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Indulgence Sprints

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I pulled off my socks, untied my yoga pants and let them slip to the floor. My flannel sheets felt cool and soft to my bare legs. I settled in, backing up against my pillows and opening my laptop. My fingers found their places on the keys dutifully after I had cushioned my ears with Enigma in my headphones. I liked how the headphones held my hair out of my face yet still left it free to move about. I had been thinking about what I’d like to write for weeks. And since I hadn’t had any writing time over the holidays, my mind was full. I looked forward to feeling my fingers dance as my thoughts assembled on the screen, and this is where I began. The glass of wine I had with dinner fuzzed me and the music blurred the edges, smearing my room around me. I loved the way my skin buzzed when I climbed into my mind, replaying my recent pleasures by imagining them vividly enough to pin words on them — little display bugs of bliss — all various colors categorized before me.

The holidays had crowded out much of my personal indulgences in favor of the family sort, so I had to seize the opportunities I had alone, and this had resulted in a few discoveries. My prior personal indulgences had usually included privacy enough to chat, read, or at the very least, get naked, but with only minutes at my disposal and family members continuously milling about, I had to get more creative. And out of my desperate creativity, I developed a sudden-death sort of game last week.

It all started in the kitchen when I was trying to finish up some paperwork while cooking dinner. I was sitting on a stool working at the kitchen counter and keeping an eye on the oven. I leaned forward slightly and felt my lips spread in my underwear on the hard stool. I had been really busy that week and felt especially pent up, so the pleasure really got my attention. I knew I could not dismiss it when I so very much wanted to be consumed by it. I continued working, but I began mashing around feeling smearing in my panties. I tightened with the pleasure and felt my pulse quicken. I held my breath to heighten it. My oven suddenly beeped because the preheat was complete. I released my breath.

When I got up to put the roast in and wash the vegetables, I kept the largest carrot. It was really long and fat at the end. I laughed at myself because I was even considering it. It was clean I reasoned, and after I cut off the skinny half, I reached my hand into my panties and slowly slide the carrot, fat side first, in. It felt cold as it slid, and it made me shudder as the sensation went inside me. I pulled it in with my muscles and felt the cold edge warming as the carrot slipped completely inside me. I imagined sealing my lips around it.

I was in my pants up to my elbows and felt vulnerable, so I tucked a paper towel into the bottom of my underwear and pulled them back to help keep the carrot firmly canlı bahis in place. I again sat at my stool and worked, but this time when I leaned forward, not only did my lips roll about and my labia swell, but my carrot moved within me. Having something so cold completely inside of my while being able to so effectively stimulate my clitoris brought me quickly to orgasm.

I released my pen and gripped my counter dramatically as I shuddered through a very nice orgasmic wave. I could feel the orgasm inside me spasm and my labia pulse. It felt so good to have both.

I quickly removed my carrot and wiped up with the paper towel, then tossed both in the can. I felt a tad embarrassed but immediately smiled with just how satisfied I was. And that is how my game of the five-minute orgasm began.

The next morning I was in the shower thinking about the day when I decided the best way to start. I had a very nice shower head. I adjusted it and bent over, leaning onto my toes with my hands against the glass in front of me. I especially enjoyed the jets pushing into my bottom skin and running down my legs. I took one of my hands from the glass to grab my shower puff and press it between my legs. I rubbed it with my labia, thrusting forward to it and sliding back on it firmly to raise my buttocks, opening my legs for the shower jets to stream in. I had only to rub a few times before I knew I could bring myself to it, so I let my mind return to a favorite scenario as I tightened my focus. I saw myself being seduced into having sex with a stranger at a party. I knew I couldn’t, but somehow in my mind I was. I could see it, and my body felt the forbidden indulgence coerce until I was liquid shimmering flow, moving out and finally twisting round, round and down. I pressed my hands firmly to the glass to reaffirm reality as my orgasm subsided and my focus returned. I watched the water whirlpool gently down the drain.

The strength of the shower jets wasn’t as satisfying as my carrot, but the shower puff had done its job nicely, and I once again smiled at my satisfaction. I emerged from my shower fully ready to face my day.

That night was band practice and my daughter was playing with a friend in her room. I had finished dishes and had a few minutes before bedtime, so I went into my bathroom with my Hitachi Wand and locked the door. I really enjoyed my wand and knew I could cum in no time, but it was really noisy, so I only used it when no one else was home. I removed my jeans and underwear while I hoped they’d play a set with no breaks, and I switched it on.

I rubbed it on my lips, but standing up just wasn’t working. I desperately wanted to lie down so I could better maneuver my legs. I tried leaning over the counter, but it was too high. I got down on my hands and knees as my arousal grew to the beat. I loved it when I could feel the music. It vibrated bahis siteleri the floor, the walls, the door knob rattled. I could feel it in my stomach. I felt a rush of heat at the idea of being on all fours in my bathroom, but I just couldn’t get the wand where I needed it.

I grabbed onto the sink and pulled myself up to squatting while pressing hard onto my wand. It was wonderful. My wand vibrated very strongly (thus the volume), and if I pressed it firmly into my lip on my right side, I could feel my entire being get pulled in to the all-consuming pleasure spot. I could focus on it and feel my orgasm rise as I remained perfectly still. It all happened within me. I was electric at that moment, and I longed to be grounded by touch as each part of me heightened, but I myself would not move a muscle. I just focused on the idea that it was coming. I tried to maintain it. I could crest it and just stay there. I loved that moment, and although I had previously only done this on my back, my bathroom position turned out to be even better.

The first song had barely rolled into the next. At first I thought I would have to turn it off, but since the music continued to surround me, I buzzed myself to the peek. I held my breath and pulled in as I crested. It fluttered and rolled over me thickly. I thought I might ball in and roll to my side, but I held fast to the sink and released my breath. I drew a few more sustained breaths before standing and attending to bedtime. I could still feel the after-buzz in my lips as I closed my eyes and slipped into sleep.

The next morning, I had a few extra minutes to shower, so I took my camera into the bathroom with me. I played with the auto timer, snapping a few pics and drying my hands to look at the results. I was happy with the red glow of the heat lamp and the liquid sparkles languishing on my skin. Wet skin was beautiful, especially in good lighting with zoom. I set a few auto sequences and struck suggestive poses until I felt a need to get to do something with my growing arosal. I again rubbed myself with my shower puff, but this time I inserted the short but stout shower gel bottle completely inside myself and kneeled down on the shower floor.

The water drummed loudly over my head. On my knees I held my bottle in place with one hand and rubbed myself with my shower puff in the other. I closed my eyes and felt the water stream all over me while I pleasured myself. I pressed the puff harder as I rubbed and felt the bottle stretch me until it ached seductively. It would stretch and pop just outside my lips and I would quickly push it back in. I could feel myself squeak against it every few pumps as the water removed my juices, combining down the drain with them.

The squeak was delicious in its sound and vibration. I worked myself to panting to keep up my pace because I knew exactly where I was going. I leaned bahis şirketleri back for balance as I worked, maintaining my prior pace. The water streamed over me like a waterfall and I imagined taking pictures with someone who would most certainly seduce me right there outside in the water. I wanted him, but I held back, but he would manipulate me into abandonment because he knew my base side instinctually, playing my sexuality into dominating my being. Yet I knew I too could manipulate him likewise, so I strutted and languished, savoring his response. His pleasure circled through me as mine circled through him. The circle grew and intensified until it pulsed, shimmered, dissolved.

Only a moment later, my hot water ran out. I didn’t mind as much as I may have, however, because a cold shower is exactly what I needed to get me to work on time.

And my final round of the game played that week culminated on Christmas Eve when I was playing Santa. I had gone to bed to wait for my daughter to be fully asleep, so I wore my red terry cloth robe to do the job. I had nothing underneath and the robe slid open no matter how tightly I tied the waist. No one else was up; however, so I just let it fall open. It was cold and my nipples were pleasurably hard. I was also very aware of the air between my legs and enjoyed fingering my trimmed strip of light brown curly hair since it wasn’t hidden under panties.

I filled a stocking and spread a few presents under the tree, and I was feeling a bit chilled — and aroused. I decided to put another log in the wood burning stove and trim the vents before bed. Stepping on the slate, I enjoyed its organic warmth. I squatted to attend door- level, then kneeled and eventually sat on the slate’s warmth. After tending the fire, I leaned and dropped my head back. I rubbed my lips, and it felt so nice as the heated air warmed my skin and the slate warmed my bottom and my palm.

Then the idea came to me, and I went to the garbage can to retrieve my carrot. It wasn’t too grossly buried, and I found it quickly. I washed it thoroughly and skipped back to my wood-burning stove. I put the carrot completely in me and again sat on the slate leaning back. My cheeks spread under me as I rubbed my lips vigorously, thereby also maneuvering my fully inserted carrot.

I thought of a chat I had had. I typed a story while he came on cam. It was really exhilarating to watch his response to my words and to imagine his pleasure — actually see his pleasure. I enjoyed watching men cum for that reason — actually seeing the pleasure. It got me going in the way a yawn can make you feel like you need to yawn. If you think about it, you probably want to yawn now. It is catchy like that for me.

As each of my other rounds in the game, it didn’t take long for me to cum. I smiled to myself because I felt like it and because it was forming as part of the game: Plot — cum — smile. I decided that I liked the game and was good at it. Right now I am thinking that more practice next week couldn’t hurt. I shall close my keyboard now and drift . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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