and most of us had cells to ourselves, but with the rise in crime across the nation, we were slowly losing that privilege. I was lying in bed one day, recovering from the 500 stomach crunches I’d just finished, when the guard stopped outside my cell door. I knew it wasn’t time for dinner yet and was concerned about why she was standing there.

She smiled and said, “Looks like it’s your turn,” as she turned her key in the lock. From around the corner another guard came walking in with what was easily the most beautiful woman I’d seen in my life. She was dressed in the typical prison drab gray jumpsuit and she had her hands handcuffed in front of her, but those did nothing but enhance the stunning woman in front of me. She had masses of chestnut curls that hung halfway down her back, when she looked up at me from under her incredibly long eyelashes I could see that her eyes were a dark shade of blue that I’d never seen before.

I immediately felt embarrassed by my cut-off prison sweatpants and the tiny white tank top I’d been exercising in. I had just pulled my long hair back into a loose ponytail and knew that I probably stank of sweat.

The guards wished us well and locked us in together. We hadn’t said a word yet, just stood there staring into each other’s eyes. Finally, I found my voice and told her that she could have the bottom bunk.

She thanked me and watched me move my things to make space for casino şirketleri her. I felt like I should talk or something, but when I turned around I caught her staring at my ass. She immediately blushed and turned slightly away.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “It’s just that I had no idea women in prison were so beautiful.”

I laughed and assured her that most of them were not. That broke the ice and we started talking.

I spent the next few days showing her the ropes and she quickly fell into my routine. We worked out together, we ate together, we shared books and talked a lot. It was hard to remember what my prison life was like before she got there.

One night we had gone to bed and I heard her sniffing. I peered over the side of the bed and asked if she was ok.

“Could you come down and talk to me?” She asked.

I hopped down from my bunk and crawled under the covers with her. I was surprised that she was crying. Most girls get that out of their system by the third day.

“I miss my boyfriend!” She cried.

I tried to reassure her that if he truly loved her that they would be together again one day. Her response surprised me.

“NO – I don’t care about that … it’s the sex I miss. I miss fucking! I haven’t gone more than a week without sex since I was 14!”

I had no response. I hugged her and told her that she’d get used to it most likely. As we laid there together with my arms around her and her head on my chest I couldn’t help but notice how toned she was. Now, I’ve always appreciated the beauty in women, but this was the first time I felt myself getting aroused by one. She must have read my mind, because she lifted her head off of my chest and looked me in the eyes.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” She asked.

I found it difficult to respond. I wanted to say yes, I wanted to tell her that I could be everything to her that her boyfriend had been, and more. I wanted to tell her that I’d fucked 1,000 women and that I could be the best she’d ever had. But, I made myself respond honestly.

“No,” I said.

“Have you ever wanted to?”



“The moment you walked into my cell, every moment since then, and especially right now,” I said.

She smiled and took my face into her hands and leaned over and put her mouth on mine. Her hair spilled over onto me as her sweet tongue played with casino firmaları my lips. Her kissing became more forceful and urgent and a small moan escaped from deep within her as I responded by softly nibbling on her lower lip.

She sat up in the narrow bed and took of her prison tank top to reveal a pair of perfect tits that I’d been trying not to stare at since she first came into my life. She gasped as I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth. I playfully circled her tits with my tongue and fingers, lingering, savoring the moment. After a minute of my teasing, she took me by the shoulders and shoved me down on the bed. She quickly reached down and yanked off the white prison issue panties I’d been sleeping in. She cupped my pussy with her hand and asked me with a raspy voice if I was ready to have a woman fuck me.

“Yes. Yes I am,” I responded.

She then roughly thrust her fingers into my pussy with one quick motion. I gasped from both the pleasure and the pain of the action.

“Does that feel good?” She asked.

“Yes. Oh God, yes.” I replied.

I fingered my clit as she worked my pussy with her fingers. She was still straddling my slim hips with her muscular thighs and just the sight of her on top of me, finger fucking me, tits bouncing, hair flying was almost enough to make me cum. I moaned as her fucking got more furious. She had her hand down the front of her panties and was massaging her clit while her other hand worked on me. The cheap springs in the metal prison bed were squeaking in time with our gyrations. She shoved her fingers in and out of me and my thighs were quivering with anticipation of the mammoth orgasm I knew was imminent.

“Cum for me,” She demanded as we moved together. All it took was one more shove of her fingers into my cunt and my box exploded. She put her hand over my mouth just in time as I uncontrollably screamed as my pussy spasm engulfed her hand. I was wet with cum and sweat, but could think of nothing but making her cum just as hard as I had. I may not have had that much experience with women – but I was pretty sure I could figure it out.

I grabbed her around the waist and rolled over on top of her in one swift motion. Her nipples were hard against my chest as we kissed. Our petting quickly got intense again and before I knew it we were grinding our hips into each other with violent motions. The bed was güvenilir casino making more noise than we were and before long we tumbled out of the bunk bed and onto the hard concrete floor. We gasped in unison as our naked flesh smacked against the cold cement under us. We knew that any guard that happened to walk by was going to get a free show and we didn’t care – we were too wrapped up in the desire that overwhelmed us.

I shoved my tongue into her sweet mouth and ran my hand all the way down her flat stomach and below. My fingers got lost in the dark hair between her legs and she thrust her hips up to meet mine in a rushed, involuntary motion.

“Would you like me to fuck you like you fucked me?” I asked.

“Yes, please. Please fuck me, baby.” She begged.

I knew she wanted it, more than that, I knew she needed it. I slowly moved my body down and took her hot pussy in my mouth. She gasped and reached up and held onto the metal frame of the bunk bed to steady herself. I started licking her pussy the same way I liked mine licked. I took her clit between my teeth gently and moved it around with my tongue. She was moaning so loud I just knew the guards were going to come and break things up any minute. She must have been thinking the same thing because she grabbed the pillow off of the bed and bit down on it while I ate her pussy.

I slowly inserted one finger and then two into her, all the while gently sucking on her clit. Before long I was thrusting three fingers in and out of her tight pussy and using the other hand to work her clit in a rushed rhythmic motion. The repetition of my forceful actions was getting to her and I knew she was on the brink of eruption. She had the corner of the pillow between her teeth to keep from screaming and her tight little ass was wiggling around on the now wet concrete floor. She was still gripping the metal bed frame with one hand and the other hand had a tight grasp on my hair. She let lose a deep moan as I curved my fingers up into her and with hardly any warning my hand was covered in hot cum as she writhed and shuddered above me.

We collapsed in that position with my hand still inside her pussy and my head on her flat belly. Her hand was in my hair as we fell asleep for a brief moment.

After a few minutes, we heard the guards making their rounds and we quickly returned to our respective bunks. After they passed by I asked her a question I hadn’t asked before.

“What are you in for?”

“I killed my boss,” she responded. “Got 7 years for it.”

I smiled to myself as I drifted off to sleep. Yes, I think prison life is going to suit me well.

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