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Intricate Timing

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There was nothing extraordinary about this day, another middle of the week, payday is still a week away, wish I wasn’t working, kind of workday. One of those very unremarkable days at the office, the kind of day that seems to blend together with every other work day. I can honestly say that I don’t even know what it actually was! Although, I do know that it wasn’t Friday yet.

I looked at my watch. It was almost lunchtime. Nobody will notice if I sneak out of here a bit early. I walked out of the office casually, the sun was shining today. Since I’ve been in the office all day, it just seemed extremely bright to my sensitive eyes. I put on my sunglasses and started to walk to the local deli. I go to this little spot almost every day, since it is so close to my office. I entered the deli and I noticed that the usual crowd wasn’t there quite yet. Probably because I was about 20 minutes earlier than when I normally show up for lunch. I stood in the long line to order my food.

I could not help but notice this woman in front of me. She was a few inches shorter than me, with a petite frame. She was wearing a dark business suit, and she was talking on her cell phone. My eyes slowly went up and down her sensual body. I could smell her subtle perfume. Her black hair fell elegantly to just past her shoulders. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her for some reason. I suppose I was enchanted with her. She must have felt me staring at her, since she turned and looked at me. I smiled awkwardly at her, and quickly looked up at the menu. I think she smiled in return, but I looked away too quickly to notice.

So, I continued to stand there, feeling like an idiot. I looked back at her after a few moments. She was looking at me this time, but now it was her turn to look quickly away. That gave me some of my pride and confidence back. She was checking me out! I had a smirk on my face now. It was her turn to order her meal. My eyes were still on her sexy form.

I looked back at the growing line. The line snaked out the door now! People were packing inside now. The guy behind me had his back to me, while talking with a friend. He bumped me a bit, accidentally. I moved forward slightly while she moved to pay for her food. I bumped into her while putting my hand on her back.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered. She just smiled back at me and she seemed to stand next to me for a moment.

“It’s ok,” she whispered softly. Then she walked to the register to pay for her meal. My eyes followed her, but now it was my turn to order my lunch.

After I paid for the lunch, I looked around at the deli for her. I found her in a corner, sitting alone. Should I go sit with her? Wow, that would certainly be a brave act for me! I received my lunch and walked towards her. I was about to avert my direction to another empty table, when she looked up at me. Her smile welcomed me to sit with her.

“Hi,” I said with a boyish smile.

She looked down shyly with her beautiful smile as I sat down next to her.

“Hi,” she replied back to me.

“I would ask if it would be ok if I could sit here, since the cafeteria is rather crowded. However, I don’t have that excuse,” I said.

She laughed at this. “It’s ok, I was secretly hoping that you would sit with me.” A small pause. “Oh my God, I can’t believe I am saying this!” She blushed a bit.

I couldn’t help but smile. I could feel my cheeks flush a bit. Damn, now I’m blushing!

“Do you eat here often?” I asked after a short pause.

“Almost everyday.”

“Really? Me too!” I was sure I have never seen her here before.

“Well, where else can we eat around here? And, come to think of it, I have never seen you here before,” she read my mind.

“Well, I’m here usually around noon, instead of now.”

“Ah,” a devilish grin appeared on her face. “I am glad you skipped work came for lunch early.”

So was I, so was I. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me! I glanced at her. Was it my imagination, or did she just lick her lips? I think she is really attracted to me. Bah, how could she be? She doesn’t even know me. I shook those thoughts out of my head. I turned to look at her again, but this time she was just eating her sandwich.

“What?” she asked when she saw me staring at her. Uh-oh, what do I say now?

“I am, uh .. well.” I looked down.

She giggled. “Come on, spit it out.”

“I’m , uh usually more articulate than this, I swear.” I laughed quietly at myself. I must look like an idiot to her!

“I should hope so,” she replied with her smile. “My name is Emily, by the way.” She put her hand out for me to shake.

“Hi Emily, I am Chad,” I replied. I took her hand and brought it up to my lips. I maintained eye contact with her, while I kissed her hand. She smiled, and blushed just a bit.

“My, aren’t you the charmer,” she said with a smirk.

I smiled as I released her hand. “Not me, I’m just enthralled with you, and yet, I don’t even know you.”

She raised an eyebrow at this comment. Shit, that sounded really corny. Why would I say that? Emily laughed out loud.

“Awww, glory hole secrets porno you are too cute!” she replied, obviously flattered.

We stared at each other for a few moments. Ironically, it wasn’t one of those awkward moments of silence, it was more of a feeling of discovery and awe. She turned and continued with her lunch, and started on mine. We continued talking during our lunch break.

After we were finished, we cleared our small table and headed out the door together. The sun was still bright outside.

“Where do you work?” I asked as I put on my sunglasses.

“I work over there, in that ugly gray building.” Emily pointed to a short building about 2 blocks away. “I work on the third floor, in the accounting department.”

“I work over there,” I pointed to my office building in the opposite direction. “Bottom floor, in the dungeon. I think we are called the cubicle corrections department.”

She giggled. “Well, it was nice meeting you, Chad.”

“It was nice meeting you,” I replied. “We should have lunch more often.” I smiled.

We just stood there.

“Chad, aren’t you going to give me something?”

“Oh,” I replied stupidly. She wanted me to kiss her! Oh shit, I was not ready for this. I moved closer to kiss her, lightly pulled her body close to mine. Emily had almost a shocked look on her face, but that didn’t stop me. I kissed her lips, softly. Her arms slowly wrapped around me as she returned the sensual kiss. My hands ran up her back as I lightly nibbled on her lower lip. Then I stopped kissing her, and stepped back. Emily had a dreamlike look on her face, as she gazed back at me.

I smiled.

“I meant your phone number, Chad.” Emily whispered.


“But, that was a much better surprise,” she smiled at me. She bit her lower lip.

I handed her my business card. “My mistake,” I replied with a confident grin on my face.

She took the card and said, “I will talk to you later.”

“What time are you off tonight?” I asked.

“I will, more than likely, be working late. I think I am leaving at about six o’clock tonight.”

“Wow, that’s brutal!” That was one long shift.

“I know, I’ll be in the office all alone, crunching numbers. Yippee.” She gave an exaggerated sigh to this.

“Awww,” I said with sarcasm. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh shut up.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Nice,” I replied. “Give me a call, I’m off at four.”

“Oh, I will.” She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then headed off in the direction of her office.

The work day continued on slowly, with many daydream interruptions. I tried to maintain my focus, however, just a simple thought would take me back to the moment I met Emily. The moment we had together, the first kiss. A small sigh left my lips. That kiss was absolutely amazing! The whole situation was amazing. We just, clicked!

I looked over at the clock on my desk. Only 3:30pm. Another pathetic sigh escaped me. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked at the clock again. The same answer as last time. I glanced quickly at my phone, almost as if I was willing it to ring at that moment.

Nothing happened.

I wish I had gotten her phone number, I thought to myself. Oh well, maybe she is busy or something. Or, maybe she is just embarrassed or shy. Maybe, I should just get back to work. I chuckled. I really need to, since I’ve been distracting myself all afternoon. And it was evident that I was behind in my schedule.

Time continued on. It was now getting dark outside, just a few minutes past six o’clock now. I had to work late to play catch up with my schedule. Why the hell did it have to be deadline day? I thought bitterly to myself. I looked at my phone again.

I still have not heard from Emily.

I should probably go home, I thought. It’s too late to accomplish anymore work now. Besides, I’m tired.

I cleared off my desk, then turned off my computer. Apparently, I was the last one in my office, so I had to lock up the office. I headed out of the building into the clear, cool night. The full moon shining brightly down upon the cityscape, almost of if it was competing with the sun earlier today. I continued towards my car, but something inside of me compelled me to keep walking. I felt as if I was being pulled towards something. I couldn’t explain it, I just had to continue on to find out where I would end up.

I walked about two more blocks, then took a left down a well lit avenue. When I finally stopped, I realized that I was standing in front of the building that Emily said she worked in.

“Third floor, eh?” I muttered to myself. Why was I actually even thinking of going in there? She probably isn’t even there now.

“Ah, what the hell…”

I opened the building’s front doors and entered into the lobby area. Most of the lights in the windows were off, but there were a few still on to encourage me in. I walked through the lobby area and headed to the elevators.

“Well Chad, may as well go for it,” I muttered my self-encouragement grup sex again. I pushed the 3rd level button and waited for the doors to close. My heart started to race as the elevator climbed up to the 3rd level.

The doors opened to an empty hallway. I looked both ways down the well lit hallway. I never got the name of the company she worked for, I thought bitterly. I looked right and headed down the hallway. There were only about 5 doors this way, with windows framing each door. Most of the lights in these offices were out.

I continued until I got to the end of the hallway. This door was slightly ajar, so I peeked inside. It was dark, except for one light coming from a distant cubicle. I entered in the office area.

“What the hell do you think you are doing,” my head screamed at me. “This is a sure way to get arrested!”

I heard a voice, it was a woman’s voice. I quietly walked closer to the cubicle that had the light. It was Emily! Part of me was elated at the fact that I found her! Then, I realized the situation, that I was sneaking into an office, and watching her. I am now some sort of stalker freak!

I better sneak off before she sees me and calls security. I turned away and quietly started to walk away.

“Excuse me.” I heard her voice. I stopped suddenly.

“Excuse me! Do you need something?” she asked with an annoyed tone in her voice.

I turned around slowly.

“Uh, hi. Remember me?” I said. Damn, it’s official now. I’m an idiot!

The look on her face, showed surprise, but it wasn’t a look of joy.

A horrible moment of silence.

“I’m sorry,” I finally tried to say.

“What the hell are you doing here? You scared the shit out of me!” she replied. Now she looked slightly relieved.

“I, uh,” I put my hands in my pockets and looked down. What the hell am I doing here?

“Gee, the way you articulate your feelings, that’s what I first noticed about you. Oh, I get it. Are you stalking me?” she asked. I looked up at her, but she had a smile on her face now. “I’ve never had a stalker before.”

I could not speak, was she mad at me or not? I couldn’t tell!

“I see you didn’t have a difficult time finding me,” she said as she motioned for me to sit next to her. I cautiously walked over to her and sat on her desk. “But, I do believe that I never told you which company I worked for. How did you know?”

“I just took a chance, I suppose.” I looked around her cubicle, to avoid eye contact.

“Jesus, you’ve got some balls for doing that!” Emily rose from her chair and sat next to me on her desk.

“Well ..” I started to say with a smirk formed on my face.

She giggled softly.

Another silence. This one was more comfortable than the last.

“Look, Chad,” she started. “I meant to call you, I’m so–“

I moved closer to her, interrupted her with a soft kiss. Our lips meeting once again for a brief moment.

I pulled away. The look on her face told me she wanted more. Her arms wrapped around me and she pulled me in for another soft kiss. My hands moved to her face, caressing her cheek while kissing her soft lips. A warm breath of passion escaped her lips, as we kissed with more urgency now. Our bodies moved closer together, her hands ran through my hair.

The passion of the kiss had a dizzying affect on us, as if we performed the perfect kiss. I could taste her torrid desire on her lips. Our hands continued to move frantically over each other’s bodies. Her hot tongue danced seductively with mine. She shifted her body and moved to stand in front of me, never breaking our kiss. I stood up with her slowly. My hands ran down her back, holding her body close to mine. The feminine curves and the slight movements of her body, heightened my arousal and desire for her.

A moan of content formed inside of Emily, as we melted into each others arms, enveloped into each others kiss. I slid off my coat, while never stopping from reigning kisses on Emily’s sensuous lips. I pulled her body close to mine again. Her head tilted back, showing her vulnerable neck to me. My moist lips moved to kiss her exposed neck. She smelled so amazing, I just could not get enough of her! Her warm skin, soft hair, seductive smell, the sounds of her breathing, all bringing my arousal to the boiling point.

I continued to kiss her neck, dragging my lips to just below her ear. The sensations of my lips and breath on her skin sent small tremors and chills throughout her excited body.

“Mmmmm,” a low, quiet moan from her lips. Her hands gently held my head close to her neck, as my tongue danced on her skin. My lips and tongue leaving a trail of erotic moistness on her exposed flesh.

“I want you,” she whispered softly, almost sounding like a purr. I just moaned softly into her ear in response, sending more chills up throughout her body.

Her telephone rang loudly. We both jumped at the sound.

“Jesus, that scared me.” I said.

Emily smiled. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to kiss her.

“Chad, I really need to answer that call,” hd porno Emily whispered. I stopped kissing her. “I’ve been waiting for this call all night.” The phone continued to ring.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked her. How could she stop now?

She composed herself quickly then picked up the phone.

A smirk came across my face. I think I’ll tease her a bit, I thought to myself. I moved close to her again, and started to undo her pants. Her voice faltered a bit while talking on the phone.

“I will have the correct issue GUIDING … excuse me,” her hand playfully slapped away my hands. “Issue guiding on those reports within the hour…” However, that didn’t deter me from continuing. I kneeled down as I slowly unzipped her pants. Emily did not offer much resistance to this yet.

I un-tucked her shirt, and slowly slid her pants down her smooth legs. I could not help but smile at the fact that she was having a difficult time concentrating on her conversation. I kissed her stomach. Her body flinched, but she still enjoyed it.

“Well, Aaron, you’ve got to understand …” A long pause.

She stepped out of her pants. “Oh sorry, I got distracted, where was I?” I continued kissing her sensitive skin, above her panties. Her hand started to scratch the back of my head, holding me close to her warm flesh. My hands ran softly up and down her smooth legs. I could feel her body squirm a bit.

” … well, yes, I suppose we could do that. However, I just want to get a leg up on that before it’s too late.”

I smiled at her language. How clever of her! My hands ran up to her panties, then I slowly slid them down. My lips dragged down the front of her thigh, following the trail of her newly removed panties.

“Ahh, I see the problem. Look Aaron, I’m rather flexible on this, however, I can only spread myself so much.”

Her legs spread a bit while she continued on her business call. I tilted my head a bit, and started to lick and kiss up her inner thigh. Her skin tasted so sexy, my arousal was beyond a point of any return. All I could think was, I needed her now! My lips continued up her inner thigh. Her hand held my head, clenching and unclenching.

“Well, what should I do …” Her voice cracked. She cleared her throat. “Sorry, Aaron. As I was saying …”

I lashed my tongue out against her torrid and moist flesh. I tasted her arousal with my warm tongue. Oh my god! I had to have more of her!

“..I just think that there HAAAA … SS …” An involuntary sigh escaped her lips. “I’m sorry again, Aaron. I dropped something.” Another sigh. “Jesus I am a klutz tonight.”

“Yes. Everything is alright.” She continued.

Her hand continued to hold my head against her while I tasted her. My tongue dancing circles around her sensitive flesh. She sat back a bit on her desk now, bringing her legs over my back. Emily leaned back against the cubicle wall, as I continued to lick her up and down.

“I, uh, I. Hold on a second Aaron.” Emily closed her eyes to catch her breath. She covered the phone up. “You are evil,” she whispered to me. “But I love it.” After she flashed me her smile, she resumed her conversation.

Her legs spread wider, as she placed her feet on my shoulders. My head moving up and down, while my tongue continued to bring her closer to her impending ecstasy. Her breathing became more rapid now. Emily covered the mouthpiece of the phone, while doing her best to continue the business call.

My hands raced along her legs, toying with her sensitive skin. My mouth was extremely wet from her arousal, my tongue continued dancing on her flesh. I moaned while moving my head up and down.

Emily put the phone down, and leaned her head back. “Oh God,” she whispered. “Oh. My. God! I can’t take it anymore.”

I responded by moving my fingers near my mouth, touching her. Emily’s breathing became louder, as I inserted my fingers into her. They slid inside of her easily. She arched her back, trying to take more of me inside of her.

“Mmmhmmm, I know … Aaron.”

She was losing control. “I’m sorry … Aaron. I don’t think I can talk .. Oh .. talk now.” Emily hung up the phone, without any explanation to Aaron.

I could feel her body tensing up. She was close.

“Mmmmm,” she moved her arms suddenly, scattering a few objects from her desk.

My head continued to move up and down, licking and sucking on her. Her moans were filled with desire and urgency. I quickened the pace so she could meet her climax. Her legs started to quiver, her head leaned back against the wall. Her hands were feverishly caressing her body, unbuttoning her shirt. Her hips were in motion, moving on pace with my head.

“Keep … going,” she breathed. She removed her shirt, exposing her black lace bra. Her hands continued to feel herself. Her gasps were turning into moans of sheer pleasure. Her muscles were convulsing harder now, her legs shaking with impending ecstasy.

A loud moan broke the silence of the empty office area, as her arousal took over her body. Emily turned her head to the side, and bit her shoulder to muffle her orgasm. Her overly stimulated body wracked with pure pleasure, continued to shake uncontrollably. She finally pushed me away from her, too sensitive for me to continue touching her. Her breathing continued at a frantic pace, as she bathed in her moment of pure delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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