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Irreplaceable Pt. 03

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Things went quiet for a little while after the fight between Ferah and Katie, but inside his mind, the night could not have been a bigger disaster. Ferah did not regret what she did and was quite proud of herself. Katie had been far out of line with putting her hands on him. She had conceded to let the girl keep taking shots at her all she wanted and dig her grave further when the opportunity presented itself, but she hated to see what being with this girl for so long must have done to her brother’s already fragile mind. Any attempt to talk to him over the next couple of days was unsuccessful. He didn’t respond or react to much. She feared how much lower he could go.

As for Cooper himself, he knew he was in deep shit.

He had let things go well past too far at dinner that night. He wanted to step in sooner but flat out lacked the courage to just stand firm in the middle and insist they learn to get along. It felt like he failed them both by not getting involved until the last minute, and now he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Cooper had seen it in Katie’s eyes that she was serious about him having to choose, but how could he? How could he pick between his little sister and his girlfriend? Why did this have to be so complicated?

Things came to a head about ten days after the slap and punch that pretty much ruined any chance of the three of them coexisting with each other. He and his sister were fine. He was sure to show his appreciation and she promised to keep it between them. He took pride in her standing up for him but he knew if he said the wrong thing and Katie found out it could further damage his relationship. It was already on thin ice before his sister came into the picture.

As for Kate, she seemed to find a new way to get under Cooper’s skin by openly flirting with guys in nearby departments, treating the job like an episode of The Bachelorette while he just hung his head low as he walked past her in and out of the building. She had been on this new path for days with no sign of slowing down. He even heard another temp say on her way out of the lavatory that she had been on a date with a new property developer after eating lunch with him two days in a row.

That Friday, the two ended up taking the same elevator down to the parking garage after work. Realizing they were alone together he wracked his brain trying to come up with something to say to her, while she just casually scrolled through her phone pretending to be oblivious to the other person in the elevator with her.

The truth was, she had been just as eager to talk to him.

She did miss him and grew tired of the rumors spreading around about her. It was true that she was flirting with some of the other guys, but it had all been for show. She wanted to make him mad, but it wasn’t working as intended. She let out a long sigh, “You don’t have to look like death, you know. You’ve been moping around the office for like a week now. People are starting to talk. The few people that know we’re dating think I broke your heart or something. Why haven’t you set them straight?”

“Figured you would. They’re mainly talking about you.”

“What is that supposed to mean? You have something you wanna say to me, Cooper?” Katie said, raising her voice as the elevator approached the bottom floor. Cooper flinched when she turned her head to look at him. In his mind, he was preparing himself for what may come next.

The night in front of Ferah had not been the first time.

It all started not long after their second anniversary. The two had been debating something and Katie had been in a funk throughout the day. Simply not in the mood for being told she was mistaking one thing for another, she punched him on the shoulder as hard as she could to get him to stop talking. Cooper just sat stunned but didn’t say anything about it. He wasn’t exactly frail (at least not physically) so she thought nothing of it.

It became a pattern every time the two would argue something for more than a few minutes. He seemed immune to her verbal digs at this point so there was no harm in adding another tool to her arsenal to keep her boyfriend in check. Normally nothing more than a punch to the shoulder and the occasional smack would keep Cooper from getting carried away, and over time he slowly stopped disagreeing with her as much so her plan to ‘toughen him up’ was working.

Until Ferah, that is.

It annoyed her to no end to see how much better he and his sister appeared to be getting along when she wasn’t around. It was why Katie wanted her gone. Cooper was perfect, and she felt she could tell a homewrecker when she saw one.

“I didn’t say anything. I’m sorry about what happened that night. I let things get carried away. I should have done something sooner,” Cooper said to her, the words almost tasting like poison coming off of his tongue. Deep inside, he knew things were not ideal with her but he was never able to just say what he thought about all that was going on. He feared there would never bahis şirketleri come a day when he would ever be able to fully express himself. He didn’t want to be controlled. He didn’t want to be manipulated.

Cooper just wanted to be happy. Katie knew how to do that.

Katie let out another long sigh, “Come here, Cooper.” She bent him down to her level and kissed him as passionately as she could. He felt her tongue invade his mouth, looking for his. Once she found it, she rubbed along the top of it with the tip of her tongue until he moaned in her mouth. She smiled, as always, and let him go just as the elevator reached the garage. “See that’s all we needed, Cooper. I love you and you love me. Nobody else matters.” she said, taking his hand and leading him out of the elevator and towards the cars.

Katie led him fast towards the nearest car she could find that was open. Settling on her friends’ station wagon, she unlocked the door and threw Cooper down along the back seats. He just looked up at her as she inched her way closer to him until their faces were just barely apart. She grabbed the bottom of his chin and brought his head to her eye level. “You’re mine, Cooper. I need you so much, baby. I don’t wanna fight anymore. It’s time we made up, don’t you think?” Katie said as she reclaimed her boyfriend’s mouth.

She started to take off her top, and Cooper became somewhat concerned things would get carried away if he didn’t do something. “W..wait, Katie. We can’t. Not here.” he said, trying to word it so she didn’t get mad. She just looked down at him with her shirt half-unbuttoned, panting heavily as she was beyond in the mood for some good old-fashioned makeup sex.

“I don’t care. We’re doing this here because I want you. Right now. Got any problems with that?” Katie said in her stern voice that Cooper knew meant trouble if he didn’t fall in line.

“N..no,” Cooper said, once again being overruled. He was used to it by now, but it just never felt good when it happened. She smiled down at him and brought herself in for another kiss. “See, you like this. I know you do. Don’t fight me, Cooper. I’ve been thinking about this all day. Seeing you walk back and forth in that sexy pink shirt you put on today. I know you wore that just for me. It made me so wet under the desk. Nobody else has your style, baby. You wanted to get fucked here. I know what you want.” she said, kissing him while she unbuttoned his shirt. He gave up. He always did.

Once his shirt was off, she went for his pants next. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out her boyfriend’s half-hard dick and started jerking him off. Her generous C-cup breasts were just swinging in front of his face. She noticed him staring and stopped so she could take off the bra hiding her puppies from him.

“Jesus Cooper, the strap is in the front. You could’ve taken it off yourself, ya know. I swear, sometimes it’s like I have to do everything.” Once her tits were out and about she brought his head up to her chest and pushed one of her nipples in his mouth. Cooper opened his mouth and started sucking on it.

“Oh, fuck yes, Cooper. There you go. They’ve been waiting all week for you.” Katie said, loving the gentle yet firm way he suckled on her. It reminded her of a child. The idea of breastfeeding his baby made her pussy nearly convulse by itself. She knew she wouldn’t last long and reached down between her legs, tugging her panties to the side underneath her extremely short skirt.

She lined her boyfriend’s thick member at her entrance and pushed herself down in full force. Her pussy seemed to convulse the second he was inside her. It felt warm, tight, and pulled on his dick every time she moved.

The back door remained open as she rode him in the back of the car. She turned his face away from her and bit the side of his neck. Probably much harder than she intended, but he was a guy so he’d be fine. She bounced up and down on his dick, swearing through closed eyes at how amazing their bodies always felt together.

The only sound coming from that side of the parking garage was the rhythmic slapping of their hips as they collided with each other. Before long, he could feel her reaching her climax on top of him. She sat upright and forcefully squeezed her breasts together.

“Fuck yes, baby. Keep going. Right there. I’m right there. You are so fucking perfect, I swear. I don’t wanna fight anymore. It’s stupid, anyway. You’re already mine. This relentless hog is mine. Your eyes are mine. Everything is mine. Now make my womb yours, Cooper. Fill me up with everything you’ve been holding in these past few days. Yes. FUCK YESSS!!!” she screamed as her orgasm hit her at full throttle. She hadn’t cum this hard since they started fighting.

“If it’s a boy, I want Theo. Lyn sounds good for a little girl.” she thought to herself as she rode out the last wave of her peak. Kate collapsed on top of him, kissing his neck in the area that was now beginning to bleed from her little love mark. Her boyfriend lay completely still under her, his bahis firmaları dick still wedged inside her convulsing pussy. It was leaving a small wet spot on the ground beneath her as Cooper’s eyes lay heavy and still, the will to cry reaching its lowest in some time.

Didn’t even feel worth it.

Cooper arrived home about an hour later than he normally did. Katie had insisted on making up for the lost time in the parking lot and used him to get off one more time for good measure before she would agree to leave. At least three different coworkers of his had either seen or heard the car shaking and put two and two together in their heads. Guess they were still a thing after all.

His mind, upon him walking in hadn’t had anything to do with his girlfriend, though. Instead, he keyed in on what was going on on the couch.

Ferah was fast asleep, wearing nothing but a small pair of cute basketball shorts she bought a few days prior, paired with a white tank top that was so paper-thin he could swear it was see-through. From the angle she was laying at, he couldn’t tell if she was wearing any panties or not. “One day, I need to talk to her about this. She can’t just leave that thing out like this!” he said to himself as he cautiously sat down next to her, tapping her on her exposed thigh.

His sister stretched forward and let out a loud yawn before smiling upon realizing who woke her up. “Hey there, bro.” she started before taking note of his face. “Cooper, are you okay?”

His eyes were bloodshot. He had a rather large patch on his neck that was being covered with about four different band-aids. To make matters worse, he just seemed…almost dead to her. Like a walking corpse. Fear couldn’t even describe the feeling she had in her gut for him.

Cooper put his hands up and smiled at her, “It’s nothing, sis. I’m perfectly fine, honest.” Ferah wasn’t having it.

“Someone that has to say it that much isn’t fine, Cooper. If anyone knows what that’s like, you’re looking at her,” she said. He looked into her eyes and saw the genuine concern in them. She wasn’t just worried about him. She was afraid for him. That wasn’t why she came all this way.

“I have to take care of her.” he thought to himself.

“Look, I just had a long day today. It’s not often I have three different clients ask for renovation layouts at the same time. I wanted to get it all done today when I probably should have paced myself a bit. I’ll just take it slower next time. Wouldn’t want to worry you over nothing,” Cooper said. She studied his face for a bit before he heard her ease a bit. She tucked into his side and hugged him, burying her face into his shirt.

“I know what you’ve been through. For me. I’m…yours, Cooper. Forever. I just needed you to know that I love you, bro. I always have, and I always will.” Ferah said in a whisper.

But he heard it.

He felt something in himself relax as if a weight were being lifted off his shoulders. Ferah felt her brother put his arms around her and kiss the top of her head. “I love you, sis.”

“So, ” Ferah said as she looked up at him laying across his legs, “I originally wanted to go out tonight. Some girls from work have been bugging me for a while.”

“Go have fun. You live here, too.”

“No, I kinda wanted you to come out with us.” He seemed confused as to why she would want him around her work friends.

“Me? Why?”

“What do you mean why? Because you’re my amazing older brother, genius. Don’t overthink it. I just…kind of ran my mouth a lot about you when I first got here, so if you came they could stop asking about it. Think of it like a favor that pays with booze,”

“You okay on that front?” he asked her in response.

“Yes, sir!” she said mockingly.

“Very funny. I take that as a yes. See, it’s just like I told you. Mind over matter.”

Ferah hesitated for a moment, That doesn’t apply to everything,”

“What do you mean?” he asked. It got quiet and he saw that his sister was the one struggling now.

“Sis, what’s wrong?” he asked as he raised her to eye level. His gaze felt so intense. It felt like he could see right through her. From the moment she got here, Ferah felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. It was more than just validation for the things she put herself through to find him, Ferah felt content as if this was what she has needed all along. What she spent nights dreaming of when she was alone. It wasn’t the moment, though.

It’s him. It’s always been him. The one guy she was never meant to have, yet the only one she truly wanted.

Ferah put her hand on his cheek and gently rubbed it. Despite his confusion, he eventually began nudging her hand back. It had been a game between them when they were little, only it was Ferah who would nip at Cooper’s hand mainly because he was always so much taller. She leaned in as close as she could and put her head to his. They just looked into each other’s eyes and saw so many different things.

Cooper saw fear in kaçak bahis siteleri his sister. She was afraid of rejection. Her guilt for all she had done to get here gnawed at her on an almost daily basis. It only began to improve after admitting her shame to the only person in the world that still mattered to her. The only person that made any attempt to understand her with nothing to gain. She had begun to forgive herself and already felt her confidence coming back.

Ferah also saw fear in her sibling, but this was a much deeper feeling.

Cooper had his entire life ripped away from him for attacking who at the time had been his best friend. He refused to give any explanation as to what happened and he was sent away and eventually abandoned by his family and everyone else he had known. Even his one friend from Saint Rita’s no longer had any contact with him after all they had been through together during their time there. He bore that pain in silence to this day while the boy who betrayed him and attacked his sister went on to hone his athletic talents and was slated to be a draft pick in the NFL.

Hidden within the eyes, in a place only the other could see, lay pain that would traumatize many and haunt most. But just beneath appeared to be a small ray of light that seemed to get bigger and bigger.

Both of them had their own interpretation of the light.

One of them saw a real opportunity to help someone they loved dearly through their demons and by default, tackle a few of their own as well. Together, they would become whole again. The other became lost in the eyes of her one true love and saw a chance to stake her claim to his heart. Life had slowly been wearing away at Coop, but she was here to rescue him. Fate finally brought them back together. She would not lose him again.

The kiss hadn’t been in either of their plans. Ferah was content with waiting out this train wreck of a relationship before she made a move. Cooper just wanted to take care of his sister and hoped that helping her recover would make sure she stayed on the right track. But now, they both felt something come over them. It felt primal but with the kind of love that lasts a long time.

It felt intense.

Things progressed even further when she wrapped her arms around his neck, careful to avoid the swollen portion of it. They fell back, still just exploring this feeling to the fullest.

The two broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes before they resumed kissing. Ferah couldn’t help but smile the first time she felt her brother’s tongue briefly make an appearance. She tightened her grip and found his, ready to meet its match at last. While their faces were locked together, Ferah had shifted positions so that she now straddled his waist, taking the high ground for the first time in years. She deepened the kiss while her hips began to grind against her brother, doing cartwheels in her mind when she felt his hands grabbing her ass and rubbing her lower back. She felt pure bliss under her brother’s touch, just as she knew she would.

The phone began to ring. It, of course, was Kate.

They broke the kiss and just looked at the phone. Amidst the beautiful carnage of the moment shattering their brother-sister relationship, the real world came calling.

Right now, Cooper had a choice. He could chase happiness barefoot, or he could stay in the car and be driven mad. In the end, his eyes told her the moment had to end.

She slid to the side as he got up and left the room with his phone still ringing. Ferah let herself fall back awaiting his return, her lips still on fire from their moment in heaven. She hadn’t expected to progress this quickly. If nothing else, this moment meant there was a chance for them. It was only a matter of time.

He came back around three minutes later. His face told her all that needed to be said. Cooper seemed disappointed, either in fate or himself.

“Guess Katie is coming over tonight.”

Two hours later, Cooper and his now passed-out girlfriend were sitting twisted into each other on the couch. A drunk Katie realized that Cooper wasn’t in the mood for sex and rather than question it she just let herself black out. The two had gone through a full bottle of expensive wine and a full six-pack of hard lemonade she brought over herself. Being the only one up, as difficult as it was, gave him some time to think about some things.

His thoughts trailed off to his sister and his mind replayed the scene of her leaving around the time Katie arrived. He owed her one for volunteering to be the one to leave. But there was also a thought that sat in the farthest corner of his mind, nibbling at his brain despite how badly he wanted it to go away.

Ferah looked really good tonight. She’s looked good since she got here. It’s getting harder to ignore…

He sat up and shook his head, his thoughts returning to normal for the moment. She left a while ago. It was late. Did she take her car?

Cooper stood up slowly, trying his best not to fall over knowing for sure he wouldn’t be getting any help back up. He made it to the table and noticed his sister’s car key sitting where it usually was. “Guess she walked to meet them. Kind of odd but I get it – “

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