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Jackie Ch. 01

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The last thing I expected when I got the phone call this morning was to be laying next to a naked beauty in the afternoon, both of us totally spent from several hours of unbridled sexual lust. The series of events that led to today started innocently. Even my wildest fantasies couldn’t have foreseen that just trying to do something for the local high school football coaches would lead to this. But here I am.

My son is on the local high school football team and I am a member of the booster club. An email a couple of weeks before Christmas had asked for donations to Gift Baskets for all of the coaches. I am a manufacturer’s representative for several companies and one is a men’s golf apparel company. I instantly replied to the writer, Jackie, a lady I had met casually at games and parent meetings, that I would have shirts and windshirts in school colors sent for the coaches. Her instant reply was grateful and we worked out the sizes and other details. And that was it, until today.

Jackie, is mid-30’s, tall, tanned, long dark hair, 34 C at least, long tight legs and an ass that just melts into the tight pants or jeans she always seems to be wearing. I had her pegged for one of the hundreds of trophy wives belonging to the executives of the large firm her in town. I also had her pegged as someone that wouldn’t look twice at someone like me.

Me? I am early 40’s, 6-1, 195, and in great shape for my age. The time spent in the gym and on the range working on my golf game had kept me looking better than many. My wife thinks I am the sexiest man in the world, and that was fine. We’d had a brief stint at swinging before our soon had been born, but for the last 14 years our lives had been more monogamous than not. I had some fun times on the road and I knew my wife had some girl friends for her bi-sexual side from time to time. But that was it.

Financially we’ve done well. From a small men’s apparel line I now represented the top lines in men’s apparel and had recently added a lingerie line selling to the ever-growing adult fantasy store distribution channel, I had built a good business over the years and my wife had left her job at the bank after building her home business with a multi-level marketing firm to the point that it would have been stupid to keep working for someone else. We had found our dream home a couple of years before and invested heavily to get it just right.

My pride in the house was my “office building” which could serve as guest quarters when need. The two-story building was separate from the house. The downstairs was my “office” with the appropriate furnishings, latest computer and electronic play toys. There was also a large sitting area dominated by a huge fireplace and plasma television screen surrounding by dark leather couch, love seat and recliner. A small kitchen was more of a wet bar, although I did keep the fridge stocked with sandwich fixings and snacks. Upstairs, was the showroom/bedroom. A large open room with a bath at one end, I kept my apparel lines on display in case a buyer wanted to come look at them. The most striking features of the showroom, were the massive king size bed, whirlpool and fireplace, complete with the expected mirrors and lighting. My wife and I had spent several sizzling nights in the bedroom and called it our playroom.

The shirts came in a week or so after my first email interchange with Jackie. I sent an email asking where she wanted me to deliver the goods to and she replied back that she would come by the next day—today—to pick them up. I gave her our address, my office number and told her to just call before she came over.

Today started cold and miserable, overcast and misting rain. Just a yucky winter day. Dressed in jeans and sweatshirt as soon as I got into the office, I started a fire downstairs and the coffee pot. I had some new samples to unpack upstairs and decided today would be a good day to go through all of the lines and remove out of date samples and even (ugh) take a quick inventory, so I started a fire in the upstairs fireplace as well.

I had just settled behind the desk, checking emails and sipping a fresh cup of coffee when the office phone rang. It was Jackie, she was on her way. I reminded her that I would be in the “office” in the two-story building separate from the house. I flipped on the TV with my remote and settled back into the emails and coffee.

I was totally immersed in an email from a company seeking representation when the doorbell rang. Knowing it was Jackie; I pulled myself away from the email and opened the door. Jackie was stunning in a very casual manner. She had on a wool jacket, sweater, jeans and high heels, but she looked like she had just step out of a fashion magazine. I asked her to come in out of the cold while I retrieved the boxes and was heading upstairs when she stopped me,

“Is that fresh coffee,” she asked.

I turned around and headed for the bar/kitchen.

“Just made it, haven’t even finished my first cup.”

Jackie followed me to the bar/kitchen and I poured her a cup and anime porno refreshed mine.

“Would you like anything in your coffee,” I inquired, being the polite host.

She smiled, pointed to the well-stocked shelves behind me and asked, “Got any cognac or Bailey’s in that collection of bottles there?”

“Whichever you like,” I smiled in return, not really knowing where this was heading, but damn sure liking it for the moment.

I put a bottle on cognac and a bottle of Bailey’s in front of her. She grabbed the cognac and poured a liberal portion into her coffee. Not wanting to make her drink alone, I did the same, just not quite as much. After all it was only 9 AM.

I pointed toward the sitting area in front of the fireplace and asked if she would like to sit down. Jackie set in the love seat and I took up a position on the couch. We sat and talked about everything and nothing for the next 20 minutes.

“Could I have some more,ummm…coffee,” she asked with a smile. I tried to seem casual as I nearly jumped off the couch to get her some more. This time I poured the cognac for her and if possible it was a little stronger than the one she poured for herself. She stood and removed her jacket revealing the a wonderful look at her luscious tits straining to get out of the tight, but not too tight sweater, and then set down again. I could feel myself getting hard and sat quickly to hide what was going to be huge boner in a matter of seconds if I didn’t.

The conversation turned to work and she asked what I did to be able to live in such style. She said it admirably as if she approved of the office and waved her hand around to include the room. I told her.

She then asked what type of lines I carried. She didn’t seem too interested in my wares until I mentioned the lingerie line.

“I love lingerie,” she said. “Makes me feel so sexy when I wear little or nothing. Do you have any samples here?”

I replied I did, but doubted she’d be interested in any of it since it was really a cheap line developed with the adult fantasy stores in mind.

“Even better,” she smiled. “Real slutty stuff? I love it. Can I please see some.”

I tried to keep my mind from mentally undressing her, but my efforts were unsuccessful. I still didn’t have a clue where this was going, but I was loving it more and more.

I told her the “showroom” was upstairs if she’d like to take a look.

She almost jumped off the love seat and I led her up the stairs. As we reached the top of the stairs, I heard her gasp.

“Is something wrong,” I asked.

Jackie stood, wide eyed, taking in all of the room: the king size bed, whirlpool big enough for a small party, mirrors and finally samples.

“Holy shit,” she exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a ‘showroom’ equipped like this before.”

I must have blushed since I was a little embarrassed.

“This is beautiful. If you have this for the ‘guest’ room, I can imagine what your bedroom must look like. You’re wife is a very lucky woman.”

“Thank you.” I pointed toward the two racks of lingerie and said, “there you are.”

I sat on the bed as Jackie went up and down the racks looking at the various styles and colors.

“This stuff is wonderful,” she said holding a red next to nothing out in front of her for a better view. “Can you get some of this stuff for me?”

“Of course,” I replied, as my mind tried and succeeded to imagine her tanned body in the little red nothing she was hold. As it worked feverously, my cock began to get hard again.

Jackie had three sets in our hand and turned back to me, “May I try these on for size,” she quizzed.

I don’t know what was harder, my cock or the lump in my throat, as I croaked out a feeble attempt at yes and pointed toward the bathroom. I sat there stunned for a second. Here was the gorgeous trophy wife, in the bathroom of my “office” trying on some cheap pieces of lingerie she was in love with. I shook my head and swallowed the last of my laced coffee. I stood up and rearranged my cock in my jeans so I could walk and went over to stoke the fireplace, hoping my bulge would subside. It didn’t.

I was leaning over the fireplace, poking at the fire, trying to get it flaming like I was, when I heard, “You’ve got such a cute ass.”

I turned to make some sort of smart-ass flirty remark when I stopped dead in my tracks. Jackie was standing not 10 feet away wear a black baby doll with garter and black hose and her black high heels. Nothing more. Her dark heavy bush matched the outfit. I stood mesmerized, unable to say anything.

“Well, do you like it,” she asked as she struck a models pose.

Her nipples stood straight out from the black top and I could see the pink in her nipples and her tan lines that barely covered the nipples. I let my eyes go all the way down stopping again at that wonderful trimmed patch of hair that hid her pussy lips and then down the slim, firm thighs encased in the black hose and all the way down to the high heels and back up again, savoring every inch asyalı porno of the beauty in front of me.


“You look wonderful. Uh, a dead man would get hard looking at you in that”

“Obviously not,” she said with a soft smile and a glimmer in her yes. “Or you wouldn’t still be standing there.”

It was all the invitation I needed.

I walked over to her and cupped her face in my hands and our lips met halfway and our tongues were instantly entwined as we explored each other and our bodies crushed together. My arms went around her and my hands went down to her hips and I pulled her closer to me so she could feel my raging hard on up against her exposed pussy. She moaned in my mouth as I ground my cock hard against her pelvic area. I knew if I kept dry humping her it would all be over with soon.

I lowered her to the foot of the bed with her legs hanging over the end of the bed. Her head was moving back and forth, side to side as I ran my hands up and down her long legs, easily spreading them apart to expose her now glistening wet pussy. I kissed her thighs above the hose and her moans became louder and raspy as she wiggled with desire. The scent of her hot pussy was more than I could stand and I started to tongue the moisture on her outer lips, sliding up and down the entire length of her and teasing her exposed clit.

“Quit teasing me, please, eat my pussy, please eat my pussy,” she rasped with urgency.

I plunged my tongue as deep into her as it would go. She gasped and her back bucked as her legs clamped around my head and her hands held the back of my head and began pushing me deeper and deeper into her throbbing pussy. I tongue fucked her as hard as I could and my hands slipped under her beautiful ass and lifted it up in the air taking me even deeper. Her legs were straight up in the air and I knew she wasn’t going to last much longer. Once touch of my tongue on her clit and her body started convulsing and her moans became screams as she trashed around on the bed, her legs tightening around my head until I knew she was going to squash it like a grape. I never let up on my assault on her now gushing pussy even though I knew I was going to drown from her juices.

As her orgasm started to subside and her breathing was returning to something resembling normal, I began to finger her drenched pussy with one and then two fingers as my tongue continued its assault on her clit. Soon she was moaning and flopping around on the bed again, her hands still pushing my head harder and harder against her pelvic area as she fucked my face and fingers. The tension in her body told me she was close to cumming again and then the legs flew up in the air again, the moans turned to screams and she was trashing around on the bed. All of a sudden she went limp and her body was perfectly still. She had literally passed out from pleasure.

I stopped my assault on her pussy and looked up at her face. She was breathing heavy but seemed to be totally out of it. I looked at her luscious breasts. In the heat of all of the earlier action, I hadn’t had time to enjoy them as much as I wanted to. The pink nipples were like rocks standing straight up in the air as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing.

Slowly I got up from kneeling in front her spread pussy, licking up her sweet juices once more before I did, and stood looking down on her. Damn she was incredibly sexy. Laying there a totally fulfilled woman, I wanted to drop my pants and fuck her hard even though she was obviously passed out. I needed a drink and a cigarette.

I went down stairs and poured a stiff scotch and knocked it down in two swallows. I poured another and lit a cigarette from my emergency stash in my desk drawer. Damn that cigarette tasted good. I savored every second of it before going back upstairs.

Jackie was still lying there on the bed. Her legs spread wide, her pussy still wet, her nipples standing straight out, her arms splayed across the bed, her head leaning to one side with her long hair a total mess spread out softly on the bed. My raging hard on had not subsided and I stood there wanting to take her just the way she was when her eyes opened and focused on me standing at the end of the bed and she propped herself up on her elbows.

“How long have I been out,” she asked, her voice still raspy.

“Not too long,” I replied.

“I haven’t passed out after sex in years,” she said with a soft smile. “Guess I haven’t had anyone that could make me feel the way you made me feel.”

She sat up on the end of the bed where her head was directly inline with my crotch making it impossible for her not to see my cock straining to escape from the confines of my jeans.

She smiled and her hand reached for the button on the top of my jeans and she cooed; “Now I want this.”

She slid my jeans and boxers down in one move and I stepped out them and stood there with my thick cock exposed and standing straight out to meet her. She took both hands and started to stroke it. Now it was my time to gasp. backroom casting porno Her touch was so light, but yet so firm and her hands so soft the pre cum was dripping instantly. She leaned over and licked off the pre cum and then looked me straight in the eyes as she continued to stroke my ever-hardening manhood.

“That is the biggest cock I’ve seen in forever,” she whispered. “My husband is such a pencil dick I hardly even know he is in me.”

And then she lowered her open mouth onto me and took the full seven inches with out stopping her cheeks puffing with the thickness. She began fuck face fuck my cock like a pro, cupping my bulging balls with one hand and then another has she plunged up and down the length of cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this and told her so which only made her increase her efforts. I couldn’t hold back and grabbed the back of her head shoving my full length down her throat as buckets of hot cum came gushing out. She never let up until I was spent and then I had to pull her off. My legs were shaking and I didn’t know if I could stand much longer.

I leaned Jackie back on the bed and wrapped her in my arms and our bodies instantly were entwined as we exchanged long hot kisses, our hands exploring each other’s bodies like a couple of teenagers. Her pink nipples being squeezed and pulled on with my fingers and then teeth as she ran her hand over, around and under my cock and balls. Finally we separated to catch our breath.

We laid there in silence. Neither knowing what to say, but not wanting to break the spell we were under as well.

Finally I broke the silence.

“You are wonderful,” I said as I propped myself up on an elbow and started running the back of my hand over her body still incased in the lingerie.

“Only because you made me feel that way,” she whispered. “You must think I am a whore coming in like this and then just throwing myself at you.”

“No. I think you are a beautiful, sexy lady who has been missing feeling that way.”

“That obvious?”

I laughed and kissed her softly and replied, “It is now.” “I’d love a drink and a cigarette.”

I told her I had both and got up to go down stairs.

I fixed us both a scotch with a splash of water, grabbed the emergency pack of cigarettes and headed back up the stairs. I stopped dead when I got back. Jackie was lying on the bed, propped up by pillows and the headboard, now wearing the white teddy she had modeled earlier. She looked like something out of a dreamed.

I sat on the bed, handed her the drink and a cigarette. We sat there talking for several minutes. I can’t tell you what we talked about, I don’t remember. I was so stunned by her dark skin in the white I could only watch and speak, remembering nothing but my desires.

We had finished our cigarettes and most of the drinks when I put my drink down on the bed stand and took hers from her hand and put it beside mine. I turned and cupped her face in my hands and began softly kissing her face.

“I want you Jackie,” I whispered in her ear.

“I want you too,” she moaned. “I want all of you.”

I kissed her hard for a long time as our bodies met and we began grinding on each other. My cock had recovered and as was raging hard on again as I ground it against her pelvis, my hands grasping her breasts and rolling those luscious nipples between two fingers. Her moans began again and I slipped a hand between us and inserted a finger into her still wet pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her while my tongue tried to reach down her throat. She spread her legs wide to give me more access to her pussy and she began to move her hips in rhythm with my fingers fucking herself.

I moved between her legs and moved my cock directly in front of her opening applying a little pressure as her soft pussy lips spread from the pressure. I slowly worked myself into her a little at a time. I couldn’t believe how tight she was for having had two children. I felt like I was trying to fuck a virgin. As I pushed more and more of my cock into her wetness, I watched her face as she fell into the sexual trance I had seen when I was tongue fucking her earlier. I was about half way in and slowly almost pulling out before going back a little deeper until I couldn’t stand it any more and slammed my full length into her. She gasped and screamed as she took my full length and girth into her tight pussy, her long legs instantly flying up and around my hips pulling me deeper and deeper as our bodies started to move in sync.

“You so big,” she moaned. “Your so big, you’re tearing me apart. Oh heaven help me I love it, fuck me, fuck me hard…”

I increased my pace and started to pound her as hard as I could and her legs were straight up in the air, I grabbed her legs and pushed them back toward her shoulders going deeper still and she gasped and screamed again as I hit areas in her pussy that had never been touched before. I watched her face contort with pleasure verging on pain as her eyes began to glaze over and her breathing increased and her moans became the moans of a woman lost in the pleasures given by a man. My balls were about to burst and I knew I was going to blow a load into her inner depths at any moment. I didn’t want to. I wanted this to last forever, but knew that I would and soon.

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