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Rafe and Bernard had been lovers for over 20 years and business partners for almost as long. They owned a high end furniture and design shop that had amassed a following over the years. Now, both in their mid 50’s, their life was settled and predictable.

Both men were similar in appearance except that Bernard had a full, close cropped beard and Rafe was clean shaven. They maintained their diet and made frequent visits to the gym so that they were in better shape now than in their younger days.

In terms of personality, they were very different. Bernard was the laid-back sort, never too excited or flustered. Rafe was a bundle of nervous energy and a perfectionist. This had worked out well for them, both at home and professionally.

Whereas Bernard never seemed to notice dust or clutter, Rafe was constantly vigilant and tweaking everything. He was the one who took care of presentation and accounts at the store, Bernard had an unerring eye for good design and knew how to deal with customers. They were a perfect match.

The year before they had sold the Mock-Tudor large home they had owned and moved to where they now lived. They had a condo on the 15th floor of a new building that had sweeping views of the town from a small balcony off of the main living room. It had an open kitchen area attached to the big main room and there was a short hallway from the front door that also led to the bedroom and bathroom. It was very modern with shiny terrazzo floors, the total opposite of where they had previously lived.

They enjoyed their new lifestyle, the first time that either of them had lived anywhere but in a house.

Their next door neighbor was a widow named Mrs. White who was around their own age. She had always been very friendly.

On the evening that our story begins, Rafe and Bernie had just finished supper and were on their way out of the building to grocery shop when, in the lobby, they ran into their neighbor who was accompanied by a young man.

“Oh, Rafe, Bernie, I’m so glad we ran into each other. I’d like to introduce you to my grandson Willie.” Mrs. White told them.

The young man colored slightly and the two men looked him over. He looked like any generic 18 year old, hair slightly too long, clothes too loose and hygiene probably not too strict. He hung his head, looking at his feet.

“It’s nice to meet you, Willie.” Bernie said and put out his hand.

As Willie shook with him, Mrs. White said, “Willie, these are our next door neighbors. They have the condo next to us.”

“You mean, together?” he asked.

“Yes, we’re a couple.” Rafe said, shaking the young man’s hand in turn. Willie kept darting looks back and forth at the two of them from under a fringe of hair.

“Willie is to stay with me for a while.” Mrs. White said. “There were a few family problems and I stepped in. I’m sure that there will be no problems here, Willie is practically a grown man.”

“Well, thanks for letting us know.” Bernie said and the two of them walked outside.

When they passed through the lobby doors, Bernie looked back, just as Willie was looking over his shoulder at them.

“I believe that was the first time young Willie has ever encountered a pair of real-live-in-captivity faggots before.” Bernie said.

“Looks like a bit of a mouth breather to me.” Rafe replied.

Neither man gave any more thought to the new neighbor. They almost never saw him and never heard any noise next door. Mrs. White was a volunteer 5 days a week at the hospital and as far as they could tell, Willie rarely left the apartment. He was more or less invisible.

Three weeks after the encounter in the lobby, Rafe was on one of his cleaning and tidying binges on a Saturday afternoon. Bernie knew to stay out of his way, so he was lying on the bed, watching him dust the TV and shelves across from the bed. He saw him hesitate, and then Rafe turned to face him.

“Have you been sneaking and beating off behind my back?” he asked.

Bernie snorted a laugh and said, “If I was going to do it behind your back, I’d shoot it all over your ass. Though, I really prefer to give you a facial. Why would you ask that?”

Rafe turned back around and pointed to the DVD collection on the shelf. “You know I keep the porno in alphabetical order. ‘Blowjob Bonanza’ should be before ‘Butt Busters’ and they’re just the opposite.”

“You probably moved them the last time you dusted. Or, maybe we have a ghost who likes gay porn. That would be pretty neat.”

“You probably knocked them over and just didn’t put them back right.” Rafe said, going back to work.

That was the first thing.

The second was less than a week later. One of the great things about two men living together is that the toilet seat can always stay up. Both men had grown up with sisters and a mother who always griped if they left the seat up after taking a piss. In their household, it was always left up.

Which was why it was strange when the men came home from work and Rafe immediately headed for the john, casino şirketleri only to come right back out.

“Did you put the seat down on the toilet this morning?” he asked.

“I don’t think so. I took a quick piss just before we left but I don’t remember doing that.”

Rafe grasped Bernie by the bicep and led him into the bathroom. Not only was the seat down, so was the lid.

“You must have done it unconsciously.” Rafe said.

“I never have before now. Are you trying to gaslight me? Maybe it was your ghost.”

“I don’t like this.” Rafe said. “If you’re doing things, just stop it.”

A few days later, it was something else. Because there were just two of them, the dirty dishes always came in pairs. They rarely ate between meals and if they did it was usually a piece of fruit.

So, when Rafe was putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher, he immediately noticed an odd extra glass in the rack. “Did you use an extra glass today?” he called out to Bernie in the bedroom.

“Why? Is something broken?” he answered, coming out of the hallway.

“There’s an extra dirty glass. How did it get in here?”

“Why don’t you go lay down and I’ll do the dishes. You’re getting all in a tizzy over nothing.”

“This is getting spooky.” Rafe said. “I know what is dirty and what is clean and I keep track of things.”

“Maybe your ghost got thirsty after watching porno and needed a drink. Did you check to see if he used the toilet?”

“Make fun, but something is weird around here.” Rafe replied.

Next, it was in the bedroom, again. The men had a nightstand on each side of the bed with large deep drawers on the bottom. One of the drawers was designated “The Toy Chest” and contained a variety of sex toys, dildos, cock rings and lubes. Rafe, going to bed, noticed that the drawer was just slightly open and when he pulled it out, one of the largest of the dildo collection was out of place and lying askew.

“Are you cheating on me?” he turned and asked Bernie.

“You mean when I’m in the bathroom for 5 minutes by myself or when I run down to the basement at the shop? What are you, crazy? Even if I wanted to cheat, when would I get the opportunity? We’re together practically every hour of every day. Maybe you’re cheating on me.”

“You know the only times I’ve been with someone else it was when we did it together. Someone has been playing with the dildos.” Rafe said.

“You need to relax and get over this obsession.” Bernie said. “You’re starting to piss me off and I don’t appreciate you accusing me of cheating.”

Bernie was annoyed and it took a few days for things to get back to normal.

The final straw was the following Friday. They came home from work and decided to go and spend some time at the gym. Rafe went into the bathroom to undress and put his dirty clothes in the hamper. Bernie heard the hamper open and then Rafe stormed into the bedroom nude.

“Did you jerk off on my underwear, you old pervert?” he asked, flinging a pair of briefs at Bernie.

“Are you all the way nuts?” Bernie said. “What are you even talking about?”

Rafe went over and picked the briefs up off of the floor and thrust them into Bernie’s face.

“I know cum stains when I see them. Even better, I sure as hell know what it smells like.” he said.

Bernie took the briefs from his hand and examined them, then held them up to his nose.

“That smells like cum.” he said. “But not from me. Look, it’s still wet and I just came in when you did. How would I have time to jerk off?”

“Someone has been here while we’ve been gone.” Rafe said, looking shocked. “I told you something weird was going on.”

“And I apologize for not taking you seriously.” Bernie said. “I think you may be right.”

The two men gingerly walked around the condo, trying to see if anything else was different or out of place. Rafe even got down and looked under the bed.

“Someone has been here.” Rafe said. “Do you think it could have been some kind of maintenance people?”

“I know how to find out.” Bernie replied.

He pulled out his phone and called the head of the condo board. No, he was told, there was no maintenance scheduled on any of the condos and no one was in the building that day.

“Is it possible that someone else may have a key to our place?” he asked.

No, that wasn’t possible unless they had given someone a copy. The locks on their door were new, they were the first owners and the only duplicate was kept in a safe in the condo office.

Bernie hung up and said, “Let’s go look at the door and locks and see if they’ve been tampered with.”

They examined everything minutely but didn’t even see a scratch on the brass locks. Nothing showed any evidence of tampering.

“This is really creeping me out.” Rafe said. “I don’t think ghosts can shoot cum wads. Should we call the police?”

“The only proof we have is your cummy briefs.” Bernie said. “They’ll just laugh at us.”

The next few nights, they both slept uneasily and the mood casino firmaları of the whole condo seemed eerie. It was hard to even relax.

By Monday morning things had calmed down a bit. Rafe had spent the day before cleaning and the place was spotless. Bernie came out of the bedroom, ready to leave for work, and found Rafe waxing the terrazzo floor of the big living room. The sun blazing in through the balcony’s wide double doors reflected off of the wet surface and just about blinded him.

“Jesus, we don’t have time for that, we’re running late already.” he told Rafe.

Rafe hurriedly cleaned up his tools and put them away and the two men went to work. That night when they came home everything appeared as usual and they joked about their horny ghost.

The next morning, Rafe was the impatient one and while Bernie was doing his last preparations for the day, Rafe was standing in the hallway impatiently tapping his foot to show that he was in a hurry.

Suddenly, Bernie heard the annoying tapping stop and then in a strange voice he heard Rafe say, “Bernard, come here.”

He walked out and saw Rafe staring at the balcony.

“What, did you see something?” he asked.

“Just come over here for a moment.” Rafe said, still looking odd.

He walked over to where Rafe stood and Rafe, pointing at the balcony doors said, “What do you see?”

It took Bernard a few moments but then he saw what Rafe had seen. The morning sun, blazing in through the doors shone off of the polished floor. Coming across the room from the door, there was a trail of bare footprints that had been trapped in the wet wax of the day before.

Bernard crossed to the doors and slid them open. Fifteen floors up, they had never been equipped with a lock. He stepped out onto the balcony, Rafe close behind him.

When they got outside they saw Willie sitting on a chair on the balcony next door, his bare feet resting on the railing and a book in his hands. He noticed the two men and looked up.

“Lovely day, isn’t it?” Bernie said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Willie replied and then got up and went indoors.

Bernie and Rafe waited until they heard his door slide shut, then crossed to that side of the balcony.

There was only a separation of about 4 feet between their balcony and the one next door and when they peered over the edge, they both immediately suffered vertigo. They almost never used the balcony because it was just too damned high. Now, as they examined the railing, it was apparent that the natural dust and grime on the rails had been rubbed off, only on the side facing their neighbor.

Bernie held his finger up to his lips and led Rafe indoors. After they had closed their door, Rafe said, “What should we do?”

“Let me think for a minute.” Bernie replied.

“I don’t want to call the police. He hasn’t stolen anything. And his poor grandmother, she’ll have a stroke. The condo association will probably ask her to move………….”

Bernard, staring out the doors, interrupted by saying, “I have an idea. Follow me.”

He and Rafe left the condo just as they would any other day, Bernie making sure to speak loudly enough that any listener in the other condo could overhear them. After getting into their car, Bernie pulled out of the lot, drove forward for a few blocks, and made a left and then another left. When he pulled to a stop moments later, their car sat in an unobstructed view of their building. The two balconies were plainly visible.

“How long are we going to sit here?” Rafe asked.

“As long as it takes.” Bernie replied.

They sat listening to the radio and Rafe leafed through a magazine that had been left in the car.

After about 45 minutes, Bernie said, “I see signs of life.”

Rafe dropped his magazine to watch.

“The door onto his balcony just slid open.” Bernie told him.

As they sat watching, Willie walked out onto the balcony and stood gazing off in their direction. They saw him look down, then look around the parking lot below. After that, he scanned the surrounding streets until he was satisfied.

He walked over to the side of his balcony and lifted his leg over the railing and then the other one.

Leaning forward, he grasped the railing on the balcony opposite, stepped over the chasm between them and climbed onto the other side. Within seconds he had opened their door and disappeared inside.

“That little fucker must have trained with the Flying Wallendas.” Bernie said.

“I almost wet my pants just watching him. What do we do now?”

“Let’s give him a few minutes to get settled, and then we’ll go and confront him.” Bernie said.

They waited 20 minutes by the clock before driving back to the lot. They made sure to park where their car couldn’t be seen from above, then made their way upstairs to their floor.

Stopping at their door, they both glued their ear to the wooden surface. No sound came from inside.

Bernie soundlessly slid the key into the lock and slowly opened the door. Looking güvenilir casino up the hallway, nothing was visible except for a small pile of clothing on the floor in front of the balcony door.

On silent tiptoes, they glided up the hallway until they were at the bedroom door. Peering around the edge of the door jamb they found Willie.

He was on his knees in front of the TV, nude. He was wearing headphones while watching a porno film on the television and he was bouncing up and down on their largest dildo which was suction cupped to the terrazzo floor. He still retained the fleshy ass of an adolescent and his rounded ass cheeks quivered as the thick latex column slid in and out of his stretched hole. From where they stood watching they could see his ass ring slide over the smooth column and engulf the shaft to the base.

Again holding his finger to his lips, Bernie glided past the doorway and went into the big main room. He gathered up the pile of clothes and then carried them over and hid them in the cabinet under the sink.

Returning to where Rafe stood still watching Willie fuck himself, he positioned Rafe between the bedroom and the balcony door and then walked into the bedroom.

Willie wasn’t even aware of him until he lifted the headphones off of his head and said, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

He froze in place for a moment, a look of total shock on his face, before lifting himself off of the big dildo impaling his ass. Bernie could see his hole gape as the toy popped out and he thought, “He’s no stranger to taking things up his ass.”

Willie quickly got on his feet, edged around Bernie and rushed out of the room. Bernie couldn’t help but notice the long, thick cock he had been stroking moments before sticking out in front of him. When Bernie got out into the hallway, Rafe was standing in front of the balcony doors with his arms wide spread, waiting for Willie to come toward him. They saw Willie look around for his clothes and, not seeing them, he rushed past Bernie toward the hall door. He stopped when he reached it and turned to look at them.

“Go ahead,” Bernie said. “You’re not getting your clothes back and you don’t have a key. I guess you could go down to the lobby and try to find a maintenance man to let you into your apartment but it might raise some questions.”

Willie stood against the door, unsure what to do. Bernie and Rafe both became aware that under the baggy clothes the young man had been hiding a hot looking body. He was well muscled but not overly so, slim and almost hairless except for a small patch over his cock. His cock and balls were even more interesting. His softening dick was fat and long over a big low hanging set of hairless balls. For a young guy, he looked seriously fuckable.

Like a wild bird trapped indoors, Willie ran around the apartment looking for a way out before finally running back into the bedroom and crouching down, back to a corner and staring wide eyed at the two men.

“Should I call the police?” Rafe asked.

“I didn’t do anything.” Willie said.

“You broke into our home, you went through our belongings.” Bernie said.

“But I didn’t take anything or anything like that.”

“And who do you think the police will believe about that?” Bernie asked. “Rafe, have you seen my missing Rolex?”

“No, it disappeared about a week ago.” Rafe replied, playing along.

“Breaking and entering, burglary, I’m sure that’s just the start of what you’ll be charged with. You’re looking at serious jail time.” Bernie said.

“And your poor grandmother. I’m sure she’ll be forced to move out because of you. I wonder where she’ll go; she’ll probably lose money for a quick sale.” Rafe said.

Willie sat huddled in the corner on the verge of tears, clutching his bent legs to his chest and looking more and more miserable.

“What ever possessed you to do something so stupid?” Bernie asked.

“My grandmother said that you were gay guys and I just wanted to see how gay people lived. That was all.”

“And did you discover anything worthwhile?” Rafe asked.

“Not at all. Then I noticed your porno films, and then I snooped around and found all of your sex toys and I didn’t think it would hurt to try something. It just kind of snowballed after that.” Willie said, not looking at them.

He sat huddled in the corner for a few minutes more until Bernie spoke.

“Come on, you dumb little asshole, I’ll get your clothes. Next time, I really will call the police.”

Willie jumped up with a look of relief. Up close, his young masculine body was even more attractive.

“Not so fast.” Rafe said. “He’s cleaning up after himself, and then he can go.”

“First,” he said to Willie, “put the DVD away and grab the dildo, then follow me. And make sure it’s in alphabetical order, this time.”

Willie shyly did as he was told and followed Rafe out into the kitchen. At the kitchen sink he handed Willie a bottle of dishwashing liquid and said, “I want that dildo spotless, the way it was when you found it.”

Willie began to wash the dildo in the sink with his back to the two men. He really had a superb ass, full and rounded but firm. The cheeks were perfectly smooth. Rafe looked at Bernie and shot his eyebrows up while mouthing, “Wow!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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