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Just Took A Song

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*Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction any resemblance to specific people, places, &/or events is unintentional.


It was a Friday night and here I was — getting ready to headline my first gig, ready to “pop the cherries” of the members that had never played gigs. We did sound check, moved our equipment and let the opening band setup, the typical stuff a band has to do before any gig.

The other band was all nerves despite having more experience than us; they were missing their singer due to a fight within the band earlier that month. The doors opened at 6:30, the show was to start at 7. At 6:45 you could already tell that the other band was having issues, borrowing a mic stand from us, asking us to help during sound check.

We took it all in stride, trying to help where we could but already the crowd was noticing the lack of preparation of the opening act. At 6:55 we just managed to get them half-way setup, vocals still not leveled out completely and had to go with it — the venue had just announced them.

I’ve heard many non-mainstream and starting bands throughout my music career, and always know the potential of an opening act screwing up, or even blowing me out. Tonight I knew that it was up to my band to save the show to keep the crowd there and make the money for the venue else we never be allowed to return again thanks to people leaving during the opening act. The crowd gave pity on the opening act, though you could tell most were disappointed with what they did. Most staying, because the band they had wanted was us apparently.

Towards the end of their set list we got ready to move equipment, when they butchered yet another cover song and almost made me want to pull the electrical plugs on all their equipment. I cannot stress how much hearing a butchered cover song pisses a crowd off. Anyone who has heard it done will agree. When they finally finished, we quickly (but not in a “get the fuck off” way) moved their equipment and set up our own equipment.

During our quick sound check, to make sure nothing had moved out of setting is when I saw her. She walked in with a friend of hers to watch our show getting a front row seat in front of the stage. Now I knew I was in a bit of shit, with my girl there as well and now my ex…things could get just a lil messy.

We grup sex started our set list and the crowd immediately got into our sound, my ex spread her legs a bit to give me a shot of her panties and winked at me. I always knew that music turned her on, and now she was trying to turn me on while performing. I stole glances here and there when I could, such as turning from facing the drummer for a split second. I almost choked the first song when I noticed her spreading them and leaning forward a bit, moving on the bar stool.

We played a few more songs, my eyes always glancing over here and there. The lights in the venue dimmed as our sound got heavier (we are a rock band) and I saw her reach down and pull her panties to the side and stare straight at me. I now had a perfect shot of her freshly shaved pussy.

Before I go any further — perhaps I should describe my ex. She’s about 5’5, 120lbs, fit body with a C cup that is firm and bouncy. Not too much of an ass, but still enough for some motion while she walked — and legs to kill for. She knew she looked good and always dressed the rocker slut. Tonight she was trying to prove to me she was the best groupie.

Now with the lights dimmed I could just make out her stroking her pussy, and my eyes stayed to that side of the stage more and more as the night progressed, don’t get me wrong I’m a singer and I know to look over the entire audience, but I was drawn to that pussy getting wetter by the minute. We came to towards the end of our set list and my cock was standing hard no matter what I thought of I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I wanted to see that pussy stroked up close.

In the “after show” mayhem of collecting things and getting our pay (which the opening band got stiffed on, we made 85% of profits that night) I didn’t manage to catch her as she went out, probably better that way with my girl around. The night went on and we partied like rock stars.

The next afternoon we all managed to wake up and unpack our equipment and set it back up in our jam room. We played it lazy all day, basking in that good gig glow. Playing in front of a crowd and having them enjoy it is like really, really good sex. You know the type I mean, the type you fantasize about for weeks. It was during my time online, answering emails from latina fuck tour porno various venues that she contacted me via email. She gave me her new screen name for instant messenger and I messaged her.

After the various “Good job last night” and shit I got down to business. “So why were you giving me a show last night?” I asked.

She responded in a way that made my cock jump in my pants, “I was hoping you’d notice, I was trying to give you just as good a show as you were the crowd. But you deserve so much more.”

I knew I shouldn’t, my girl would kill me and her if she ever found out, but this was one of those fucks I hadn’t managed to get while with her, too much drama to involve myself with relationship wise. “What exactly do I deserve then?” No, no I shouldn’t have asked that I told myself.

She responded with two words — “My pussy.”

Before I could even respond she told me I had a chance — Sunday night I was to pick her up and fuck her for all she was worth. Or I could stay home and do nothing. It was entirely up to me.

I tried to hurry our Sunday night practice when it came around, even leaving in hopes the others would leave as well. I drove and got condoms, gas then floored it to her place. She got in my truck wearing a plaid skirt that rode way up her leg, a black shirt and the reddest fucking lipstick I’ve ever seen in my life, her hooker boots put the finishing touches, her fishnets coming from the top. She pulled her panties off immediately and started fucking herself with her fingers as I drove off, begging me to hurry the fuck up and find a spot to fuck her.

My original plan had been to go back to my place, but when I drove by my room-mates friends were over. So I drove to a secluded little place and parked my truck. I pulled off her shirt and stared at the most glorious orbs held tightly by the bra she wore. Lacy and covered in little devils her bra matched her panties which were already in the floorboard perfectly. I took her bra off and started sucking a nipple. Her moans only got louder as she still continued fucking herself.

Her other hand held my head tightly to her boobs as I bit and nibbled my way over each one, one hand roaming her body and the other playing with the free boob. “Please!” she cried lezbiyen porno out, “Please, just go ahead and fuck me here and now.”

I’ve never been one to turn down the request of a lady so I quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants off. Before my cock had gotten halfway out my pants she sucked it in her mouth and began gently sucking, her tongue rounding the tip over and over. She took control pushing my pants further down and sliding the condom on my cock with her mouth.

I stroked her hair as she sucked a bit longer, then helped her climb over on top of me. She slid down on my cock slowly….ever so slowly. It was agonizing as she lifted if I tried to thrust into her. When she finally reached the hilt of my 7 inch cock I let out an animal groan and she squealed in happiness and ecstasy.

She rode my cock like a pro, our bodies slapping together, her ass lightly falling over my balls. She held my hands back, preventing me from controlling how hard she rode, it was my present she said, my time to be fucked crazy. But that’s what she thought.

In the cramped space she finally couldn’t move much anymore and we drove home, my cock still hard with the condom. We snuck off to a spot that nobody would hear, she pulled the condom off and started sucking with more intensity than I had ever expected, this whore really did want my cock.

“Is this what you want, my cock, are you a lil rocker whore?” I had to ask; I was mad with lust and wanted to slam back into her tight wet pussy. She only intensified sucking, moaning out a muffled yes with my cock shoved in her throat. She rolled another condom on my cock with her mouth once again and I took her doggy style.

“Yes, ugh ugh, God…fuck me…harder..” her cries were loud and frankly should have been heard she was getting the shit fucked out of her as I pounded her. I bit her nipple lightly and she came hard. Her pussy begged my cock to release, trying to milk me dry for at least 3 minutes, but I was far from done.

I flipped her on her back “Ok whore get ready to be used like one.” All she could do was moan, reach down and force me in her. This bitch was in heat and nothing but my cock could extinguish it. We fucked for at least another hour, I came twice. This first time I pulled out, took off the condom and sprayed her face entirely. She licked every bit off with her fingers as scoops. The second time I came across her ass and rubbed it in while she sucked the rest from my cock.

I got her home and we parted ways. I still hate myself for cheating, but it was some good pussy. Who knows, maybe I’ll go back and get some more.

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