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Just a Quickie

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Oh my gosh I am so fucking horny. I cannot wait to get home. I have not had sex since two weeks ago at the company picnic in the park bathroom. Maurice bent me over the bathroom sink and fucked my pussy so hard I gushed all over the front of my sundress. My clit is just throbbing through my panties, aching for some attention. I have been so busy with the Johnson’s Case that I have not had the chance to tend to her like I should. I am getting so wet and its just the car ride home. Fuck, this is not going to pan out like I had planned. I need some relief NOW! Wait, is that an adult store over there on 39th and 9th?

I drive into the underground parking lot and grab my shades and expensive trench coat . I can not be caught dead in this part of Manhattan. It would make myself look bad if a person from the other firm caught me coming in here. I visit adult stores so often between fuck buddies that I practically know the floor plans. Neon signs greet me as I enter the store. One promising 25 cent peep shows, the other promising first class DVDs. I make a beeline to the back where the sex toys are kept.

I peruse the rabbits and dolphin shaped clit stimulators and stop. Before me is what I have been yearning to have for the last few months: The Dr. Jackson Ultra G-Spot Stimulator. At every store that I went to it was sold out; I was too embarrassed to ask a clerk to order more. The Ultra G Spot Stimulator has 20 speed variations, a retractable tiger shaped clitoris stimulator, infra red heat with lights, and was 13 inches in length with a girth of 2.5 inches. I know I can’t fit all of it in me but the option to do so was nice. I grab one and head to the front. As I make it past the DVDs I stop when I see “Big Black Cocks 4: The Awakening of Dongasaurus Sex.” As corny casino şirketleri as the title sounds the screen shots look very promising.

I head to the register. The cashier is voluptuous with purple and red hair. Her brown new growth is peeking through the terrible dye job. Her blue eyes have the look of boredom and hatred of all customers. She scans my toy and stops when she sees the DVD. She looked at both sides and smirked.

“This is a good one. My girlfriend loves it, I heard a part five was in the works. ” Her bored expression did not change the entire time she talked. I could feel my clit pulsating through my panties in anticipation of what is about to come.

“$39.47 is your total.” She says as she places the items into a flimsy black plastic bag. I leave three 20s and practically run out the store with the bag. I head to the parking lot and make it to the red Eco friendly car. I only bought it for two reasons, less gas and very dark windows. I am digging in my purse for my keys, my panties are becoming soaked in my juices. Finally I find my keys and stab the lock and turn the key. The click of the lock allowing me access to the car makes me smile.

I climb inside and pop the DVD into the DVD player and press play. I rip my dripping wet panties off and open the toy.

“Fucking Shit Fuck Fuck Fuck!” I yell as I realize that I forgot the fucking batteries. I could go back to the store; but I would be creaming all over my skirt and worried that the cashier would be able to smell the aroma coming from my sex. I reach into my glove compartment. Oh happy day! There is a large flashlight that I usually use for emergencies. Well this was an emergency, my pussy was burning hot and yearning for a good fuck!

The batteries make a light casino firmaları thud as they are shaken onto the passenger seat. I grab four of the AA batteries and head to the back of my car with the Ultra Stimulator. I hike up my skirt and spread my toned brown legs wide. My eyes are glued to the porno as I start to rub my clit slowly. Something about the build up just turns me on. I guess its because the slower you go, the greater the orgasm.

As I watch the porno I feel the juices sliding down my pussy to the seat. I work my clit harder. missed the intro dialogue since I was searching for batteries. But it was great because I was now up to the part where a buxom African American woman was on her knees sucking two of the biggest black cocks that I have ever seen. As she alternated between men, the light skinned guy rubbed and squeezed her curvaceous bosom as she was being throat fucked by the dark skinned guy. When the dark skinned guy pulled his cock out of her mouth, the woman quickly latched on to the other man. The sucking sounds and watching the dark skinned male slap her tits with his huge cock just made my wet pussy ache even harder. It was time for Dr. Jackson.

The stimulator lit up like the fourth of July as I turned it on. The tiger clit stimulator turned orange as the 13 inch member turned red then blue to signal that it is ready to be inserted to my hot pussy. I spread my legs even wider and slowly rub the tip around the lips of my shaved flower. I could just feel my nipples stiffen as I tease myself. I drag the tip down to my moist center and slowly allow it to enter. The warmness as it enters me gets my juices flowing even more. I leave about a good four inches out and extend the tiger stimulator to my clit. As soon as it reaches my sweet spot güvenilir casino my delicious nectar covers the seat. I could feel her tingling as I ached for more.

I continue to watch the porno. By this point the woman has mounted one of the men as she continues to suck the cock of the other. The sound of the light skinned male coaching her on as she sucks his cock makes my pussy tighten around my new silicone friend. The sounds of the sucking, flesh hitting flesh, and moans are just too much for me. I rapidly pump my new friend in and out of my pussy. The Ultra Stimulator getting wetter and wetter with each thrust. My cunt clamps down hard and I know exactly what is next. I lay my head on the seat and moan as wave after wave of pleasure rushes through my body. Feeling myself contract as I keep Dr. Jackson buzzing inside of me. This had to have been the best orgasm I have had in a while, well not counting the tryst with Maurice.

After the orgasm passes I climb over to the front seat. My panties discarded like an old hamburger wrapper on the floor did not really help a sister out. The things you do when you are super horny. I shut off the DVD and pulled down my skirt after wiping myself with a moist towelette. I reach for my PDA to see what time it is:


Shit! I hope that was not about the Johnson case because I could not go back to the office in the state that I was in. An orgasm like that can tire a woman out! As I searched to see where the mystery call came from it was Maurice’s PDA. I’m not calling him back, he kind of gave me the cold shoulder since the picnic. I ignored the blinking phone icon and went to read the email:


I look at the DVD player, then turned around to see Dr. Jackson discarded on the seat next to the puddle I had created and decided to text Maurice back:


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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