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Jenny and Jack Pt. 04

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Chapter 15


I had been quite worried about my business trip to China. The customer was potentially a very big and prestigious addition to my bosses business and he had entrusted me to go without him. Much to my delight the meetings had gone well and now it was the last day which would conclude with a large banquet.

Earlier in the week, when I had first arrived, and was about to meet the big boss and his deputy of this potential new customer for the first time, I was very nervous. Unusually for a large Chinese company the boss and his deputy were both English and they quickly put me at ease. Maybe it was their English culture and the fact that they were both older than me that helped. I’m not sure, but I liked their politeness. I found that I had a particular liking for the big boss. He was quite a lot older than me, tall and well built. His eyes had a kind of twinkle to them when he smiled and, although I could sense that he was a hard business man, having built a very successful company, I also sensed a very kind and considerate man just beneath the surface. He reminded me very much of Jack and I felt sure that from time to time he was mildly flirting with me and I could not resist flirting back.

After the final meetings had concluded I returned to my hotel room to freshen up and get changed, ready for the evening banquet. The deal had been finalised and I was feeling particularly pleased with my self.

I’m not sure why, but being alone in my own hotel room and away from home made me feel kind of horny. As soon as I entered my room and locked the door I undressed. When I was completely naked I walked round the room enjoying the feeling of freedom but also feeling a little naughty. I checked my emails and saw a new one from Jack.

It read,

My Darling Jenny, please don’t forget to take some pictures of your self in your new basque and send them to me. I am already stiff just thinking about it! Please, please, be as naughty as you dare, maybe just wearing the basque with no knickers?
Maybe you could find someone to take the pictures for you! I’m sure there are some willing men who would be keen to do it. Tee Hee, only joking.

Looking forward to seeing more of you soon. Lots and lots of love Jack. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I smiled as I read it, remembering how excited Jack had been when I told him about my latest underwear addition. I walked over to where I had put the basque which was together with the rest of my underwear in a drawer. I lifted it out and held it against my body. I knew that Jack would enjoy seeing me wearing but I was concerned as to how I could take some good pictures by my self.
When I had first tried it on it made me feel sexy and I had a strong desire to share that with him. However I did not have much time to get ready because the meetings had overrun and I had to be at the banquet in one hour’s time.

I had a quick shower and then decided to wear the basque underneath my formal clothes to the banquet. I put on the basque and a pair of black knickers and checked out my image in a full length mirror. The basque was a deep red colour trimmed with black lace. I liked the way in which it accentuated my figure; holding in my waist and then flaring out over my hips. The bra section had half cups which accentuated my cleavage with a plunge centre. I felt a twinge of excitement as I looked forward to later on when I would be taking some pictures for Jack to see.
I also felt excited to be covering my sexy underwear with my formal clothes for the evening banquet. Once I was fully dressed I checked my self again. “Mmmm,” I thought, “not bad!”

The formal black trousers, white silk blouse and black jacket I had chosen gave no hint at all as to the sexy basque I was wearing underneath. I’m not sure why but I was already enjoying the feeling of being dressed very conservatively on the outside but concealing the sexy underwear beneath.
In truth I only ever wore what I considered ‘naughty underwear,’ for Jack’s benefit. When he was not around I would revert to being the old Jenny; the wife and mother with the unappreciative husband.

I spent some time, more than usual, applying my make up and then left the room to attend the banquet. Just knowing that underneath my outer clothes I was wearing the sexy basque made me feel special.

I felt nervous again entering the banquet room knowing that this was the final part of the trip that would seal the deal between our two companies.

I spotted the big boss of our new potential customer and walked across to greet him.

Although he was a lot older than me I thought how handsome he looked dressed in a smart suit. I blushed a little as he said, “Jenny, you look very attractive this evening, please will you sit next to me.”

I realised that one of the reasons for blushing was that I found my self checking him out. When he paid me the compliment I was already thinking how big and rugged he looked. His shoulders looked even broader casino şirketleri under his suit jacket and his face looked kindly and wise. When he complimented me on my appearance I could not fail to notice a sparkle and naughty twinkle in his eyes.

We were soon seated side by side. The many food dishes just kept on arriving but at the same time so did the wine.

I could feel the wine taking effect. I was not drunk but I could feel my self relaxing and laughing loudly and freely with the big boss. He was also sounding more relaxed than he had been during the formal meetings and on a few occasions I felt sure that he was flirting with me.

As we laughed and joked he put his arm around my shoulders a few times giving me a playful squeeze. On other occasions he playfully touched and squeezed my thigh. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was because I considered him to be quite handsome, I’m not sure, but I realised that I was really enjoying his company.

The banquet was drawing to a close. Many people had already left. Big boss turned to me and said, “Jenny, will you stay for a while and join me at the bar?”
I felt uncertain as I looked at him and said with a girlish giggle, “Just a drink.”

“Of course,” he said with a friendly smile, “just a drink.”

As he spoke I could not help to notice that he quickly checked me out again. I knew he probably had ideas of something other than a drink but, although feeling very flattered, I pushed these thoughts to the back of my mind.

We moved over to the bar area where the last of the party had gathered. We found a quiet table and sat down together.
A waitress came over and big boss ordered some more wine. We were soon chatting and laughing and when the wine arrived I drank a little more.

I heard my new smart phone indicate that I had received an SMS message. I reached into my bag and pulled out the phone.

I opened the message. It read, “My Darling, are you getting undressed yet? Can’t wait to see you in just your basque and then hopefully without it! Loving you lots and lots, Jack. XXXX

I could not suppress a small chuckle as I read the message, probably due to the effect of the wine.

Big boss leaned across inquisitively and before I had time to react he had taken my phone and was reading the message.

I’m not sure if it was the effect of the wine, the flirting between us all evening, or both because instead of being annoyed, which I certainly would have been at any other time, I just started giggling like a school girl.

“It’s from a very special friend reminding me of a promise I made him,” I said.

Big boss looked at me and said, “I am intrigued, what have you promised him? It sounds like it could be very interesting!”

Before I knew it I was telling big boss about the basque and how I intended to try and take some pictures of my self wearing it and then send them to Jack.

The wine must have taken away most of my inhibitions because in my next breath I heard my self saying, “actually I am wearing the basque here tonight, underneath my formal blouse.”

I saw his gaze shift immediately to my breasts as if he was trying to see through my outer clothes. I knew that I was teasing him by telling him about my underwear but, knowing that I should have kept quiet, I also realised that I was enjoying his reaction.

I took another drink from my glass of wine as big boss then said, “Jenny, do you like a challenge?”
“I’m not sure, depends what you mean, what kind of challenge?”

“Just sitting here next to you knowing that you are wearing some kind of sexy basque under your blouse is making me feel quite aroused.”

“And?” I responded with a shy giggle.

He looked around the bar and pointed out a few women to me who were wearing low cut tops which showed off some cleavage.

“My challenge to you Jenny is for you to go to the ladies room, remove your blouse and then return to your seat here with just your jacket covering your basque. After all, it should not be any more revealing than the dresses some of the other women are wearing.”

I looked at him feeling flattered and, with a naughty and excited feeling I replied, “Yes, OK, why not!”

I stood up and walked a little unsteadily to the ladies room. Once inside I locked my self in a cubicle. I then took off my jacket and hung it on a hook behind the door. I hesitated for a moment, wondering where this teasing game might end and then pulled off my blouse. I folded it and put in into my bag before putting the jacked back on. As I fastened the jacket I suddenly felt sexy. The buttons fastened high enough so that only a glimpse of cleavage could be seen but as I opened the door of the cubicle I felt incredibly aroused. I checked my self in a mirror, noting how if I leaned forward only slightly the red and black of the basque and my cleavage could be seen. Taking a deep breath, I opened the ladies room door and headed back to big boss at our table.

I could see him grinning as I walked back but casino firmaları as I sat down he commented, “I can’t really see much with the jacket buttons all still fastened. As he spoke he just boldly leaned forward and swiftly unfastened the top two buttons. I didn’t know what to do or say. I just let him do it. I felt sure that nobody else could see and felt flattered as he exclaimed, “oh that’s much better Jenny,” as he openly gazed at the exposed the tops of my breasts and cleavage displayed prettily by the basque. “You look incredibly sexy dressed like that.”

I will blame the drink but it might have just been my natural reaction to being openly admired by an older handsome man. As I willingly sat there with my jacket sufficiently open to expose my basque to big boss’s very appreciative gaze, I realised I was feeling very flattered and getting turned on.

When he then suggested that he could help me by taking the pictures for me I just giggled again and said, “Yes, why not? It could be fun!”

Feeling both sexy and very bold I took another gulp of wine and said, “OK, Mr Photographer shall we go and take some pictures?”

He did not need asking twice!

Big boss stood up and then offered me his hand to help me stand. We then made our way out of the bar and back to my room. I left the jacket buttons unfastened and as we walked passed a few late night drinkers at the bar I enjoyed their admiring glances.

We were soon at the door to my room. We paused outside as I said, “Promise me you will behave like a gentleman and that you are only here to help and take some pictures for me to send to Jack.”

“Of course Jenny,” he replied, “I always like to think that I am a perfect gentleman.”

“Good!” I replied, “Then you had better come inside.”

I opened the door to my room and we both entered.

Once inside I felt the same naughty feeling I had felt earlier when I had returned to my room to get changed for the banquet.

Although I suddenly felt shy and apprehensive as I handed big boss my camera I could still feel the excitement and arousal not far beneath the surface as I said boldly, “how would you like me to pose?”

“Just stand by the dressing table, let me take a few pictures and we’ll see where we go from there.”

I stood behind a chair next to the dressing table and leaned with my hands on the back.

Big boss took a few pictures, looking a little awkward at first but he soon overcame his awkwardness and started to give me instructions.

“Just lean forward a little Jenny; A little more; that’s great,” clic.

I knew that he and the camera were getting a good view down the front of my Jacket as I leaned forward but it felt exciting.

“You look very sexy like that Jenny; now unfasten the rest of the jacket buttons.”

I straightened up and looked him directly in the eyes as I slowly unfastened the rest of the buttons. I felt amused but also flattered as he was unable to keep eye contact. I grinned as his gaze kept dropping down to the top of my basque.

With the final button unfastened I resumed my pose of leaning on the chair.

“Lean forward again Jenny and show off your cleavage.”

I leaned forward lower than before and kept my head up, looking directly at him and the camera.

“Jenny, you look great like that, lean forward a little more please.”
I leaned over a little more very aware that his gaze was fixed on the tops of my breasts and cleavage. I then noticed, with an undisguised little gasp, that he had a very obvious erection bulging under his trousers.

Nothing was said but I knew that he had seen me looking.

He took a few more pictures and then said, “Now please take off your jacket Jenny.”

I just did as he asked with no hesitation. I was starting to feel quite relaxed and confident to be undressing for big boss!

As I stood in front of him wearing just my basque, trousers and knickers he took a few more pictures, getting me to lean forward again to show off my breasts.

I could sense that he was hesitating until he suddenly blurted out, “Jenny, will you let me adjust your basque a little?”

The effect of the wine was starting to wear off a little but this sexy encounter was making me feel quite intoxicated.

“Yes, OK,” I said.

I stood still as he put the camera to one side and moved over to me.

“I want to slacken off the straps so that the cups are not holding your breasts so tightly,” he said.

He was soon lifting the straps on each shoulder and slackening off the adjusters.

I was surprised at how I suddenly jumped as his fingers touched the bare flesh on my shoulders for the first time. It was like getting a small electric shock but very exciting.

I felt the straps go very loose as he opened the adjusters fully. He then moved behind me and I felt his fingers on the back fastening and then it suddenly went slack. The rest of the basque was still fastened but the very top bra like fastening was now undone and I felt güvenilir casino the bra cups go slack.

“I think that will be perfect,” he said as he picked up the camera and moved back.

“Now lean forward again Jenny.”

I leaned forward and as I did I felt the cups start to slip from my breasts.

“Your breasts look fantastic like that Jenny. Lean forward some more and don’t be shy!”

I did as he asked, leaning forward with my breasts almost spilling out of the basque. I could feel that my nipples were still covered but only just! It felt so naughty and daring and very exciting to be teasing him in such a way.
I was a little shocked to realise and admit to my self that I actually wanted him to see my breasts. Knowing that being with me and gazing at my breasts was responsible for his bulging erection made me feel both flattered and excited. I knew deep inside that I would soon be quite willing to show him more.

Big boss took more pictures and then said, “OK, Jenny stand up straight again.”

As I stood up straight he walked over and slid the shoulder straps down off of my shoulders.

“Wow, you look so seductive and sexy like that Jenny,” he said as he took some more pictures.

Once again I sensed him hesitating. He was silent for a few extra seconds and then said, “Jenny, I promised you I would be a perfect gentleman but I am concerned that I might go too far with my instructions and these pictures and perhaps not be very gentlemanly.”

I looked at him and smiled. I felt safe with him but also I felt very horny and aroused and had my own doubts as to where this adventure might end.

“Just keep doing what you are doing,” I said, “I am enjoying being the model and taking your instructions. I’ll let you know if and when you go too far!”

His handsome face just seemed to light up as he said, “Are you sure, because I would like to take many more pictures yet.”

“Yes, I’m sure; you are doing very well so far. Please, don’t worry.”

“OK, let’s continue,” he said, with a more confident sound to his voice. “Now please take off your trousers!”

I knew that Jack would like some much naughtier shots and, as I obediently began to unfasten my trousers, I knew that he would be getting his wish and maybe a descriptive confession!

As I lowered my trousers to the floor big boss exclaimed, “Wow Jenny, you are making me feel very horny.”

I took off the trousers completely and stood by the chair waiting for big boss’s direction.

“Lean on the chair again Jenny and then try to push out your bottom provocatively.”

I leaned forward, feeling the basque cups almost falling away from my breasts and then pushed out my bum. I heard the camera, clic, clic, as big boss took more pictures.
He walked around me taking pictures from different angles repeatedly saying, “Jenny you are so sexy.”

“Now stand up straight please and place your hands on your hips.” I did as he asked and heard the camera clic, clic, as he took more pictures.
“Move your feet apart please Jenny.”

“This much?” I asked, as I moved my feet about 1 foot apart.

“A little further please and then pull your knickers up tight so can see how the fine black fabric of your knickers clings to the outline of your womanly bulge.”

I smiled at him as moved my feet further apart and then gripped the waistband of my knickers and pulled it up, feeling the sheer black fabric press tightly against my labia. I then placed my hands on my hips and stared at the huge bulge under his trousers as he took some more pictures.

I felt so sexy posing for him like that. It felt completely unreal to be doing this with a potential new and biggest customer but the way I was feeling at that moment I didn’t care. In fact my mind was focussing more and more on the cause of the big bulge and the potential mess it could make!

“Keep that pose while I adjust your basque a little.”

I kept still, feet apart and hands on hips as he moved in front of me. The shoulder straps of the basque were still hanging down on my arms. He reached forward, and slowly pulled the straps further down. I could sense that it was a little test to see how far he could go. He was not to know that I had no intention of stopping him! I just enjoyed the sexual tension as, inch by inch he pulled the straps down which in turn caused the cups to move lower and lower.

Finally he gasped, “Oh Jenny you are truly beautiful as both of my stiff nipples were revealed to his gaze.

“Please just stay just like that,” he said as he swiftly moved back, and took more pictures.
I could feel my nipples tingling with arousal as he and the camera focussed on them. It was as if he was caressing them with both his eyes and the lens.

“Now please sit in the chair Jenny but keep your tits exposed for me. You don’t mind me talking like that do you?”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “talk however you wish and as naughty as you wish.”

I sat down in the chair making sure that my nipples were still uncovered.

“Now open your legs please Jenny.”

I could feel his gaze fall between my legs as I teased him by opening them very slowly. I opened them wider and wider until my knees were about 2 feet apart.

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