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Jess and the Girls Ch. 02

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Reading the first chapter first will fill you in on who the characters are and what happened earlier. Strong sexual activity.


Jess awakened and found that he had slept the whole night. He remembered the earlier evening he had spent with Lynn and Peg and could not believe what had happened. He reached under the cover and found his hard on knowing most of it was from needing to pee but remembering last night sure added to it. He wondered if he would even be able to pee as hard as he was or would he have to cath himself. Being a paraplegic from above his hips down sometimes caused trouble. Jess had about 80 percent of the feeling in his penis and some feeling in his thighs but nothing anywhere else below. He had been that way since birth as something had not gone right when his spinal cord formed. His legs were just skin and bone and the left one was about 2 inches shorter than the right.

He had run into, almost literally, the two women at the mall and both of them also had birth defects it turned out. Lynn, after some amputations, had only a very short right leg stump and a short left below the knee stump. Peg had no arms at all and even all her shoulder was gone on the right side. They were non identical twin sisters, lovers and devotees of men in wheelchairs. Josh wore his long leg braces all the time and the women were awed by him in his wheelchair. That led to the evening of sex with both of them and the first time for all of them.

Jess moved over onto his wheelchair and into the bathroom. No he could not pee even after he got into the shower so he used the cath kit he brought with him and got his bladder empty. It was very full and he was glad he had not had an accident in bed. He got cleaned up and had some toast and tea for breakfast. It being Sunday he got his chores done and decided the grocery store was next. Later when he got to his computer and checked his email he found one from a strange address unknown to him. He opened it and started reading and realized it was from Peg! She told him how grateful she was for last night and that he had not rejected her for her deformities but instead had treated her so well as her first sex partner. She did not realize how much enjoyment there was fucking. Yes, as he knew, she and her sister were lovers but it was nothing like what they did. Lynn told me about her time with you and how well you treated her also. Thank you again and we are both looking forward to having you here next weekend. By the way, I use my toes to type on the keyboard of my computer, let me know if you would like to talk more this way later.

Jess immediately sent a reply and said yes I am glad we can talk this way and they did several times during the next week. Time flew by and Friday evening finally got there. Jess showered, shaved all his pubic hair and finished in the bathroom. He had decided to wear his older set of braces, HKAFO’s. He had thought about it and was going to try and stand with the hip belt on and see if he could fuck the girls that way instead of having them do all the work. Maybe the kitchen table or something else that was the right height for them to get on their backs and him stand at their cunts and get his cock in them. He would use his arms to pull himself in and out. They also had the old fashioned boots attached to the braces and the left boot was built up to account for the shorter leg. He thought the girls would love them. It was hard to get them on with no help but he managed and then added a “D” ring around his balls and the base of his cock and a couple of 1 inch cock rings around the base of his cock. He also took a 20 mg Cialis. With no underwear on he was obvious with his legs spread.

Jess wheeled up to the door and rang the bell. The door opened with both girls there. Lynn said hi and Peg had a huge grin on her face as usual. They moved out of the way so he could come in and he noticed they were dressed the same. Lynn had her prosthetic legs on and using her crutches and they both had short skirts on. The tops they had on were spectacular; it was some kind of fine fabric that as it draped over their upper bodies printed everything. It seemed to hug their breasts and formed around their areolas, nipples and breasts. On Peg it showed her empty shoulder and chest wall on the right side and shoulder socket on the left. It hugged Lynn’s slightly larger breasts. On both it came to just above the waist band on their skirts leaving and inch or so of skin showing.

Lynn invited him into the family room and they sat in front of him. She looked a little nervous and she told him that things had changed in the last 30 minutes. She had a call from a close friend that would be coming into town shortly. She worked in a VA hospital and was a quad amputee. The person that usually traveled with her was sick and she was wondering if Lynn could stay with her for the two days she was in town as she needed help with having no limbs. Lynn shyly told him they were also lovers and she wanted to do so. Would he mind staying with Peg and helping her for that time? Before he could answer Lynn said there would meet suck and fuck be a bonus also. She was bleeding and Horney as hell. Peg gave her silent laugh nodding her head. Jess said he would enjoy the bonus but it was not necessary, he would be glad to stay with Peg. Lynn looking relieved leaned over and kissed him and Peg looking delighted kissed him also with lots of tongue.

Lynn told him about the dinner reservation she had made, and for the two of them to go on and enjoy it. She added she would miss out on the fun but it would be good for the two of them to have some alone time and besides, she would have her own “company”. They talked a little more then Lynn removed her prosthetic legs, got on to her wheelchair, and left. Peg went to the kitchen counter and moved what looked like a calculator in front of her. She got a 6 inch stick in her mouth and punched some keys. When she was done she pushed one last key and the devise said you look very sexy today, I like the boots and fixed braces on them. Jess was surprised at the devise and Peg looked proud as punch that now she could talk with him. He rolled up beside her to look at it and then they kissed passionately. He then looked her over good then into her eyes and she licked her lips. Peg typed am I dressed ok for you, want to put a different top on me? Jess said you are beautiful and I am proud to be seen with you just like you are. Peg typed you look like your penis is hard, are you ok? Anything you want me to do before we go? Jess looked down and said no, you can fix me when we get back. It is what happens when I am around you.

She said she was going to leave the pad at home and he could learn to read her lips more and Jess said fine with him. They went out to his van and he helped her into her seat. He pulled the seat belt over her and then got on the lift and into the van. When they got to the restaurant the valet showed him where to park since there was no seat for him to be able to drive. Jess got out and undid the seat belt for Peg and helped her out. They were both sure every eye was on them and loved it. Both were very proud to be as crippled as they were and did not mind showing it off.

When they got inside the hostess showed them to their table and gave Jess the menu and told him who their server was. She and Peg exchanged a knowing smile and then left them alone. Jess had seen the exchange and asked Peg if she was a close friend and Peg shook her head no. Jess said she looked like she wanted you and Peg smiled and slowly nodded her head. Peg slowly mouthed the same look you have. They both laughed and Jess asked what she wanted to eat. Peg got another huge grin and Jess said we can eat each other for desert later. She licked her lips slowly and said ok. They decided and the server took the order from Jess. While they were waiting Peg asked if he was going to mind or be grossed out taking care of her. He said absolutely not. I am glad we are going to have some time alone like this. He reached out and put his hand on her knee. She closed her other knee on it and he slid it up her thigh. They were sitting side by side but the table cloth hid everything. As his hand slowly moved upward, Peg opened her legs wide inviting him further. He reached her panties and his finger felt the sanitary pad. He withdrew his hand and she looked disappointed. He said I will give you all you want later.

The server brought their food and Jess started feeding Peg first, then took some bites of his food. He told her he wished she could feed herself but understood with the short skirt on why she was not. He added that he loved to feed her, thought it was very sensuous. Peg was sitting up very straight which thrust her breasts out and he could see her nipples and areolas were very hard. The empty, long sleeves pulling the top down tighter against her empty shoulders just added to his stimulation. His Cialis and the cock rings were working to make and keep him hard as a rock and Peg had noticed it again. Peg mouthed slowly in my bloody cunt later? Jess asked if that is what she wanted and Peg mouthed oh yes, please fuck me with it. Absolutely he said. They enjoyed their dinner and an after dinner drink then headed back to her place. After they were back in the van Peg gave her silent laugh. At a light she mouthed I bet I got more offers on the way out from women than you did and Jess laughing said no bet.

They got home and back into the house and Jess asked when did you start your period? Peg said last night. He asked if it was a heavy flow and Peg said oh yes, always the first two or three days. Do we need to check your pad he asked and Peg nodded yes and mouthed ok with you? He said no problem and they headed to the bathroom. Peg had him undo her skirt and she stepped out of it. He put it on the back of his wheelchair and then pulled her panties down and added them to the skirt. Next was her blouse. She had a Kotex and belt on and he pulled it down her legs. It had quite a bit of blood on it. After she stepped out of it he figured how to remove the tails from the belt and then wrapped mobil porno it in TP and put it in the waste basket. He looked into Pegs eyes and she looked embarrassed. He pulled her face down to his and kissed her then said don’t worry about it; it’s what two people do for each other. Besides remember, this is my first time also. Peg smiled and said ok, shall we get in the shower and fuck, easier to clean up after. Jess said great idea. Do you have a tampon in also and Peg nodded her head.

Jess said let me get rid of my clothing and braces and then we will get rid of it. Can I watch you she asked and he said of course. They moved back to the bedroom and Jess got his shirt off then transferred to the bed to remove his pants and braces. It was then that Peg saw the cock rings he had on and how hard he was. She immediately moved to him and got him down her throat. He was very slippery with pre cum and slipped down her throat to his balls. She tongue lapped at him and he pushed her head away before he came telling her about it. She mouthed she did not care where he came in her she just wanted his cum in her someplace. They kissed and she moved her breasts up to his mouth. As he sucked hard on her nipples his hands moved to her empty shoulders and he started massaging them. Peg finally got off him and noticed blood on her thigh. Shower she mouthed and moved into the bathroom while Jess finished getting his braces off. It took some doing since he had his HKAFO’s and boots on but he finally joined her in the roll in shower. When she stood there was blood on the bench.

Peg moved up close to him and he knew it was time to pull the tampon out. They were looking into each other’s eyes as she spread her legs and he ran his hand up one of her thighs. He felt the string hanging down and then asked her if he just pulled on it. She nodded her head yes and he started to pull. He could feel how sticky her pussy lips were and knew his hand was bloody. There was some resistance but he could tell it was coming out. It dropped into his hand and he moved it from in between her legs. It was very saturated with blood as he finally looked down from her eyes. Peg looked at it too then their eyes met again. He was smiling big time not wanting her to be upset and she grinned back at him. He dropped it on the floor out of the way and when their eyes met again she was mouthing please fuck me now.

Jess put the chest belt Lynn used around his chest then put a folded towel alongside each of his thighs so she could kneel there. Peg understood how it was going to happen and knelt on the bench over him. He kissed his way up and she knelt down getting one of her nipples in his mouth. They then kissed passionately and then Peg looked down. As she had spread her legs blood had run out of her and all over his hard on as it stuck up at her. She did not seem to mind now and scooted closer to him. She lifted a little and he guided his already blood covered cock into her dripping cunt. She sat on him and right away they both could tell the difference. Jess on his blood soaked penis and Peg’s pussy, and how it felt now from the last time they had fucked with only the natural sex lub present. It seemed to be warmer and not as slick but slightly sticky. It felt fantastic to both of them as his big long cock slid up her cunt and banged into her bloody cervix. Jess had both arms around her holding her on and she bucked up and down. Again their eyes locked on each other and then Peg mouthed pull nipples hard. Jess moved one hand to a breast and did just that. He noticed it was dark purple and grabbed it pulling outward and upward. Peg’s head went back and it looked like she let out a long howl. She slammed down on his cock and legs and he could feel her orgasm as it gripped her and his cock. It sent him over and he poured cum at her cervix.

He held her tightly as she worked through her cum making small fucking movements on his cock. He could feel every one of them and sort of wished he could return the motion. But he also knew she loved him being totally paralyzed. As they came down they both felt the mixed juices flow out of her cunt on to Jess. He relaxed his grip some so she could look down between her legs. He was still hard and asked if she needed to go again and Peg said no, later. She put one foot on the tile floor and lifted up with even more running out of her and down her leg. Jess said fantastic! Peg just shrugged her shoulder like what the hell. Jess turned the water on and started rinsing her off then himself. When he had most of it off Peg got his attention and mouthed would you please shave my pussy hairless. Jess said glad too and had her sit on the bench.

There was shaving stuff in the shower and he managed to get down off the bench and between her legs. She was already too wet to use the trimmer so he just went ahead and started in putting shaving cream all over and using a razor. He had her scoot forward and started at the bottom by her ass and worked his way up. He used his other hand to hold her pussy lips in various positions to get the stubble off as she was already mofos porno shaved there. She oozed a bloody cream as he was working and it distracted him sometimes. She was watching closely and had a grin on her face watching him react. It took three razors but he finally had all the hair removed from the whole area and then did her legs all the way from her foot to her shaved pussy. When he was done he asked how she liked it and she said don’t like it, love it, thanks.

Jess had noticed douche bottles and picked one up and inserted it moving it back and forth with the end pointed at her “G” spot. He then squeezed all the liquid in to her like a cum and she did. He held her lips open and let it all run out noticing it had started to clear some. He then inserted a tampon and washed her good. Peg leaned over and they started kissing and he was fondling her breasts. He worked his mouth down her abdomen and between her legs. She tried to resist him but he kept them open and he was able to start licking her slit and up to her clit. She felt fantastic with no hair and soon came again big time. After she looked at him in amazement not believing he had just eaten her while on her period. He told her she was probably as clean as she would ever get after the shave, douche and wash he had given her.

Peg watched him struggle getting back on the bench with his paralyzed, atrophied legs just flopping around. She almost came again. He dried them off and pulled his wheelchair back in and transferred to it. It was late and they headed to bed snuggling up to each other. Jess was behind Peg and had his arms around her with his hands cupping her large breasts.

Lynn was on her way to meet Anita as they had not seen each other for a while. Anita had been in the first Iraq war and a roadside IED got her. It blew her legs and left arm off and injured her right arm so much it was taken just below the elbow. It was so badly injured it is not much use even with a prosthetic hook. Her above elbow amputation on the left arm was much better functioning and that was the side she wears her hook prosthetic on. Her legs and hips are gone, a bilateral hemipelvectomy, and she sits in a fiberglass bucket so she could sit upright. She works at a VA hospital in another city and was in town for a meeting.

Lynn got to the hotel, unloaded from her van in her wheelchair and headed up to Anita’s room. She knocked on her door and it was opened a few seconds later by a beautiful, small woman in an electric wheelchair. They got close to each other and hugged tightly. They moved into the larger living room and jabbered away. Anita told Lynn how much she appreciated her coming to help care for her since her usual aid was sick. They had become lovers several years ago so Lynn said it was no problem. Anita asked if Peg would be ok and Lynn laughed saying she has a new boyfriend staying with her. There had been a three way visit between them all last weekend. Anita said that was great, nothing wrong with a hard cock now and then. They both laughed and Lynn told her the same guy was finally her first fuck last weekend. Looking at Anita she told her she had missed her very much and wanted her badly right now. Anita said she agreed and they headed to the bedroom. On the way Anita said she loved the outfit Lynn had on, that her one stump showed nicely and how the top was so sexy printing her braless breasts. Lynn said thanks I wore it just for you.

Lynn helped Anita get her prosthetic arm off then removed her top; she had the arm on the outside of the top, and immediately noticed that Anita’s breasts were fuller. Anita saw her expression and said yes, they needed some help so I had some plastic surgery done a few months back. Do you like? Lynn said they looked fantastic and latched on to a large nipple with her mouth for a few seconds. The top Anita had on was long and covered her bottom so she had nothing else on. Lynn removed her top and Anita asked her to rub it on her face, she wanted to feel what it was like. Lynn did and Anita said that feels and looks fantastic. Lynn next got her skirt off and also had nothing else on as usual. She got Anita’s chair alongside the bed and guided Anita over to it. Next she transferred to the bed and helped her get out of the fiberglass shell. Lynn said she should have asked her this first and said do you have to pee? Anita grinned and said now that you mention it, I do.

Lynn got back in her chair and found a cath kit in the luggage and got a wet wash rag and towel out of the bathroom. She got back on the bed and went through the procedure to cath Anita, something she had done many times before. With her legs and hips gone, her lower body just tapered down to a V with only her pubic area left. Her aid kept her shaved and it was simple to do the cath job. When she was done she washed and dried Anita. Lynn crawled up alongside her and pulled her into her arms. They were soon kissing and Lynn moved up offering her breast to Anita’s mouth. She sucked the nipple in and applied very strong suction to the nipple and areola. Anita was able to use her longer BE stump to push on Lynn’s breast as she nursed. They had both talked about getting each other to lactate but never had the time, and then Lynn and Peg moved. Lynn was playing with Anita’s breasts as she sucked. She noticed the different, firmer feeling right away and liked it.

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