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Jewell Can’t Resist

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Thanks to everyone who sent me some comments. I’m new to erotic fiction, and hope to improve my writing.


Jewell’s last massage with her masseur, Brian, had left her hot and bothered. Although she had known Brian for several years, he had been nothing but professional with her until her last massage when he took a few more “liberties,” teasing Jewell right to the brink of orgasm, but ending it before she could cum. After he had left, she resorted to pulling out her vibrator and stuffing it in her pussy until she came thinking about his hands all over her body.

Jewell was a relatively young 23 years old and had looks to kill. She hadn’t been a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but her last boyfriend had really opened some doors for her sexually. Even though he was gone now, she still thought about the crazy things they used to do, and she got really wet thinking about how much he would enjoy hearing about her last massage.

She got really wet anticipating her next massage, and despite trying not to succumb to the impulse, she couldn’t resist calling up Brian a few weeks later to schedule a follow-up massage. Jewell thought of ways to try to seduce Brian, or at least let him know that she was open to more teasing. She decided to wear a tight, white lycra tank top and loose fitting boxers to answer the door.

Brian appeared promptly at her apartment with his table in hand, and greeted Jewell with the customary hug and kiss. Brian was clad in a tight fitting t-shirt and khaki pants. Jewell’s pussy got wet thinking about his hands touching her nude body.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked?

“Shoulders are tight as usual,” she casually replied. “Do you think you can stretch me a little before we start?”

“Sure, no problem,” Brian answered confidently. He worked out regularly with a trainer, and as such, knew a lot of different stretches.

Brian set up his table, and Jewell lay on her back so that he could stretch her legs. He started by putting a hand on her right thigh and bending her knee back towards her chest. As he did so, Jewell noticed that the leg of her boxers had opened up quite a bit. Brian would be able to see that she hadn’t worn any panties if he looked. The thought of him peaking at her bald pussy made her clit swell. As her knee moved closer to her chest, his hand brushed against her already stiff nipple, and she quietly gasped.

Brian moved to her other leg with the same stretch, and then had her spread her legs open while bending her knees to stretch her inner thighs. Her pussy was on display through the opening of her shorts, and she was dying to open her eyes to see if his cock was hard, but she didn’t dare.

“That feels really good Brian,” she tried to say calmly, but her mind was already drifting to the impending massage.

Brian finished up with the stretching and told her to disrobe while he washed his hands. She lifted her tank top over her hand and quietly massaged her hard nipples between her fingers for a few moments. The massage hadn’t even begun yet, but she was ready to cum. She dropped her shorts to the ground and lay face down on the table.

She chuckled at the towel naughty america porno that Brian had left for her to cover herself. It was nothing more than a face towel and it barely covered her ass.

Brian emerged from the bathroom and saw Jewell lying on the table. “Brian, either I’m growing, or your towels are getting smaller.”

“Oh, er, today is a laundry day. Sorry, we can use one of your towels if you’d be more comfortable,” he tried to recover.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you haven’t seen before,” she said with a tone of innuendo referring to her last massage where she was completely naked before him.

Brian started with her shoulders. He was a master at finding her spots, and with just enough oil, Jewell started to feel all the knots melt away. He slowly moved down her spine to her lower back, where he rubbed small circles right above her ass. She loved the sensation of his firm palm pushing against her lower back. She could feel her clit grind against the table, and she could feel her pussy juices staining the sheet beneath her.

Brian moved to her feet, and like last time, he spread her legs. Jewell didn’t resist, and in fact, she spread her legs even more so that they were barely hanging on the table. With such a small towel, she was positive that her glistening pussy was on display for Brian.

He moved methodically up her calf, and onto her hamstrings and inner thighs. Her pussy grew even wetter with anticipation as he pushed the towel to one side and began to massage her glutes. With each circle he made, she pushed up slightly against his hand, beckoning him to keep rubbing her. When he moved to her other ass cheek, he simply discarded the towel altogether. She was naked in front of him once again.

With both hands, he rubbed both her ass cheeks simultaneously, pulling her puckering asshole apart gently. Jewell had always enjoyed the sensation, and her ex-boyfriend had spent many hours just massaging her asshole for her.

Brian stopped momentarily, and Jewell wondered if it was time to turn over. Instead, she felt oil being drizzled at the top of her ass crack, and then she felt it slowly dripping down over her asshole and down to her pussy.

“Everything ok,” asked Brian.

“It feels great. I’m totally in your hands,” she said coyly.

“You seem to have a lot of tension in your glutes today, so I’m going to spend some extra time if you don’t mind. I promise I won’t cheat you out of your front side.”

“Sounds good to me,” she whispered back.

Brian continued to rub her glutes, and with each passing minute, he moved closer and closer to her asshole. Jewell gently lifted her pelvis off the table to push her ass into the air as he rubbed her. Not so high as to be blatantly obvious, but high enough to give him a signal that she was enjoying it.

Brian was enjoying the spectacle. He had always found Jewell incredibly attractive and had wanted to pleasure her, but he was shy and always felt a sense of professionalism around Jewell. But seeing her naked for a second time practically writhing on the table made him think naughty thoughts.

With his left hand rubbing her left glute, nubiles porno Brian took his right index finger and lightly traced a circle from the center of her right glute expanding outward. His finger made its way to the top of her ass crack, and he slowly brushed it down towards her anus, avoiding it the first few times, but eventually brushing against it to test her.

Jewell gasped audibly as his finger brushed her asshole. She wanted him to do it again, and he didn’t disappoint. His hand nearly trembling, he slowly moved his finger up and down her ass crack, increasing the pressure against her asshole on each pass. Jewell followed in suit by pressing her pelvis against his finger. Her pussy was sopping.

“You’ve got a lot of tension here, Jewell. I’ll need to work it out for you.”

Jewell could barely respond, “yes, please…” was all she could manage.

Brian centered his movement right on her asshole. His oily fingered combined with her juices made it easy for him to rub tiny circles on her asshole. Brian became intent on making her cum while she lay on her tummy. With his other hand, he lightly brushed her pussy. It didn’t take much effort for his finger to slide between her puffy lips.

She lifted her hips off the table slightly, and Brian reach under her to massage her clitty.

“Ungh…” she moaned as he teased her pussy and asshole at he same time. Brian continued to rub her clitty with his finger, and stuck his thumb inside of her wet pussy, slowly pumping it in and out.

Jewell was in heaven as her masseur finger fucked her. She felt so close to cumming, when she felt Brian’s finger slide inside of her asshole. It was so unexpected, but it felt so good. She couldn’t contain herself any longer, and as he pumped his finger in her asshole, she began to cum so hard that she couldn’t suppress her screams of pleasure.

“Oh God, Brian. Yes, yes!” she screamed as she pushed her hips against his fingers.

As her orgasm subsided, she reached under her body and held his hand against his pussy, not wanting him to pull his fingers out just yet. She lay there in silence for a few minutes as waves of pleasure subsided inside of her.

The hum of her air conditioner was broken by Brian’s voice.

“It’s time to turn over please,” he said.

Jewell felt slightly embarrassed at what had transpired, but at the same time, she felt wonderful, and she was very comfortable around Brian. He had that affect on her.

She turned onto her back, groggy. She felt no need to cover up her naked body, and Brian didn’t even offer. Her smooth body glistened with sweat.

Brian washed his hands and returned by running his fingers through her hair. She felt shivers run down her spine as his fingers gently tugged on her long blonde hair. Brian rubbed his two hands together to warm them, and then pressed them against her lower abdomen before slowly rubbing his hands in circles against her tummy.

Brian was determined to make Jewell cum again for him. Without wasting any time, his hands started to wander to her breasts, slowly outlining the curvature of her 36Ds. Her nipples were still stiff and he brushed his fingers against them causing Jewell’s heart olgun porno rate to increase once again.

His strong fingers began to rub her nipples, and he massaged them until they were hard as pencil erasers in his hands. With one hand continuing to massage her tits, he moved his other hand between her legs. Her pussy was completely bare to Brian’s delight.

He pressed two fingers against her clitty and started to rub it up and down. She instinctively opened her legs for him again, and thought of how her ex-boyfriend would get her off in the same way. Brian slid his fingers from her clitty down to her pussy, and all the way to her asshole – up and down, teasing her like a little sex slave.

Her breasts were heaving up and down, and she moved her hands towards the edge of massage table hoping to brush against his cock. She was afraid to open her eyes again, but decided to take the chance, and wasn’t disappointed when she saw the outline of his straining cock and the pre-cum stain that had made its way through his khaki shorts.

Brian saw her eyeing him, and he decided to raise the ante by lowering his head to her distended nipple and beginning to lick it as he stuffed his fingers inside her cunt. Jewell was overcome with sexual electricity as he began to suck on her nipple like a baby drawing milk from his mother.

Frantically, she reached out for his cock. Her hand fumbled for the zipper, and she slid her hands inside Brian’s shorts to find that he hadn’t worn any underwear. As he continued to rub her wet pussy, she fumbled around until his pants dropped to the floor. With her hand around his pre-cum stained cock, she pulled him towards her face and turned her head to the side.

Brian shifted his weight and was rewarded by the feeling of Jewell’s warm lips wrapped around the tip of his cock. He pressed his pelvis into her face and started to fuck her mouth as he shoved another finger inside of her.

Brian couldn’t control himself. His breathing was erratic and cock stiffened as he watched Jewell take his dick in her mouth. He felt his balls tighten, and frantically pumped his fingers inside of her.

“Oh God!” he yelled as ribbons of cum shot into the back of her throat. The hot liquid drew her over the edge and Jewell’s body started to tremble uncontrollably as an orgasm surged over her body. She sucked Brian’s dick and swallowed all his cum like a good girl as her second orgasm subsided.

Brian collapsed on top of Jewell, dripping sweat and smelling of sex. They lay their quietly for several minutes until Jewell started to rub her hand lightly over Brian’s back.

Brian didn’t want to move, but he recomposed himself, and stood up.

“Uh…I’m sorry, Jewell. I got out of hand, and…”

Jewell cut him off, “Brian, you don’t have to say a word. That felt really good. I’m glad you came over today.”

Jewell sat up and gave Brian a peck on the cheek. “I don’t think this will be a regular appointment for us,” she said, “Maybe just once in a while…”

Brian nodded in acknowledgement. He knew that Jewell had a boyfriend. He packed up his table as Jewell watched him from her bed. As she reached to hand him his fee, he smiled at her. “Please, that was on the house,” he said with a grin.

He leaned over to kiss her on the forehead, and made his way to the door.

Jewell watched him leave from her window, and thought that maybe in the future, she could go for a guy like Brian. But for now, he would remain her masseur.

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