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Jack Knows What Gigi Wants

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Gigi had been dreaming of sex with the colleague of her friend Noelle for months now. Noelle helped Gigi to get some new assignments for her company. For that reason she regularly visited her friend’s office. Opposite of Noelle’s desk was Jack. A handsome guy with wild dark brown hair, naughty eyes and a very accessible personality. Gigi soon got into a conversation with Jack. She talked for quite a while but remembers next to nothing. His naughty face made her wonder what he’d be like in the bedroom.

This Monday morning he sure is very alive and kicking. Ready for a busy day. His body seems strong and capable. He’s wearing proper office wear: dark blue pants and a white shirt. Jack gets warm and asks her if it’s just him.

“No,” she answers, “I guess it’s the weather, it’s a bit, well, humid, in here.”

“Let me open a window,” Jack replies as he walks tot he side of his office, also unbuttoning his shirt a bit.

Gigi sees a bit of chest hair. She feels the urge to caress it but contains herself. Her meeting with his boss starts soon. Bye Jack, see you soon.

He’s taken

Gigi can’t concentrate in the meeting. She notices she can’t stop thinking about Jack. She decides to Google him, check what there is to be known about him. He has a girlfriend. And kids. That makes things more complicated. Unless….. Jack has an open relationship. But that would be a tricky question to ask at the office with her friend Noelle around. Gigi feels like there’s a good click between her and Jack. She decides to invite him for a coffee outside of the office. Jack is interested. “Sure Gigi, that sounds like a very good idea. I know a lovely hotel where the lobby serves the best coffee plates; whipcream and chocolate included.”

Wow, Jack knows what Gigi likes. “Sure, where is that hotel?”

“It’s the Central Court, let’s meet there Friday, 15:00?”

“Yes, perfect.”


Gigi is a bit nervous. What if the vibe was not mutual and he was just being nice to her? What if he’s like this with everyone? Gigi can’t let go of the chance to make sure though. The coffee is in an hour. amatör porno She needs to gauge whether there’s a chance she can have sex with him, even just once. He makes her squirm by just the thought of him.

He walks into the lobby in full office wear, including a briefcase. “I’m sorry about the formal wear, I just came straight from work.”

“No problem Jack, I’m happy to see you. Shall we sit there, at the fire place?”

“Yes, good idea.”

The waitress takes the order: two complete coffees, with whipcream. The plates come with lovely chocolate on the side. Gigi dips her chocolate briefly into her coffee and it melts a bit. She puts it in her mouth and licks her lips after to make sure no chocolate has remained. Jack is looking at Gigi and asks if she’d like his chocolate as well. “No, it’s okay, you have yours.”

“No, please have it, I want to see you lick your lips again like that.”

Wow, that sure seems like a sign there might be more to be gotten out of this coffee. Gigi accepts Jack’s offer and takes the chocolate, dips it again and puts it in her mouth, licking her lips slowly and looking into Jack’s eyes.

“Hmm Gigi. You like that don’t you?”

“Yes, I love chocolate. How are you doing Jack? How’s your job?”

“Good. Thank you Gigi. And you, what have you been up to?”

‘Phantasizing about you’, Gigi thinks to herself but can’t say that. “The usual…”

“So, why did you prefer this coffee to be outside of the office?”

“We-we-well, Gigi stammered, I thought it would feel a bit more relaxed to chat here than at the office, talking about non-work related things during office hours.”

“You would like to talk non-work related things Gigi? I think I know what you want. I think I knew from the moment we met.”

“Really? But you have a girlfriend. And kids.”

“Yes, accurate. But my girlfriend is totally fine with me playing around, as long as I come home with enough desire for her as well. So, did I lift that barrier for you?”

“I think you might have.”

“Good. I already booked a room for us upstairs.”

“What, really? Already?”

“Yes, I knew anal porno how this would go, do you really think I take you to a hotel lobby just for chocolate? ??”

Jack makes Gigi melt from both of her lips know. Gigi gets into the elevator with Jack. She can just contain herself, only just, thinking she will reach the room soon. But when they walk to the room, Jack grabs Gigi’s ass and she feels his grasp vibrating through her spine. She turns around and kisses him intensely. “Oh Jack I just can’t wait, I can’t.” Jack lifts Gigi up under her ass and carries her to the room. Swipes his card, opens the door, walks in with Gigi still clinched to his body, closes the door with a kick of his foot and throws Gigi on the bed. He unbuttons his shirt, while he kisses her. Before she knows it, her clothes are off and she lies there in her lingerie with Jack hanging over her.

“You’re so beautiful Gigi. But I’m afraid I have to help you out of this set as well. But I will replace it by great pleasure.”

Gigi is not sure what Jack has in mind, but she’s eager to figure it out. He removes her bra while kissing her. He moves down with his lips, reaching for her nipples. He kisses and admires them. He moves down over her tummy and kisses his way down to her pubic area, then stops. “Are you sure you want this? It might make things awkward at the office.”

“Oh screw the office, hell yes I want this,” Gigi replies to Jack.

“Okay,” he winks, and moves further down, removing Gigi’s thong. Jack kisses her innerlegs, moving from her knees up to her lips. He kisses her extensively and gives naughty licks in between her lips to tease her. Then he opens Gigi’s outer lips and sucks on her clit. He licks her innerlips and bites her outerlips and alternates between them. He moves his way down and kisses around the edges of her vagina. Gigi squirms. It tickles so bad and it makes her vagina suck back almost, like ‘give me give me, give me more’. A kiss full on her vagina.

“You like this?”


“You want more? Yes for fuck sake go on!!!”

He moves back down, kissing and putting his tongue in Gigi’s vagina. Gently.

“Deeper anal breakers porno please Jack, please.” He penetrates Gigi and massages her vagina from the inside with his tongue. Then he moves out and puts his finger in, going straight for her G-spot. “Omfg yes, yes.” He makes the perfect movement with his finger, hitting her spongy spot. Gigi squirms and arches her back thinking ‘oh God’. He adds kisses on her clit and lips. Then he uses his tongue to make patterns on her lips and clit. He combines it with fingering her. He goes a bit faster. Gigi feels so much energy in her body.

“I’m going to come soon Jack, I might squirt, not always but it happens sometimes, I can’t control it.”

“Oh baby that’s fine, it’s only a compliment.”

“Oh Jack please go on yes yes, add another finger, yes yes yes aaaaaah.” Gigi shakes, her whole body shakes, it was so good. Omg. Jack climbs up the bed and lies next to her. They kiss and cuddle. “I need a little break, my clit is so tense of your amazing indulgence.” And then it’s time for round 2.

Round 2

“I can’t wait Gigi. I’m so excited.” Gigi moves down on Jack and grabs his dick. What a lovely shaped example of masculinity. Soft skin, hard state. Gigi softly moves her hand up and down over Jack’s cock. Tender touches and she starts to kiss his cock. Some cheeky licks around the top, moving her way down, and back up. Gigi knows this is one of her specialties: she has a very deep throat and can handle a cock deep in her throat without gagging. She treats Jack to a blowjob. Jack can’t believe how deep he can go in her throat. Gigi sucks on her cheeks for his cock to feel more hugged. Instant pleasure on Jack’s face. He grabs her hair and pulls it. Gigi starts to make faster movements. Adds just a minor bit of cheeky teeth to see how he responds. He is surprised but allows her the extra spice. “Easy baby, or I will come soon.” Gigi lets go of his cock and he puts it inside her wet pussy. Her legs in the air, his hands around her hips and he starts thrusting like his life depends on it. His hips against her butt so hard the neighbors might be disturbed. “I’m gonna come soon Gigi, where do you want it?”

“In me. Fill me up baby, fill me up.”

Faster, faster, and then yes, salvation. He takes his penis out and lies next to Gigi. “So, was this what you had imagined?”

“Better Jack, much better.”

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