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Just a Walk in the Park

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Sara and Dan had been hanging out more and more the last few months becoming closer and possibly more than friends. Sara was somewhere in her late 20’s, but liked younger guys, preferably just out of high school, but Dan was 22, a little old, but the two of them could hang out at the local night spots, when they weren’t out walking in the park or hanging out at the local coffee shop.

Today being Saturday, the two decided to go for a walk in the park; it was more like a long 10 mile path with lots of spots to be alone. Sara liked walking because it kept her legs, her best assets, in the best shape possible. Young, energetic, and a love of being outside describe her well. Long brown hair with beautiful brown eyes and a fantastic ass are things that Dan liked about her.

Dan was a good looking young college stud with surfer flair, but devastating dark eyes. Sara could get lost in those eyes.

Sunny and in the low 80’s was the perfect weather for a long casual stroll and they walked hand in hand down the asphalt path. With the weather so nice, lots of other people were out as well and they were constantly getting passed by others on bikes, blades or just getting pulled in a wagon.

After awhile, Sara suggested, “Let’s take a break”. And they sat on a bench off to the side, not quite out of the way, but shaded nicely by a few trees.

They sat there talking and as always, their conversation turned to sex, something both were interested in, but had yet to experience with each other. Sure they have spent some time making out, along with some heavy petting, which always left them wanting more, but with a new relationship, both were being cautious; until today.

Sara leaned over, put her arms around Dan and started planting small kisses on his neck and working her way up to his ear where she nibbled on his earlobe. “What do you think you’re doing?” he grinned.

“Just seeing if you’d like to play a little?” whispered Sara, seductively in his ear.

“Here, right now?” Dan wasn’t sure about their location, but was definitely czech first video porno interested and the bulge in his shorts told Sara, she had his attention.

“We could find someplace a little more secluded” she said, as she got up grabbed his hand and continued down the path. The park passed through some fairly secluded sections, over and under bridges and over small streams with the occasional side path diverting off to small secluded areas.

Sara picked a path she had walked her dog on before and knew it wasn’t traveled too much. It had a nice secluded spot where she and Dan could make out without too much of a chance of being seen.

As they walked they talked some more, something Sara seemed to do a lot of, not that it’s a bad thing, she was just very talkative, something Dan really enjoyed about her.

Sara stopped under a tree at a secluded spot and pulled Dan into her, kissing him hard and feeling the bulge in his shorts push against the wetness in her shorts, eliciting a small moan from her lips. She pulled him tighter against her, grinding her pussy against him and sliding her tongue deep into his mouth.

Dan knew that they were moving into new territory as Sara allowed him to kiss his way down her neck While unbuttoning her shirt slightly, he licked his way to her perky right nipple. Both nipples were hard and since Sara didn’t wear a bra this afternoon they were both aching for some attention. Dan sucked and nibbled on her right nipple before switching and sucking on her left one. Sara’s hand found the back of Dan’s head and pulled him tighter into her breasts.

“That feels great,” she said, “but you know what I’d really like?” asked Sara, as she looked down at Dan with her beautiful brown eyes.

Not really knowing, because they had never gone this far before, Dan had to ask, “What?”

“Just keep kissing your way down and you’ll get there,” she grinned.

Dan pulled her shirt up and flicked his tongue around her belly button. Smoothing his hands slowly czech gangbang porno up her legs, he found that she didn’t have any panties on underneath her shorts, or if she did, they were a thong, because his hands were on her firm ass in no time.

Dan looked up at her with those dark sexy eyes, wondering if he should keep going and as if reading his mind, Sara whispered “keep going, you’re almost there.”

Dan pulled down the front of her shorts and found a small white thong; pulling her shorts down to her ankles he could see how excited and wet she was. He slowly licked his way up her lips over the thong and brought his hands up to pull them down.

Pulling them down Dan saw Sara’s pussy for the very first time. “Wow, you have a beautiful little pussy” he said as he parted her lips and dipped his tongue in deep, causing Sara to gasp.

Pushing her legs apart slightly, Dan was able to suck and nibble on her lips while pushing two fingers up into her, causing more soft moans of pleasure. As he fucked her pussy with his fingers, he started to suck and flick her clit from side to side.

It felt fantastic and she squealed quietly, trying hard not to draw any unwanted attention. “God that feels great! That’s it, suck it, suck it hard!” was all she could get out.

Sara had been with other guys, but Dan really knew how to give a girl pleasure with his tongue, and she couldn’t wait to repay the act with some oral gratification of her own.

Dan increased the tempo of his fingers and nibbled on her clit. Sara just reached down and pushed his head tighter against her box as the first little waves of pleasure started.

Sucking hard on her clit, she came, grunting slightly as he continued to pump his fingers into her and lap at her juices as it ran down her slit. Dan placed his tongue flat at the bottom of her lips and slowly licked up to her clit one final time.

Grinning from ear to ear, she looked down at his glistening face all wet with her juice as he sucked her moisture brazzers porno off his fingers.

“That was a first”, Dan chuckled.

“Well, get ready for another first,” replied Sara as she pulled him up and shoved him against the tree, while quickly getting on her knees.

Dan and Sara had discussed oral sex before and Sara had always said she was good at, or at least that’s what she had been told and the fact of the matter was, she really enjoyed giving head, even more than receiving it.

Dan was ready to explode as Sara reached up and slowly rubbed his bulging dick through his shorts. She slid the zipper down and reaching in was able to release his throbbing cock.

Sara loved the sight of a hard penis with its glistening purple head and beautiful shaft. She wrapped her hand around Dan’s dick and slowly stroked him, causing a small release of pre-cum and a quiet little “ohhhh yeah” to come from her young stud.

Still holding him in her hand she licked his head clean, then sucked just the tip into her mouth, where she swirled her tongue all around.

Dropping her hand to his balls, she took all of him deep into her mouth, back to her throat and sucked as she pulled off his dick, slowly.

Looking up, she saw Dan’s eyes closed in pure pleasure as she licked up and down the sides of his shaft, while slowly stroking him, making sure to keep him right there, right on the edge.

Sara opened her mouth again and slowly worked her way back down over his cock until he was again fully engulfed in her hot, wet mouth. She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth and knew he was close to giving her what she really desired. She fucked his cock with her mouth with long slow strokes while cupping his balls in her left hand.

Sara began sucking harder, until she felt his balls tighten and the first splash of cum hit the back of her throat. She continued to milk Dan’s cock until he was finished and she had swallowed the last drop of his cum.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, she cleaned him off and gently placed him back into his shorts, stood and gave Dan a quick kiss on the cheek. “Let’s go see what other firsts we can do today” she chimed as she headed back for the main path.

Dan just stood there watching her sexy ass sway as she skipped off, smiling to himself. He knew there was more exploration and fun to be had this weekend.

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