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Jock Boy

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I’d been watching this boy in the gym for a while now. We both came in late night, when no one was there. He had a compact little body and wore shorts that hugged his plump muscled ass. It drove me crazy watching him as he did squats or bent over to stretch. It was like he was purposely teasing me. He was small and tight and toned, with well-defined biceps and had close cropped black hair. I could tell he had a light smattering of hair on his chest..

I would watch him in the mirror as I lifted my weights. Arm curls, bench press, leg presses, it didn’t matter. My eyes were on him. Every time I saw him, my balls would grow blue and my cock tried to snake its way out of my jock’s pouch. After three months of this, I had had enough of his teasing, only to take it out on other unsuspecting tricks afterwards.

I knew the boy watched me too. I caught him several times. He would always turn his head and blush in embarrassment. He couldn’t have been more than nineteen, still trying to figure out what he wanted. Tonight I was going to show him. Show him hard. I had enough of the cock teasing.

The gym had cameras everywhere, but the locker room. It was a small locker room, basically a changing room where you could stow your gear. I showed up Friday night, as usual. I started my routine. Ten minutes later he showed up, went into the back and changed and came out showcasing that sexy body. I was going to have him tonight.

I knew he was getting close to the end of his routine, as I was. He was trying to bench press some weight and was struggling hard when I decided to start my plan. I walked over as he put the bar back on the rack and stood over him, my shorts leg right over his face. “Want a spot, boy?” I asked looking down at his redden face. “Can’t have you hurting yourself in here.”

He took out his ear buds and stammered, “Yeah. That would be great.” His voice actually cracked. “I’m not use to using weights, normally stick to the machines and the squats.” His eyes never met mine, trained up my shorts leg. I had him. My little birdie wanted my thick juicy worm, and he was going to get it.

“Come on.” I smiled mischievously, adjusting my cock for him to see. “Let’s see what you can do.” With that he took hold of the bar and I placed my hands under for the spot. He pushed up and I encouraged. “Come on, boy. You can do it. Push it up, push it up.” I noticed he was staring right up my shorts, not focused on the task at hand at all.

I decided to push the sexual innuendo a bit more I needed him hot and bothered just a bit more. “Do it for me boy, show me you can do it.” Three reps in he faltered and I caught the weight. “Not bad for a first try.” I smiled looking down. “Want to try with lower weight?” I sat the weight back on the rack.

“Naw,” his face was flustered and red from the exertions and embarrassment. “Think I’m going to grab my gear and head home after I stretch. Think I pulled something.” He rubbed his cute little bicep. He had a nice body I was going to enjoy. I took my chance, testing the limits with him.

I grabbed his bicep and rubbed the muscle. “Mmmhhh, nice definition, doesn’t feel like anything is pulled, just maybe strained.” I continued to knead his arm. I saw a shutter go through him. “Go stretch, and I’ll meet you in the locker room and see if I can rub it out for you.”

“Uh, sure.” He was flustered. I could see a small casino şirketleri wet stain on the front of his pants and the straining tent of his cock. “That would be great.” He awkwardly got up and went to the stretching machine to work out his kinks and I headed straight back to the locker room to prepare.

I stripped down to my jock and sat waiting on the bench for him. I knew he would be here shortly. I was ready to have him and he was ready to be had. When he came in, his face turned a shade of crimson as he saw my well packed jock. “Get in here boy.” I growled as he shut the door. “Get that shirt off so I can really work you.”

“Yes, sir.” He automatically answered as he pulled off his shirt. I liked that automatic obedience. He wasn’t told to, but he pulled off his shorts too revealing that gorgeous ass. He stood there in just his jock, his cloths on the bench not knowing what to do. I admired that delicious body I was going to feast on.

“Get over here.” He obeyed without a second thought standing before me. “Nice definition.” I said, cupping his pouch. I could feel his harden excitement as I played with his balls through his pouch. It was a simple white jock, bought at some athletic store compared to my band name black jock. “Let’s take a look in the back.” I whipped him around and took hold of those delicious looking mounds. I squeezed and ran my hands over those taunt buns. “I like the work you’ve done on these, boy”

“My name…” He fumbled through gasps. “My name is Justin.”

I smacked his ass lightly. “You will answer to whatever I call you, boy.” I clutched his cheeks hard causing him to gasp from the shock and arousal. “Ever been with a man, boy?”

“No.” He panted. I waited a minute then smacked his ass. “Sir.” He quickly added. “I’ve watched you in the gym, wanted to say something, but I’m too shy… sir.”

“You’re a fucking cock tease. That’s what you are boy.” I smacked those plump orbs again. “I’m going to make you pay for that.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to…” His words were cut off when he felt my tongue snake into his cherry grove, tasting his musk. He moaned in pleasure as my tongue assaulted at his tight entrance. He leaned forward, putting his hands on the lockers in front of him as a devoured him. Drool slipped down my mouth as licked and playfully bit his ass.

“Oh, God.” He moaned, he lowered one hand to his pouch to fish out his cock, but I knocked it away. I was going to enjoy this jock butt and he wasn’t going to take it away from me. “I’m so hard.” He whimpered, almost pleadingly. I didn’t care. I wanted this more than him. I earned the right to enjoy it.

I stuck a tentative finger at his hole. He intuitively pushed back on it, fucking himself on my finger. “Good boy.” I praised as he continued to ride my finger then another and then another. “You got some nice jock butt for me don’t you, boy?” He didn’t answer. I bit down on his left cheek, leaving a mark.

He howled from the unanticipated shock and finally answered. “Yes, sir. My jock butt if for you to use as you want. I want to feel your big cock split me in half.” The boy had watched porn, no doubt about that. The porn that I liked to make my boys reenact. “May I have your cock?” Oh, he was well versed in porn talk.

I pulled my fingers out his ass and stood up, rubbing my full jock against his ass. I whirled him around casino firmaları and grabbed a fist full of his hair, pulling his head back before shoving my tongue into his eagerly awaiting mouth. He fumbled at first, but then his hands found my body and I felt him run his hands over my muscled body.

I broke the kiss momentarily as I shoved my ass covered fingers in his mouth. “Taste yourself.” I ordered. “You taste so good.” He slurped around my figures, seeking out every bit of flavor. “Savor that flavor.” I growled. “That ass won’t have that cherry taste to it after I’m done with it.” I pulled my fingers from his mouth replaced it with my winding tongue. My slicked up fingers returned to his hole causing him to moan into my mouth.

I pulled his head back and began licking my way down his neck to his tiny pert nipples. I lashed my tongue at them, causing him to moan loudly. No one came in the gym this late on a Friday, and knew we were safe. I continued to play his body, first one nipple then the other, all the time my fingers pistoned in and out of his hole.

“Time to put your mouth to work.” I snarled moving his mouth to my nipple. He greedily suckled, biting and swirling his tongue around my hairy nipple. I moved him from one nip then to the other, testing his mouth work on my body. “Time to smell a real man.” With that I pulled my fingers from his hole eliciting a pitiful disappointed whine.

Before he could protest I pushed him down on his knees, a fist full of hair still, and shoved his face into my crotch. He knew what was required of him as his sucked at the fabric, pulling the semen, piss and sweat from the cloth. An eager boy, indeed. He’d been wanting this, desiring just this and I was going to give it to him.

“Suck on my balls, boy.” I moved the restraining cloth aside giving my new boy his prize. He immediately set about his task and slurped my smooth balls into his mouth, first one then the other, expertly, gently licking and caressing them with his tongue. “Do you want my cock, boy?” He moaned his confirmation. “Do you want everything that comes out of it, boy?” He moaned another confirmation, not wanting to let my sack free from his mouth. “More than cum, comes of it, boy. You sure you can handle that?”

He looked up at me with desire and lust as the thought crept in. He let go of my balls and rubbed his face all over my crotch “I’ll take whatever you are willing to give me.” This boy was a freak and I loved it. I let him continue to rub my scent all over his face, allowing him to wallow in the smell of a real man.

“Open your mouth, boy.” I pulled his head back, doing as he was told. “Just work the head, and only the head.” I placed my seven inch cock on his lips. He went to town. Swirling his tongue around the tip, tasting the juices that so amply leaked from me. “Ready, boy?” He moaned his assenting, longing to take more of my cock in his mouth.

“Don’t spill a drop.” I ordered. “We don’t have showers here and I’m not cleaning it up.” With that I let go a small steam of yellow gold into his mouth. He gagged at first but swallowed obediently. Once I was done, I smiled at his watering eyes that showed the pride for what he accomplished. “Show me how well you suck dick.” He didn’t need to be told twice.

He was eager, too eager, choking himself on my cock. He fucked his own face on my cock, taking as much as he güvenilir casino could each time. “Good boy.” I encouraged stroking his hair. “You’re going to make a good play thing for me.” I let him bob up and down for some time before I had to get in that ass again. I pulled him off my cock, a hurt look on his face as he tried to pounce back on it.

I pulled him to his feet and shoved him face first into the lockers. “You do as I say.” I growled in his ear, “Or you will be punished, understood, boy.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” He cried. “I just never sucked a dick before and didn’t want to stop. I’ll be good, I promise.”

I pulled my gym bag out the locker and fished out my lube. I kept him pressed against the lockers with my body as I lubed up my cock and began fingering him again, greasing up my soon to be stuffed piglet. “Oh, you’ll be a good boy, alright.” I lined my cock up on his hole. “Push back and take me boy” He did. My head slowly pushed into him. He jumped back off it in pain. “It’ll hurt at first.” I soothed in his ear. “But you want it, don’t you boy, you need it don’t you boy?”

“Yes.” He panted pushing back hard against me, almost taking me to the hilt. “Aaahhh” He screamed in pain. I pulled a worn jock from my bag and shoved it in his mouth. He shuttered briefly as he grew accustomed to me buried inside of him. I held him close and shushed him. I didn’t need some random person deciding to come in late to hear us.

“Daring boy.” I licked the tear from his face. “Once you’re ready, I want you to ride it, get used to it, and then ride it. Make me proud, boy.”

After a few minutes he bounced back and forth against me. I took hold of his narrow hips, guiding him and finally taking the lead and pound his muscled butt. He arched his back with pleasure and sobbed his pleasure through my worn jock. His hole was tight, and drawing my seed up too quickly. I smacked his ass, left cheek then right a few times to loosen his grip, but when you enter virgin territory only one thing can loosen it up. Constant abuse.

With a guttural moan and shake I released my load deep in him, my cock expanding as rope after rope of my pent of seed coated his insides. I pulled him close, biting down on his shoulder as the last of me filled him. I pulled him down on the bench with me, my cock still in his ass. I pulled his cock free, and gave it a few tentative pulls.

He wept his pleasure into the jock, as I continued to stroke him, my cock still firmly in his ass. He was close, I could tell. It only took a few moments, like a porn, for him to shoot his load over his taunt stomach. I pulled the jock from his mouth and scooped up his load and fed it to his eager young mouth. I continued till had eaten it all, the look of satisfaction on his face.

“Thank you, sir.” He leaned back, exhausted from the ordeal. “I wanted you so bad. I even moved my work out to coincide with yours.” He confessed. I lifted him off me, sliding out of him with a wet plop. I pulled him back into my lap and kissed him gingerly. I could taste him on his lips.

“You’re going to be my good little boy, aren’t you?” I maneuvered a finger into his spent hole. He was already getting hard. “You’re going to let me eat that jock butt anytime I want, and use your body however I want.”

“Yes, sir.” He moaned wrapping his arms around me for support. “I’ll do whatever you want, as long as I can keep getting fucked by you.”

I smiled. “Get dressed you fucking whore.” I growled. I removed my finger from his hole and pushed him to the floor. “I’ve got plans for you.”

He looked up at me with a satisfied grin, knowing his fantasy was now a reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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