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Just for Lust

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The ladies were sitting in the corner of the Golf Club lounge like three wise monkeys, huddled nonchalantly over their drinks, disinterestedly divining the sexual prowess of every male member along the bar, making crude asides that brought irregular loud chuckles from the group.

Too young to be grandmothers and too old to be debutantes, they were at that wonderful age when women know what they want and know how to enjoy it. Covertly sensual in an overt sort of way, every movement of their tanned, trim bodies shouts, “I am a sensuous woman who enjoys fucking.” The only blemish on this comfortable lifestyle is getting enough, often enough.

The men at the bar paid them little attention. They were local ladies after all and their histories were well known by their former teenage romances and previous lovers, their pasts inextricably intertwined in the day to day life of this small town.

As a traveller standing at the bar quietly enjoying a cold beer on a hot afternoon, being subjected to this erotic scrutiny was a strange feeling. I was only passing through.

Slowly, the redhead prised herself away from the brunette and bottle blonde. Empty glass in hand, she sauntered across the room to order another drink from the bar, her well rounded bosoms bouncing with each step, nipple buttons protruding out through the well cut blouse. Oh, dear! She had forgotten her purse.

“Perhaps I could get it for you?” I queried with a smile.

Her bright eyes sparkled and darted quickly from glass to face, absorbing every detail between as a beaming smile spread rapidly across her full lips.

“Why, that’s very kind. Thank you.”

The smile lingered. We followed the local custom and moved away a little from the bar, her friends forgotten for a moment.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. Have you just moved into town?”

“No,” I replied with a grin. “The car was running rough and the mechanic is taking forever to get it fixed. The lunch here was recommended but I seem to have missed it.”

“Oh yes, they close the kitchen early today and the chef is a real tartar.” A slight pause. “So what will you do now for lunch?”

“Oh I don’t know,” I said. “Might play two or three holes while I’m waiting even if I can’t get a meal. I really should make the most of such a delightful afternoon.”

She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, briefly glanced away into the distance, then fixed her eyes confidently on mine.

“Yes. An afternoon delight would be wonderful. I s’pose you’ll start on the 69th to get in the last three.” A pause. “Do you have the balls for it?”

“Oh bother. I just realised that my niblick and balls are in the car at the garage. It is a long drive to get the sticks then come here for a few holes. Sort of wastes the afternoon really.”

“Too bad,” she said. A pause, then another wry smile.

“I’m off home for a late lunch.” Chin down, smile and fluttered eye-lashes.

“Maybe you’d like to join me for a nibble and lick; make a meal of it before you play those holes.” A pregnant pause.

“An afternoon delight, perhaps.”

“Why thank you,” I said, peering into the deep cleavage almost covered by her unbuttoned blouse. “That looks like a boobiful banquet, but I don’t want to land you in a hazard.”

The smile transformed into a grin. “Oh that’s OK,” she said. “There are no hazards on this course now; only free shots . . .” And her voice trailed off wistfully into her private world.

She stepped past me, her full breast gently brushing against my arm as she turned back from putting the glass on the bar. Another smile. “Just let me get my purse and say good bye to the girls.”

I slowly drained the icy cold beer, watching over the glass as she returned to the group. A few brief words, knowing banter with approving glances in reply as she picked up her purse and keys, then back to me. The chilly beer did nothing to cool the rising temperature in my crotch.

“Ready to tee off?” she said as she touched base, “Come on, I’ll drive you” as she swirled purposely towards the door.

A few minutes later we were in a neat middle class lounge room.

“Take a seat,” she said. “I’ll only be a minute. These knickers are giving me a dreadful wedgie and I’ll get into something more comfortable.” She half turned as she was leaving the room, giving me a full vision of her bust bound up in her blouse. “There’s a beer in the fridge, if you’d like one.”

“No thanks,” I replied to the now empty doorway, and I was standing alone, surveying the memorabilia of her life. But not for long. I was facing away from the door looking at a picture above the corner sofa when she announced her return.

“There, that’s better,” she said with a sense of satisfaction.

I turned; and was faced with her voluptuous nude body moving determinedly towards me, full breasts swinging sensuously, the nipples deliciously red and firm. She had czech taxi porno obviously lived much of the good life, but she was not flabby, her deep cleavage and shaved pussy promised all sorts of hidden delights.

She sort of ‘bumped’ into me, and with one arm on my shoulder said, “Now that’s much more comfortable for playing around.”

The full red lips homed in on my mouth and hungrily devoured my lips as her tongue worked overtime successfully enticing my juices to rise to the occasion, while her soft, firm stomach pushed gently into mine.

We embraced long and strong, our passion rising to the demand, my hands stroking down her back and under her arm to caress her soft bosom.

After what seemed an eternity the clinch broke and she stared up into my face. “Well, you seem to have done that before,” she said approvingly. “Now, let’s check out your stick and see if your balls will play the whole course.”

In a matter of moments I too was standing naked, with her kneeling in front of me on the floor, my manhood rising to the occasion automatically.

“Ahhh, that’s a nice shaft,” was all she said before the knob vanished into her eager mouth, the wetness and sucking sending thrills up my spine; Oh God, it was good.

Her head bobbed rhythmically up and down as she deliberately increased the length of cock she was swallowing with each bobbing. A gentle nip at the base to remind me that she had eaten it all, then back to the rhythm. Up down, up, down, up, down. The pleasure flowed through me and my cock became rock hard.

Tongue applied to scrotum and licked up to head, radiating delicious tingles through my body. Up and down, up and down, her tongue played my cock like a musician plays scales on a clarinet. Shit!! This is good!!

“Put your foot up on the sofa so that I can stroke your beautiful balls,” she purred, and immediately returning to sucking the head off my shaft without missing a stroke.

I moved my foot and her fingers moved over and behind my balls, feather stroking the scrotum to cause delicious waves of pleasure up through my body. Oh, the pleasure of a sensual woman’s touch!

Then the searing electric pleasure of a tongue tip tease, feather-licking in the eye . Talk about blow your mind!!!

“Can’t have you hitting off too soon,” she said as she pushed me gently on the chest. I came back to reality with a bump as I landed, sitting on the sofa. In a trice, she had stepped across my lap and, facing me, lowering herself onto my hard, erect cock, guiding it into her wet, hot pussy.

“Ahhhh!” she said with a satisfied smile, and began to rock back and forth, whimpering with delight with each touch to a pleasure point. Backwards and forwards or round and round, it didn’t matter, her smile became a fixture and her eyes closed to better enjoy the erotic bliss of a pleasure piston filling her chamber.. A surprised squeal and the rocking became faster, accelerating until with a cry of gratification and arching her back as the waves of pleasure swept over and through her torso. She rode them out, extracting every last drop of erotic pleasure.

It had been an exciting time for me also, having her massive mammaries swinging temptingly in front of my face, just too far away to be tasted, with the erotic cocktail of pussy juice, perspiration, female musk and perfume that invaded my nostrils and thrilled my senses. I was getting very hot!!!

Aww,” I said with a wicked smile. “So, you like it there do you? I wonder where else you like it. Now let’s see ….”

A bouncy boob pushed roughly into my mouth stifled all further words. My tongue found her nipple and proceeded to tease and nibble and suck to her increasing delight. A low moan, a yelp of protest when bitten too hard, A satisfied low moan while sucking and rolling her nipple onto itself. A slight shudder.

“Hmmm …. that was nice,” she cooed.

I moved my attention to the other side and began again, rough licking to make her nipple stand up for itself, rolling the spongy flesh on itself, then squeezing, and licking and biting and grazing until she quivered and broke away, catching breath in short gasps, eyes flashing with erotic intent, an interval between rounds.

Her cleavage was a chasm of pleasure to be enjoyed with licking and sucking and squashing boobs against head buried deep between them. And she responded with squeals, and gasps and moans as I increasingly wanted to fuck her to ecstasy.

A bounce too high on my lap and she slid off my cock and rolled away into the corner of the sofa, landing with knees splayed apart, her wet pussy just demanding to be eaten and fucked. Quick as a flash I rolled across trapping her playfully and clamping my mouth onto her erect nipple. Her back arched and she moaned, deep in her throat, while her body shook with pleasure.

A slight movement and we went into a deep embrace, lips meeting, mouths defloration porno working, tongues seeking the unplumbed depths of passion, hands exploring soft flesh, back arching into the pleasure. We were getting excitingly hot. A break for air and a slow nibble down her neck and along the nape quickly brought her racing to the boil. A whimper, a cry, a gasp, and her body bounced, her pliable breasts pushing hard against my chest.

Feather-strokes across her stomach, each one a little lower until I was gently stroking inside her thighs. She relaxed and spread her knees wide as fingers traced a tingling track up and down, up and down, up and down, only brushing across her shaved pussy. She lay there, eyes closed, whimpering quietly, revelling in male touch and the promise of pleasures to cum.

My fingers inevitably found their way to her pleasure button and she arched her back, one hand casually squeezing a nipple, increasing the pleasure. Below, the fingers feather-stroked her swelling love lips, sending erotic tingles up though her body. A long, low moan of appreciation, a shudder and I moved between her thighs for a feast of freshly shaved pussy.

She bucked and moaned when my tongue tip flicked her love button, as my tongue tip traced a wet pleasure path down over her love lips to stimulate her perineum and flick across her anus .

More pleasure as mouth nipped down one love lip, did a tongue flick pirouette on the perineum and nibbled up the other , then back the other way in a sort of alternating rotation. Each breath became a moan of pleasure.

A tongue dive into the pleasure box then to slide sensuously up to flick the button and back down into the play box with rapid fire darting tongue . Flicking her button to a broken rhythm to keep her hot, not overstimulate her, faster, longer, until with a gasping crescendo she was moaning, groaning, twisting, groaning, bumping into my face to get more of the delicious pleasure. I let her rest for a few moments then moved again.

With all the facial action below it just seemed natural for my chin to get into the act, slipping down into her wet pussy, rolling around inside the rim, stretching the hole deliciously. A satisfied smile.

My wet finger traced a path around her button and down over her love lip to rest expectantly on the rim of her pussy. Repeated short, quick tongue-tip flicks on her button and she was soon whimpering, sighing, moaning, gasping, groaning . . . and cumming; a long convulsive, shuddering, squealing series of orgasms that wracked her body uncontrollably. Now this was more like it!!

The wet finger traced the outline of her love lips while she came down. The bright eyes flashed defiantly.

“So when are you going to fuck me then?”

A wicked smile in reply. “When you are randy enough to really enjoy it.”

She rolled over, her smooth buttocks pointing skywards.

“I want it now. We can play again later.”

It was a tempting invitation. A wet pussy waiting to be fucked and filled. Well, what could a gentleman do but accept such an exciting offer. I moved behind her and began playing, stroking my knob over and between her buttocks.

“Put it in, put it in,” came the plea. “You’ve got me busting now; I want you to fuck mee!!!”

The last words were strangled by the thrust of my hard rod deep into her wet, wanting, waiting pussy. A gurgled groan of gratification was my reward.

“That’s better …. Now don’t stop until I tell you.”

I began to pump, as she grunted on each erotic lunge, slowly at first and she moaned intermittently, then quickly, and she gasped each time. Slowly, then fast, slowly then . The cacophony of delighted shrieks, moans, whimpers, groans as orgasms flooded through her body, exquisitely sharpening the senses and pushing all other thoughts out of her mind.

My pleasure piston was driving hard, in , out, in , out, in out. Meanwhile she was pushing back against me in syncopated rhythm, groaning with each bump of our hips.

She moved forward onto her shoulders and the feather touch of gentle fingers sent tingles of delight up my spine.

Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!! Three playful smacks on the smooth convex buttocks each brought a squeal of delight.

“Now don’t be a naughty girl and make me cum too soon,” I said. I could feel her smile wickedly.

Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!! and the naughty fingers spread their delicate delight up over my balls and beyond.

Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!! A groaning moaning shudder of pleasure passed through her body as her fingers slipped away.

Now she concentrated on pushing back hard into my every manly thrust, squealing with each stroke, her body racked repeatedly with uncontrolled pleasure; bobbing up and down, each breath a shriek of bliss. This girl knew how to enjoy herself.

She was like jelly now, barely able to balance on her knees. doktor ofisi porno She rolled over and my cock fell out. Her magnificent mammaries were heaving with each gasp for breath.

“Oh God, I want more of this, but I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Come into the bedroom with me.”

We went unsteadily through to the bedroom and she vanished briefly into the en suite, to return and put her arms around me.

“And what other interesting strokes do you play?” she asked bemusedly.

“Well, I still haven’t had a proper lunch so we can play out this hole and move to another if you like.”

“I like.”

I gently pushed her back onto the bed, her hips on the edge and knees wide apart.

“What’s this? Are you going to have some more lunch?” she joked as I slid a pillow under her buttocks.

“I don’t like playing the back nine on an empty stomach. It is more fun this way,” I said with a wicked knowing smile.

“I see. So you intend to ravage me completely, do you? Have your wicked way with me and leave me bunkered?”

“Well, I thought playing around would leave you a little over par.”

Before she could reply I was back at work on her delicious shaved pussy, tongue flicking her to ecstasy, hearing her whimper with each flick, sucking her pleasure button and hearing her gasp in each breath, nibbling on her hood, teasing, pulling, squeezing, thrilling as she moaned in delight. A wet finger traced behind her pussy and she sighed with satisfaction.

Time to double the action; suck and fiddle. As I tongue flicked her button my finger slipped slowly into her wet pussy, stroking around the walls, pushing into her, filling her full of hardness. She sighed and arched her hips forward to better enjoy the feeling as two fingers entered in a reciprocating motion that soon allowed a third to join them. But two were better for my purpose of finding her spot. While I sucked and flicked her button, my fingers explored inside her pussy, pushing against the walls until with a flinch, her breath shortened, and slowly, gasping with each breath, she slid inexorably into another huge thrashing orgasm. Everything moved. She screamed and moaned as she tossed on the bed, grunted and groaned as her pussy muscles squeezed my fingers, shrieked and swore as her hips bucked repeatedly pursuing the last skerrick of pleasure. An eternity passed in these sensuous convulsions before, exhausted, she slowly came down, panting, sucking in the air in deep gasps.

“Oh shit!! That was … extraordinary!!” Her body quivered uncontrollably with after shock … she might have stopped but her body wanted to go on. Slowly, very slowly her breathing became quiet and normal, punctuated irregularly by uncontrolled aftershocks. She giggled.

“I can’t stop cumming,” she said happily, and shook again.

It was cuddling time, time to bring her down before the final ride up the pleasure rollercoaster. I held her close, stroking her arm and back and head, feeling her regain her composure.

“So you like it there do you?” I said parodying her earlier comment.

“Hmmmm, yes I did,” she purred contentedly. “I feel replete now,” and she stretched up and kissed me softly on the cheek. “That was fabulous.”

We lay there without a word for a while, her lying in my arms, her breath blowing across my chest.

“Well, are you ready to finish off the round on the back nine?” I asked.

“Only if you’re very slippery and start slowly,” she answered dreamily. “But I can’t move so you’ll have to do me here. Check out the top drawer for the lube. I want to feel you explode in my arse after you’ve made me cum again.”

I rolled her gently onto her side and pulled up knee up so that her ring was easily accessible. On went the lube and slowly, very slowly my hard cock slid into her tight but relaxed arse. A slow push in, back a little, another push in deeper, back then again, and again until eventually I was right in it up to my balls for the first time. It felt sooo good!

There is something very stimulating about having your cock in a slippery, tight arse. It feels different to pussy. Slowly dragged out, a squirt of extra lube, then slowly back in, this time with fewer stops. Hold in deep, she wiggled her hips a little, then slowly withdraw, and back in to the hilt in one slow sensuous movement. The steadily increasing tempo of reciprocating motion and crescendo of pleasure was punctuated by her panting. Her hips rolled up to meet each strengthening thrust and whimpers became sighs, then moans.

“Fuck me hard,” she said suddenly, “I want you to fuck me harder” mixed into a squeal of delight. Her body was tensing, preparing to cum again, and she wanted to feel it all, every last little bit of pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder!!!” she demanded as I slammed my pleasure piston hard into her, bumping against the ridge at the bottom inside, again and again and again . This was too much, I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. That didn’t matter because the faster rhythm had got her excited and with a scream of delight she bucked her way through more convulsive orgasms, and I felt that overwhelming passion rise beyond control and blew my brains up her arse with strong multiple thrusts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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