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Josh Visits a Gay Bar (By Mistake)

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I want to start by saying that all of my stories are purely fictional and in no way should be taken for more than erotic fantasy. Having said that I will say that the characters I write about are real people in my life that I use for inspiration only. Their names and personal details have been altered to protect their true identities.

If you like my stories please feel free to leave comments. If you like certain aspects tell me and maybe I can utilize those thoughts in future writings. If you don’t like what I write well just close it and don’t continue to read. I don’t mean to offend anyone I just like too sharing my thoughts.


My name is Josh and I am a divorced man in my mid-forties. I have a job that requires me to travel all around the country. This incident transpired during a recent trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was the second day of an exhausting business trip. I had sat in meetings all day hoping to finish up my work here. It was Friday and I was hoping to return home to Houston, Texas. Unfortunately this was not the case, resulting in my having to stay over until the following Monday to wrap up the final measures needed to conclude my business there.

I had returned to my hotel for a much-needed shower and some relaxation. Entering my room I opened the door to the mini fridge and helped myself to a cold beer. I turned on the TV to drown out the noise coming from the street below. I was on the second floor with my window offering an excellent view of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

Finding nothing I cared to watch on the TV I downed my beer and headed for the shower. While the water was warming up I shed my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror.

At 45 years of age I was still in pretty good physical condition. I run 2 miles at least four times a week. I am 6′ tall and weigh in at a respectful 180 lbs. My hair is light brown and not long but definitely not short. Wavy locks hang over my ears almost touching my shoulders. My chest is almost bare with only a small patch of hair right in the middle. Below the waist I shave my cock and balls bare always. My cock is just over seven inches when erect and the girth is just right for most women. I stroked my cock a couple times before stepping into the shower.

The hot spray of the water cascaded over my bare flesh and slowly began to wash away the stress of the day. I turned my back to the spray and lathered up and rinsed my hair. I then soaped my body thoroughly. My hands felt great caressing my body. The slipperiness of the soap on my skin only aided in making my touch awaken my tired body.

As I stood in the shower rubbing my body my cock began to awaken and started to rise up seeking attention. My hand found my shaft and started slowly stroking up and down using the soap as lubricant. I started to moan as my cock got harder.

I used my other hand to caress my balls and tickle my taint. I was really getting into it. The day had been long and I needed some relief. I pushed back and slid a finger into my asshole as I continued stroking my now rigid member. I finger fucked my ass and stroked my shaft. I was just about to cum when I decided maybe hold back and go out to a local bar and see if I could get lucky with a hot lady for the night, maybe the entire weekend.

I dressed casual, as this was after all Bourbon Street. As I made my way out through the front of the hotel I found myself right in the thick of the beginnings of a hopping Friday night party New Orleans style. Many little outlets along the sidewalks allow you to grab a drink and continue to walk and peruse the shops, bars, restaurants, and strip clubs. I stopped at one such outlet and ordered an extra strong Hurricane thinking it would help me catch up with all the other party goers already having fun along the French Quarter.

I walked and drank, stopping a couple of times for a fresh alcoholic beverage. The Hurricanes were going down easily and the stress of the past two days was rapidly relinquishing its hold on my body. I was starting to relax and enjoy myself. I am a people watcher and there is never a shortage of interesting people to watch in New Orleans.

I noticed one particular bar that I had never checked out before seemed to be quite busy so I made my way to the entrance. I paid the five-dollar cover charge and entered the noisy raucous atmosphere of the bustling bar.

I was lucky to find an opening at the bar and squeezed myself into it and ordered a fresh drink once I caught the bartender’s attention. Taking a long slow sip from the cold Hurricane I turned to survey the action in the bar, hoping to find an attractive lady just waiting for some one to talk to.

What I noticed as I looked around was that I was smack dab in the middle of a gay bar. Men were dancing with men, women konyaaltı üniversiteli escort with women and everyone seemed to be supremely enjoying themselves.

My initial reaction was to take my drink and make my way back out to the sidewalk and on to another bar in search of female companionship. Before doing so I noticed one man giving me the look over. It was obvious he knew I had no idea how to act in a gay bar.

Chance, as I was to find out later was his name was really giving me the eye. I turned back to face the bar to hide how nervous he was making me. I figured I would drink down my drink and leave. If I just ignored him he would move on to some one else. Or so I thought.

I felt some one trying to squeeze up to the bar behind me. I tried to move over a bit to allow some extra room but the person moved with me. I felt him pushing himself into my back and my ass. I was sure he was slightly humping into me. I turned and it was Chance. “Hi I am Chance how are you doing tonight,” he asked?

Chance was about my height but he was quite a bit more muscular. He no doubt spent a considerable amount of time in the gym. Chance was wearing a black leather vest with no shirt. He also wore tight denim jeans with no belt and white Nike sneakers. His closely cropped blonde hair made his deep blue eyes really stand out in contrast to his deeply tanned skin.

I introduced myself as Josh and tried to move away to take the pressure off my ass from his groin but Chance just moved with me and continued to grind into me. I should have bolted but the bar was crowded and I didn’t want to appear homophobic right in the middle of a very busy gay bar.

As Chance maintained eye contact with me, making small talk and pushing him self against me I felt some one’s hand touch mine very close to my drink. I didn’t think about it at the time I just pulled my hand closer to me and continued drinking. I was trying to figure a way out of this predicament without seeming overly obvious of wanting to dash right out of there.

A few sips later and more talking from Chance I noticed my face starting to feel warm. I also noticed my breathing and pulse rate increasing. I felt a little woozy. I didn’t think about it then but looking back I am sure some one had slipped something into my drink.

I excused myself from Chance and forced my way past him. I needed to get to the rest room and splash some cold water on my face. I hadn’t drunk enough to be drunk I didn’t think but it had been a very long day.

I made my way into the rest room and at the sink I cupped my hands and scooped water onto my face several times in an effort to clear my now fuzzy brain. From out of no where some one handed me some paper towels to dry my face. I went to toss the paper towels in the trash and stumbled slightly. Strong hands caught me and for some reason, guided me into a stall.

The hands assisted me in sitting on the toilet seat, which I was grateful for. All I needed was a few minutes to sober up and I would head back to my hotel and sleep this off. A small bottle appeared under my nose with a very pungent odor. I looked up to see Chance. “Breathe deeply it will help,” he said.

I took a strong whiff under each nostril and immediately felt a sensation racing through my entire body. It was euphoric. I closed my eyes and let it was over me. I later found out the bottle was something called poppers and it completely removed any and all inhibitions and intensified touch sensation along with the strong feeling of euphoria.

As I opened my eyes Chance was still in the stall with me but now he was closer, literally right in front of me. He also had his jeans open and a very hard cock at least eight inches long in his hand pointed at my face. My mind was awash with mixed thoughts.

My shower earlier and how I had stopped jacking my hard cock and opted to go out in search of sex. Chance grinding into my ass at the bar like he was trying to fuck me. The woozy feeling from whatever some one had slipped into my drink and the poppers. My body was screaming for sex and at that point it didn’t matter who from, where at, or who was watching.

Chance moved closer and rubbed the head of his fat circumcised cock on my lips. I didn’t even resist one iota. I opened my mouth and took him in. I licked and sucked and lost myself in his amazing hard cock. From somewhere I heard a voice say something about how easy this one was, not putting up any fight at all. I knew he was talking about me but I did not care.

Chance put the poppers under my nose again for two more whiffs and immediately shoved his eight-inch throat fucking cock down my gullet. I gagged and spit and drool shot out of my lips around his fat shaft and out of my nose. Chance did not stop kurtköy escort but repeatedly pushed deep into my throat allowing me only a moment to breathe between each in stroke.

I could sense a small group gathered around the stall watching me service Chance’s magnificent cock. I only wanted to pleasure that meat, the crowd watching was irrelevant. Also some one else was now squeezed into the stall and was pulling my shirt over my head exposing my bare chest.

Two more snorts on the poppers. I felt my nipples being pinched and pulled. I groaned around the cock in my mouth at how incredible it felt. My shoes were removed and my pants undone and slid down and off my legs along with my boxer briefs. I was sitting on a toilet seat in a crowded gay bar completely naked. I didn’t even consider where my clothes were going. All that mattered was the cock in my mouth, and the sweet torture my nipples were experiencing.

I felt something hit the side of my face. Opening my eyes I saw a second cock. The owner was rubbing the precum soaked tip up and down the side of my face. He wasn’t as thick as Chance but he was a bit longer. The new guy grabbed my hair and forced my head to turn towards him never letting the cock already in my mouth slip out. Then I had two cocks vying for space in my mouth and throat. One then the other was forced deep.

I had never even considered sucking cock before and here I was deep throating like a wanton slut. Two more hits o the poppers. I dove on the cocks like a cock-starved whore. I licked and sucked and sucked the balls. It wasn’t long until both cocks erupted their hot scalding seed all over my face. As both cocks shot and shot, my face was getting drenched in hot gay cock jizz and I was loving it and wanting more.

Chance and the unknown guy backed out of the stall and in mere seconds two more cocks were presented to me. I never even considered not sucking them. Like a starving homeless person I devoured the two new cocks. One was maybe seven inches long and one and a half inches thick and uncircumcised. The other cock was smaller maybe six inches at best, and similar girth to the other. He too was uncircumcised.

I took a cock in each hand and pulled back the foreskins and went back and forth cock to cock tonguing the smooth cock-heads. Precum was flooding from both and I lapped it up like a kitten on a bowl of milk. Two more hits on the poppers. I don’t even know who held them under my nose.

The two new cocks continued to assault my mouth and throat for what seems like seconds but in reality was probably close to ten minutes. I was sucking these cocks like my life depended on it and tickling a set of hairy balls in each hand. I felt both men’s balls start to tighten up. I knew from jacking my own cock that this meant orgasm was imminent. I sucked harder.

Seconds later both men jerked out of my mouth and started stroking their cocks hard and fast pointing at my bare chest. Cum erupted almost simultaneously and splattered all over my chest running down over my smooth tummy towards what I suddenly realized was my own aching hard cock.

Both men backed out of the stall and for the first time I saw no less than seven or eight more men standing around watching and stroking their cocks hoping for a turn of their own at the cock slut in the toilet stall.

Before I had a chance to think a black man entered the stall. He already had his cock out and was true to the stereotype. He was a true BBC, and had to be ten inches long and WELL over two inches thick. He held out the bottle under my nose for two more popper hits. As the wave overtook my senses I opened my mouth and somehow managed to swallow the entirety of his massive ten-inch monster cock.

Mr. Black wasn’t content with my mouth and throat by any means. He grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up turning me so my ass was facing him and pushed on my neck forcing me to bend over with my elbows supporting me on the toilet seat. I felt fingers rubbing cold slimy lube on my asshole only seconds before I was impaled on an enormous black cock.

Mr. Black only gave me a few seconds to adjust to his size in my previously virgin asshole before sliding almost all the way out and ramming back home. I felt his balls slapping my much smaller balls each time he rammed his big black cock deep into my bowels.

Mr. Black lifted me and turned me so he could sit on the toilet seat with me standing straddle of him. He held my hips and guided me to ride that monster cock up and down destroying my poor asshole. Seeing an opportunity a Hispanic man stood before me stroking his cock. He was about seven and a half inches long and very thick. He grabbed my hair and speared his fat uncut cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock like a seasoned professional ankara kurtuluş escort cocksucker.

Mr. Black was jerking my hips up and down on his enormous horse cock making it difficult to keep sucking up the guy in my mouth but I fought to keep both cocks in me. Mr. Black was sputtering comments at me like, “Come on sissy bitch ride my black cock, and that’s right faggot take that big black cock in your bitch boi pussy.” The degrading nature of his comments only succeeded in spurring me on. The humiliation was majorly turning me on and I fucked his long fat black cock with all my poor ravaged asshole could manage.

The guy in my mouth was the first of number five and six cocks I was servicing to cum. He pulled out of my wet nasty slobbering mouth and shot his nasty man seed all over my face. He seemed to cum over and over coating my entire face. As quickly as he had appeared he was gone.

Mr. Black shoved deep into my asshole and started spurting shot after shot after shot of big black cock goo deep in my gaping asshole. He pulled me back so that I was leaning back onto his chest and pinched my nipples hard as he finally stopped cumming in my dark back door hole.

Out of somewhere Chance appeared again and lifted me up off Mr. Black’s massive tool. Helping me to my feet Chance guided me out of the stall. There were still several guys standing around stroking their hard cocks to the show I had put on. Even though my own cock was still very hard, I was used up and Chance knew it.

I didn’t even realize Chance had guided me out into the bar completely naked and covered in nasty sperm of six hard cocks until we were on the sidewalk walking down the street.

Chance was literally walking me down Bourbon Street naked and soaked in cum. He had found my hotel key card in my clothes and walked me right into the hotel. The desk clerk gasped as we entered then turned away choosing not to see anything.

Chance pushed the elevator up button and held me there waiting for the elevator. The doors dinged open and we entered. Chance pushed the second floor button and the doors closed before anyone else tried to enter the elevator.

On the second floor the doors opened and Chance guided me to my room. Using the key card he opened the door and we entered. Chance walked straight to the bed and pushed my down onto it. He pulled me around so that my head was hanging off the side upside down.

He had already undid his pants and pushed his cock deep into my throat with one long forceful thrust. I gagged and spit but he did not relent. Chance proceeded to fuck my throat deep over and over for what seemed like forever.

Once his cock was covered with throat slime he flipped me over and rammed his eight-inch hard cock hard into my already abused asshole. Chance fucked me like a whore with no regard to how it felt to me. All that mattered was his cock and how he wanted to fuck this sissy bitch cock whore on the bed beneath him.

Chance fucked me for at least twenty or thirty minutes deep and hard before finally grunting and filling my asshole up with more cum along with what was left of Mr. Black’s cock juice. As his hard thrusting cock was filling me up with his nasty cum my own cock erupted spilling my seed all over the bed. I hadn’t even touched my cock. Chance literally fucked the cum out of me with his masterful cock.

After Chance was done blasting his boiling jism into my completely wrecked asshole he pulled out and moved around in front of me and shoved his nasty cock into my mouth forcing me to lick and suck him clean.

When he was satisfied his cock was clean he took a pen off the night stand and wrote something on my hand. He pulled up his jeans and walked out closing the door behind him. I looked at my hand and read a phone number along with the words for a repeat, call the number.

I passed out on the bed on top of the covers still covered in now dried cum and feeling completely worn out, abused, and more satisfied than I could ever remember in my life.

I woke the next morning to a knocking on my hotel room door. I opened my sticky eyes and made my way to the door. Standing behind the door I opened it to find a hotel staff girl standing there with a package. The look on her face said more than words. I remembered suddenly I was covered in dried cum and hurriedly took the package and closed the door feeling very humiliated.

Sitting on the bed I opened the package to find pink lacy panties, pink thigh high stockings, and a pink-matching bra. There was a note from Chance. “If you choose to call the number you must wear these.”

The phone rang on the night stand and my shaking hand picked it up and put it to my ear. It was the hotel staff girl that had brought the package. “I see we have a nice sissy cum loving cock whore in our hotel,” she said. She introduced herself and Lynne and gave me her number before hanging up.

The rest of the weekend was even wilder than the previous night. That is another story. When Monday came I concluded my business and left New Orleans. I knew I would go back and meet the new friends I had made. I had discovered an entirely new side to myself and loved it.

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