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Jessica’s Obsession

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Was that the door bell? I asked myself as I continued to wash my hair in the shower. There it was again, it was indeed. It must be after 10.30 I thought as I climbed out of the shower and grabbed the large towel hanging on the rail.

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, the door bell rang insistently.

Just my luck I thought, with Mary away fro the weekend there was no-one here to get the door for me. Who could it be at this time I thought? I hope it is not Mary coming back – I had been looking forward for a couple of day’s solitude.

Ding dong, ding dong, the doorbell rang again.

“All right, all right,” I shouted as covered up and I reached the top of the stairs. I tumbled down, threw on the porch light and turned the key in the lock.

I opened the door to see the bedraggled outline of a slender woman standing in the half light, trying in vain to shelter from the beating rain. Suddenly I recognised her, it was Jessica, my wife’s best friend from her school days.

She had settled in their home town whilst Mary, my wife, and I, had moved some 200 miles away to work. We saw each other less frequently these days, Jessie had visited us once or twice but not in the last few years, never since we moved into this house, on a modern estate at the edge of town. Mary kept in touch and we saw her on the odd occasion when we went to visit the olds.

The rain had been beating down and the cold wind added to the chill in the air, a typically dark and dank February Friday night.

“Jessie, is that you? what’s going on….are you OK?” I stammered out.

I turned on the hall light as she stood in the doorway, wet through, mascara smudged around her eyes and shivering. Her short dark hair was dripping wet and stuck to the side of her face. Her eyes were red, she looked upset and flushed. The wet had penetrated her jeans and cotton top and she carried a sodden red hoody.

“Come in,” I motioned to her. “Where have you been?”

“Pete, do me a favour, can you pay the cabbie, I’ll pay you back tomorrow.” She said motioning out of the door to where a car was parked, the headlights shining brightly in the direction of the house.

“Is Mary in?” Jessie asked.

I took one look at her standing dripping on the door mat, she had no coat, no hand bag but she was clutching her mobile phone and a credit card. Giving her a brief hug I replied,

“No she isn’t, she’s at her mother’s and won’t be back until Sunday night. You had better get out of those wet clothes, go on upstairs with you, into the shower, we’ll find you some dry stuff for later”

After waving the cabbie an acknowledgement I ushered Jessie up the stairs and straight into the bathroom. I donned my dressing gown, a coat and slippers and popped outside to pay off the cab driver, leaving Jessie kicking her shoes off and climbing into the shower.

As I came back in from the wet I heard a loud shriek from the bathroom. I threw off the coat and rushed up the stairs and into the small and steamy room. Jessie was crouching behind the shower curtain trying to hide from the water hissing and spitting from the shower head.

It had always been a bit flaky and Jessie had turned up the heat too far. I leant in and turned shower off. In a state of concern I pulled her up and started to scan her back for any signs of a burn.

I swung her around to continue my inspection. Jessie, jumping out of the bath and in a state of shock cooperated. I don’t know exactly at what point it happened, but as I realised that she was OK, my concerned look turned to a leer.

My eyes looked her up and down. Nice, I thought, as my eyes feasted on the briefest of glimpses of her ample breasts, puckered nipples and the neatly trimmed V of her black pubic hair. I stood back, trying to cast a longer look up and along her long and shapely legs.

As my gaze moved to her milky inner thigh Jessie came to her senses, covering her muff with one hand and moving her arm across her chest, cupping one breast and using her forearm to hide the nipple on the other, both of which had started to blossom to full erection.

“Thank you,” she said, “I have been working out.”

“Oh God, did I say it out loud? I didn’t mean to…” I said as I cringed with embarrassment. “I’ll get you a towel, would you like me to fix it so you can get back in?” I said pointing at the shower.

She nodded in agreement.

I turned and headed out over the hallway to retrieve a towel from the cupboard, returning, intent on trying to be a gentleman, leading with the large and warm sheet, I made a great show of averting my gaze. She moved forward and allowed me to swaddle her into the towel.

I adjusted the shower saying, “Pass me your gear and I’ll pop it in the washer.”

She bent over to pick her clothes from the floor, the towel rode up as she bent, revealing the soft curves where her upper thigh met her butt cheeks and just a hint of a view of her most private place.

I couldn’t help but fix a stare. She bent further as if to tease bahis firmaları me. Reaching for an errant sock, she stuck her ass out further, this time allowing me a lingering leer at her neatly shaved clam.

She rounded her clothes into a pile and then stepped back into the shower, drawing the curtain and handing me the towel. As the curtain closed she cast me a sexy glance over her shoulder.

I gathered her clothes and went into the bedroom. I stuffed my half erect dick into some pyjama shorts and donned the matching top.

I shouted out, “You make your self comfortable and I’ll put the kettle on. When you have finished help yourself to Mary’s gear, you should be able to find some that fits.”

Jessie is around four inches taller and thicker set than my wife, about a full size larger all round. Not much of her stuff would fit.

“Mary’s stuff is in the drawers by the bed.”

From downstairs I heard her turn the shower off, go into the bedroom and start searching the drawers for some dry clothes that would fit.

I put her clothes into washer and made coffee. I heard the sounds of drawers opening and closing as she searched for suitable apparel.

“Try the bedside drawers,” I called up. “Mary keeps her knickers in there. You might find a tee shirt in the divan drawers”

“Are you decent?” I said popping up a warm drink. “Would you like something to eat?”

She sat at the dressing table combing her hair. She had found a lemon yellow tee shirt that was just about long enough to cover what looked like Mary’s favourite black lace knickers, but was tight over her sumptuous breasts.

“Oh yes please.” She responded courteously.

I returned to the kitchen, taking the opportunity to Call Mary on my mobile,

“Watch out,” she warned. “Jessie can be a bit of a predator.”

I met Jessie at the foot of the stairs with a tray containing a glass of wine and some cheese and biscuits for a snack. She looked better, her eyes less puffy, her hair neatly combed some borrowed lipstick and makeup neatly applied.

Jessie worked as a financial assistant and was always somewhat shy and demure, or so I thought. She looked very different without her glasses, somewhat of a vamp.

“Simon and I had a row,” She looked at me with her big green eyes. “I didn’t know where I was going, I just upped and left. I wandered about for ages and finally found my way here. I spent all my cash on the train.” Her eyes began to well up.

She took the wine from the tray and glugged it back in two mouthfuls.

“Thanks Pete, I needed that.” She said, offering me the glass for a re-fill.

Grabbing the wine bottle from the kitchen side I led Jessie into the lounge, the room was warm and cosy, having benefitted from me lighting the fire some moments before all this began.

We both sat on the white leather sofa opposite the hearth. The room was bathed in a soft light as I placed the tray down on the coffee table next to us.

“It all started last night,” she added. “When I came home from work today I made a genuine attempt to patch things up, but it all got a bit out of hand, and …. here I am.”

I filled her glass as she spoke. She took another slug of wine

“Sex, the argument was actually about sex.”

“Oh.” I responded, trying to stay concerned but not really wanting to go there.

“Si and I are not matched,” she said taking another huge gulp of her wine.


“We have different drives”, she drained the glass and offered me it again for a re-fill.

“Oh,” I said pouring out more wine.

“It is me that wants it more than him. He just hasn’t got a big sex drive. He just lies there like a bag of potatoes. I’ve tried everything to entice him. Last night he called me a pervert and accused me of being obsessed.”

She gulped her wine down again, I offered yet another re-fill. Gaining fortitude as the alcohol kicked in she continued,

“Actually, the argument, it was about anal sex. ” She blurted out, taking another large sip from her glass.

“Oh.” I said shyly, with a slow nod of my head.

“You don’t understand.”

“Did he make unreasonable demands?”

“No, no, you don’t understand.”

“Its not nice being forced into something you don’t want to do.” I said trying to show concern and sympathy.

“No, you still don’t understand.” She insisted.

“It’s me,” she said draining her glass again. “I want it, I want it all of the time, I want to be fucked up the arse…..I like it. He says that I am obsessed by it.”

“Oh.” I definitely didn’t want to go there and was equally desperate to change the tack.

“Not him, no, he wouldn’t, he said it was too tight and painful, dirty. He actually called me a pervert. Am I a pervert?”

“Um, no.”

“Any man would give his right arm for a girlfriend who wanted an ass fuck, wouldn’t they?”

“I guess so.”

“You would, wouldn’t you?”

“I dunno”, trying to reverse out of the corner she was painting me into.

“I kaçak iddaa bet you would, any man would, you are like other guys aren’t you?”

“I suppose so.”

“I mean if you had a girl on her knees in front of you with her ass spread you wouldn’t say no and call her a pervert, would you?”

“I suppose not.”

“You wouldn’t pull out, call her a perverted porno actress, lose your hard on, roll over and go to sleep, would you?”


“He said it again when I got back from work, he called me dirty, so I got up and walked straight out and kept walking.” Her eyes began to fill up again.

I escaped to the kitchen to open a second bottle.

She called through, “Men! I can’t help it if I like a good arse fucking from time to time, it’s only natural. Women are allowed to have needs aren’t they? I mean everyone is doing it, aren’t they?”

“Yes I suppose so…” I shouted back

“Am I not allowed to be …. horny?” She asked, offering the empty glass for a another refill. She immediately took another gulp.

“Enough about me, everyone has a fantasy, what’s yours?”

I shrugged shoulder, not wanting to go there either.

Her eyes lit up and her language started to slip as the wine started to make her inhibitions melt away.

“I bet I know, a threesome, watching Mary being fucked up the arse by a big blonde with a strap-on whilst she sucks you off.”

She wasn’t that far off the truth but how did she know? I began to blush and tell tale signs appeared in my shorts.

“Most women fantasise about being fucked in two places at once. I like it in the arse and mouth. I like to suck cock too. I know men, you see, they aren’t all that much different from one another. I even offered Si a threesome, just to get my ass fucked.”

“Did you do it?” I asked curiously.

“No, he wouldn’t in the end, he backed out, I had the perfect girl lined up too.”

“How did you manage that?” My curiosity was getting the better of me.

She just looked at me, tapping to her temple, as if to say, “I am not telling.”

She continued, “Us girlies like to have a threesome too you know, it is a secret fantasy for most of us as well, has Mary never let on or does she want a boy on boy?”

“All I want to have is a good and hard ass fuck and do ATM on the man, or woman. Has Mary ever done that for you? I bet she has, an adventurous one that Mary.”

I blew my cheeks out in denial.

As yet another glass was drained I saw a change in Jessie’s expression, as if a light had gone on inside.

“I know,” she said, eyeing me up and down. “I’ll find someone else to fuck me the way I want, that’ll show that bastard.”

Looking me up and down, she fluttered her eyelids and asked, “Where could I possibly find someone at this time of night?”

Moving closer and touching me knee she added, “I know you liked what you saw earlier and I’m not doing to bad now either.” She said eyeing the bulge in my pants.

Noticing the small bumps of her hardened nipples appear through the yellow cotton of the tee shirt I fought to desperately clear my head,

“I think we’d better get you to bed,” I said, trying to maintain my chivalry.

Standing up and turning off the fire I motioned her up the stairs. She climbed them at a trot, darted directly into my room and knelt on the end of the bed.

After stopping to collect some folded sheets from the cupboard I stopped to ask her if she wanted an extra blanket. At that moment she stooped down, opened the divan drawer and lifted a green shoe box on to the bed.

Sitting up she opened it with a coo and giggle,

“Why, Mary! You are a naughty girl!”

She was wide eyed with excitement as she withdrew a long black plastic vibrator, ribbed and veined to imitate a giant black cock.

“My my, Mary, I had no idea,” she said pulling out an equally large strap-on.

“I knew it!” She said finding a butt plug. “Oh, looky here – lube!”

She stood up on the bed, hooked her thumbs in each side of the waistband and pulled her knickers down, drawing them down to her ankles, pushing her rounded ass out as she grinned lustfully at me.

She sat back down, cross legged. Placing the tube end in her mouth she unscrewed the end and squeezed a generous glob of lube on to the end of the shiny black butt plug.

With a sigh and a roll of her eyes she stared deep into my eyes as she pushed the black knob into her eagerly awaiting asshole.

I stood open mouthed as she grabbed the vibrator, applied yet more lube and began to run the throbbing object up and down her exposed slit.

The tone of the giant knob change as it whirred, first as it circled her clit and then again as it thrust deep in and out of her sex.

She rolled on to her back, turning and opening her legs wide, affording me an uninterrupted view of the hard rod thrusting in and out of her quim. She wanked herself hard, pinching her erect nipples with her other hand gazing open mouthed as she came with a deep sigh kaçak bahis of satisfaction.

“Fuck me Pete, I need a good fucking right now,” She said removing the tee shirt, her wide open eyes pleading with me.

I moved forward, transfixed, still carrying the sheets in my arms. She lunged at me grabbed at my shorts, pulled out my throbbing hard cock and plunged into her mouth.

On her knees, still wanking herself with the vibro with one hand, butt plug still snugly in her ass she expertly sucked and drew at my tool with her hot mouth.

Nibbling at my balls she released her mouth long enough to gasp,

“Fuck me now, please, please I want your cock now.”

I virtually threw her onto her back and dove on the bed beside her, swinging my legs over and between hers. She guided me in, her cunt muscles gripping hard as my cock slid easily up to the hilt. I began to thrust and swash my cock into her accepting pussy, as fast and as deep as I could.

Her breathing was laboured. She came again, letting a deep and guttural moan escape as she clamped me with her arms.

After a pause she pushed me away, rose up, got on all fours and swung around, pushing her plug filled ass towards me.

On her knees, head bowed, her arms over her head, ass in the air, she demanded,

“You know where I want it, please Pete, now.”

“Where is that? I teased.

“In my arse, fuck me in the arse, please, please.” She almost yelled.

I pulled the plug out with a loud plop, admiring the gaping pink tunnel as I applied a glob of lube at the end of my cock.

“Fuck my arse, please, please.” She begged.

I held my end at the entrance and gently pushed forward, watching it disappear into Jessie’s chute, her brown eye blinking and clenching my thick tool as it slid home.

“Oh god, thank you.” She kept repeating.

“Oh my God, that is exactly what I need, thank you, thank you.”

Grabbing her cheeks I thrust my cock deep into her gaping hole.

“Deeper, harder,” she demanded, as I spread her cheeks further.

“Ooh God, you’re so big, you’re filling me right up…….Mary never said that you were that big….. Oh God, Oh God.,” she hissed out.

Driving my cock deep then pulling almost fully out, she moved a hand to her clit, frigging and pulling at the small button madly. Her body tensed as she came. Her sweet cunt juice gushed over my balls as she collapsed flat on the bed.

Rolling back over she raised her legs, grabbing the back of her knees she pulled her legs wide open and back to her chest.

“I want to see you fuck it, I want to see you come, I want to feel you come deep in my arse.”

I leant forward and easily re-inserted my cock into the warm and welcoming passage. Jessie strained her neck to get a sight of my cock sliding into her clenching hole.

Her hand moved back to her silky and gaping snatch, this time she pushed two fingers deep inside.

Her ankles wrapped around my neck she rocked her hips up as far as she could, giving herself sight of my cock ploughing deep into her back door.

“Oh God, oh fuck.” She repeated in a mantra.

I began to feel the sap rise in my balls, my cock thickening further, stretching her asshole wider, pulsing and throbbing as I drove it in and out.

I came with a gasp, thrusting deep into her deep and warm cavern.

Pumping my last, she spun around, threw me on to my back and licked the last few drops of come from my twitching and pulsing dick.

She mounted my torso facing away from me, opening her gaping ass to my view. She farted out come over my softening tip. Shuffling upward and moving her glory hole closer to me, I watched it wink and twitch as she licked and sucked every drop off of my knob, teasing it and making me hard again.

She moved back down my body, hovering her ass over my stiff dick, guided it back into her puckered hole and started to ride me again.

I watched in awe as my thick tool sunk to its limit and emerged almost to its full length as she rose up and down on my lap at an increasing rate.

Her ass was almost the only point of contact, wanking me off, as she crouched, bobbing her backside up and down. Her body was bent double; she was resting her chest on my legs and holding on to my ankles. Her speed increased and her stroke deepened as she came again, her cunt again flooding a torrent of her hot juices over my balls.

She was gasping for air and pushing her backside hard down, her ass muscles gripped and rippled along the full length of my cock in time with her convulsions. The feeling was so intense it brought me off for a second time.

She climbed off and I let out a deep sigh,

“How am I ever going to explain this to Mary?” I asked in a fit of guilt.

Jessie lay down beside me, grabbed my arm to pull me into the spooning position.

“How did I know you were all alone tonight?” She whispered with an air of satisfaction and contentment.

“Just as well it turned out this way. Silly mare, she forgot to bring the strap-on down with her.” She said through a long and sleepy yawn.

As I reflected both on what we had just done and on Jessie’s final revelation, we drifted into a deep and satisfied slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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