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Judy and Joe

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Hi I am Milly, Nothing special, bumps in the right places, but kinda small and a bit darker than I am white.

My best feature is my eyes, slanted and kind of Asian looking. No Asian ancestors that I know of, but then you never know what came out of the woodpile. My eyes can really get some people going especially when I slut them up a bit.

People tell me I overanalize things and I guess they are right. Never anything dangerous though. Just cucumbers, carrots and dildos. It is such a lovely full feeling going around with a secret intruder. Actually Carrots may be a bit dangerous, at least the short ones. They tend to go in too far and get lost, and then it takes forever before they come out, maybe they get sucked all the way up in the stomach to be digested. There has been a few I never saw again but that could be just that I did not notice when they came back.

Really, I’m a regular Milla Vanilla. One thing: I’m lez, guess that qualifies as extraordinary for some people. Never met any of them though, outside of TV and other media, so I kinda doubt they are as many as they are loud.

You still don’t know me? That is OK, this is about Judy. She bahis firmaları lives next door and she is a very nice person. We talk a lot, first on chance meetings in the hallway or in the laundry room, but then we started visiting each other for tea and talk. One time we even met in the hallway, both going visiting at the same time, it became her flat that day because she have this super heater that can boil tea-water in less than 2 minutes. Mara, my SO, don’t really like chitchat talk so she leave that sort of socializing to me. Huh? Were you expecting me and Judy licking, rubbing and squirting until the ceilings starts dripping? Sorry. We just talk, not even about sex usually though that too comes up now and then, like in this story Judy told from her time in college.

She had this boyfriend, sounded just as vanilla as me, football, cars, tits and beer. Some day someone is going to invent a sport that combine all four. Boy, he is gonna make a bundle 🙂 Lets call him Joe. By the way nobody in this tale really have that name, I think them up myself to protect the guilty.

Anyways. Judy and Joe had been going out for several months, to the point where they kaçak iddaa agreed that it was time for them to stay home together. That is where the story really begin. Both of them nervous like cats in a fireworks factory, but determined that this was gonna be The Day. Judy had bought some special underwear, Joe brought condoms, a bottle of wine and a lot of enthusiasm. They drank the wine. And sat there. How to begin? After a while Judy told him about the underwear, did he want to see? Yes, he wanted. So she took off sweater and skirt and showed him. He saw. And kept on looking. After a while she came over to sit on his lap. Only the chair had armrests. To lap sit she would have to either turn her back and face away from him. Or else face him and spread her legs on either side. Awkward and a bit too explicit for Judy at that point. So she stood there wondering just how to sit on his lap. Realizing this, he stood up and embraced her. Good move. They necked a bit and wound up on the bed, Judy on top.

Then he came. In his pants. He had read about foreplay and thought he had totally blown it. Thankfully he became hard again in just a couple of minutes, and they both kaçak bahis started talking, asking, advising and taking off clothes. Talking in a wonderful thing, it helps a lot in situations like that. Judy told him her mother had put her on the pill a year ago so unless he had some STD it was OK for him to come right in. He didn’t (is anyone surprised?), he came right in. And came again. But now they knew how to handle that. Kissing and cuddling a little while until he was hard again. This time he got all the way in with no mishap and things went just fine. well almost, she got tingling but no “Big O”. She started cuddling again and they talked a bit. He told he he had been worried about her virginity, and if maybe he would need a hammer and chisel to get through it. She told him she had taken care of that herself with fingers and her vibrator. Oh, and by the way it was OK for him to touch her there too.

And then they really made love. I was very very nice. They liked each other even better after, and I guess that is about as good as any first time fumble can get. He graduated at the end of that year and got a job out of town. They exchanged several letters and phone calls, but that ended it.

Me, I was luckier. My first time was with a lady who knew plenty enough about what she was doing for both of us. Lots of “big O” for me. But still, I am a bit envious, of the innocence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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