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Just Dessert

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As the sun began to set, the small green car sped along the road. Careful not to drive over the limit, the young woman was desperate to get home from work. She’d managed to get out early as she had finished all of her tasks for the day by lunchtime and had spent the rest of her day plotting. Pulling into the driveway, she pulled the keys from the ignition and reached across to the passenger seat, grabbing her bag before stepping out of the car and heading to the front door.

Her body was truly something to behold in the warm yet dusky red glow of the setting sun. She wasn’t a small girl, standing at about 5’7 and weighing in at about 290lbs. She had curves in all the right places, they were big but she knew how to wear them well, her low cut top fitting perfectly around her ample breasts, her short pencil skirt sitting around her waist as she straightened it out a little, hoping it wasn’t too creased to wear to the office again the next day. Her hair was long, thick and naturally wavy, the auburn and gold strands catching the sunlight and glistening as she moved towards the house, her excitement and apprehension growing.

Laura was a simple girl. She worked in the local college for learners 16+ and though she hated it, she always did her best. The kids depended on her, most of them coming from the most deprived of backgrounds, it was important to her to make sure they knew that just because their parents and other family members had made poor decisions, it wasn’t a restriction on them and their futures. She didn’t do much outside work, maybe going to the theatre or cinema every so often, but she did love to go walking, just getting lost and exploring new places for hours on end. It gave her time to think, time to breathe and be free. Nothing else in the world allowed her to feel like that. Well, nothing except one thing…one person…John.

John was like no one Laura had ever met before. She still couldn’t believe that he was hers…or rather…she was His. She had been helplessly in love since the first time she saw him across the parking lot at the grocery store. His eyes had caught hers and she had dropped her bags in surprise as she caught them back. He had the most gorgeous eyes, a dark hazel brown, almost captivating to anyone who had the good fortune to capture his gaze with their own. He stood at around 5’9 and had an average build though it was clear that he worked out a lot and took care of himself and his body incredibly well. His smile was enchanting as he almost flew over the lot in what seemed like a split second and stood before her, holding her groceries from the floor. The rest as they say, was history.


Hurrying into the house, Laura was quickly in their bedroom. Tonight was going to be perfect. She had made plans and nothing was going to stop her from carrying them out. Quickly she stripped out of her work clothes, hanging them ready for the next day before running the shower for a few seconds to allow the water to heat up. Catching a glance of herself in the floor length mirror, Laura paused. Gently she ran her hand over her left wrist, trailing her fingertips along the scars from her past. She shivered a little and looked away in an instant.

As the hot water fell over her, she tilted her head back, closing her eyes and sighed as she felt everything washing away. Her mind flitted to the past, and then she remembered John. He had saved her. He had shown her that it was ok to be her. To truly be her. It was so…refreshing with him. Being His. Quickly but carefully, she washed herself thoroughly, how He had shown her to. She ran a razor over her skin, making sure there was no hair before washing herself again and shampooing her hair.

All in all she was in the shower around 20 minutes but she really didn’t care. Tonight was going to be special. Towelling herself dry, she moved through the bedroom and opened the elegant lock on a small wooden box. Carefully removing the contents she found her outfit and began to get ready for the evening ahead of her. Taking her short fitted skirt, she stepped into it carefully before pulling on her sheer emerald green bra and panties before blow drying her hair and applying a small amount of natural looking makeup.

Time began to fly by as Laura worked in the kitchen, preparing the evening meal for her and John. Today was not a specific event, but she wanted to treat Him, to show Him how much she loved Him and so she had decided to plan an evening of fun, starting with a delicious three course dinner of all His favourites. The starter was broccoli and cheddar soup with fresh homemade bread rolls. For the main, she was making beef bean burritos with Cajun spiced sweet casino şirketleri potato wedges and a salad, and for dessert, a chocolate cheesecake, served with whipped cream and chocolate covered strawberries.

Startled by the blaring siren sound coming from her bag, Laura hurried into the living room and rummaged, panicking that she would miss the call. Managing to find it on what must have been the last ring she answered quickly.

“Good evening, Master.”

She spoke softly, with an air of grace. Her British accent clear as the day she left 10 years previously.

The conversation was short but sweet as ever. John was preparing to leave the office and as always, informing her of His not so distant departure from the City. This was her life.

Laura was His in every way. She was His partner, His lover, His submissive and His kitten, but their relationship was more than that. In many ways, Laura was His slave. Everything she did revolved around Him and making sure that He was happy, in turn making herself happy. She was totally devoted to Him. Dinner was always on the table when He got home from work. He worked longer hours than her and it was part of their routine. She cared for Him, in every way you could ever imagine.

Returning to the bedroom, Laura reached for a small tube on the bedside table. Carefully picking up the contents of the box from earlier, she opened the tube of lubricant and placed a small amount on the head of the steel plug, before fastening the top of the tube again. Massaging the lubricant over the head she slipped her panties off and liberally applied the spare over her delicate pink rosebud, a soft whimper escaping her as the cold gel heightened her sensations. Carefully she pulled the ginger tabby tail through the small hole in the back of her panties before stepping back into them and almost pulling them all the way back up. Taking the plug in her hand, she gently pressed the tip against her bud, very slowly applying a little more pressure and allowing it to build as she slowly pressed it into herself. Teeth biting down on her bottom lip as she winced and moaned softly, feeling the plug sink into her ass as she moved, she leaned against the edge of their bed, hands spread at shoulder width as she allowed her body to adjust.

A few minutes passed before she slowly stood upright again, the plug still deep inside her as she pulled the sheer green panties back up and the short fitted black skirt down a little, the tail poking out over the waist band. Standing in front of the mirror, she carefully fixed her hair in a style she knew He loved and clipped her ginger tabby ears into place before fastening her kitten collar around her neck, the turquoise and black leather, adorned with a small silver bell in the middle. Hurrying back downstairs she found the bag she was looking for and set everything in place in the living room before returning to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. Ten minutes later, she heard the roar of His engine pulling into the drive and shuddered.

“This is it.”

She muttered to herself as she drew in a deep breath and waited in anticipation for His reaction when He saw her.


“Good evening, Kitten.”

He sighed, dropping his bag on the floor by the door before hanging his jacket up and heading into the living room.

“Mmmm…something smells delicious…”

Wandering in and catching a glimpse of His beautiful girl standing in the kitchen preparing His dinner.


He almost purred as He walked up behind her, wrapping His hands around her waist and pulling her into Him, spinning her as He did before pressing His lips against hers. Laura almost melted into Him then and there, and fought to restrain herself. She needed to stop, to wait. It would be worth it.

Taking John by the hand, she led Him to the dining table, pulling His chair out before fetching His cold Angry Orchard Apple Cider from the fridge and pouring half into a glass for Him.

“Tonight…is all about You Master. I know it isn’t a special occasion, but I wanted to treat You. I hope You like it.”

Laura giggled softly as she served the soup and rolls carefully, placing one before Him and then one down for her too, sitting opposite Him with a slight wince as she felt the plug move.

The conversation was normal. A regular person would likely have struggled to comprehend the situation. A girl sat at the dining table with her partner, except, she had a tail plug in, and ears on her head, and was wearing nothing but her underwear and a very small skirt. Never mind the fact that in every sentence she said, the word Master casino firmaları was used in the most adoring of ways, while in return, He called her His kitten slut without even the slightest flinch. To them, it was normal.

As Laura cleared the table following the main course, she lead John by His hand to a wooden chair in the middle of the living room.

“Please Master, sit, I wish to massage Your aches and pains from a long day moving rooms at work away.”

She said softly, a small glint in her eyes and she began to execute her plan and He sat in the chair, removing His top as He did. Dimming the lights, Laura lit the strategically placed candles around the edge of the room and moved back behind Him. Placing her hands on His shoulders, she rubbed gently, slowly beginning to massage them as her eyes wandered to the bag she had hidden. Feeling Him begin to relax, she told Him to do exactly that, to close His eyes and relax while she worked.

As soon as she felt Him slip past that barrier into an almost semiconscious state from her massaging, she silently stepped away from him and reached into the bag, wrapping a length of soft blue rope over her shoulders quickly before moving back and continuing the massage. Slowly she began to stretch His arms out behind Him, edging them a little further back each time before she knew it was time. Taking a deep breath, she felt herself begin to tremble a little as she held both His arms behind the chair with one hand and took the end of the rope with the other. Quickly she wrapped the rope around Him, just above the wrists so as not to cause any pain, weaving the rope around the back of the chair to hold them in place and knotting it before He could say a word.

She had done it. She couldn’t believe it. She had tied her Master to the chair like she had planned. Within seconds He had come back around enough to realise what had happened, and He was not pleased.

“Kitten! What the hell do you think you are doing?”

He commanded, His deep voice growling, letting her know just how much trouble she was in once He could get His hands on her.

“Untie Me! Untie Me right now you disobedient little slut!”

He raised His voice and Laura quivered.

“Shh…it’s ok John…”

She shuddered. It had been so long since she had called Him anything other than Master, but if there was ever a time she was going to do it, this was it. She knew she was in enough trouble as it was so why not go down in style.

“Relax…I told You tonight was about You…and it is. I just want to feed You your dessert.”

Laura served the dessert and pulled a stool to the side of the chair where John was sat, carefully holding a plate with a large slice of homemade chocolate cheesecake, 5 chocolate-coated strawberries and a large dollop of whipped cream on it. Taking the fork she carefully cut a piece of the cake off and slowly moved it to His mouth, watching Him take it between His lips and devour it.

“Mmmm kitten, you delicious slut…this is just…perfect. The best you have made yet.”

John moaned as He began to enjoy the dessert, especially the method of delivery as His delicious slut fed Him so sumptuously. How little He knew.

The cake didn’t last long, nor did the whipped cream. Carefully, Laura was now feeding Him the chocolate covered strawberries, straddling Him with one end of each berry being held between her lips and she leant down and kissed Him, feeding Him at the same time. The juices and melting chocolate trailing between them as they continued. Progressively, Laura let more juice trail down over her soft and pale flesh and when the last strawberry was gone, she stood up from His lap and moved before Him.

“Mmmm You are so delicious John…”

She said with another glint in her eyes.

“But You seem to have made quite a mess of me…”

Laura looked down and slowly drew a finger through the juices on her chest, raising it to her lips and sucking it clean. She could see Him squirm in the chair she had Him tied on and knew that this was going to be fun. Turning it, she stood between Him and the sofa, where she had already laid a towel and her toys.

“What the hell are you doing Kitten?”

He exclaimed, seeing what she had set up.

“You had this planned from the start didn’t you? You wait til I get out of this chair!”

He growled as Laura began to strip in front of him. Slowly wriggling her hips a little, she turned her back to Him and bent at the waist a little, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and slowly sliding it down as her hips continue to move. Dropping the skirt to the floor, Laura carefully stepped güvenilir casino out of it and bent over at the waist to pick it up, moving as slowly as possible in front of John, knowing He can do nothing about it.

Turning back around to face him, she slowly unhooked her sheer emerald green bra, slipping it off her arms and releasing her large breasts, her nipples already noticeably throbbing and hard as she bit down on her bottom lip and slowly placed a finger on John’s shoulder, walking around Him in nothing but her panties, collar and kitten wear as she trailed her finger over Him, running the very tip down over His chest and toying slightly with His nipples, flicking them a little before pulling back and walking a step or so away and bending down again as she slid my sheer emerald green panties down over her legs and stepping out of them.

Now completely naked, wearing nothing but her collar, tail and ears, Laura held her tail in her hand and circled John again, trailing it over Him before moving to the sofa and relaxing on it. Biting her lip, she parted her legs and pulled her feet up on to the edge of the cushion, her hand snaking its way down her body to her very core, toying with herself gently as she watched Him squirm in the chair He was tied to.

Whimpering softly, Laura reached for the wand, turning it on low and placing it over her already throbbing clit.

“Mmmm oh John…it feels so good…”

She moaned a little louder, watching Him, noticing His bulge growing in His pants as she found herself making a bolder decision than she had planned for originally. Continuing to tease herself more, Laura turned the wand up a little higher, deciding that she was going to edge for Him at least once. Groaning a little louder she struggled to fight back her pleasure but she managed.

“Mmm oh God Kitten…You are so fucking stunning…MY stunning, dirty little slut girl…”

John moaned as He shifted on the chair He was bound to as He watched her edge for Him.

Moving again, Laura stood again and moved towards Him, bringing with her the cordless wand, and her glass dildo. Placing them on His lap, she reached into the bag behind Him again and pulled out a bit gag, quickly fastening it in His mouth and around His head, locking it in place. She was already in a massive amount of trouble so she had decided to just fuck it and go with it and that was exactly what she was doing.

“Now John, stay still like a good pup, like MY good little boy…”

She said teasingly, with a seductive air in her tone as she picked up the toys again and parted her legs before Him. Slowly she manoeuvred herself backwards, one leg on either side of his, straddling Him but facing away as she made herself comfortable on His lap, pulling her feet up and resting one on each of His knees as she ground her hips into Him. Turning the wand on again, she began to play with herself on His lap, knowing that He could feel her every reaction, and smell her scent so close to Him, whilst being able to do nothing about it.

As she moaned and groaned more, turning the wand up higher, she reached for the glass dildo and slowly slid it into herself, groaning loudly and shuddering, almost exploding then and there. Somehow managing to hold her orgasm back, Laura edged herself to the brink another two times before climbing off John’s lap again and running the tip of the dildo over His lip, watching Him shudder and whimper around the gag as He inhales her scent and arousal.

She straddles His lap again, this time facing Him and holding the wand against her clit and His no throbbing bulge in His pants. Turning the speed up to the highest it will go, she watched Him squirm and wriggle, listening to His moans and whimpers through the gag as I ride the vibrations myself.

“Oohh Johnn…I…I’m gonna…”

Laura cried out, unable to stop herself this time as the waves of her pleasure washed over her, crashing through her as she shuddered and quivers in orgasm, her cunt clenching tightly as she exploded and squirted all over His lap and pants. Shuddering and shivering, she clasped on to His shoulders as she came back down to Earth from the intense high she has just experienced.


She moaned and whimpered as she slowly stood up, giggling softly as she gathered the toys and placed them back on the towel covered sofa, Laura turned and bent over, collecting the dessert plate and taking it back to the kitchen, leaving John still tied to the chair.

“You know…You really are something else John…”

She spoke matter of factly…her tone beginning to sound a little apprehensive.

“But…You do realise I never actually tied any knots in the rope right? I just looped it around a few times?”

She giggled sheepishly and ran off, hiding from Him in a place she knew He would find within minutes, knowing that their evening of fun had only just begun.

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