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James Ch. 04: A Changed Bitch

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Been awhile since my last story. A few comments got me back thinking of ol’ James and how he was going on since his last encounter…


The UPS guy never came back…

It feels like it’s been forever since he pushed that big meat to the back of my throat. At first, I slept nervous. He knew where I lived after all, what was stopping him from coming back?

So I laid in bed for days. I would go to work day in and day out, wrenching on cars, and would come home, lay in bed, overtly nervous about an intruder… secretly hoping he would return. By the second week, I began sleeping naked; as if I was inviting molestation. Still, nothing.

I started losing my mind in the third week. Thinking I needed to prepare, I would rape that butt plug and dildo he left for me in his package. I would stuff that butt plug up my ass in the shower and work that dildo till I could get down to the balls. I thought I’d start sleeping a little better. bahis firmaları But it only made me more horny.

I started going to that bar… the bar where I got picked up by UPS man on the way home… I cursed that night in my past. Now, it’s my main fapping memory. I would go every weekend and sometimes Thursdays. It’s sad, because I can’t really remember that face, just that grin of his… no one grins at the bar.

Sometimes I would show up at work on Monday with a black eye or a bruised chin. I started grabbing a few dicks at the bars and that usually doesn’t go over well. I don’t know what became of me. I’m like a caged beast inside. What did he do to me?

I’d lie to Andrew at work, while he worked din the bay next to me. I’d tell him it was a jealous boyfriend’s at the bar and whatnot. He’d laugh and still go on about his last online date. His stories would take on a different context to me now. Instead of the story, and imagining the chick he’s porking… I find myself thinking of what his cock would look like, taste kaçak iddaa like, feel like. My slobber sliding down his shaft…

A hard on can be tough to hide in overalls. Especially when one stands a lot through the day.

I started… ha… getting over my ‘breakup’ with UPS guy. He was gone. He messed me up. How do I go on? I think I need to get Andrew drunk.

So this becomes my plan. Let’s get Andrew drunk. Guess what? It’s not hard to convince a fellow mechanic to go for drinks. We hit it hard after work, starting at the bars. It was fun watching Andrew strike out time and time again. Man, for a guy who talks a big game about his Tindr dates, he sure strikes out a lot. Maybe that’s why Tindr works. Or maybe he’s not the ladiesman he claims.

After one bar we go to the next. Then we go to the next.

I catch him looking at an escort site out of the corner of my eye. He’s getting drunk, prolly weighing his options. It’s getting late at this point. This is where the plan comes in. Because I invite him back to my place kaçak bahis to smoke some pot, and he accepts…

He starts passing out on my couch quickly. It’s good pot. I wait a bit to make sure he’s out.

Like a starved animal, I await my prey, my reward… I pull his pants down carefully. His cock… glorious. Mushroom headed and veiny, it already looked semi-erect. I hadn’t seen a cock at this point since one was being jammed down my throat over a month ago.

I put my mouth around his cock and starting sucking. I sucked deep. I felt like a junkie on his fix, I was subconsciously wanting a cock in my mouth for weeks. I wanted him to like it, to maybe stick around because “Fuck it, no one has to know”.

But he was not on the same page.

Still passed out, he was getting hard, it was getting big in my mouth. He looked bigger than the UPS guy… shit man. It started gagging me. I thought I trained on that dildo. That was a joke compared to this beast.

But you can’t choke and gag on another man’s dick for so long till he wakes up… and he was not in “Fuck it” mode. He. Lost. His. Shit.

I hope my neighbours didn’t hear that.

He left before I could taste his cum…

How the fuck am I supposed to get some sleep?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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