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Jenna the Sub Ch. 05

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Two days later Jenna found herself still at odds with whether or not she could go through with fulfilling her promise of returning to Golding’s once more. Back to where she was to receive the second, and insisted upon ‘treatment’ for her injured thigh.

Standing outside the brightly lit gym, the young woman shuffled her feet, moving with uncertainty, unable to open the front door and cross the threshold in to what it was; she still wasn’t sure, and nor was she ready to admit why she had indeed returned as instructed.

Her nerves were getting the best of her, she knew that as soon as she stepped through this glass store-front door, the older woman Janice, or ‘Ma’am’ as she had been adamant about being called – she would see Jenna and she would know, there would be nowhere to hide, and she would know why she had returned.

Feeling panicked and still unable to face whatever truth about herself was going to be discovered the moment she stepped through this door and whatever that was – in this moment, she wasn’t able to face it, she couldn’t let herself bridge the gap, cross that threshold and see – see what awaited her on the other side.

With quiet dread resonating from deep within – she had to walk away…

“I’ll come back tomorrow and just say that I had the day’s mixed up…” She reasoned to herself in what she will say to the woman when she plucked up the courage that she was giving herself one more day to find.

However, no matter how many times she had thought this over in the last two days and had tried to talk herself out of ever returning, she knew deeper down in her heart, in her being; she knew she was fighting a losing battle.

“Why should I go back? My leg feels a lot better; I don’t need another of her ‘treatments’…” Jenna continued trying to reason, her effort however weak and rather unconvincing, even to her, she knew she was making up excuses while still not wanting to let herself believe how much she had strangely enjoyed being treated so roughly by this strong, dominant woman, and to be spanked by her no less.

But such was not to be on this night. Jenna had let her feet go cold as she stood outside the gym and now as she walked the short distance, the few blocks back to her small apartment, she was force to leave all of her questions unanswered for one more day.

Janice too was disappointed, having spotted the younger woman standing outside the door, obviously wrestling with her thoughts and fears. While practically willing the girl to open the door but knowing she would have to do this on her own; Janice had not signalled through the glass, waved or let the girl know that she had watched and waited for her entry. Somewhat dishearten that the girl hadn’t entered the gym, she did still remain hopeful in knowing that the younger woman had come very close to crossing that line and that all may not be lost just yet.


Thinking her evening would have been spent getting to know Jenna a little better and to see how far she might be able to take the young woman, Janice found herself wondering what she might do with the free evening she had before her. Then with a devilish smile crossing her face she thought of the previous research she had looked into – and now that she was very close to having the young woman – Jenna – here – back within her clutches, this suddenly free evening would be the perfect opportunity to further her education in this Dominant-Submissive lifestyle.

It was not too long after her brief affair with young Courtney when Janice decided that she wanted to delve deeper into this world of control. She wanted to learn about the dynamics of the D/S relationship, she wanted to learn how to be a top, she wanted to learn what to say and do while in this position of control.

Revisiting her first foray into the internet’s depth that has no bottom when it came to such matters – and after changing into another of her favoured short and silky night gowns and pouring herself a glass of wine, her laptop at the ready – Janice once more dipped her toe into the waters of this hugely exciting world of D/S relationships.

Taking a slightly different approach Janice first chose to enter a forum dedicated to dominant women and after following a few threads (and not really caching on) she chose to read a few tutorials instead. Some or most of what she read dealt with the psychology involved, how the mind works of both the Dominant and the Submissive. Reading how the Submissive will crave and seek out a dominant partner, this was a bit of an eye opener.

Up until her tryst with Courtney, Janice had always bed submissive men but what she had always assumed or believed was that their motivation in being subservient to her was given rise from their want of merely getting into her panties, they had been being given the chance to fuck a woman who for most of the men, she was someone who was way out of their league, and for the chance, bending to her will became casino şirketleri second-thought. Yet to this, Janice never had a problem because she was getting her way – and of everything, this is what got her off the most, getting her way, being in control.

Reading and learning about the psyche of the Sub mind wasn’t the only eye opener Janice discovered while on this her second net-quest. Having firsthand knowledge of things such as ‘Queening’ her Sub Janice soon found her mind swimming and pussy dampening with some of the other things she was finding this time around.

Some of these included things like pee-play and something called ‘figging’ had Janice’s attention. She had heard of Golden Showers but had always found it a rather disgusting activity reserved for perverted old men, however what she was reading here came across as something completely different. In this article she was reading, the theme of pee-play was about a dominant woman’s assertion over her Sub.

The writer described the act in terms of the Sub kneeling to lick and kiss the wet lips of their Dom’s pussy and pubic hair after the Dom had finished peeing into a toilet. The gist of it being that the Sub was to show their devotion through offering themselves as their Dom’s toilet paper.

“Oh that’s nasty… But I love it..!” Janice said aloud to herself, sipping her wine she continued reading.

The next part in the article talked about something Janice had never heard of – nor would she have ever imagined in her entire life. Something called ‘figging’ where the Sub is made to endure the pain and discomfort brought on from having a Ginger sprig, peeled and carved into the shape of a ‘butt-plug’ then inserted or placed in the anus for a determinate amount of time. Which, according to the writer who appeared to have firsthand knowledge, said that it was the least pleasurable experience they had endured in the researching and writing of the article, citing that it hurt most when the anus was clenched while in the anticipation having to endure something like a sharp spanking where the muscles in the rear-end also tend to tighten with each blow.

“Oh my God..! Janice said after reaching the articles end. Never in her life had she pictured anything such as these things she had just read about here. Learning so much more this time around once again made her feel like a novice who still had a long way to go – and if anything, she was probably just as naive as the young woman Jenna. The trick she guessed was in not letting Jenna know; leaving her in the dark while together they learned and explored.


Jenna arrived home and spent the rest of her evening worried in a cold sweat of disappointing regret. She knew that she had agreed to return to the gym, even promising to do so at Janice’s asking, and now -now that she had backed out at the last moment and let the woman down, she hadn’t fulfilled her promise leaving her to feel the guilt like a tape worm in her stomach that was slowly eating away at her.

At the time, while standing outside the gym, frozen, unable to decide what she wanted to do, she had let her fears get the better of her, she had let them guide and rule her actions instead of allowing herself to be a little brave in forcing her way back through that door. Instead, her feet refused to move, her fear of the unknown was not letting her move one inch closer to what, she wasn’t sure but still, her regrets ran deep enough for her conscience to gain any rest.

She hardly slept, spending the hours tossing and turning, unable to shake the image of seeing Janice looking at her with such disappointment; her mind just couldn’t let it go. While lost in this internal struggle, she began to wonder what might have happened had she found the strength to go through with it, had she walked through that glass door.

“What would have happened?” she pondered, and then more importantly, she wondered what did she expect to happen? What did she ‘want’ to happen? Whatever that answer was she knew that she would never find out by staying away. “Tomorrow…” She thought “I’ll go back tomorrow…”

Jenna knew that she was left with little choice, there was no way she could live with herself if she were to put this off any longer. Lying half awake, tossing and turning in her sheets she knew that staying away was killing her, even the alternative of maybe being faced with a second spanking at the hand of this woman, any outcome was better than how she felt in those dark hours – It had to be better than feeling so torn apart, feeling such shame in letting the older woman down.


Less than 24hrs later Jenna found herself standing in pretty much the same spot she had been in the night before. After spending a sleepless night a long work day thinking and rolling it over in her mind for hours on end, Jenna had decided that the only way she was going to force herself through that door was to put herself on auto-pilot, ignore her fears and push casino firmaları herself through the front door of Golding’s Gym.

Being that it was late in the day, Janice had put herself on alert, leaving her office door open in the hopes that if Jenna was to show up, she would hear the doors chime sound off, the little bell jingling away any hopes the younger woman might have in wanting to slip in without being noticed.

And then…


The bell rang… Janice perked up from her desk… “Jenna is that you..?” She called out already knowing it could only be her.

Jenna stood frozen in her tracks, not moving as the door silently closed behind her. Saying nothing after hearing Janice call her name, it left her stood solid – like a deer in headlights. She didn’t know what to do, what else to do but to wait.

“Ah it is you…” Janice began as she emerged from her office, stopping in the oaken door frame, leaning to it on her right side, looking casual, dressed in her usual work-ware of tight fitting yet tailored, black Yoga pants and a loose fitting spaghetti strapped top that was barely containing her heavy tits, held back within her custom fit bra. Her hair pinned up, looking sultry in her confidence.

“I missed you last night. I was kind of expecting you to come by after you promised and all…” Janice continued, keeping her tone firm enough to let the younger woman know that she had indeed noticed her absence on the night before.

“Is everything okay? I waited quite a long while, but you didn’t show up, I was a little disappointed, but I guess you must have had something better on your calendar than keeping your promise to me…”

Janice said, her passive-aggressive comment letting Jenna know that she wasn’t entirely happy with her not showing up as she had agreed.

“Yes-yes… I’m-I’m okay and I’m really sorry that I didn’t make it in last night. I-I wasn’t feeling well after work so I went… I went straight home and went to – to bed…” Jenna lied on the spot, stuttering with sudden fear and panic leaving her to abandon her original idea of saying she must have mixed up the days.

Either way, the lie she had just told had now left her looking down, unable to make eye contact with the older, bigger, dominant woman.

“Well if you were ill then I guess I can understand and forgive you this time, but never mind putting me out and making me waste my evening waiting for you, we’ll deal with that later…” Janice replied, again her accretions leaving Jenna with that same guilty pit filling her stomach and also leaving her fearful of what Janice had meant in saying “We’ll deal with that later…”

She was soon to find out…

“Ummm-Okay… And again… I’m very sorry…” Was all Jenna could say in response to the woman’s suggestion.

“Well, like I said, we can deal with your indiscretions later but right now though, I think we’ll do some stretches to check on your leg to see how well it’s healing. I’ll need to be sure that you’re ‘not lying’ to me when you say you’re better – and then have you re-injure yourself while in my gym, just like you so carelessly did the first time – which of course has us here today…” Janice said, putting influence on her words ‘not lying’ because she already knew the girl was indeed lying about going straight home after work.

Moving from her perch up against the door frame leading into her office and then stepping out from behind the reception desk, Janice said nothing as she passed Jenna on her way out onto the gym floor, the younger woman’s eyes following the older woman’s graceful, flowing movements with a fearful yet captivated stare.

“Let’s go into the Yoga studio with the floor mats, it’s a good soft place to get down and see if we can’t stretch out those injured muscles, but even if you are healing as you say, I still insist on giving you another rubdown treatment with the liniment oil, just to be certain…” Janice directed, waving at Jenna, ordering her to follow.

Meanwhile Jenna once again felt momentarily frozen, her heart sinking upon hearing Janice’s words, telling her that she was going to be receiving another treatment, regardless of how her leg was healing, confused though, she wasn’t sure if the shivers she felt upon hearing the word ‘treatment’ were caused from fear or excitement.

Waiting for the younger woman to catch up to her Janice put her arm around the much shorter and smaller girl, leading the way into the same Yoga room where not too long ago, Janice had experienced her first girl-on-girl meeting with the lovely and very willing Courtney. Smiling, Janice couldn’t help but think, here she was, bring another lamb in for the slaughter…


“I’m glad that you’re here Jenna, and it’s good to see that you’ve come dressed prepared. It was thoughtful of you to think ahead in not wanting to waste any more of my time by having me wait while you change…”

Janice commented, leaving güvenilir casino Jenna a bit mystified but liking the comment all the same. It was the first time she could remember the older woman giving her a compliment, even if it was said in such an off-handed way. She felt proud to be right about something even if it was just about her deciding to wear the same cotton shorts, thin top, sports bra and panties that although were pink this time, were however much less flattering compared to the cute boy-shorts she had been wearing during their previous meeting. Some would call them ‘granny-panties’- even Jenna.

“Okay young lady; let’s get you down onto your back…” Janice began as they reached the center of the brightly lit Yoga room with its plush-padded flooring. “I want to see how well we can stretch that injured thigh muscle of yours before I let you back into my gym…” She added as she helped the girl down to the floor with her, following her down, staying on her knees and to Jenna’s right.

Smiling to herself at having the younger woman here, down on the floor and seemingly willing to comply, Janice made a bold move in wordlessly lifting her left leg, swinging it over to straddle the girl facing her feet with her large, shapely rear-end left sitting less than half a foot away from where the girl lay beneath her.

Jenna, seeing what was happening tried to remain as still, her eyes wide in astonishment at having this woman’s big beautiful, black-lycra covered ass so close to her face, and this was happening not more than five minutes after having stepped through the door.

Then, with no more fane-fare, Janice took hold of Jenna’s injured right leg and lifted the limb high into the air. Pulling the girl’s leg up straight, cradling the thick, shapely, yet however short limb up close, holding it to her own body, running her hands up and down, feeling the girl’s thigh and calf, touching her bare skin and noticing for the first time that although Jenna wasn’t a true girly-girl in the sense of how she portrayed herself in society, yet Janice noticed that she was still feminine enough to keep her legs shaved and smooth.

“Aaah…” Jenna moaned in a quiet voice, surprised more than in pain with the sudden stretching of her leg and how this older woman was handling her again.

“Keep your leg straight for me… That’s a good girl…” Janice directed, her remark leaving Jenna feeling even smaller than she was while under this large, older and certainly more powerful woman who was sitting on top of her with her big, round ass creeping closer and closer towards her wide-eyed, surprised looking face.

Turning her head from left to right and not being sure where to look, Jenna began to struggle under the woman’s weight while at the same time trying to keep her leg held up high with her knee straight, toes pointed to the ceiling.

Becoming more insistent in her rubbing a massaging the girl’s entire leg, Janice began to rake her open fingers up and down the thigh area, starting with one then using both hands, fingers bent like claws drawing roughly over the young woman’s stretched, tense muscles.

“Ooooooh… Oooh that… That hurts..!” Jenna complained aloud and with her arms still pinned to her side, she could do little else but to voice her pain while tossing her head from left to right.

“I thought so…” Janice began

“I had a feeling that you wouldn’t be completely healed yet, it’s only been two days…” She said, still holding the girl’s leg aloft, her fingers now centred on the injured area of muscle, just below the line of her right ass cheek.

“Oooh… Ummm…” Jenna cried out again with the pressure being applied to the back of her leg by the older, much stronger woman.

“Yes, it’s just as suspected, and maybe even worse, I’m afraid there is no way I can let you back into the gym without at least, one possible even two more full treatments…” Janice declared, making it up as she went along, saying what she thought she should, while taking advantage of every opening as they were presented.

One thing that she already knew was going to happen was that she was most definitely going to be spanking this young woman once again. Only this time she was going to convince the girl that she deserved to be spanked, and not only this, she was going to be convinced that she deserved to spanked after stripping herself naked and going over Janice’s knee.

“Are-are you sure? Jenna pled while still being sat on, unable to see what was going on around her.

“I mean… My leg feels much better, I only called out when you over stretched it…” She explained, her words however falling on Janice’s deaf ears.

Wanting to move on before Jenna could complain too much, Janice let go of the girl’s leg and quickly pulled herself back to standing at Jenna’s side, her hand extended in offer of helping the young woman back to her feet as well.

“Yes…Yes I’m sure and I don’t think it’s very polite of you to doubt me because after all, I’m here to help you remember..?” Janice answered back sounding rather ‘matter-of-fact’ and none too pleased with the girl’s impertinence. Jenna felt the chill in the air around them as they both now stood.

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