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Jeff , Jade

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It had been almost a year since Jeff had broken up with his last girl friend. The past year had consisted of casual dates, a kiss here and there, a couple dates that simply stayed the night, but no love connections. He hadn’t met anyone in the past year that had awakened his sexual desires again. It had almost been one year since he had sex. But that was all about to change.

It was Friday night as Jeff headed out the door to pick up his friend Jade. Jade and him had been friends for almost a year now, and although Jade was married, the two of them enjoyed spending time together, in a strictly platonic way. Jade had been having a rough time lately, and her and her husband had just decided to separate. Jeff thought Jade could use a night on the town, filled with dancing to get her mind off things, as she loved to dance.

He picked her up at 10:00 and they headed out to see a band at a bar nearby. As they entered, the place was already packed. The band had just begun to play and the crowd was going crazy. Jeff walked over to the bar and brought back shots for each of them. “Here’s to friendship,” Jeff said as they downed their shots.

“Let’s dance,” Jade shouted to Jeff, as she grabbed his hand and they started working their way up to the front of the crowd.

After a few fast paced songs, the band slowed it down. Jeff turned to head back to the bar to grab another round of drinks when Jade grabbed his arm. “Dance with me,” she said looking at him with her big brown eyes. In all the time they had been friends, they had never danced “together.” After all, Jade was married. She belonged ensest porno to someone else. But now that she was officially separated, he didn’t see the harm in one dance.

He moved into her as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her hair brushed his cheek and realized how wonderful she smelled tonight. Holding her and swaying back and forth to the music, he felt the heat coming from her body. He felt her heart beat quicken and suddenly something inside him stirred.

He pulled her closer, and he felt her warm breath on his neck. He felt her nipples harden against his chest. Her breathing was becoming shallow as she moved her body against his, back and forth to the music.

He reached up and stroked her hair. He never realized her hair was so soft. He felt her hands rubbing his back, pulling him closer to her. Without even thinking he leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her neck. He felt her body tense, and immediately he stopped.

She slowly pulled away so she was face to face with him. To his total surprise, she leaned in and kissed him. Softly, gently and passionately. He grabbed her face and pulled her closer as she opened her mouth and let his tongue in to explore. The two of them stood there on the dance floor embraced in a passionate kiss as the song came to an end. It was time for the band to take a break.

As they broke their kiss, Jade looked in to Jeff’s eyes and said “take me home. . . .please.”

They left the bar and drove home in silence. Their trip was less than 10 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Both of them anticipating what the rest fake agent porno of the evening held for them.

They pulled in the drive way at Jeff’s house and as he opened the door for Jade, he looked into her eyes and simply said “are you sure?.” With that, Jade grabbed Jeff and pulled him close to her. “There is no where in the world I’d rather be tonight than here with you,” she said as she kissed him on the neck.

Jeff led Jade to his bedroom and then put in a c.d. she had made him of her favorite songs. He sat down on the bed next to her feeling like he was on his very first date. The butterflies were swimming in his stomach, his head was spinning and he was overwhelmed with desire for this woman he called his best friend.

Jade slowly stood up and began to dance. She knew how to move as she began to unbutton her shirt and strip for her new lover. Piece by piece she seductively peeled her clothing off until she stood in front of him, totally naked, totally vulnerable, and totally ready for the taking.

He reached out and ran his hands down her thighs. Her skin was smooth and warm. He leaned in and kissed her navel as he wrapped his hands around her back side and ran them over her incredible ass. She grabbed his arm and pulled him up as she began to undress him.

Jade pulled his shirt off, and began to kiss her way down his chest while she unzipped his pants and yanked them down. She ran her hands over his swelling package as she hungrily grabbed at his underwear to free his cock. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and slowly fake cop porno grinded his hips back and forth thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into Jade’s mouth. “Oh God that feels good,” he moaned as Jade continued to expertly suck his dick. It had been so long since anyone had made him feel so incredibly horny.

He pulled away from Jade, and decided he wanted to make her scream in pleasure. He pulled her up from her knees and slowly laid her down on the bed. He grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head as he passionately kissed her.

He let his hands explore her body as he continued their kiss, paying careful attention to her erect nipples. Rolling them in his fingertips, he felt her body tense up and he heard a moan escape her lips. He broke their kiss and hungrily nipped at her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth one at a time.

He worked his hands down to her sopping wet mound and began to trace circles on her swollen clit. “Oh yes, oh my God,” Jade began to chant. “Oh Jeff, Ooooohhhh Yyyessss.” She started to buck her hips against his fingers as he plunged his fingers into her sopping wet cunt. As she arched her back and giggled in delight, he carefully reached around and began to finger her asshole. She began to buck wildly as he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy while massaging her hole. “I’m going to come,” Jade shouted. “Oh God, Oh, Oh, OOOOHHHHH, Oh YES, OOOOHHH YESSSS, I’M COMING,” she screamed as the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced flowed over her.

Jeff held Jade tight as she bucked in pleasure, screaming and moaning, almost in a trans-like state of ecstasy. He held her in his arms until she stopped shaking. She opened her eyes and looked deep into his. She saw the passion in his eyes. She saw the longing and the desire. And she knew this was the beginning of something very special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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