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It’s a Family Affair Ch. 02

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Big Tits

In the previous chapter, we saw how Chetan and I enjoyed a porn video of a very sexy girl. Then I gave him my treasure of porn video collection. But he still didn’t know what is incest.

Two weeks had passed since I caught my brother masturbating. In these two weeks, we bonded while watching porn a few times. I was watching TV when Chetan came and sat next to me. He told me he had finished watching all the videos in the ‘myfav’ folder, which kind of shocked me.

I asked him doubtfully that if he finished watching all 50+ videos, to which he said yes. I laughed, telling him that, “You are one horny bastard,” to which he smiled sheepishly. He asked me what to watch next. We both went into the room and started browsing the secret folder again.

I again asked him if he knew what kind of porn he liked. He answered, saying he liked all of it, which made me burst into laughter again. He slowly told me that he liked watching aunties with big boobs rather than younger girls with small boobs.

He liked it even more when they were getting fucked by two or three guys. Or a younger guy getting fucked by two or three aunties. I smile to myself, thinking that he is just like me. I started searching for some nice milf and group sex videos.

Suddenly, he asked me, “Bhaiyya, what is that incest folder? I have never heard of it before.” I kind of felt embarrassed. I told him that he was not yet ready for that. He can probably explore it a little later. Then he asked me to tell at least what does it mean.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, I told him that it was about sex between family members. He was a little shocked but also a bit excited. He asked me to explain a canlı bahis little more. I explained to him that the videos had sex between mom and son, or mom, son and daughter or father and daughter, and something like that.

I could visibly see him get very excited and was begging me to play a video in the incest folder. I hesitantly played one of my favorite videos about a Japanese family. Though the video was in the Japanese language, it was never a barrier in porn.

The video started by showing a lady in her early 40’s getting undressed and entering into a shower completely nude. Once in the bathroom, she turns on the shower and starts rubbing her body. She takes little soap and starts applying to her body.

A teen boy slowly enters the bedroom and peeps into the bathroom through a small gap between the doors. He sees his mom taking a shower and rubbing soap on her big milky white melon-sized boobs, and his cock immediately gets hardened.

He slowly takes out his cock from his shorts and starts stroking it while his mom in the bathroom starts rubbing her boobs and pussy. The boy gets a little too excited and loses his balance and falls down. This shocks the mom in the bathroom.

She opens the bathroom door to see what happened. There she sees her little son with his cock out and hard. She is surprised at the size of her son’s cock. She tells him something while pointing her finger to him. I translated it as she told her son that he has been naughty lately, and she needs to punish him.

Listening to this, he lowers his head. She helps him stand up, and immediately she removes all of his clothes and makes him completely naked. Then she takes him into bahis siteleri the bathroom and tells him to apply soap on her back. The boy takes the soap and follows his mom’s orders.

He starts applying soap to her back. After a minute, he slowly puts his hands on her boobs and starts applying soap there. She doesn’t say anything, and so he starts applying soap all over her stomach. He slowly reaches her pussy, and he applies the soap even on her pussy.

She moans a little bit, and taking this as a cue, he inserts his finger into her pussy. She moans a little louder now. He fingers her for a minute. Then mom pulls him in front of her and starts applying soap on his back and then on his chest and slowly reaches his cock.

She starts applying soap to his cock, and with the touch of his mom’s hands on his cock, it stiffens even more. After rubbing the soap on his cock for some time, she washes it clean with water and takes it into her mouth. At this gesture of his mother, he feels like he is in heaven.

She sucks it like its a stick ice cream. After a few minutes, the boy reaches his climax and cums in her mouth and all over her face. She licks and swallows whatever she can and washes the rest. She gets surprised when she sees that the boy’s cock is still very hard.

The boy springs into action. He makes his mom stand up and bends her a little bit, allowing her to take support on the wall with her hands. He inserts his hard cock in his mama’s pussy and starts pumping her while using his hands to squeeze and caresses his mom’s beautiful big boobs.

He goes on for 2 minutes, at which point they hear someone coming into the bedroom. She immediately bahis şirketleri gets the boy behind the door and opens it the door. She finds her husband in the room, and they talk something.

Then the scene cuts to a post-dinner where mom and dad sleep in a bedroom. The horny son peeks into the bedroom. He is very horny and wants to finish what he left in the middle in the afternoon. So he slowly enters the bedroom and puts his hand on his mom’s boobs.

The mother wakes up and is surprised to see him and is scared as her husband is sleeping beside her. But the boy has decided to fuck and makes advances, which she tries to reject. But she also gets horny soon and allows the boy to play with her body. He slowly removes her panty and unhooks her bra.

He starts fucking her right there beside his father while playing with his mom’s boobs. The father doesn’t wake up as he is in a deep sleep. The son finally climaxes after a few minutes. He cums in his mom’s pussy and inserts it again in her mouth, which she neatly cleans by licking the leftover juices on his cock.

This was probably a 10-minute video. But I reached climax once and Chetan twice. He told me that he loved the video, and this is probably his favorite of them all. I replied, “You really are my brother! This is my favorite, too,” and laughed.

Even after jerking off twice, I could still see that his cock is still very hard. I understand that he really liked this genre. We end up spending the next hour watching many more incest videos. Looking at his excitement, I felt something was fishy.

After our marathon of watching porn, I asked him why he was so excited about it. He fell silent. I said, “It is ok, Chetan. I am your brother. If not with me, who else will you share it with.”

He gained some courage and said, “I will only tell if you wont get angry with me.” I got a little curious and asked him what happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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