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Is This Okay?

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You never thought you would get out for the party. Some friends from work have wanted you to get out of the house and out from under all of the daily pressures you are under and enjoy yourself. After some token resistance, you had finally agreed and broken out your best dress. It was a little shorter than you usually wore and cut a little lower than you were comfortable with but they had told you there might be some available men there for you to get to know so you thought it was worth a chance.

It was the usual party mingling. People working hard not to talk about work, drinking more than they should and just being silly. Not really as interesting as you had hoped. One young man was pretty hands-on as the night wore on and you enjoyed the attention. It was nice to feel like someone was interested, after having been celibate for so long but he was not really that interesting. Nothing to talk to him about so you ended up spending your time talking to your coworkers and wishing the evening would just end so you could go home.

As the conversations wind down, you find it is time to go and head into the bedroom to sort thru the pile of coats on the bed. At a party like this it is always such a chore. The only light in the room is shining in from the hallway but you can see well enough as you start digging thru the pile. You hear a noise behind you. You turn quickly but don’t see anyone, just the door to the bathroom closing. As you turn around, you feel two arms wrap around your waist; hand resting at your stomach.

“I have been looking at you all evening but have been too nervous to talk to you. Every time you smiled it was like a light in the room. Now you are leaving before I even got a chance to meet you,” the soft male voice whispers in your ear. The soft voice is followed by soft nibbles and you can feel the warm breath on your neck.

“But I don’t know who you are?” you say with a quaking in your voice.

“Is that really necessary?” he answers, pulling you tighter. “Just know that I think you are the most beautiful woman here tonight. Your dress is amazing and shows you off in all the right places. It’s New Years Eve and I think we can start the year off with a bang.” You giggle slightly at his unintended pun.

“I don’t do things like that,” your voice says but your body leaning back into him tells him something different.

“I’ll tell you what,” he says. “If I do something you don’t want me to do, you tell me to stop. Otherwise, I just want to please you.”

Before you can reply, two strong hands slid up from your stomach and under your breasts. He starts to massage them thru your dress.

“Is this okay?” he whispers. You try to respond but only moan softly. “How about this?” he asks as he pulls the top of your dress down to expose your ample breasts straining to get out of your bra.

“Mmmmm,” you reply. You are being held tightly ankara escort enough to feel that he is enjoying this too. His hands move away and you are concerned but you feel them along your shoulders, sliding the straps of your bra down over them. His hands return to your now exposed breasts and you feel he warmth of his hands against your skin. His skin is as soft as his voice.

“Is this okay?” he says as he takes his fingers and gently starts making small circles on your breasts, starting at your nipples and slowly working outward. When he finishes each circle, he covers your breast with his hands a gives them a light squeeze. You are finally able to form your first words since this episode started.

“Harder,” is all you can whisper.

The gentle brushing turns to more aggressive squeezing; his fingers pinch and stretch your nipples. It should be painful but the feeling running thru your body is excitement. Your throat releases a soft moan.

“So good .. it feels so good.”

He takes that as a sign to move forward and you feel his hands slide down your belly to your waist. You can feel the material on your dress bunching up as he takes handful after handful until the bottom hem is up to your waist.

“Is this okay?” he asks.

You grind backwards into him, giving him his answer.

With your panties now exposed, you can feel his clothes covered erection pushing into the crack of your ass. You have excited him in a way you have not known in years and can feel his hardness against you. His hands slide down from your waist and start to rub the front of your panties.

“Is this okay?” he whispers into your ear.

“Don’t stop.” is your breathless reply.

He presses forward behind you and reaches down so his hand is between your legs. You know that you shouldn’t but you spread your feet so he can rub the outside of your mound thru your panties. You know he can feel the moisture. His breathing increases in your ear.

You feel one hand steadying you as the other slides up to your waistband and then down inside your panties. Your hands have been there many lonely evenings but it has been a long time since a man has explored you in this way. You feel the fingers slide thru your soft hair and over your clit, now hardened by your excitement. You want him to stop there but his hand continues downward and slides between your lips, picking up some of your juices and returning to circle your clit. You can feel your knees buckle slightly and the strength of his hand holding you up.

“Is this okay?” he asks. He can feel you tremble at his touch.

You have kept your arms at your sides up to know but you now reach up and around the back of his head as he kisses your shoulder and continues to rub you clit. There is a familiar feeling building inside you; one you have not experienced at another’s hand for quite some time. Your body escort ankara tenses, then shudders, as you experience the orgasm you were not expecting tonight. You know he can feel your juices leaking from your lips since you can feel them running down the inside of your thighs.

“Is this okay?” he whispers as your recover from your orgasm.

“Yes, it’s wonderful.” you reply.

You feel his hands move to your hips and start to pull your panties down to the floor. Before you can answer, his body is up and again pulling you closer. Somehow it feels different than before, the coolness of the room on your ass a contrast to his hard, warm erection pressing against it as well.

“Is this okay?” he asks as you realize that when your panties came down, his pants did also. You can feel the skin of his hips and the tip of his cock in the cleavage of your ass as he pulls you tighter. You can feel the moisture leaking from the tip of his cock, lubricating him as he slides it against your soft skin.

“Lean forward, honey,” his voice says; not aggressively but with a hint of desire. You bend forward so your hands are on the bed and feel his hands slide down your ass. You can feel his body moving and suddenly feel his lips placing gentle kisses on your small of your back as his fingers run through your slit. His kisses move further down until you feel his lips gently kissing your cheeks.

“Is this okay?” he asks as he slides first one, then two fingers easily inside you. You want to answer but as he starts moving his fingers in and out of you, your voice fails you. You push your hips back in encouragement. He understands and moves his fingers even faster. His tongue run through you cleavage and you feel the tip gently poking at your tight, unexplored anus. Your body tenses and you feel yourself wrapping around his fingers as you orgasm again. He can feel the muscles inside you squeezing around his fingers. He can feel your juices flow once again.

He removes his fingers and you can hear a popping sound coming from his mouth. Without looking, you know he tastes you.

“Mamma,” you hear him say. You feel his lips slide underneath your exposed pussy and feel the tip of his tongue lightly moving across it from one lip to the other.

“Oh God,” is all you can say and you feel his tongue slip slowly inside your hole. He stops for a moment.

“Is this okay?” he asks. You reply by pushing back against his mouth harder, encouraging him to continue. Your whole body is still primed and ready as his tongue dances through your lips. A long time has passed since you had a lover please you in this way and your body keeps responding to his motions. Your knees weaken once again and the tip of his tongue circles your opening. At the first feel of it entering you, your body tightens once as your orgasm washes through you.

“You taste wonderful,” he whispers as ankara escort bayan your orgasm subsides.

You can feel him stand up behind you as his hands move to your hips. You hope you know what is next and shudder in anticipation. You feel his hands pull your hips toward him and can feel the tip of his hard cock brushing against your ass. The question is different this time.

“Do you want me?” he asks. You answer by reaching around and grasping his cock, hard and ready for you. You pull him toward you.

He takes one step forward and his erection is tickling the entrance to your pussy. You know this is something you should not be doing or enjoying as much as you are, yet you push back into him and feel the large head of his cock slowly spreading your lips apart. You want him but want to feel every moment so you move slowly backward, savoring every inch of him as he enters you. He understands your need and does not push forward. Instead he leans across your back. You can feel the hairs on his chest against your skin.

“Is this okay?” he asks you. You start to pull away and he is concerned that he has finally gone too far but just as he feels he is about to come out of you, you press yourself back into him. You regain your voice and speak hoarsely.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard” you say, not pleading but encouraging. His strokes are long; his cock is hard but not oversized. You can feel yourself tighten around him with every stroke and you start to push back to meet his rhythm. With every motion, you are joined with him and can feel the head of his cock against your cervix. Your breasts are loose and swinging forward and back in rhythm with you both.

His hands grasp your hips harder as he whispers in your ear, “Cum for me darling. Cum on me. I want to feel you cum with me inside you.”

That is all of the encouragement you need as you orgasm yet again. Your legs are growing weak but you continue your rhythm as wave after wave of pleasure moves through you. As he feels your body convulsing, his fingers dig tightly into your hip; he pushes inside of you harder and faster. You know he will not last much longer. You are ready for him to share himself with you completely.

“Cum baby,” you encourage him. “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

You hear him moan and can feel his cock contract with each shot of warm cum he releases inside you. You can feel his warmth as it mixes with your own. It has been a long time since you have felt so filled during sex. As his orgasm subsides, he pushes his weight forward and you both collapse on the bed. His weight is heavy on you but not uncomfortable.

“Was that okay?” he whispers in your ear, his voice breathless with exhaustion.

“It was wonderful,” you whisper back. After a moment of recovery, he slides off of you and you can hear the rustling as he pulls on his shirt and pants. You get up and rearrange your rather disheveled clothing, being sure things are covered that are supposed to be covered. You start to turn to face him when his hands grab your shoulders.

“Happy New Year,” his voice says as he kisses your ear gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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