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It Was A Perfect Night

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It was a perfect night. A slightly cool summer evening with a slight breeze blowing. We were staying in a small, yet beautiful house on the beach. A private beach if I might add.

It had been a busy day. We had spent almost all day in the water. My face is still flushed from the loving you gave me when we had gotten home.

I took towards the beach with one quick glance, and then back at the house. I call out to you to hurry up. Suddenly you appear at the railing, look down at me, smile, and then run down the stairs, grabbing me, swinging me around. Laughing, I take your larger hand in mine, and pull you down the boardwalk to the beach. As we crest the little sand dune, you can see a blanket spread out in the sand, a large basket sitting on top of it, and no one else to be seen! I look up at you, a large smile on my face. Surprise!!!!!! You lean down and kiss that smile right off my face! I laugh and take your hand again in mine, and we head down to the blanket.

I pull cold fried chicken, veggies, and a few other yummy picnic favorites out of the basket as you settle yourself. I hand you your plate, and we eat and chat about what we’re going to do tomorrow. Before we know it, we’re done, and dinner’s packed back up.

I stare out at the ocean, enjoying the feel of the breeze on my face, and the last rays of the setting sun. I can feel your eyes on me, watching, and I turn and look at you, a soft smile on my face. You hold your arms open to me and say “Come here.” I crawl the few feet to your arms, and your fold me tightly in your warm, strong, loving embrace. I settle back against you, my back warm against your front, your arms street blowjobs porno around me. I sigh. Your arms come around me tighter. I wiggle further back into your warmth. You laugh softly and whisper in my ear that if I kept that up, you wouldn’t be responsible for what happened. I laugh and give one more good wiggle for good measure.

We sit like that watching the sky over the ocean turn pink and red, setting everything around on fire. Before we knew it, the sun was down, but yet you held me close in your arms. I can feel a slight breath against my neck. One of your arms releases me, and pulls the scrunchie out of my hair, making it fall down around my shoulders. You move my hair out of the way a little and start to nuzzle my neck, bringing goose bumps up all over my body. I break out of your grasp laughing hard, and rubbing my bumpy arms.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” I grumble, looking down. I should have been paying attention to you. Before I new it, I was laying flat on my back, looking up into your face. We both laugh. You lean down and kiss me hard and passionately. I melt into your embrace. After you made sure you had kissed me breathless, you lean down, your face next to mine, and whisper two words to me. Skinny Dip. You push yourself off me and hold your hand up to me, a wicked gleam in your eyes. I take it, and you pull me up and tight against your body. Before I know it, I’m standing there in just shorts, my shirt and bra tossed to the sand. You’re already down to the skin, your hard cock bobbing excitedly. I finish undressing and race you into the water. I quickly catch up to you once student sex parties porno we hit the water. I feel you grab my hand, so you won’t lose me in the semi-darkness.

You pull me out to where we won’t get beat by the waves, and where I can’t reach. I cling on to you. You pull me around to face you, and I wrap my legs around your waist. I can feel your hardness rubbing against me. I move my hips against you, and I hear your groan in the dark. I pull myself up to kiss you hard as I feel your hand covering my breast. I arch into you as you pinch and roll my nipple in your fingers. I moan quietly as I cling to you, gently bobbing with the tide. You bring one of my breasts up to you and you cover my extremely hard nipple with your warm mouth and suckle. I can feel your already hard length twitch and grow against me. I shift slightly and slide your hard cock into my waiting pussy. Your cock fully sheathed in me swells. Your hands move to my hips and slowly move me up and down your cock. Soon you’re pounding in and out of me, our moans filling the quiet night air.

I can feel myself coming closer and closer to the end. I grab onto your shoulders and beg you to fill me up with your hot cum. Suddenly, you push hard into me and cry out my name in a hoarse voice as you shoot your cum deep into my cumming pussy.

We float slightly in silence, our amazement at the beauty of the moment between us, the water lapping at our bodies. You hook your fingers under my chin, and look into my eyes. You gently and lovingly kiss my lips.

You hold me close as you wade towards the shore. We walk out of submissive cuckolds porno the water hand in hand to our blanket. We lay down, and you wrap your arms around me as I lay my head on your chest. You pull the blanket around us to ward off the chill from the night air.

Your hand strokes my somewhat damp hair away form my face as you softly talk to me, your voice rumbling in your chest under my ear. I lightly run my hand over the hair on your chest.

You roll towards me, your arms still tight around me. I continue touching your chest, and make sure I run my hands over your nipples. I can hear your sharp intake of breath each time I do so. I can feel your cock growing against my stomach. I reach down and take your hardening cock in my small hand and bring him to full hardness. I look up at you with a naughty look in my eyes and tell you that its my turn to spoil you. I wiggle out of your arms and unwrap us, the moonlight making our skin glow. I lean over you and take your cock in my hand, and stroke up and down your hard length, from base to tip. When I notice your eyes closed in pleasure, I lean down and suck your cock into my mouth, your hair tickling my nose. I suck you firmly in and out of my mouth. You go stiff, and your back arches. I smile around your cock. I suck you until you start begging for release.

I let your cock pop out of my mouth. You look at me, your eyes glazed over, and a confused look on your face. I say nothing as I crawl up your body, straddling your hips. I slip your cock inside me and start to ride you, my full breasts bouncing. Your hands reach for my hips, urging me to fuck you harder and faster. Within minutes your cock swells again and pours more cum into my hungry pussy. As both of our releases have subsided, I lean over on your, kissing your chest gently. I slide off you, shivering in the cool night air. We pick out clothes and picnic up and walk slowly towards our house, hand in hand, still basking in the glow of our lovemaking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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